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They sat in silence while everyone was doing what they wanted to do, the teacher was asleep in his chair. Loki looked at her and he got an idea.

"Do you mind if I drew a picture of you?" He asked.

"Knock yourself out mate." She said while laying her head in her arms which were on the table.

Loki looked at her while he sketched, she had stunning hazel eyes and her red shoulder length hair suited her heart shaped face. It took him the rest of the time period to finish it, by the time he was done, she had fallen asleep. No one else was in the class room, he had her all to himself. Now Loki was an angel, an angel of death might I add, but he cursed to God in a drunken rage, that was fuelled by Bartleby. God casted both of them out of heaven onto earth. But to make a long story short, they went to New Jersey to try and go home. Bartleby cut off Loki's wings, and after the last scion, Rufus the thirteenth apostle, and Serendipity got to them, Bartleby stabbed Loki and killed him. But God gave Loki another chance, she made him into a half mortal half angel. He had human emotions, organs and could drink alcohol. But he still had his wings, he never understood why God did that but then he remembered of her sense of humour. He was brought out of his thoughts by a soft groan.

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