HEYYY EVERYONE! Okay so this popped into my head a couple days ago (which is why I haven't written anything for my other stories...) I've been working on a rough draft of it. I have much more but I'm still in the process of editing...Enjoy this extremely short chapter...rofl

Alexandra (or Alex for short) Willson sat in her art class, bored. They didn't paint, sculpt, draw or even discuss anything about art or it's history. She sometimes wondered why she took the class. She blew her red bangs from her face, leaned into her hand and drummed her pencil on the table.

"Boring isn't it?" A beautiful voice said.

"Quite, I thought we would be learning the history of art and actually doing work. Instead we're doing nothing." She said.

"I'm Loki, I just transferred in from Wisconsin." She looked at him and smiled weakly, she held out her hand and he took it.

"I'm Alex, born and raised in good ol' Bridetown in Ireland."

That was it, that was how he met an Earth Angel.

So yea I told you it was extremely short! Don't review if you have anything nasty to say, just message me it.

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