Notes: No more sequel!

He found himself lying down behind the half-circle his team had formed. They were in turn, crouched behind several medical beds that were lying on their side, providing thin shielding against the occasional bullet shot into the room. In the second it took for him to assess everyone, a searing pain stabbed into his temples and he let out a loud groan.

"Rob! You're back!" Wally zoomed over to his side, helping him sit up as Robin cradled his throbbing head. "Dude, can you run? Because we need to go. Now."

"Just...gimme a sec..."

"There's no time!" Aqualad suddenly barked. "Miss Martian! Link us up! Kid! Carry Robin. Superboy, Artemis, clear a path!"

Robin didn't even had a chance to protest before Kid Flash picked him up and sped out of the room. The world blurred. Pressed as he was to Wally, Robin could only squeeze his eyes and hold back his growing nausea. It almost felt like a roller coaster ride, only...

The thought of sudden drops made his stomach lurch. He gave a sharp tug on KF's shoulder. When they skidded to a stop, he dropped to his knees and let go of his lunch.

"Geez, Rob! You could've told me you were going to hurl!"

"You...didn't give me...a chance to..." he panted, trying to suppress the roiling in his stomach. His throat burned, throbbing in time to his head.

They both heard rapid footsteps approaching but he couldn't seem to care.

"Dude, we gotta go!"

"In a...minute..."

"What happened? Why did you stop?" To Wally's relief, it was the rest of their team who rounded the corner.

"Rob had to throw up." KF explained to Aqualad, making their leader turn to him.

"Robin? Are you alright?"

"Fine... Just stop shouting..." he replied fuzzily.

"Miss Martian?"

"Baines broke in again. But we fought him off! Robin just needs a day or two to get well."

Kaldur nodded, quickly assessing the situation. "Kid, you're on point. Superboy, take Robin. Try not to jostle him."

" 'Jostle?'" Superboy repeated, stepping close to pick up Robin. "You're expecting me to fly?"

Superboy was gentle in carrying him. For a moment, something flitted in his memory.

"Déjà vu, much?" he murmured at the feeling.


He shook his head - regretting it when his brain rattled in his skull.

"Head for the fire escape," Aqualad continued. "We should be able to get out through there."

"Nng, no..." Robin tried to sit up from his position and Superboy obliged him. His hands were shaking as he pulled up the building schematic again - it felt like someone was hammering on his head. "They're expecting...usual exits... Head for area..."

"Kitchen? Dude, this isn't time for snacking!" KF argued.

"No snacks... Place like comes from...outside..."

"There's going to be a lot of civilians." Artemis pointed out.

"Fire alarm." Superboy said. "Like in Cadmus."

Robin didn't need to glance up to know they were all looking at his carrier. Superboy wasn't known for his planning skills, but he does throw out the right inspiration once in a while. "Good...idea, Supey... Evac the building..." He typed a few commands onto his computer as fast as he could. The holographic image was glaring right into his eyes.

"But, the noise! Your headache-!" Megan protested with a hand on his arm.

"Here." KF was suddenly at his side, hands fumbling on his ears to carefully place a pair of...earplugs?

"Filters out the higher decibels but allows normal sounds in. They're for when I hit the sound barrier."

Robin smiled at his best bud. "Thanks, KF... Alarm"

Loud klaxons rang through the entire building. Robin's hologram suddenly lit up with masses of dots moving toward the exits, leaving a route to the kitchen area clear.

They didn't need Aqualad's signal to start heading for their goal.

Several minutes later, they were at the bioship and flying back to Mount Justice with their hard-fought information. Robin was laid down at the ship's medbay while Aqualad reported to Batman.

With the League's backing, the data Robin hacked not only unmasked the Cadmus detractors, but also several hidden labs and their respective shareholders. The rogue scientists would now find it difficult to get their projects past federal scrutiny, and had their funding thoroughly investigated.

The mission was a resounding success.

Robin's wrist computer lit up with a holographic image of Batman. When the hero was sure he had everyone's attention, he nodded in approval.

"Good work, team."