Hey guys this is Scorpion Royalty with the second chap so sit back and enjoy this has some extremely funny scenes and an encounter with Martin mystery and his team as well as two of the girls in Naruto's harem other than Sam Clover and Alex

Naruto , Clover , Sam, and Alex had been in the village of motumbo (fake name of a village deal with it) for a few hours and had talked to the village leader tongue click tongue click whistle whistle pop (noises not his actual name in a sense some tribes use noises and actions to talk). Using their language

translators they found that his name meant Power Bear he had told them that in their village the english teachers from america who brought computers telephones and other electronic devices had been taken by animals with a hypnotized look in their eyes and the animals did not even bite instead they just picked up the english teachers and the electronics and walked off with their teeth of course the people tried to fight them off but once the teeth were around them it was like they got hypnotized as well.

"So do you girls think that we should look where the last person was abucted".

"Like yeah Naruto we should" said Clover. Sam and Alex just nodding.

"Do you think that its some kind of Spider since webbing can only come from a few types of mythical creatures" the Spies heard and turned around when they did Naruto ran straight towards the people talking "Hey Martin Java Diana" the three mentioned turned around and they were a teenage boy with yellow hair in a wierd hairdo like that guy vegeta from a cartoon Named DBZ naruto had watched as a kid than Teenager and still watched it if it came on the next was one of his many girlfriends Diana Lumbar step sister to Martin and a real hottie she had long shiny silky brown hair and nice C cup breasts and the last was a huge man with bluish blackish hair and looked kinda like a neanderthal or caveman the spy girls thought When the girl saw Naruto she ran to him jumped in his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist and started kissing him senseless "Naruto I missed you and so has Miranda (M.O.M. from Martin Mystery they never gave her a name other than M.O.M. so I did)

"Well if you missed me so much how about we catch up" Naruto said wiggling his eyebrows meaning Lets have sex to make up the time we lost.

"Sure but what about your mission you must have some creature to capture this time" continued Naruto.

"The creature can wait to be caught later now take me"

"Shit ain't got to tell me twice" Naruto said and picked her up and walked to the hut he and the spies were given and closed the door only for seconds later to pop back out and put a do not disturb sign on the hut handle."

"What the fuck just happened" asked the spies

"Well my sister Diana our boss M.O.M. and Naruto have a thing they are in love and share him and it will be like that when he gets more girls they have to share.

said Martin "by the way you all are hot want to date a real man" after martin said this he was hit three times once by each spy.

"As if we want Naruto and if it means we have to share him so be it".

(In the hut)

a portal just opened up and a younger looking woman with black hair and a lab coat walked out.

"What the hell happened to you Miranda"

"I used an experimental cream and it made me a 19 year old again and I will grow up as a normal girl again which means now I have my cherry back and you get to pop it again"

"alright now Miranda get naked I am gonna rock yours and Dianas worlds right now cause you both look like you need it".

The two girls immediately got naked and went to Naruto and started taking his clothes off with their teeth.

"Miranda get on your knees and open wide" Naruto said

Miranda did as told and opened her mouth only for Naruto to shove his dick down her throat she loved the feeling of him fucking her throat and being rough with her it made her feel alive.

While Miranda was sucking Naruto's dick Diana was sucking his balls and he was kneeding their tits.

It did not take to long before Naruto shouted "I'm cumming" and he pulled out of Mirandas throat and had the tip in her mouth and came hard she almost choked it was so much cum.

Diana was watching with a hunger in her eyes and when Naruto stopped cumming Miranda went over to Diana tilted her head up and kissed her with a mouth full of Cum.

Naruto was looking at Diana and Miranda kissing with his cum in their mouths and had one thought "this is fucking hot"

Naruto walked up behind Miranda and had her lay down on top of Diana and had them put their pussies together and put his cock in between them both and started fucking them both at the same time and they started screaming in orgasmic bliss."

"Outside same time as Miranda and Diana start screaming in pleasure"

Alex , Sam, and Clover were getting wet just listening to the screams of pleasure and grunts of pleasure obviously male coming from the hut and then they heard "If you want me to fuck you rotten then open the door and come on in"

the spies opened the door and what they saw made them even hornier Naruto's dick was sandwiched between both of the girls pussies and they were laying on top of each other making out while Naruto jack hammered into their pussies.

The spies were looking at this scene and Naruto said "Well get naked if you want a good fuck"

the girls obeyed and got nude as well and Naruto went to Sam first and made out with her and found out that she had never kissed a guy by how she kissed he started to finger her tight cunt while she moaned in pleasure he stopped and went to Clover and did the same and she moaned as well but had been with a guy not doing sex just kissing and Alex was the same but like Sam had not kissed.

Naruto finally got ready to fuck the spies and said get on all fours and surprisingly the Spies said "Yes Master" and got on all fours Naruto went behind them each and took turns fucking their pussies from behind while they moaned like whores and did everything he told them to do and thats how Naruto found out that the spies were very submissive to him what he did not know was that the reason they were submissive is because of the Kyubbi's influence and making him an alpha male.

Next time the mission starts for both Martin and Narutos teams and they are intertwined bet you guys did not see that coming also hope you liked the lemon