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"Ambie…" sighing Mindy flopped onto her back on Amber's bed as the pair sat alone in her room after dinner.

Since James was fairly mortified by the lack-of reaction that to him was the greatest news in the world, he took Aiden and Elizabeth with him and retreated into himself in his office. Mindy was embarrassed too so she took Amber up into her room to have some old-fashioned quality 'girl talk.'

James had been pretending to do 'work' in his office but in reality he was just sitting with his babies looking through photo albums to bide time. It was still hard for him to believe two of his own children were lying in his arms. A girl and a boy…Mindy had given him everything he could have ever asked for and beyond. Now they were having yet another child together when he didn't even believe Lizzie Bear was going to make it to birth…how could nobody care? Last he checked babies were supposed to be a joyous occasion, especially when the parents were as in love as he and Mindy. There was no way he was going back out into the wolves anytime soon, he had what he wanted in his lap and he would dwell as long as he could.

"Mommy…" Amber repeated just for the sake of it since Mindy didn't finish her sentence. Instead she sat on the edge of the bed brushing her hair as her mother pulled her knees up to her chest and frowned.

"You know, you guys all REALLY hurt me and Daddy today…" Mindy cringed, not sure if that was the proper way to begin but she had to say what she was feeling.

"Why?" raising an eyebrow Amber shrugged, "You just had a baby, got back from vacation, and ate dinner with us…what could have gone wrong?"

Mindy's eyes narrowed, "Daddy and I had something we wanted everyone to know"

"Nobody cares that you're pregnant. That's great for YOU, Mommy, that's one step closer you and James are to repopulating the human race"

"Amber Rose" her voice hardened and she scowled, "I do not find ANYTHING about this funny. I do not need YOU telling people I am pregnant"

"Everyone knew"

"Oh bull-fucking-SHIT everyone knew, Ambie! I am NOT taking this from you Daddy was SO happy until-"

"Until he came home to US?" Amber leaned forwards and snapped, "Yeah! He has his boy and his girl with you, why does he need anyone else?"

"He was SCARED of you Amber you're a fucking BITCH to him and-"

"Oh cry me a river, Mommy! James doesn't-"

"Look…" curling her lips Mindy flipped her hair and began shaking it out from anger, "regardless of how you feel about him…James is my husband. I would die for him, I live for him, and I will be with him for the rest of my life. There is not ONE THING James and I have not been through together to prove our fucking relationship"

"Everyone KNEW you were gonna be pregnant, Mommy!" Amber stamped her foot and threw her brush down on the mattress, "Honestly all you is makeout with James"

"So you would prefer us fighting and tearing each other's eyes out so we can go cry in a corner and sulk the rest of the day about it…?" Mindy's shapely medium-toned eyebrow rose and Amber didn't answer, that set off all sorts of nasty thoughts in Mindy's head, "You're fucking sick, you know that?"

She didn't mean to be saying these things, but she was defending James it was a reflex.

"I LOVE JAMES! And considering all we have been through I was hoping YOU of all people could at least PRETEND you're happy for us! I have all of you guys YES, but James and I only have TWO and soon three! It is not the same thing we have not been married forever even though I feel that way"

"Mommy" she ran a hand through her hair, "you revolve your life around him"

"Because I love him" Mindy nodded and admired her diamond wedding rings, "when you fall in love one day you will see…nobody could ever come close to Daddy in my heart. You know how badly he wanted a lot of babies, he loves being a Daddy for real"

"As opposed to us"

"Amber, you know as well as I do that the deal with stepparents is never going to change. I do not love Connor the way I love you babies, and James I am assuming is the other way around."

"The babies are his favorites" she meant Aiden and Lizzie Bear, and Mindy nodded.

"I am not surprised at all, he is a middle-aged guy starting over with two beautiful babies…of course they are his life. He thought he was done for over twenty years."

"So?" Amber shrugged, "That doesn't effect any of us"

"Do you love ME?" Mindy's eyebrows rose as she waited for a response from Amber, "Well DO you?"

Sniffling Amber nodded, "I love you Mommy"

"Do you respect me?"

Again Amber nodded.

"Then you are to respect James because James is a part of me. His bone marrow is in my body, his blood, his hair, his nails, we are having a baby…I cannot tell you what James is to me because there is no fair way you could ever understand. He saved my life…" sniffling and smiling weakly she nodded, "he saves my life every time I look at him…he's beautiful…in every way a person can be…" now she began bawling much to Amber's shock, "and he hates himself, Ambie! He can't look at himself in the mirror! I worship the ground he walks on and he hates himself! Yo-you kn-know how many n-n-n-nights he wakes up screaming? Crying in the dark? I look up to him as my role model, only he does not consider anything about him to be model-worthy! And he DOES love you, he loves EVERYONE! Yes of course he favors the babies but that does not mean he doesn't love you! And he loves ME most importantly! He will always take care of ME meaning he will always take care of US! He's my baby! I could not live a single day without him, babe…I miss him like crazy when he is not around he is my best friend in the whole world! There is not a single thing I would not do for him and if that is not love then tell me what is, Amber Rose, tell me!"

Amber didn't respond, which Mindy was clearly expecting and she nodded satisfactorily.

"I want you to be nice to him, do you understand me?" that was said flatter than iron, and Amber nodded quickly, "I love him, and that should be enough to earn your respect. I do not want him to feel like you hate him. I love him too much and we have come too far for him to feel inadequate"

Amber just nodded silently.

"Come here, Lizzie Bear" sitting in the sand James pulled out a sand crab and began playing with it right in front of Elizabeth, who wore a pink daisy swimsuit with sunglasses and a white bucket hat, and Aiden, who had on a blue singlet and a diaper, "Look at that! You guys see the crab?" he was making pinchers in their faces and Elizabeth nodded, laughing as Aiden gave a cute chubby grin.

"Crab!" Elizabeth shouted and looked to James for approval, and smiling he nodded.

"Good GIRL, Lizzie Bear" pressing a hard kiss to her cheek he peered out across the Pacific ocean and kissed Aiden as well, "You're so SMART yes you are! That's my smart girl!"

"DAD-dy!" clapping her hands to his cheeks Elizabeth grinned and it was returned, James leaning in and they kissed until Aiden decided he wanted Daddy time so he pulled James' hair.

"Hello…" smiling James leaned down and nommed all over Aiden's cheek, admiring his clone and kissing him harder.

Sniffling in the distance Amber headed over slowly, James not turning because the roar of the ocean tide drowned everything else out. Amber smiled though, hugging the back of his neck at first and kissing him on the lips before sitting in his lap and nestling into his chest. Wrapping his arms around the three of them James calmly watched the ocean and nuzzled Amber's neck occasionally.

"Mmmm Jamie…" Mindy's back arched in bed later that night as James slowly lapped at her pussy. Her legs had been hooked over his shoulders and her thighs gently compressing the sides of his head. Both little hands were woven into his soft dark hair and his tongue delved even deeper, his rock hard cock begging for contact so he slowly humped the bed. He was fucking her with his tongue, already two orgasms in and completely drenched in her juices.

Originally he had been making her a late-night dessert when she called him back upstairs, and upon entering the room she jumped on him and tackled him to the bed. From there a makeout session ensued that led to blowjobs and now he was eating her out. He had been fingering her periodically and now he was simply licking her.

"Oh James yes, yes!" bucking her hips up she rode his mouth and propped on her elbows so she could watch his mouth work on her. He licked harder, and her hands dug into his shoulders happily so she could keep riding him. "Mmmm Jamie Jamie don't stop please don't stop…" curling her lips and moaning she humped his mouth harder, "you're doing so perfect don't ever stop!"

As his tongue fucked her he would occasionally scrape his teeth against her clit and make her moan, eventually rubbing with his fingers until sweet juices covered his mouth once more and he licked her clean.

"So beautiful, Baby Doll…" purring he kissed up her lower abdomen until he reached her belly, where he just rested his head and traced circles on her skin with a weak smile on his face. Their child was growing inside her; though no one else was he couldn't have been more elated.

"I love you, Jamie…" moaning she pet his hair as he kissed all over her belly and rubbed it as he worked up her breasts and reached her mouth. There their tongues tangled and neither let go.

"Mmmm fuck" moaning he felt the head of his cock rubbing against her soaked pussy, and he had no national choice but to push inside quickly and begin to thrust.

"So big Jamie" moaning she tried to ride him harder when he pounded away.

"Fucking tight squeezing my cock so fucking tight…" grunting he thrust harder.

"Oh fuck me, Jamie" moaning she kissed him and nodded, "Can't get enough of your cock fuck me harder"

"Like this?" moaning he thrust harder and she nodded happily, moments later their climaxes drenched the sheets and they just lied beside the other. James dropped his head to her breast plate and snuggled for the night while Mindy hugged his large frame close.

"Boy or girl?" grinning Mindy kissed the top of his head and James shrugged.

"I want a healthy baby"

Mindy snorted and kissed his forehead, "You ALWAYS say that"

"Because I always mean it" raising his eyebrows he frowned until she leaned forwards and they kissed.

"Fine. Well I want a girl"

"Girl it is" nodding he kissed her and smiled at her belly, "You see that, Vanessa? Mommy wanted you to be a girl too!"

"Vanessa?" her smile brightened and he nodded, "You named her already?"

He gave her quite a cute nod, one that made her lean up and kiss him hard.

"Thank you…" he began meekly, which made her frown and touch his face.

"For what?"

"Not leaving me even after everything-"

"Oh JAMIE!" sighing she kissed him hard and shook her head, "NEVER!"

"Our anniversary is coming up" wagging his eyebrows he gave her a wink and a hard kiss to the lips, "I was thinking Santa Monica…"

"I think we have a weekend" winking she kissed him and he pet her face lovingly.