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3 months later.

"I wasn't expecting this much of a workout." Morgan complained as he snatched the towel out of the air that Emily had thrown in his direction. She moved across to a cooler, and reaching in, brought out two Gatorades. She threw one at Morgan, who swiftly caught it, one handed since he still had the towel in the other hand. He then used the towel to wipe down his face and neck, before placing it around his neck, and opening his drink, gulped a large amount down, desperately thirsty. Emily mirrored his actions, as she slumped down on the floor, leaning against the wall, legs sprawled out in front of her.

"Well, it's appreciated." Emily finally said.

Morgan's brows raised. "You so owe me for this!"

"Hey, I know." Emily shook her head. "Just don't expect to hold this over me for too long before you collect the debt."

"I'll hold on for as long as necessary." Morgan smiled, although he was still slightly concerned that Emily was suffering some after effects from the shooting and subsequent capture by Athena.

"What?" Emily asked when she caught him looking at her.

"When are they clearing you for work?" Morgan decided to broach the subject.

"A couple of weeks. Can't come soon enough." Emily's head went back as she lent it against the wall. "It's been months already, I just want to get back to work, even if its desk duty to begin with."

"Guess it doesn't help that JJ was back weeks ago."

"Tell me about it! I even had Hotch here, giving me a lecture that I was a victim, not a law enforcement officer, and I needed to recuperate as such and I was only going to be cleared back for duty once every single damn doctor and therapist agreed and I've got them coming out of my ears. Do you know how many there are?"

Morgan knew that Emily's question was rhetorical, so ignored it. "I know you don't agree with him, but Hotch was right, and I think deep down you know that as well. You needed the time away." Morgan said gently. "You've even struggled with today."

"Oh for christs sake, not you as well." Emily looked back at Morgan with piercing eyes. "I get enough of that from everyone else, I was hoping you'd been a little more supportive of me here."

"I am, believe me." Morgan said, holding her gaze. "I'd hate it if positions were reversed, you know that, but it doesn't stop me from worrying about you pushing yourself too much. It's been a tough couple of years on you Emily, with Doyle and then Athena. It does take it's toll."

"You've got nothing to worry about."
Seeing that Emily was being truthful, Morgan smiled. "Good. Now, lets get this finished."

This elicited a groan from Emily who looked back across at the one box she still hadn't tackled.

"God how in the hell did I get this task again? I hate flat pack furniture." She grumbled as she pushed herself up and away from the wall.

"I hate being the removal man, you should see how many boxes JJ still has downstairs that she wants me to put in different rooms. If I'd known this when you asked for help moving, I'd have said no. I'll leave you with your magic box of tricks." Morgan countered as he disappeared out of the room, leaving Emily with a set of instructions in her hands, a screwdriver and spanner set and a moan emanating from her direction.

A short time later, Emily appeared downstairs, to find JJ leaning against a kitchen counter, a mug of coffee in hand.

"Oh please tell me there is more of that coffee around." Emily virtually begged.

"Help yourself." JJ laughed at the look on her girlfriends face.

Emily then looked around her, confusion beginning to show. "I would, if I knew where anything was!"

"Oh yeah. Mugs are here." JJ moved, and pulling a door open, she showed Emily where she had stored the mugs. Emily grabbed one quickly, and headed to the coffee machine, which fortunately she could see and therefore didn't need telling its location. After pouring the coffee, and getting it to taste, Emily took a sip before moving to mirror JJ's actions of leaning against a counter top.

"Thank you."

JJ looked up in surprise, not only at Emily's words, but in the quiet way she had spoken. Putting her now almost empty mug down, JJ moved and enveloped Emily in a hug.

"What are you thanking me for?" JJ queried, once she felt Emily also move to put her own mug down and fall in to JJ's embrace.

"For moving, doing this for me, for understanding and giving us a fresh start. For listening when I explained about Will and that I couldn't stay in that house, use that bed because he had shared them with you. Let alone the memory of Susan and Will's death always being there. I asked you to leave behind a whole slew good of memories though and you did, without question. That alone means more than I could ever express."

Before Emily or JJ could say any more, the phone rang. Looking around for the cordless handset, JJ found it among a pile of discarded packaging, and answered it. She only had the chance to say 'Hello', before handing it across to a surprised looking Emily.

"It's your Mother." JJ said quietly, watching in amusement at the horrified look on Emily's face as she snatched the phone out of her hand.

"Couldn't you have told her I was busy!" Emily said, in a quiet but forceful tone, her hand now covering the receiver, hoping her Mother couldn't pick up any of the conversation. JJ choose to ignore Emily, and turned her back to rinse out the mugs. Emily glared and hissed 'Thanks for nothing.' in her direction, before bringing the phone up to her ear.

"Mother, what a pleasant surprise." Emily's false cheeriness made JJ stop what she was doing, and look back at the brunette with raised eyebrows and a grin.

"What, no... well..."

JJ could tell immediately from Emily's voice and manner that Elizabeth was asking for something that Emily wanted to get out of, but simply couldn't find a good enough excuse.

"No... yes...Fine, we'll see you later." Emily sighed and put the phone down on the kitchen island in the centre of the room.

"You are so scared of saying no to your Mother." JJ couldn't help the teasing.

"I am not!" Emily frowned, as she countered the accusation.

"You so are! What are you doing for her this time?"

"She's coming around to see us in an hour." Emily said with a scowl now affixed to her face. "And I do say no to her."

"Yeah, right, keep telling yourself that." JJ laughed.

"I do, well okay... maybe I don't as often as I could, but I don't like seeing her disappointed."

JJ shook her head, as she walked over to Emily, before bringing her back in to a hug.

"You are too soft for your own good sometimes."

"Don't you dare repeat that to anyone else!" Emily put on a tone of mock horror. "It would instantly ruin my hard, bad ass reputation I've taken years to sharpen."

The moment was interrupted as Henry came running in to the kitchen.

"Mom, MeMe." He cried out, jumping in to JJ's outstretched arms.

"Did you have a good time?" JJ asked, as she smiled towards Garcia who was following her godson in to the kitchen.

"We had the best time, ever!" Henry exclaimed. "I fired a gun!"

JJ and Emily both shot looks at Garcia, who laughed. "It was a cork gun at some sort of target at the fair." Garcia quickly explained. "He's obviously got his Mothers eye though," As Garcia spoke, she delved in to her large shoulder bag and produced a soft teddy bear toy. "He won this."

"I did. I hit a middle." Henry said, excitedly.

"You did well..." JJ was a little unsure what to say next, and looked at Emily, who couldn't help the giggle she'd been holding back erupting.

"Well done Henry." Emily said, pulling him out of JJ's arms and giving him a cuddle of her own, which he was eager to return. "Now, we've got to unpack some things still, but do you want to see what your room looks like."

Henry didn't hesitate as he jumped down out of Emily's grasp and headed towards the stairs, Emily following him, grabbing the teddy bear out of Garcia's hand as she went, laughter trailing out of the room as they left. Garcia and JJ both smiled widely at the sight of Emily following Henry.

"She makes a great parent." Garcia said once she turned back to look at JJ.

"I know." JJ smiled and sighed. "Henry doesn't even seemed to have missed Will, apart from right at the beginning. He has a picture in his room, and talks about Dad, but..." JJ sighed again, "Emily has filled a gap without even trying."

"Do you want more kids?" Garcia probed.

"God woman, we've not even got married yet, hell we're not even engaged." JJ said, looking slightly mortified at the direction the conversation was going.

"Didn't stop you with Henry."

"That was an accident; admittedly a wonderful one, that I wouldn't change for the world, but it's hardly something we have to worry about these days."

"I suppose not." Garcia looked thoughtful for a minute. "Doesn't answer the question though."


Garcia could sense the warning in JJ's voice, so put her hands up in resignation. "Okay, I'm dropping the subject, but I'll just say, I think it'd be cool if you did decide to have more kids somewhere in the future."

Morgan walked through, having just finished hauling some boxes in to the sitting room and unpacking them, and hearing Garcia and Henry arrive, decided it was time for him to take a break. "Future what?" he asked as he caught the tail end of the conversation.

"My chocolate god." Garcia practically purred as he arrived. "Just JJ and Emily, seeing how good they are together. You know."

"Hey baby girl and I get ya." Morgan lent in and kissed her cheek. "You have a good time?"

"The best." Garcia beamed. "We've got another sharpshooter in the family."

Morgan looked surprised by the comment, and turned to JJ for clarification.

"Henry won something by shooting a cork gun." JJ explained.

"Ohhhh." Morgan grinned. "That explains it."

JJ barely had time to formulate a reply, when the front door bell rang.

"That'll be the rest of the team." Morgan said looking at his watch. "I'll go let them in." He and Garcia passed Emily who was walking back from upstairs where she had left Henry knee deep in toys.

"Great, we've got the whole gang here!" Emily threw her hands up in mock surrender, as she shook her head. "And there I was, hoping for a quiet evening with my family."

"You should have known better than that." JJ reminded her with a slight poke to the ribs.

"Hey, get off." Emily squirmed away and glared. "You don't have your Mother coming around soon! And if the team are here... and... oh dear god." Emily visibly paled as she obviously thought of something.


"Please tell me the tequila is not accessible. My Mother, Garcia and tequila shots... I don't think I could take that sort of memory as our first night in our new home."

JJ burst out laughing at the look of horror that had spread across Emily's face.

"It is not funny!"

"Oh come on, it is." JJ laughed some more, before heading towards the sitting room. "I'll make sure the pack of cards aren't anywhere near, so we can avoid the strip poker."

"Lord help me, my life is a soap opera." Emily muttered under her breath, as she steeled herself to face the others, jumping slightly when she heard the doorbell ring, quickly followed by the voice of her Mother. She looked at her watch, and silently cursed that somehow her Mother's arrival time of an hour was less than 30 minutes! Plastering a smile on her face and taking a deep breath, Emily walked out of the kitchen, ready to face whatever the evening held for her.

Hell, I've faced down Athena, this is a breeze. Emily thought, and this is the first evening of our new life together, for better or for worse, richer or poorer. She felt in to her jeans pocket, and smiled as she felt the small box that held the ring she wanted to give to JJ later that evening once they were alone. Instinctively Emily knew JJ would say yes. Perhaps tonight wasn't going to be so bad after all.


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