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Epilogue Part II

He froze. The tentacles froze. Everything came to a halt. Soul's expression was the only thing to move in that heart of darkness, his immediate mortification bringing the demon that last bit of satisfaction he needed before leaving for good. Mouth agape and eyes wild with fear, the Reaper watched his evil friend leave with ease despite being trapped like a rat. His maniacal, hiss of a laugh echoed within the shadowed walls as he disappeared, leaving him by his lonesome with only the company of monstrous tendrils. Still stuck in place, he dared not look at those shadows now. All of a sudden, they disgusted him.

Without a sound and unconsciously, the darkness around the white Reaper started to recede back into him. The black shell that surrounded him began breaking apart like glass in the desert wind, entire chunks of the sphere becoming lost to the night. At the same time, the tendrils began to shrink and combine back into his lowly shadow on the floor. Still scarred, Soul stared out into open space as his resonance collapsed in on itself. He failed to notice that just outside stood a familiar face, waiting on him with a worried look as the last pieces of his inner-evil finally went away. By the time all was finished, it was just the two of them there.

She looked at the ground; his stare happened to be directly on her. "Stein and Marie asked me to go fetch you. I can see you're busy, though."

It took him a moment, but finally Soul realized he wasn't alone, "Oh, Tsubaki...no, I'm done training. What did they need me for?"

"They didn't say," she replied quietly, looking the other way. "If you want, I can just leave and tell them you're coming...?"

Soul shook his head immediately, not one to send her away like that. On the other hand, this was the most they'd talked since he last apologized to her about the fight they'd had and knew it was awkward for her to say the least. Which is why despite the thoughts swirling in his head at the moment, the white Reaper still took his scythe up and walked towards her. An obvious flinch ran up her body the second he came near, but Tsubaki relaxed when she felt his hand clasp her shoulder gently. It stayed there until she got the nerve to look him in the eye, and held on tighter when she finally did.

"What's with the face?" he gave a mild smile, for the first time in a long time. "I'm ready when you are."

It took a moment, but that softness he'd come to expect from her suddenly returned at the gentle tone of his voice. Without a word, she gave a reserved nod and turned around to lead the way back to Stein and Marie. Meanwhile Soul followed close behind her, silently thankful that he hadn't lost a dear friend all those days ago. Though it happened a week or so before, they hadn't really talked much since then. Tsubaki still was nice enough to do his laundry and even once made him breakfast with Ms. Mjolnir before training, but for the most part she kept to herself. Away from him and the others, no one really knew what Tsubaki had been up to. In fact, not even Black Star had much contact with her in the days past; for all intents and purposes, she'd become a recluse.

She felt guilty and he knew that, but the thing was he didn't want her to. In the end, Soul knew it was his fault for filling her head with all these negative things. No matter what happened in the past two hundred years between them, Tsubaki really had been there for him. She was sweet, kind, and a good friend, and didn't deserve to be treated like a backstabber. All the more reason why he tried to be softer with her, at least until that trust between them returned. Or even afterwards. Maybe, he could be less of an ass in general? Things were changing, he was changing, so the attitude thing could use some adjusting as well-

"-You can't walk away, Soul. We're friends now, till the day you join me in the fires once more. And as your friend, let me just say, you should seriously start to consider why Hell wanted you in the first place."

The Reaper spun around, mouth agape in surprise. Tsubaki still walking away, he was left there standing in the dark sands with the expectation of finding the demon there waiting for him with a grin. But there was no body, not even a face. The only thing to greet him was kicking winds, the first signs of a rare desert storm on its way. He remained motionless for a little while longer, trying his damnedest to look for any signs of life out there. Soon though, it became apparent that only he and Tsubaki were left, the latter of which was already approaching the village. Soul sucked in air through sharpened teeth and shook his head, deciding to catch up with her before the storms beat him to the punch.

It didn't take long to jog up to where she was at. It helped that Tsubaki had stopped and kept waving him over, the village lanterns bustling behind her from the sudden gusts. When they met, the two started off again and soon enough had made it inside the small safety of rusted shacks. The buildings provided a small wind-break that offered little comfort to them, but at least the sands were kept from their eyes. In any case, their destination wasn't too far off anyway. Amidst broken down homes, only one stood proudly and well built above the others. Not a shack but a house, it belonged to Stein and Marie.

They walked up to it silently, if only because it was hard to speak up above the changing weather around them. In the background, a few bolts of lightning struck the ground and rumbled the earth beneath their feet. By the time both reached the door, Soul and Tsubaki were already rushing to get inside. Through the door and into the hallway, things were much calmer; merrier, in fact. Because in one of the rooms just down the hall, there was someone laughing that didn't sound much like Stein. It was a man, too, so of course it couldn't be Marie. But those two were there as well, Soul could tell.

"Company?" he inquired, slightly surprised that Stein of all people would have visitors at this late an hour.

Tsubaki couldn't give him an answer, though. Only a shrug and a confused one at that. "I didn't know anyone else was here..."

The pair made their way down the hall, careful as to not make their presence known. It sounded like whoever was there was also having a good time, and in a hermit's house no less. That in itself was strange, but then again strange things happened all the time with them. So curiosity getting the better of them, Soul and Tsubaki crept down the wooded floor like two children staying up past curfew. Their ears perked to listen, they couldn't make out what the other man was saying. Actually, it didn't sound like anyone was saying anything. Just that man, by himself, laughing like he owned the place.

Interesting to say the least, which is why when they approached the open archway into the dining area both Reapers poked their heads out to see who it was. And what they saw, Tsubaki didn't think was really all that strange after all; it was Stein and Marie facing them at the table with a stranger at the opposite end, his back towards her as he ate. It could have been anyone in the village over for a late dinner for all she knew, and Stein didn't seem to mind the situation. Marie was a different story, she seemed a little bit uncomfortable. But overall, nothing much out of the ordinary.

"I wonder who that person is?" Tsubaki whispered, eyes glued to the scene. She continued to stare, until she realized silence was her only reply, "Do you, Soul...?"

She turned her head to look at him, but became bewildered when the white Reaper wasn't there. On a whim she decided to look back at the guest, and threw a hand over her mouth when all she saw was Soul standing behind him. Unannounced, silent, he loomed over the laughing stranger like a towering figure of death itself. Across the table, Stein raised a brow at the display while Marie mimicked Tsubaki, all three of them surprised at Soul's presence. Really, only the stranger didn't know who stood behind him. He simply dug into his plate of food and acted merry as ever, at least until he was interrupted.

With a shaky hand, the white Reaper grabbed the man's shoulder. His head hung low, he muttered, "Free. Tell me it's not you."

All of a sudden, the laughing man dropped his fork. From every angle, everyone could see his ears perk up like a dog's as if interest had perked inside him. For a moment he remained still, then quite quickly turned around to see who it was behind him. An audible gasp could be heard from both him and Soul, their eyes meeting together for the first time in what felt like a century. But Tsubaki had no idea who this man was, and didn't expect such a reaction when this man named Free promptly hopped to his feet and grinned.

In the end that's what gave it away; giant teeth, sharper than Soul's and twice as menacing. The man was a Reaper, a Soul Eater, and his huge frame was nothing if not warning to those around him just how powerful he was. Free towered over his smaller acquaintance like a parent to a child, draped in old raggedy cloth to remain dangerously hidden to everybody else. But the oddest thing about this man, and that was saying a lot, was the fact his left eye remained covered. A single bandage was all it was, adorned with strange markings and words in a language she'd only ever seen in Kidd's library.

"Eater! Holy crap, you remember me!" he replied with a friendly punch to Soul's arm. "Last time I saw you, you were just a pup! Gnawing on Grigori souls like an idiot, it was cute."

"What are you doing here, Free?" the Reaper asked quietly. From behind him, Tsubaki made a note of the slight twitch in his muscles where he'd been punched; that punch hurt, a lot.

This man, whoever he was, had strength. "Well that's a long story. Short version is, the current Grim called me up and I stopped by for a snack. Smelled some Grigories, but I guess her cooking will do."

Free motioned to Ms. Mjolnir behind him with his thumb and the poor woman flinched, completely frozen by the strangers mentioning of her. At the same time, the man's ears perked as if sensing her immediate mortification, and it wasn't a second later that he turned around to grin at her. She stared at him and he stared back, the latter of which still smiling though an obvious twitch in his nose made it seem as though he was sniffing at her very presence. The scene was almost too much for Soul, but it didn't last long under the supervision of Professor Stein. Taking off his glasses, the scholar promptly stood up.

"I said you could eat here and be on your way, so long as you didn't go near the Grigories." he spoke rather distantly, but there was an annoyance in his tone to be sure.

"Of course! Thank you for the hospitality!" Free chimed back pleasantly, yet his eyes still leered over Marie, "But you know, it's kind of hard to keep my hunger in check around here-"

Stein's face twisted in a flash; with that menacing look, everyone including Free knew the professor was pissed. "You think about touching Marie and I will show you why The Grim fears me."

Put off for a second, Free quickly conceded. He held his hands up in defeat, breaking his stare with another grin. Watching the entire thing play out, the white Reaper sunk just a little bit to the floor. He didn't know how strong Stein was but...Free was something else, and he shuddered to think what would happen if a three-way brawl broke out in Needle Village. No matter the situation, he couldn't let anything like that happen. No doubt Black Star and Tsubaki would get involved too and, well, the ending wouldn't be pleasant. No, no, he needed to reel things in before they got out of hand. Soul stood straight and with every ounce of himself, he grabbed Free by the shoulder and turned him around so they could face each other.

Both stood tall, but not on equal terms. Though the stranger was an oddball, he had an air of confidence to him that Soul simply couldn't match. On a dime, his expression changed from playful to serious. That lighthearted, carefree attitude shattered as the white Reaper stared him down; his eyes narrowed, his chest puffed up, the hair on the back of his neck stood straight. And despite all his steadfastness and pride, Eater, The Grim's Strongest, ended up looking like the smaller of the two. In their brief exchange, Tsubaki couldn't believe it when all she saw was Soul's unwitting submission. Free simply took a step forward and that was the end of it, just like that. Soul's eyes wavered to the floor and let his head hang low; he was weaker.

Ms. Mjolnir opened her mouth to say something, but Stein silenced her with his hand. Any noise would interrupt the moment, and the good Professor wasn't missing the opportunity to study something this interesting. He watched from the sidelines with his assistant in tow and Tsubaki opposite them, all three mesmerized as Free relented in his harsh stare by a degree. Soul curled two fists at his sides, yet said not a word as the stranger started to circle around him slowly. It was strange to see him accept such a thing, but Tsubaki knew he had no say in the matter. She shuddered at the thought of these two men being like wolves, struggling for dominance and clearly one of them had lost. But for Soul to have been the loser...just who was this man?

"I smell Grigori on you, mongrel. What did you do?" Free growled, sniffing the air as he went. " Something's got Kidd's panties in a bunch, so you must be behind it."

Soul remained stiff, eyes narrowed to the floor in thought. "He put me in charge of a Grigori and according to him I fucked it up, let's just leave it at that."

"You mean you fucked her," the beast-man rumbled, smiling when Soul's head shot up. "I was talking 'bout that stench reeking from your chest, Eater. Everyone already knows about the girl."

Free stuck his finger where Soul's heart was, making a point to prod him repeatedly. The white Reaper stared for a moment, wondering what the hell he was talking about. Then of course it all hit him at the same time; the demon, his human soul, resonance. It must have been noticeable to another Soul Eater and even more so for Free, since the guy was just plain better at detecting other Reapers than anyone else. It was that nose of his, more animal than human, that people ended up fearing. He could find someone no matter where they went or how far they ran, and rip them apart when he found them.

"I'm not hungry anymore," Soul replied, not wanting to go into detail. Hopefully he wouldn't have to explain himself further.

Thankfully, Free just nodded and relaxed. "Your soul's different, that's probably got something to do with it."

"Things are different in general," The Reaper mumbled. "I'm banished. Maka's with Kidd, and I have no way of getting her back."

Free's ears suddenly perked up again, and a smirk started to worm across his lips. "Oh, so that's what my god-son's all worked up about."

Soul nodded casually back, but it was Tsubaki who gasped in surprise. Jaw nearly to the floor, The Grim's right-hand woman couldn't believe that she'd never even heard of this man before; Kidd had a god-father? And his god-father was a Soul Eater? But that couldn't even be possible, Kidd was the one who created them in the first place. It didn't make any sense and she wasn't alone in that theory, Stein brow raised noticeably at the revelation as well. The Grim was the embodiment of death itself and therefore of the oldest beings on the planet, meaning this particular Reaper must have been around long before that. Stein looked to his assistant, whom of course had no opinion on the matter. But still, she could tell from their faces that whatever was going on wasn't good and frowned all the same.

"You already know what I'm going to say, Free." Soul stared straight at the taller man, no weakness this time.

"Save the girl, kill my son, become the next Grim in the process," Free grinned, surprising everyone in the room. "It isn't the first time I've heard it, Soul."

The Reaper's eyes twisted in confusion; why the hell was he grinning? "You seem pretty cool about all this, mind telling me why?"

Still giving that sharp-toothed grin, Free just shook his head in amusement. From out behind him he pulled out a seat from the table and landed atop it with a thud, the wood floors cracking a bit underneath his own weight. Everyone save for Stein flinched, with the professor slight annoyed that he had another thing to fix inside the house. That aside, all four waited for the newcomer to say something. He did eventually, but not at first. His immediate priority was to take a pear behind him and take an enormous bite from it; all it took was two, and the fruit was nothing but a stump.

He tossed the thing neatly onto a plate behind him and burped, "I'm not leader material, but I can tell you right now that neither of you could take me in a fight."

Soul's eyes narrowed. "If you're talking about Giriko, I could wipe the grin off that fucker's face permanently. He's no threat to me."

"The way I see it, both of you are tied for third in Spartoi," Free growled, slightly annoyed. "There is no second in our trio."

"So, what? Are you saying I'm weak?" the white Reaper started to shout, but hushed when Free stood up.

He flinched when the man came to him, but all he did was grab his shoulder. "If we fought right now, I would destroy you. I would rip out your soul, and eat it in front of you."

Silence fell between them, and thus the entire room as well. Devastated that the leader of Sparoti would even imply such a thing, Soul simply let his eyes wander to the others in an effort to find some kind of support. He turned around to find Tsubaki frozen, for once in her life legitimately scared of another person. He forgot, she didn't know much about Sparoti. Most Reapers didn't, even amongst Soul Eaters; he shock was well grounded. Soul then turned to Stein, but the professor wasn't big on comforting others. All he found was Marie right by him, biting her lip but trying to smile at him all the same.

Free sighed, patting his younger friend on the shoulder. It wasn't easy for him to break bad news to the guy, since he was by far his favorite. Giriko was a psychotic piece of shit who'd stab him in the back in a heartbeat, as if the bastard could even lay a finger on him in the first place. But Eater, Soul, had a good heart. Snark, arrogant, what wasn't to like about him? Then again he was also loyal, so much that he'd given up his humanity for someone else, even if things hard turned out sour for him in the end. And with that thought, Free gave a noticeable scowl to himself.

Kidd was his god-son, by the orders of someone far more powerful than either of them put together. It wasn't against his will either; if anything, he and Soul were more alike than the little runt could ever know. But this meant he had to think about the well being of this little Grim, and he'd failed in that department for the most part. Things were changing though, more so now than ever before. For the first time in a century, Sparoti was getting back together. Kidd was actually starting show emotions, like fear and anger. A Grigori woman who can raise the dead, and a Reaper with a Grigori soul-

-A Reaper with a Grigori soul, and a woman who can raise the dead.

He was an idiot. God, he was a fucking idiot! Of course! That's how all of this was going to get resolved, why didn't he see it sooner? For the first time in five thousand years, there was a way to fulfill his duties and then some! Free couldn't contain the feeling of pure excitement rumbling in his stomach; he started laughing. It was awkward as shit, but he didn't care. Soul stared at him like he was some sort of maniac, but he didn't care. All he thought about was the end result, and that just made him want to laugh all over again. Finally, there was someone who could do it.

But first he had to tell him. "Okay, Eater! Tell you what, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, okay?"

"...Alright?" Soul blinked, taking an extra step backwards for good measure. Free was acting weirder than usual.

He brought him in close, a deceivingly bright smile tugging at his lips. "There's going to be a war soon, I can almost guarantee it."

The Reaper stood dead still for a second, cocking his head slightly to the right. "Are you serious? There hasn't been a war in over a century."

"Exactly, which is why Kidd's calling in everyone, Spartoi included." Free explained, his smile waning to a smirk. "He wants your head, Soul. And it's going to take an army to do it."

A second later and he was reaching into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper that looked old and worn out. Free waived it in the air and stuck it directly in the younger Reaper's face, the latter of which snatched the thing up with a scowl. But that expression on his face quickly fell at the sight of a skull-marked seal pressed into the paper itself, ripped in half by Free's opening of it. Immediately he knew who it was; Kidd had sent this letter, personally. That was crazy in itself, since leaders never send something so personal to people beneath them. Someone only does that for special reasons, special people, and Soul guessed it made sense that The Grim's own god-father fit into that category. Either way the damn thing was open and he was busy pondering the pointless, so quickly he flipped the thing open and grazed over the words, starting with "Your favorite's gone rogue".

In the meantime, Free pulled up the chair behind him. Satisfied, he plopped down so hard the wood beneath everyone shook. Tsubaki, Marie, and Stein all reacted in one way or another, but the beastly man didn't so much as give them the time of day. He just sat there, and watched as Soul's face grew more serious with every pass of his eyes over the paper. Spartoi's leader smirked at the look, recognizing the expression as determined, excited even. Nothing in that letter was good, at least not for him. But it was exciting though, wasn't it? A war for the first time in a hundred years, every Reaper called upon to take down one of their own. Some good stuff, entertaining for sure!

Free could tell when the white Reaper finished; he crumbled the thing and tossed it aside. "Why not kill me now? You said you could do it, why not save everyone some grief?"

"Because you're not alone anymore," Soul's superior replied matter-of-factly, motioning to everyone gathered. "I can smell them, they're all pretty good at fighting."

"Don't give me that bullshit, Free! You could take down a country if you wanted to, at least give me the truth if you're going to try and kill me!"

The man sighed, as if it were obvious, "I am telling the truth, Soul. You have the Grigories protecting you now, they're a lot stronger than you give them credit for."

Free sought to prove his point. He looked at his comrade and sneered, causing Soul's eyes to widen in terror at the knowing of what came next. In an instant, the entire room erupted into a bustle of commotion; the table that both Marie and Stein sat at was flung to the side, a chair flew across the room, screeches of feet against slippery floors. The sounds were overwhelming, so much so that by the time Soul had blinked, everything was out of order. He gaped at the sight before him, that of Free's fist mere inches away from his face. The only thing that separated the two of them was another man's hand and a single point of steel, along with two sets of solid, burning eyes.

It was Stein who parried the blow, like a teacher to a student. With little effort, he caught Free's arm at the last possible moment. Behind him was some wrecked furniture in a pathway of destruction that thankfully wasn't meant for him, although he wasn't the only one. Underneath crouched Tsubaki, her blade drawn in a lightning's flash to just barely graze the older Reaper's torso. Her face bore nothing but cold, killing intent, just like the Night Stalker she used to be. Both of them jumped to Soul's aid quicker than he could have even realized, and the results seemed to please Free immensely. Frozen in place by Tsubaki's blade, all he could do was grin heartily.

"I remember you, even though you don't know me," the beastly man mused, all of his attention on Tsubaki. "The heiress who became an assassin, it's been a while since I've smelled you."

Prodding him with the tip of her blade, she gave Free her response. "If you threaten my friend again, I will have no problem showing you my skills firsthand."

"And you," he directed towards Stein, completely ignoring Tsubaki's threats. "I'm impressed that a human could stop my punch. Even though it was weak."

"I think it's time for you to go, Free." The professor gripped his captive's arm tightly, stressing his point with the slightest twinge of pain.

Finally, the Reaper acknowledged them. "Yeah, I suppose it's time. I've got a date with a family member, y'know how it goes."

Both men relenting at the same time, it was Free who ultimately broke off the engagement. He pried his arm away from the hermit's hand and turned away from Tsubaki's blade, all without sparing another glance back to the weary Reaper whom he claimed as his favorite. Amidst it all Soul remained absolutely silent, half of it being because he never knew just how much he could depend on the people around him. Tsubaki, she was still willing to lay down her life for him after everything that'd happen. And Stein, a complete stranger, was just as eager to do the same. He didn't know what kind of motivation spurred the professor to do something like this, but in the end it didn't matter. They were there for him, Marie included; by the way she at looked at Free as he headed for the door, Soul knew her dedication to him. Such a pretty, sweet face, he never knew it could scowl so well.

But just as he reached for the door, the white Reaper knew there were still things that needed to be answered. He still had questions, and a lot of them at that. It didn't matter how many Grigories there were, if Free wanted to he could level this entire desert to the ground. There was another reason why he was here, something bigger than he could hope to figure out on his own. And if he were to ask then and there, be up front with Free and demand to know the truth, Soul knew all he'd get a smile and a door shut in his face. But there was something else he could do, another question that was just as important. The only problem was how to ask it and whether or not Free would actually help him out anymore than he already had. The entire situation was shit, and Soul could only bite his tongue in reluctance. The hell was he supposed to do-?

"-You've grown up, mongrel." Free muttered from down the hallway, just before the creak of a door could be heard, "And I know how you can get even stronger."

Soul froze in place, garnering the attention of everyone around him. It was like Free knew exactly what he was thinking. "Please, tell me. I need to know."

"First tell me why," the deep voice bellowed, sounds of gusting winds and sand following soon after. "You're less proud than before, less arrogant."

"I don't need pride anymore, I don't care. All I want is Maka back," he ground out. "I'd get on my knees and beg if it meant all this would end."

A moment of silence fell, interrupted only by battering weather. Then, all of a sudden, there was laughter. "That's what I want to hear!"

"If you're satisfied, then tell me what I have to do." Soul stood up straighter than ever before, ready for anything and everything.

He expected some sort of instructions. Some kind of advice. But all he got was, "By Shinigami's command, The Grim will hunt."

And before he could ask any further, the conversation ended. Soul let his shoulders sink at the sound of a closing door, the terrible wind outside shut out for good. Left standing there with friends, everybody looked at each other and did nothing more than shake their heads. Only Soul could stay slightly hopeful at the cryptic message that Free had given him; it didn't make any sense, but then again the man wouldn't lie to him about something like this. If only he'd had more time to talk, maybe they could've gotten more out of him. The hell did that even mean? The Grim will hunt; hunt what? And why bring him into this? The old fuck was long since dead.

"Soul, who was that man?" Tsubaki finally spoke up to break the silence, along with Soul's distant thoughts. "Is he really Kidd's god-father?"

The white Reaper gave her a funny look, the kind that one gives when asked something bluntly obvious. But again, the realization of Free's secrecy hit him as memories long since dead started rushing to the forefront of his brain. One hundred years ago, two hundred, as far back as he could remember, almost long enough to when he'd first met Kidd. Every single one of them a reminder of his days in Sparoti, as The Grim's right-hand man, and the beast known as the White Haired Reaper. All of them boiled down to three sharp-toothed men with spiky hair, and a hunger for souls that became infamous for almost swallowing the entire earth whole.

"That's the man who taught me how to be a Reaper, Tsubaki," he said quietly, staring out into the hallway.

She remained silent, unable to think of anything to say. Then he ended it all with, "The Ice Wolf, the first Reaper, whatever you wanna call him, he's still Shinigami's right hand."

Twenty-thousands years he'd walked this earth. For twenty-thousand years, he was the strongest person just shy of The Grim. He'd said it before and he'd say it again, Free was strong enough to destroy an entire country in one night. In order to get towards Kidd, Soul knew that his biggest obstacle would be the person who'd led him and Giriko for close to a century before suddenly disappearing. His return meant that Spartoi was getting ever closer to meeting again, and that was the one thing he feared more than anything.

If all three of them met on the battlefield at the same time, this desert would be leveled to the ground. He wouldn't be able to strop free or Giriko. At his current strength, all he could do was prolong the fight long enough to watch everything around him burn to the ground. And all that would remain was Death, completely unharmed in its cozy little shell, leaving Kidd to do whatever it was he wanted with Maka. There'd be no one to stop him if he died, which is why he needed to prepare. Soul was strong, but just not strong enough.

The Grim will hunt. Whatever that meant, it was the clue that he needed to unlock this strength Free was talking about. If it had anything to do with Shinigami, Kidd's father, then it had to be powerful. Maybe strong enough to help him do what he promised to do; end everyone's suffering once and for all. No matter how long it took, he needed to find out what this message meant. It was the only thing left, his last chance at overthrowing The Grim and taking his place. For Maka and for everyone else, that was all he needed to hear.

"Stein, Marie, I need you to get Black Star for me," the Reaper muttered, summoning his scythe at the same time. "The two of us are going on a little trip."


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