Welcome back to Vermi and mine's continuing series of stories. This one is our little sequel to Hurricane and I have to warn you all now, as this story goes on, there will be some rather disturbing chapters. We unleashed a special brand of hell in this one and it won't be for the weak of heart.

"What do you want to have Jamie? A boy or a girl?"

James considered Mindy's question carefully as he munched on the chocolate covered popcorn that Chelsea was absolutely insisting on feeding him. The three of them were sitting on the dining room floor, Chelsea hugging Stickers and stuffing her cute little hamster cheeks with popcorn while James and Mindy were trying their best to get Elizabeth to work. She had managed to stand up a few times but kept falling on her ass after only taking a step or two. "Oh I don't know," he said slowly. "As long as-"

"I know you want a healthy baby Jamie darling," Mindy said as she played with Elizabeth's hair. "But what if you could have healthy? What then Jamie?"

"Uh…" James had to think about that one for awhile. "A boy maybe…I could call him…Mini Me." He put his pinky up to his mouth Dr. Evil style, making Mindy laugh and Elizabeth try to imitate him. Chelsea frowned and shook her head before shoving yet another handful of popcorn into his mouth.

"Eat Daddy," she ordered. She watched him carefully, making sure he chewed and swallowed the food before going back to eating it herself.

"Thanks Princess," James said. "That hit the spot."

"Come on Lizzie Bear," Mindy said, helping Elizabeth up to her feet once again. "Go to Daddy. Walk to Daddy you can do it."

"Da!" Elizabeth managed to take a couple of steps forward but fell back on her butt once again. "Aww, it's okay Lizzie Bear," Mindy cooed. "you'll get it." She took Elizabeth back into her lap and bounced her lightly, making her smile and laugh.

"Mum mum mum!"

"What would you like to have Baby Doll?" James asked, bringing the topic back to their unborn child. They had both been over the moon since finding out the good news and neither of them had really been able to stop talking about it. "Girl or boy?"

"Well…" Mindy stopped and accepted the food that Chelsea insisted on giving her. "I've got lots and lots of girl names picked out but only one boy name."

"And what's that one Baby Doll?"


"Aiden Lawson…it's got a nice ring to it."

Mindy shook her head. "You can name the baby anything you want Jamie."

"No no no Baby Doll. I want us to name our baby together." He reached out and grabbed her hand. "I really do like Aiden Baby Doll. It's a good name." He kissed her hand and then leaned forward so he could kiss her on the lips. "Now…" he returned to his original spot and clapped his hands together eagerly "come to Daddy Lizzie Bear. Or do you want to walk to Mommy instead? Its your choice Lizzie Bear."

Elizabeth looked back and forth between her parents before grinning and getting up to her feet once again. "Da da da!" She took one step and then another and another…James and Mindy both literally held their breaths until she managed to make it over to him.

"Yay!" Mindy cheered. She clapped and cheered as James hugged and kissed Elizabeth. "She did it! Lizzie bear did it!"

"That's our girl," James said proudly. He kissed her over and over again, beyond happy at the moment. "Our Lizzie Bear is such a good baby." He kissed her one more time before turning her around. "Now go to Mommy! You can do it Lizzie Bear come on!"

"MUM MUM MUM!" Elizabeth was completely hamming it up since she was in the center of attention and she went right back to Mindy, squealing as Mindy pulled her into her embrace and showered her with kisses.

Chelsea watched all of this very carefully, not entirely pleased that her mommy and daddy were devoting all of their attention to Elizabeth at the moment. "Come on Stick-ers." She walked over to Mindy and set Stickers down by her before going back over to James. "Come on Stick-ers!" she ordered, beckoning her pet just like James had just done to Elizabeth. "Come on Stick-ers. Come to Chelsea!"

James chuckled and pulled Chelsea into his lap as Stickers dutifully came to her as ordered. "Are you doing what I do Princess?"

"Yes." Chelsea pulled Stickers into her vice grip (where he seemed to be permanently living these days) and looked up at James until he kissed her forehead. "My daddy."

He chuckled again and gently played with her hair. The smile faded a bit though as Amber walked into the room. Things were still bad between the both of them and nothing he said or did was making it better. It was really frustrating to him and he was really starting to get depressed over the whole matter, although he did his best to hide that fact from everyone else. "Hi Pumpkin," he said, giving it another shot even though he knew she wasn't having any of it.

Amber's eyes narrowed and she made it a huge point to not speak a word to him.

"Ambieloo?" Mindy said, not liking what was going on between her and James.

"I'm just going to go grab a snack Mommy," Amber said, giving James another dirty look before heading into the kitchen.

James sighed and wilted, making Mindy immediately take Elizabeth with her over to him so she could start kissing him. "I love you Jamie," she said, making him smile and drop his head against her like the giant puppy dog he was when it came to her.

"I love you more Baby Doll," he said, which earned him a shake of the head and a tap on the lips.

"No no no. I love you MORE Jamie Paul. And Amber loves you too."

James shook his head. "I don't think so. Not anymore." He glanced back towards where Amber had been seconds ago and sighed. He knew how she felt about him and the whole Connor coming home today thing was probably making things even worse. He knew the twins were certainly not pleased about the news and he knew Mindy wasn't either. With the way their relationship had become strained, Mindy wouldn't have minded if Connor had gone away forever. But Connor was his son and they all knew the Canada wasn't going to be for forever. Cooper was at the airport right now to pick him up. Originally James had been planning to pick him up but Mindy had gotten in his ear and had pointed out that if Cooper was going to be responsible for watching Connor on a constant basis now, he might as well get started right away. And while James didn't really trust Cooper by any means, he had done what Mindy had suggested and sent Cooper off to the airport. At the very least, seeing his brother alive and healthy again might help with Connor's behavior.

Mindy saw the look on James's head and frowned, not pleased with the expression she saw on it. She glanced around the room to see if there were any other kids besides Chelsea and Elizabeth hanging around before grabbing James's hand and placing it between her legs. "Baby Doll-" he started to say, raising his eyebrows at her actions.

"Guess what I'm not wearing," she said coyly, rubbing her pantyless pussy against his hand.

His pupils dilated and he instantly felt a tightness in his jeans that could be satisfied in only one way. In a flash he was on his feet and he had her, Elizabeth, Chelsea and Stickers in his arms and was carrying them up to his and Mindy's room. The girls and Stickers could bond while he and Mindy had some fun of their own.

"Coopy Coopy Coopy!"

Cooper easily caught Connor as he jumped into his arms and couldn't stop the grin that spread across his face. It felt nice to have someone be genuinely glad to see him. While he was still living at the house for now, he knew he wasn't really wanted there. The whole Connor watching thing they were putting him on had to be the only reason he hadn't been thrown out on his ass. And he was trying to just deal with it. What else could he do? He didn't have anywhere else to go and maybe the whole Connor duty was what he needed. At least it could help keep him from falling back on to his bad habits. "Were you good while you were gone?"

"Of course!" Connor answered. What else was he going to say? He could blow up a building and still insist that he had been a good boy. "I was Coopy, I really was!" He looked back at the approaching Nattie for support. "Tell him Nattie! Tell him what a good boy I was!"

"He was a good boy," Nattie said, setting Connor's stuff down as David and Tyson brought over Snoopy and Spike's kennels. "A very good boy." She ruffled Connor's hair affectionately and laughed when he licked her face like a dog. "Where's James?"

Cooper shrugged. "Last I checked he was home."

Nattie's eyes narrowed a bit. "Oh really?"

"Yeah. He was going to be the one picking up Connor here but then I guess it was decided they were going to test me with the whole earning my keep thing and I got sent alone instead." He tried to set Connor back down on his feet but Connor kept his arms and legs wrapped around him stubbornly. "Connor…"

"What?" Connor said innocently. "I MISSED you Coopy." He licked the side of Cooper's face, making the older man wrinkle his nose in disgust. "I'm glad you came to pick me up. So are Snoopy and Spike. We've missed you lots and lots."

Cooper sighed and rubbed Connor's back. "I missed you too." He looked at the former Hart Dynasty. "Can you guys-"

"We'll get the stuff to the car," David assured him. "But then you're on your own."

"Thanks." Cooper waited until Connor's things were picked up before leading the way and carrying Connor the car. While the luggage was being put in the trunk, Spike's kennel was put in the backseat and Snoopy was let out so he could sit up front with Connor on the way home.

"I love you Coopy," Connor said as he scratched a spot behind Snoopy's ears and Cooper got them on the road. "Snoopy loves you too. Don't you Snoopy?"

Snoopy barked dutifully and wagged his tail.

"See?" Connor said proudly.

Cooper just shook his head. "Well we're going to be putting that one to the test."

Connor frowned. "What do you mean Coopy?"

"Look, there's stuff we need to talk about."

"Is it about the new baby? Because I already know about that Coopy."

"No, it's not about that. Listen-" Cooper actually pulled over and snapped his fingers in front of Connor's face. "Are you listening?"

"Yes," Connor said, jerking his head away from Cooper's fingers. "I am listening don't do that."

"You better be," Cooper warned him. "Now look, I'm in charge of you, okay? And me being able to wrangle you is an important part of me keeping my neck-"

"What's wrangle mean Cooper?"

"It means keeping you under control. I need you to listen to me-"

"I AM listening to you Cooper!" Connor said with a roll of his eyes. "I just-"

"Not just now Connor. From now on, I need you to listen AND behave yourself. You got that? Things are not going to be good between you and Mom and you and the babies and I am telling you right now that you are not allowed to make the situation worse, you hear me?"

"But Coopy-"

"No, let me finish. I'm telling you this shit because I love you. What I want you to do is just stick with me and keep your head low and your mouth shut, you got me? Don't start being mouthy and whiny and bratty, especially around Mom and Amber because Mom has no more rope left for you and Amber is just…well she's being a bitch."

Connor snorted and giggled manically before stopping when he saw the look Cooper was giving him. "What?" he said innocently. "They're not here and you're not going to tell on me, are you Coopy?"

"Well no…"

"Then why can't I laugh?"

Cooper sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Connor…just promise me you'll behave."

"I promise."

"Do you mean it?"

"Yeah." Connor frowned at the look on Cooper's face. "What, you don't think I can do it?"

Cooper shrugged. "I don't know…"

"Are you saying I can't do it?" Connor asked, his eyes narrowing at the insinuation.

"Maybe." Cooper was completely baiting Connor because he knew it would help guarantee success. Connor didn't like being told he couldn't do things and would often do them to spite the nay saying.

"I can too!" Connor insisted vehemently. "I can I can I can!" He balled up his fists and bounced up and down anxiously. "You just wait and see Coopy. I'll be the best boy ever."

"You better be," Cooper muttered. "Or you're signing my death warrant."

"Look at the birdies Lizzie Bear," James said as he carried Elizabeth around their backyard tropical paradise. "You see them Lizzie? You see the birdies?"

Elizabeth looked at all the birds before shaking her head and blowing a raspberry at them, making him laugh loudly. And unbeknownst to him, a lens on a camera zoomed in on his daughter's face and began snapping pictures wildly.