"Sammy, no,"

Sam was nursing his best bitch face, arms folded, big ass shoulders in the pensive set he had mastered over the years and Dean found himself wondering what the fuck he was doing sitting outside of a church when he should be getting shit faced, and picking up some unattached drifter.

"Dean, please," He pleaded, and the big brown eyes were out on full effect. Dean grimaced, pulling a hand down his face. Even after two months inside he still crumbled at those damn kicked puppy eyes.

"Everyone is inside, c'mon man. You owe me!"


"Fine. But if this is some sort of baptismal hoodoo sacrilegious crap, I'm going ex-con on you ass," He threatened

"Dude, I needed a best man. Otherwise you would be still Green Mile-ing it. Jess and I really want this church Dean and this is one of the terms," He said giving Dean the subtle 'if you mess this up for me I'm tossing you ass back in jail,' underlying the small smile he shot the older Winchester before getting out of the taxi. Dean rolled his caught the drivers eyes in the mirror.

"The hell you looking at, Ronald?" He growled and the furry guy made his eyes downcast. Damn straight. Dean climbed out of the back of the yellow taxi and shrugged off the unease staring at the church.

He felt eyes burning on his back. "Damn laser eyes," He grumbled before running to catch up with the monstrosity that was his brother.

"Any hot bridesmaids?" He asked casually, just as the cab pulled off.

Sam snorted. "Dude, you are not scoring any of the bridesmaids," Dean grinned as if that would stop him.

"So, any hot groomsmen?" He added cheekily and he saw Sam flush.

"As much as I love you and accept you being bi-…,"

"Bi-curious," Dean supplied helpfully, his hand punctuating the practiced word in the air.

"Bi-curious, I do not want to hear about you banging any dudes or chicks until after the wedding is over. I am not having a repeat of my sixteenth birthday," He said, scowling. Dean nodded, grinning dirtily. But Sammy was right. It was his time and he'd be damned if anything ruined it for his little brother.

He smirked, reached up and ruffled his hair, earning his a dirty look and a 'Dean, you're such a friggen' jerk'. Dean laughed, walking ahead, and belted a fist above his air in the pompous big brother way he was so awesome at before he pushed the big wooden church doors open.

No wonder Sam was begging him to go along with the fine print because damn.

"It's beautiful, huh?" Sam said softly from beside his brother. Dean rolled his eyes. Trust Sam to throw around the word beautiful.

Dean shrugged. "It's big and its musty. It's real churchy, Sammy" He said, and Sam lightly punched his arm before starting striding down the isles to the congregation near the alter.

"Well, it's better than prison-y, no?" He threw over his shoulder, and Dean made a face behind his brothers back. Collage boy, thinks he's so smart.

Apparently what had promised to be only a few friends turned out to be pretty much everyone Dean had met in his life, and at least half of those he'd banged. And after the last few months of celibacy were likely to bang again. He smiled slightly to himself. It was either a feast or a famine and he was surrounded with women who were bridesmaids at their friends wedding. Few drinks in them- he grinned at the approaching blonde.

"Dean!" Jessica said cheerfully, quickly pulling a Houdini on some elderly relatives and walking over to him, giving him a warm hug. This hug he liked, not at all like the quick yet awkward man hug Sam had given him.

"Finally a friendly attractive face," He smiled, shooting a quick look the hoard of women behind him. Jessica laughed that tickling laugh Sam had gone on about like some dumbstruck chick when they started going out. It wasn't until he'd met her that it was kind of charming but that did not stem the abuse he gave Sam about it.

"I almost didn't think you'd come. I mean, I know how you hate this sort of thing," She said, casting a look around the church and Dean shrugged.

"If my baby brother is happy, then I'm happy," He smiled, pinching Sam cheeks before laughing at the redness blossoming on Sam's face as he slapped Dean's face away.

"And I suppose this young man must be our Samuels older brother, "A voice said from behind them. Our Samuels? They all turned to see the elderly guy rocking the priestly digs.

"Dean, this is Fr. Fitzpatrick. He's over the church," Jessica said, smiling at the bearded old dude.

"Handsome, older brother, Dean actually," He smiled slightly, shaking the outstretched hand.

"It's nice to finally meet you Dean. Sam has told me about your troubles," He sympathised and Dean froze. He looked at his brother who had adverted his eyes.

"Oh. What else has Samuel told you," He said reinstating the mechanic smile.

"Oh, just that you are an avid church goer,"

"Ah,…yes. I just don't feel right without hitting up the church every Sunday," He smiled tightly.

"And your priest?" Father smiled, genuinely interested. Dean swallowed.

"Oh, Fr. McNulty is great- great sermonises. Inspiring really," Padre's furry brows knitted in confusion.

"I know a Fr. O'Malley at the prison," Shit.

"Exactly," He said dumbly, beaming now bobbing his head.

"Excuse me, Padre, mind if I steal my employee here? No? Good," Dean winced at the fingers curling in tightly around his shoulder blade and pulling him away but feinted away with them.

Ellen dragged him to the nearest pew and pushed him down, before smacking him upside the head.

"Ow," He shouted indignantly, rubbing his head.

"Dean Winchester, glad to see prison didn't make you any smarter," She bit out, hands on hips. Dean grinned sheepishly, standing up before wrapping her in a hug.

"Good to see you too, Ellen," He muttered and laughed when she pushed him back, sternly even with the fond twinkle and quirk of her lips showed that she was at least kind of happy to see him.

She harrumphed before turning and catching a weary eye on the crowd and beckoning them over.

"So, dya miss me?" He asked cheekily and she shot him her best pursed-lip-I'm-bout-to-shove-my-foot-up-your-ass- you-lovable-handsome-devil-you look.

"Like a very irritating, mouthy, cocky, self important, pompous-,"

"Woah, take it easy there, Ellen" Dean laughed nervously lowly, even after two months fighting off two grabby men twice his height called Mouse and Gaylord he still felt some little bitch fear when Ellen chewed him out.

"-son of a bitch hole,"

"Don't sugar-coat it or anything and somehow I don't think you're aloud to use such language in the Houses of the Holy," She looked like was wanted to hit him again. But instead she smiled, rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Guess you did miss me then," He grinned.

"Don't go getting a big head or anything," He scoffed.

"When has that ever stopped him," Someone cut across gruffly and Dean turned to the neatly groomed Bobby and Rufus and now noticing it he saw Ellen was wearing a pants suit and heels. Suddenly he kinda felt underdressed. Eeh, at least he was dressed. It was defiantly a step up from Sammy's sixteenth.

"Howdy boys, looking spiffy. Auditioning for the next G man part," Bobby scowled darkly at him but Dean knew him well enough not to exactly care. Unlike his wife Bobby was more placid, grouchy and snarky as hell sure but he didn't hit him around the head. And put force into it.

"Bite me, Winchester," Rufus said, darkly, unconsciously, pulling at his jacket.

"Maybe later," He grinned, raising his eyebrows.

"So, how was it?" Bobby, asked sticking his hands in his pockets but quickly taking them out when Ellen shot him a look.

"Bobby, I was talking to you and Rufus last week. And its not like I was in there for long, it was fairly fu…trivial, lets be honest,"

Rufus snorted. "You punched a nudist,"

"I punched a dick,"

"Uh huh, you're just lucky your brother is as good a lawyer as he is a brother and didn't let your sorry behind rot in there," Ellen murmured, wrapping an arm around her husbands waist and suddenly Bobby didn't look so sheepish and awkward anymore.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sam's awesome doesn't give him a free pass for making us do this crap though. Cause I know for a fact I'm not the only one who doesn't want to do 'confessionals'," Dean let his voice provide the air quotes.

"Oh, suck it up. It's not that bad, right?" Bobby and Rufus shifting under her penetrating glare was answer enough for her.

"No," "Uh huh," The two older men tried to justify and Dean almost smiled. Least he wasn't the only scared of the reckoning force that was Ellen, who had even installed fear into her husbands heart.

"I could kick you three in the ass," She snapped before walking off. Bobby went to follow but Rufus tugged at his arm.

"I think, it's best you give her a few minutes," He muttered, and the three men sat on the pew. Dean in the middle with a scowl fixed on his face as the queue leading to the confessional box was getting smaller.

"Dude, scoot over," Sam murmured, smacking Deans knees before he squeezed in between Rufus and Dean, pulling Jessica onto his lap.

"Rufus, what is that?" Jessica asked softly, as they sat down. Dean and Bobby froze. If she was talking about the flash of silver under his jacket that was holding Go juice in that was helping Bobby build up courage then they were screwed.

"Uh, this- well this is um… holy water," He said lamely, nodding his head lips quirked like he was a genius for thinking so fast. Dean rolled his hazel eyes and watched as Jessica raised a brow under golden curls. Sam pressed his smile into her bare back, and clutched her tighter to him. Dean smiled.

"Then why is it in a flask?" She said, and Dean could hear a touch of something in her voice that he couldn't place.

"Well, that's a funny story actually. It's real funny… Bobby why don't you her,"

Dean caught the idjit Bobby breathed out in his alcohol ridden breath.

"We heard off of, um some documentary that drinking some holy water before confessional gives total cleanse,"

Jessica full lips quirked and she made a slightly surprised face.

"I'll bet," She murmured before pulling the hip flask out, unscrewing the top and chugging it like a friggen' trucker. She made a face and shook out her shoulders when she finished, the burning liquid sliding down her throat. She noticed the four pairs of eyes on her, amazed.

"I'm the one getting married, I think I above everybody need the cleanse," She shrugged, and smiled when they laughed. Sam looked at her with this almost sickening adoration that Dean found wasn't sickening after all, pulled her head back and kissed her on the lips.

When he pulled back a deep scarlet was spreading down through the line of her dress, adorning from the toothy grin.

"Get a room," Dean said with high amusement, he fed off the joy radiating from the happy pair- cracking the air like electrical volts.

"Oh, Dean," Jessica started but faded away when she heard her name being called out from the other side of the church, her side. She grimaced slightly.

"Ruby," She said, rolling her eyes before sliding off Sam's lap. She gave him a chaste kiss, smiled at Bobby and Rufus and leant in and gave Dean a quick hug when he winked at her.

"It really is good to have you back, Dean," She smiled before bouncing away. Sam turned to him opened his mouth but snapped it closed when Dean held up a hand.

"Don't go getting all sentimental on me, Samantha," He said quickly and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Well, well, well. Dean Winchester out of the fire and into the frying pan," Pam piped up from behind them, sliding into the seat with her daughter and Ellen's daughter.

"Hey Pam. Tessa. Jo. Looking good, ladies,"

"You can't hit on me and my mother at the same time, Dean," Tessa said, leaning forward. Tessa had been the one girl, aside from Jo he could never get into the pants of. And boy did he wish he could. But she had ended up being his best friend and making for good inspiration.

"What can I say takes a special person to do it,"

"Special is right," She commented dryly and Dean feigned offence.

"And aren't you supposed to be the counsellor?"

"Its not an office day," She shrugged.

"So, you got yourself any boyfriend in prison?" Jo asked conspicuously, rosy lips fighting the upturn. Tessa grinned at her friend and Pam rolled her eyes. Deal scowled at the snorts from his pew. So much for bros over hoes. But then again, Bobby and Rufus were coming out the wrong side of fifty and Sam wasn't exactly brother material. More like a big, flat chested adolescent girl with extra parts. Looked like he was on his own.

"Haha hilarious,"

"Hey actually, have any of you four studs seen Missouri?" Pam asked, leaning forward giving Dean a nice view of cleavage.

"Missouri's coming? Missouri, oh no no no I did not sign up for that," Sam pulled his brother down.

"Do you not remember the sacrilegious hoodoo crap equals foot up your ass equation I gave you earlier?" He hissed at his brother who simply cast his eyes towards the ceiling.

"C'mon man. Stop being a baby," Hah! That was rich. Obviously Sam blanked out threat upon threat made to Dean involving a certain wooden spoon.

"Last time she said she'd whack me with it," He piped angrily. Ellen was scary, Missouri was bad for his health.

"Least it's a promise. Uhm," Rufus said mostly to himself.

"What?" He barked when he noticed everyone was watching him. "A man has needs,"

"What the hell is wrong with you, old man," Bobby snarked from the other side.

"Who the hell you calling old man?" Rufus glaring at Bobby at the position from his elbows on knees.

"Dean?" A red head, hot too, called from beside the confessional box, brandishing a list. He grimaced, getting to his feet and striding over- throwing a bitter look to his brother over his shoulder.

He stopped beside Red and gave her a sidelong grin. He looked at Red and the dark box. He smirked. Give Padre something to talk about.

"Hi, I don't think we've officially met. I'm Dean Winchester-," Red shot him a raised eyebrow. That read one thing. No naked fun time for you. Ever. Dean coughed, scratched the back of his neck and threw the door open on the boxed room and stepped in.

He sat in the small seat provided, fiddled with his rings and most defiantly did not jump when he heard the flap being pulled back. There was silence.

"Hi, my name is Dean Winchester and I'm a sinner," He said cleverly and was met with a further silence. He shot the door a promising look.

"Anyone there? Padre?"

He heard a sigh on the other side before a deep gravely voice broke out on the other end. "This isn't a AA meeting Dean Winchester. Tell me your sins," He said and whoa. Dean found himself smirking in the darkness, leaning back in his chair and thinking about provoking the person behind the voice cause man, it was like an eargasm. Deep and rough and slightly angry. He really really hoped at least the old man would give him the decency of never making himself known to him because that, that would be awkward.

"Listen Padre, I've sinned, isn't that good enough? I mean blah blah blah- same principle at the end of the day and its not like I give a damn about this crap. I'm here for the groom/ bride whatever. I'm not going to spill my secrets like some chick. Some things, are private. And I'm hardly an old woman, in diapers named Eunice Kennedy. And have you not seen In Bruges? Really?"

"Alright….Eunice," Dean was about to give an angry retort when they spoke again. "Tell me why you got sent to prison?"

"None of your business," He growled.

"Dean," The said simply and dammit he felt this feeling wrap around in his gut and suddenly the words were forcing themselves out.

"I punched a nudist?" He said wearily. He totally did the hear the chuckle before it was covered with the cough. Not exactly, Halo Patrol behaviour but hey, finally someone thought it was funny.


"Why wouldn't I punch a Birthday Suit?" He muttered, no one really had actually asked him why before. Just thought it was Bruce Banner breaking out.

"Tell me,"

"He was scaring a kid, okay? The kid was practically hyperventilating, and the son of a bitch was pretty much stalking them and their mom. So, yeah I punched his lights out. Now lay it on me, I was wrong. I should have found away to stop him-,"

"If that's what you want to hear- oh you want me to lie," Dean stared at the flap bewildered.

"But I would have done the same thing. Of course I wouldn't have punched him as hard but I understand what you felt you had to do,"

"The hell kind of priest are you?" Dean asked, slightly breathless. He heard a sudden dark chortle the other side, filled with bitterness.

"I ask myself that everyday. But enough- how about I cut you a deal?" He said quickly.

"I'm not changing the channel, go ahead,"

"You can just sit in here and pretend your getting your confession done but by the end of this wedding you have to come back and give it to me," He said reasonably.

Dean chewed on his lip. "Might be awhile in here then, padre," He laughed quietly.

"It's okay. Whatever you've done, in the eyes of the Lord its resolved," But somehow Dean didn't exactly think he was practicing what he was preaching.

"Okay, deal," Dean nodded.


He wasn't exactly sure how long he sat in there, just relishing in the breathing in the dark. He jumped when there was a slight knock on the other side of box.

"Now unless you want to spend some time with Fr. Fitzpatrick?" He muttered and Dean shook his head vehemently.

"You shaking your head?"

"Uh huh," Dean said, feeling a blush blossom in his cheeks. My God he was turning into his brother.

"Now in the eyes of the Lord I resolve all of your sins. Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. You may now go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Amen Now just say five Holy Mary's,"

Dean rose his eyebrows in the general direction and faintly blessed himself before walking out of the door the exact same time as the door on the other side opened. So much for not seeing the owner of the voice to shame him.

"Thank you father," The voice said again and Dean turned. Screw it. Blue eyes connected with his and he almost fell on his knees and started praying. His old man priest turned out to be about his age, an inch or so smaller than him maybe and absolutely fuckable. Brown hair was artfully tousled giving him bedhead, faint stubble covered his chin and while this was all very good and defiantly well he couldn't take his eyes off of the mans eyes.

I am not sleeping with the priest. I am most defiantly not sleeping with the hot priest. Blue eyes as if reading Dean's thoughts, lifted an eyebrow, like wanna bet.

"Fr. Novak!" Dean heard a familiar cheerful voice, most defiantly a little sloshed from the cleanse from behind him. FR. Novak immediately, looked completely wholesome again and faced Jessica.

"Castiel, Jessica. Or Cas, either one. Fr. Novak sounds so formal," He said and Dean almost dropped his jaw. Had he just imagined the whole sleeping together innuendo and secondly who the fuck names their kid Castiel.

"Sorry, Cas," She beamed and then spotted Dean. "Oh, Dean! Obviously you two have met. Dean Winchester this is Castiel Novak! He's the priest saying our wedding,"

Oh, crap.

"You don't say," Dean said, fake smile ever present again. He leaned forward and took the lean fingered hand and shook it, swallowing. Defiantly affirmative on the sleeping together innuendo.

Sweet sixteen, Sammy.

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