Friends Will Be Friends

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Chapter 1

The idea had been going through Joss' mind ever since he'd started the show. He wanted to do something no one would normally dare to do. He liked to push boundaries with the fans. This was going to blow everything out the water. He was going to work the cast harder on this episode than ever before. As soon as they were finished today's shoot it was off to Joss' for the end of season party. This was when he'd unleash his opus upon the actors he'd begun to think of as friends rather than just co-workers. The past few seasons had been hard on everyone. They were so much more physically demanding than they were at the start of Buffy. Maybe it was because no one was quite as young as they'd like to think they were.

"And - CUT!" Joss shouted towards the set,

"that's a wrap people!"

After a round of applause and whooping everyone headed to their subsequent dressing rooms in preparation for tonight's party at Joss'. Joss left the studio first as he was host this year. Sarah and David were leaving together – David wasn't filming but Sarah needed a ride as her car was in the shop getting the engine replaced. Nick and Emma were carpooling with Aly and Alex. James, Amber and Tony were all driving together with James as designated driver because of his fitness regime. With Tony, James and Amber being the final recognisable, and most popular cast members to leave bar Marc who'd twisted his ankle filming the final scenes and was currently in the medic's office getting it strapped up everything began to wind down on season four of Buffy.

"David are you sure you really want to come to Joss' it'll be dead boring and you won't be able to drink?"

"It's fine Sar, I told you already. You don't have to be awkward with me just because I'm not really in Buffy anymore."

"I'm not, it's just Joss has been hinting at stuff he wants to do in the next few seasons and I don't want you to feel awkward."

"I told you it's fine let's just go there and enjoy their company."

The former lovers continued their journey in silence whilst the radio played the opening bars of "The Show Must Go On". 'Tony's having an effect on him' thought Sarah with regards to the music choice in the car.

"Tony! Shut up and stop singing that bloody song!"

"Sweeeeeeeettt transvestite – " Tony continued regardless

"Tony maybe you should stop, James is getting stressed with the traffic" Amber offered as a way of trying to maintain peace between the two older cast members. Seth was meeting everyone there with Marc also joining them once Seth could pick him up from the studio. When Sarah and David reached joss' they realised they were the first guests to arrive.


"Yeah, David?"

"There's something I have to tell you."