A/N: This story is a sequel to my previous story, 'Greek: The Following Semester.' I recommend reading that one first, but I did try my best to write the first chapter of this one in a way so that any new readers can jump right in on this story. :) Hope you enjoy!

Episode #1: And So it Begins

Setting: A few days before Rush after summer vacation

Synopsis: While home for a family wedding, Casey gets a surprise from a relative that could lead her back to her dream job. While Rusty is home, Spidey steps up to help plan an event for Rush. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Evan make a decision about their relationship, and other CRU students prepare to start the new year.


"Well I'm back in Chicago yet again," Casey said to Cappie as she pulled into the driveway of her family's home in Chicago. "Is it bad that I just want this wedding to be over with?"

"I don't think it'll be so bad," Cappie said.

"I've never had that much fun at family events," Casey said. "I'm not particularly close to many people in my family and I feel I'm only invited out of obligation, and I only show up because of obligation."

"There's nothing wrong with not being close to them," Cappie began. "But they're still your family and I'm sure they're excited to see you. And I'm excited to meet them. Plus, think of the good things that are going to happen."

"Like what?" Casey asked. "Well, Rusty's coming home in a few hours and Ashleigh's coming up. That's good."

"Yeah, we'll get to hang out with them again," Cappie began. "And there's also you and me. This is the first time we're going together to something more than an All Greek Ball. Think about you and me dancing together at the reception. And there's us spending the night in your room; maybe doing a little 'studying,' if you know what I mean."

"Mmm, I do like the sound of that," Casey said with a smile and leaned over to kiss him. "I wish we could do that last one, but unfortunately we're sleeping in the guest room, that's right across from my parents' room. My grandparents are staying in my room because it's bigger."

"I guess that might ruin your dad's impression of me, then," Cappie said with a laugh.

"Yeah, he took to you rather quickly back at Christmas," Casey said. "You're the first one of my boyfriends that he hasn't completely hated."

"I was pleasantly surprised," Cappie said. "After the incident at Kappa Tau during parents' weekend two years ago, I wasn't sure what your parents would think of me."

"Well, that was more about Rusty than about me," Casey said. "Plus you showed them just what they wanted to see, that you're smart, you want a good future, and you're committed to us having that future together."

"And that I love you," Cappie smiled and kissed Casey.

"Hey, are you kids getting out or what?" they heard a voice yell. They broke apart and looked up to see Karen Cartwright standing on the front porch. They got out of the car and walked over to her.

"Hi, Mom," Casey greeted.

"Hi, honey," Karen greeted happily and gave Casey a hug. "It's good to have you home, even if it's only for a few days. Cappie, it's good to see you again, too." She gave Cappie a hug, too.

"Nice to see you again, too, Mrs. Cartwright," Cappie said.

"Come on inside," Karen said. "Case, your father and I were just getting ready to meet your Aunt Tracy to help with some last minute things for the wedding. When's your brother getting in?"

"In a few hours," Casey replied. "We're meeting him and Ash at Gino's when they get in."

"Make sure you all come back here this evening," Karen said. "Your grandparents will be here, and we want to hear all about Rusty's trip and your work."


"Hey guys!" Spidey called out, arriving back at the KT house and finding the downstairs completely empty. "Anyone here?" No one answered. "Well, guess I'm the first one back, then. So why was the door unlocked?"

"You know they say talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity," Spidey heard a voice behind him say. He turned around and saw Kelsey standing at the front door.

"Hey, welcome back," Spidey greeted. "How was your summer?"

"It was good," Kelsey said. "I'm just really glad to be back. How was yours?"

"Camp was interesting, to say the least," Spidey said with a laugh. "What have you been doing; haven't heard from you since the 4th of July."

"I guess I've been busy working and hanging out with high school friends," Kelsey said.

"Everything okay with Robert?" Spidey asked concerned.

"Oh, everything's fine," Kelsey said quickly. "I was just on my way to meet Heather at ZBZ so we can move into our room. I just saw you walk in here and thought I'd say hi."

"Well I'm glad you did," Spidey said. "Catch up with you later then."

"Definitely," Kelsey said. "I want to hear all about the camp." After Kelsey left, Spidey saw Pickle, Anthony Hopkins, Dump Truck, and about half a dozen more KTs enter the house.

"Hey, where have you guys been?" Spidey asked.

"We went for a beer run," Pickle said. "Come on, we're gonna set up the water slide out back."

"Shouldn't we start getting ready for Rush?" Spidey asked. "It starts in two days."

"There's really not much we have left to do," Pickle said. "Plus, Spitter's not even back yet; we've got lots of time."

"Where the heck is Spitter, anyway?" Dump Truck asked. "Shouldn't he be back by now?"

"He's at a wedding in Chicago," Anthony Hopkins said. "But he'll be back on the first day of Rush. As Rush chair, I've got everything under control. But right now, it's water slide time!"


"Knock, knock," Calvin said as he knocked on the door of Dale's new room in the Omega Chi house.

"President Calvin," Dale greeted happily. "Welcome back to America, yet again. How was summer in Japan?"

"It was a great experience," Calvin said. "But now I'm ready for senior year and to take back the house. I'm going to do things right this time."

"You know, I'm glad you got the presidency this year," Dale said.

"I still think I did partly because Trip became IFC president," Calvin said. "And you can't be both president of IFC and your fraternity."

"That may be true, but I don't think that's why you got it," Dale said. "You got it by showing you know what's best for the house, and leaving the KTs out of your campaign."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Calvin said, looking around Dale's room. "Well it looks like you moved in fast."

"Oh, I've been in here for three days now," Dale said. "Since I was here all summer anyway, I moved in early when some of the other guys got back."

"Oh yeah, how was being Dr. Larson's research assistant?" Calvin asked.

"I'm pretty sure it's got me a ticket to grad school," Dale said. "Dr. Larson has connections at some of the top notch grad schools in the nation."

"That's great," Calvin said. "And we'll all have to catch up when Rusty gets back. Sounds like he had a pretty great time this summer."

"Some freshman girl just wandered inside the house and is looking for you, Dale," Trip entered the room and interrupted.

"Must be my sister," Dale sighed and began to walk downstairs, and Calvin followed. He got downstairs and sure enough, he saw his little sister standing in the foyer.

"There you are," Rachel Kettlewell said when she saw Dale.

"What are you doing here?" Dale asked.

"In case you forgot, I go here now," Rachel said.

"I mean what are you doing here, in my house?" Dale asked.

"I need your help," Rachel said. "I have no idea where the hell Chambers Hall is."

"Wait, you're living in Chambers Hall?" Calvin spoke up. "How'd you get in there as a freshman? That's one of the nicest dorms on campus."

"Oh I don't know," Rachel responded. "That's just where the university put me. But I can't find it."

"So you can find me at my house, but you can't find your own dorm?" Dale asked.

"Greek Row is a lot easier to find," Rachel said. "Plus I could really use some help moving in."

"Aren't Mom and Dad with you?" Dale asked.

"No, I drove up myself," Rachel said. "You know, there are things I know about you that I'm sure you don't want your fraternity brothers to find out about."

"So what, if I don't help you then you're going to tell something," Dale said.

"You know me too well," Rachel smirked.

"Oh, let's just go help your sister, Dale," Calvin said.

"Fine, let's go to Chambers Hall," Dale sighed and they walked out of the house.


"Rusty!" Ashleigh shouted as she saw him walking toward her in the Chicago airport.

"Ash!" Rusty greeted when he reached her and gave her a big hug.

"I'm so glad you're back," Ashleigh said happily.

"I'm glad to be back," Rusty said with a smile and kissed her.

"I missed that," Ashleigh smiled when they broke apart. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, a lot," Rusty said, grabbing her hand as they started walking out of the airport. "And I missed KT; I had an incredible time this summer but I can't wait to get back to CRU. How's it been there lately?"

"I've been working, but other than that it's been pretty boring actually," Ashleigh said. "I can't wait for everyone to get back and the year to start. I was hanging out with Rebecca a lot, until she went AWOL."

"What do you mean Rebecca went AWOL?" Rusty asked.

"She went away about two weeks ago and no one's heard from her since," Ashleigh said. "It's not like she was kidnapped or anything, cause her car's gone too."

"Any idea where she could have gone?" Rusty asked.

"No, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Evan," Ashleigh said. "Cappie mentioned he hadn't heard from Evan in a few weeks."

"Did they really hook up during 4th of July weekend?" Rusty asked.

"Yeah, apparently so," Ashleigh said. "When she went down to her mom's house to see him that weekend."

"I'm sure she'll be back at CRU soon," Rusty said. "She has to; she's ZBZ president."

"Yeah, I just wish they'd stop playing games and just get back together already," Ashleigh said. "It's obvious she's still into him and he's still into her."


"Welcome to your new classroom, Walter," the principal of Cyprus Elementary School told Beaver as he opened the door of the kindergarten classroom. "I'll leave you to get settled. If you need any supplies, just ask my secretary." The principal left, and Beaver walked into the classroom followed by Katherine.

"I have my own classroom," Beaver said excitedly. "This is so awesome!"

"It's great, but whoever used it this summer did a horrible job cleaning it," Katherine said.

"I know Mrs. Mayberry said this school doesn't have the best janitors," Beaver said. "But that's why we came in today. Help me decide what to do with the place."

"I'd say let's start by picking up the toys that are all over the floor," Katherine began. "And cleaning the crayon off the tables, and vacuuming up the food crumbs. Seriously, this room looks worse than the apartment right now."

"What's wrong with the apartment?" Beaver asked confused.

"We've been living there less than three months and it's already a pigsty," Katherine said. "I've been working all summer and I'm starting school again soon, and I don't have the time to clean the whole place myself."

"I clean," Beaver said. "Don't I?"

"Well, you clean the table by throwing the crumbs on the floor," Katherine said. "I trip over your dirty laundry on the floor at least twice a day. When you have Wade over for your Saturday night Cops marathons, there's always pizza boxes and beer cans left for me to clean up the next morning. Then there's the toilet seat! How hard is it to put the thing down after you go?"

"Look, I'm sorry," Beaver said. "How come you're just now telling me this?"

"I thought I could learn to live with it," Katherine said. "I've been such a neat freak my whole life, and I thought a little mess wouldn't hurt. But it's gotten to be more than just a little mess, and I can't live like that."

"I guess I've been so used to having pledges clean up after me for the last four years," Beaver said.

"Well I don't want to be your pledge," Katherine said. "I want to be your girlfriend. You have no idea how thrilled I was when you asked me to get an apartment together, and I really want this to work. All I'm asking for is a little help."

"For you, anything," Beaver said. "I really am sorry. I promise when we get home I'll clean the whole apartment from top to bottom, and I won't let it get that bad again."

"It's okay, and thanks," Katherine smiled. "But first things first, let's get this classroom looking good for the children."


The KT house was in full swing as the brothers were outside drinking beer and playing on the water slide. Spidey went inside to get more beer to bring out when the doorbell rang.

"Officer Huck, uh, how can I help you?" Spidey asked when he opened the door and saw the officer standing there.

"I'm just going around to all of the houses before Rush," Officer Huck said. "I'll need to talk with your house president."

"Rusty's actually still out of town for a few more days," Spidey said. "But I'll make sure the guys get the message. What's going on?"

"Well after the incident during last year's Rush which involved your house," Officer Huck began. "We're watching this year's Rush even more closely and making sure it stays dry. Which means that there are to be no parties until after Rush is over; only university sponsored Rush events. So if you were planning any parties, don't tell me about it, and don't plan any further. During Rush there'll be representatives from IFC and Pan-Hellenic doing walk-throughs on all the houses, just like dry weekend."

"Not to worry, Officer Huck, we weren't planning anything," Spidey lied.

"I'm just going to pretend to believe that and be on my way," Officer Huck said. "Just remember, I have eyes and ears all over. Good day!"

"Was that Officer Huck?" Anthony Hopkins asked, coming up behind Spidey as he shut the door. "What did he want?"

"He said we're not allowed to have any parties during Rush," Spidey said. "So we're not going to be able to have ours."

"But we're gonna have it in the basement this year," Anthony Hopkins said. "No one's gonna see it or hear it that way."

"Well yeah that was our plan," Spidey said. "But someone from IFC is doing inspections on all the houses."

"Seriously?" Anthony Hopkins asked, annoyed. "Now what are we gonna do? It just won't be KT without a Rush party."

"I think I have an idea," Spidey said. "There's a way we can still have the party. I'll take care of it."

"Awesome," Anthony Hopkins said. "But first, we could really use some food. We're starving, and the cupboards are dead empty."

"You do remember I'm not a pledge anymore," Spidey said.

"But for now you're still the lowest on the KT totem pole," Anthony Hopkins said. "We've all been there, but not to worry my friend; by this time next week there'll be a whole new crop of KT pledges."


"Rebecca!" Heather shouted as she saw Rebecca walking past her new room. "You're back!"

"Hey guys," Rebecca greeted, seeing Heather and Kelsey moving things around in the room. "Yeah, of course I'm back. You sound surprised."

"We're just glad to see you," Heather said.

"Yeah, we were wondering where you've been," Kelsey said. "Ashleigh told me you disappeared a few weeks ago."

"Disappeared?" Rebecca asked with a laugh. "You make it sound like I was abducted. I just went away for a few weeks after my summer job ended."

"With Evan?" Heather asked.

"What makes you think I was with Evan?" Rebecca asked.

"Just a guess," Heather said. "So were you?" Rebecca walked inside their room and shut the door behind her.

"Fine, yes I was with Evan," Rebecca said. "He asked me to come down after my summer job ended."

"So are you guys back together now?" Kelsey asked.

"We haven't really defined what we are right now," Rebecca said. "For all I know he could have just wanted some summer fun before law school started again. But I had fun too, so…"

"Really, I'm sure that's not all he wanted," Heather cut her off. "He loves you. Whatever you have is exclusive; I mean, you didn't even think about dating anyone else at all last semester, and neither did he."

"So what am I supposed to do; just ask him if he wants to get back together for real?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah, I think that's what you're going to have to do," Kelsey said. "That's what he wants, is for you to want to get back together with him. For all he knows, he could have thought all you wanted was a summer fun buddy, too."

"He's going to have law school again this year," Heather said. "And you're going to have a lot going on, too, being a senior and ZBZ president. But I know you'd be lying if you said you didn't want to try again with him, for real."

"I do, and I think I will," Rebecca said. "I can't believe I'm getting relationship advice from my little sisters; no offense." Rebecca let out a small laugh.

"None taken," Heather said. "We may not know your relationship as well as say, Casey or Ashleigh, but we are girls and we've seen enough to know it's worth giving him another chance."


"These garlic knots are delicious," Cappie said to Casey as they sat at a table at Gino's Pizzeria, waiting for Rusty and Ashleigh.

"Just wait until we have their pizza," Casey said. "This is my absolute favorite pizzeria ever; it's one of the few things I actually miss about Chicago."

"I noticed you never liked the pizzeria in Cyprus much," Cappie said. "I guess this place spoiled you."

"Yeah, it kinda did," Casey said with a laugh. "I actually worked here once."

"Really, I thought you waitressed in high school," Cappie said. "Honestly, I can't really see you as one of those people who tosses the pizzas in the air." Cappie chuckled.

"I wasn't," Casey said. "If I was, you're right, that would have been a disaster. I was a dishwasher; it was the first thing that came up after Mom made me get a job in high school. But I absolutely hated it and only worked here a week before a waitressing job opened up somewhere else."

"Casey, is that you?" Casey heard an older female voice behind her say. Casey turned around to see who it was, and was surprised to see who it was.

"Aunt Carol?" Casey asked surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm back in town for Brittany's wedding of course," Carol said. "I haven't seen you in at least eight years. I feel bad about how we fell out of touch."

"It's great to see you again," Casey said. "But does my dad know you're in town?"

"No, but I'd like to talk to him, if he'll talk to me," Carol said. "I'm going to try to catch him tomorrow at the wedding."

"Oh, well this is my boyfriend, Cappie," Casey introduced. "Cappie, this is my Aunt Carol, my dad's sister."

"It's nice to meet you, Cappie," Carol said. "I'm glad to see Casey's found someone."

"And I'm glad that someone is me," Cappie smiled. "Nice to meet you, too."

"You can join us," Casey said. "We're actually here waiting on Rusty. He spent the summer doing research in London and is coming back today."

"So I'm guessing he ended up going into science, after all," Carol said. "There's so much I need to catch up on about you two. I'm actually going to run to the restroom right quick, and I'll be right back."

"So I'm guessing there's a story behind your aunt," Cappie said once Casey's aunt walked away. "Do she and your dad not get along or something?"

"She was my favorite aunt when I was growing up," Casey said. "Partly because she lived right next door to me, and I would go over there when Rusty was annoying me. She worked for the government of Illinois for a long time, and when I was about twelve, she decided she wanted to run for Congress. I really don't know the whole story, but something happened during her campaign that caused her and my dad to have a huge falling out, and they haven't spoken since. She moved out of Chicago and I haven't heard from her since, either, until now."

"Maybe things have calmed down between them since it's been eight years," Cappie said.

"I hope so," Casey said.


"Hi, I need to see the manager," Spidey said to the bartender working at Gentleman's Choice.

"Spidey, what brings you to Gentleman's Choice already?" Wade asked as he stepped out to the bar. "Were those little boys that bad to you this summer?"

"No, it's not that," Spidey said. "Officer Huck came by the house today and said we can't have any parties during Rush. IFC is going to be checking all the houses so we can't even do anything in the basement."

"Man, that stinks," Wade said. "That's Huckabee for you; always trying to spoil the fun."

"So I was wondering if we could have the Rush party here," Spidey said. "Since this is a private business and you're the manager, the university can't stop you from having a party. They just can't find out that there'll be Rushees here, which is why it'll have to be top secret."

"Yeah of course I'll have it here," Wade said. "Rush just wouldn't be the same without a top secret party."

"I gotta go tell the guys," Spidey said. "This is gonna be huge." Spidey said goodbye to Wade and walked out of Gentleman's Choice. He was about halfway up the street when he heard someone calling out to him. He turned around and saw it was Kelsey.

"Hey, fancy meeting you on this side of town," Spidey said.

"I could say the same about you," Kelsey said. "I just saw you walking out of Gentleman's Choice. Should I be concerned?"

"No, it was strictly business," Spidey said with a laugh, and Kelsey gave him a strange look. "No, not that kind of business. We needed a place other than the KT house to have our Rush party, thanks to Officer Huck."

"Yeah, he came by ZBZ a little while ago, too," Kelsey said. "The sisters aren't happy about there being no parties; they said the Rush parties always helped them decide which girls to give final bids to."

"Well what if you guys joined in on ours at Gentleman's Choice?" Spidey asked. "You can talk to Rebecca. I bet it would be even better if we got some of the other houses in on it; we just can't let anyone from the administration find out."

"That would be awesome," Kelsey said. "But shouldn't you talk to Rusty and the rest of your house, first?"

"It's a party; of course they're going to love it," Spidey said. "Rusty's still out of town, but I told Anthony Hopkins, our Rush chair, that I'd handle getting the party back on."

"Well, then I guess I'll bring it up with Rebecca," Kelsey said. "Even though I technically can't participate in Rush, I'm sure I can get her interested in the party."

"What do you mean you can't participate in Rush?" Spidey asked.

"Since I enrolled last semester, I'm still considered a pledge until the end of fall semester," Kelsey said. "Rebecca let me move into the house and I went through I-Week, but I still need one more semester of pledging before I'm a full active. Until we get a new pledge class, I'm stuck doing all the work at the house by myself for the most part."

"Believe me, I know the feeling," Spidey said. "At least you're the only pledge for a week and not a year. It feels great to finally be an active, let me tell you, and it'll be even better once we get our new pledge class."


"So Casey, what have you been doing?" Carol asked her once she returned to Casey and Cappie's table. "I assume you went to college; are you still in?"

"I graduated a year ago, actually," Casey responded. "I'm working on a campaign now, but someday I hope to work back in D.C. That didn't go well the first time."

"What happened?" Carol asked.

"Well, we moved there after Cappie graduated in December," Casey said. "We couldn't find decent jobs, but maybe we just didn't give it enough time because we were only there three weeks."

"So what do you do, Cappie?" Carol asked.

"I got a job with my fraternity's national headquarters," Cappie said. "I'm a chapter consultant."

"Oh, you were in a fraternity?" Carol asked. "I was in a sorority in college; Gamma Psi Alpha. President from 1984 til 1986."

"I was a Zeta Beta Zeta," Casey said. "Gamma Psi was like our arch enemy. I was president for one semester; interim actually. Long story."

"So you're interested in politics?" Carol asked. "You're working on a campaign and want to go to D.C. For me, it was sorority politics that really got me interested in a political career."

"Yeah, I was really looking for a legislative aide job," Casey said. "But they're hard to come by unless you know somebody, but this job has been good experience so far. It's not permanent, though, so I'm hoping to come up with something else."

"Well it just so happens that I know someone who's hiring," Carol said.

"Really, who?" Casey asked.

"Me," Carol said. "Remember the last time I saw you was when I was running for Congress?"

"Yeah," Casey said. "You won? Dad never told me, and well I was twelve then and hadn't really discovered my interest for politics yet."

"I won, and I've been reelected every two years ever since," Carol said. "I really want to make things right with your father, and I'd love to have you come work with me if you've got a real interest in a political career."

"Wow, I don't know what to say," Casey said. "I'd really like that. You'd really do that for me?"

"Of course I would," Carol said. "I've missed you, Casey, and like I said, I feel really bad about what happened. I got way too carried away during my first election. I'll let you think about it and we'll talk more after the wedding tomorrow."


"Rebecca?" Evan asked surprised as he answered the door to his apartment. "Did you miss me already; we just got back two hours ago."

"Maybe," Rebecca said with a small smile. "Can I talk to you?"

"Yeah of course," Evan said, stepping out of the doorway. "Come in. I could actually use a break from unpacking." Rebecca walked inside and remained silent for a moment.

"What's up?" Evan asked to break the silence.

"When I came down to see you," Rebecca began. "I wasn't exactly telling the truth when I said my summer job ended. Truthfully, my job was not good at all. I did all I could, but I just couldn't do anything right by my professor. We were not getting along and with about two weeks left of the summer I just couldn't take it anymore."

"You didn't get fired or anything, did you?" Evan asked.

"No, I just quit and then left town," Rebecca said.

"Wasn't your professor mad that you left?" Evan asked.

"I called him and told him that I had a bad case of the flu and wouldn't be able to work the rest of the summer," Rebecca said.

"I'm sorry to hear the job sucked," Evan said.

"The job may have sucked and the summer did for the most part," Rebecca said. "But I had fun when I came to see you. About what happened between us…" Rebecca trailed off.

"It was summer," Evan interrupted. "We got caught up in it and we hooked up. If you don't want it to mean anything more than that, it doesn't have to. We can still be friends."

"But what if I do want it to mean more than that?" Rebecca asked. "What if I don't want it to just be a summer fling?"

"Really," Evan said, surprised. "I don't want that either, but I thought that was what you wanted."

"I'm ready to try again," Rebecca said. "For real. If you want to, that is."

"You're really giving me a second chance?" Evan asked. "The one I've wanted since not long after we broke up."

"Yes," Rebecca said with a smile. "Don't make me regret it. I want to be with you; not just friends, or summer fun buddies, or friends with benefits…" Evan cut her off by kissing her.

"I want to be with you, too," Evan said. "And I promise you that you won't regret this." Evan kissed her again, and soon all of his unpacking was forgotten.


"It's so great to see you guys again," Rusty said as he, Ashleigh, Casey, and Cappie were hanging out on the patio of the Cartwright home later that afternoon. "Even though I still can't wait to get back to CRU."

"I'm sure you're pumped for Rush," Cappie said.

"Yeah, I hope the guys are getting ready when I'm gone," Rusty said. "Cause the day I get back is the first day of Rush."

"I'm sure they won't let you down," Cappie said. "I have faith in them."

"Wow Russ, what didn't you take pictures of this summer?" Casey spoke up with a laugh as she was looking through pictures from Rusty's trip on his camera. "You really had a great time."

"I did," Rusty said. "I made a lot of progress on researching for the wire, my roommates were a lot of fun, and I'm going to apply for graduate school at Oxford."

"That's awesome," Casey said excitedly. "And, Ash, you'll be taking classes there next year."

"Yeah, Rusty and I talked about it," Ashleigh began. "And I'm really happy he's applying there."

"I want for us to be together next year," Rusty said with a smile. "If I get in, then it's for sure going to happen."

"I'm really proud of you guys, both of you," Cappie smiled. "And with everything you've done and the people you know there now, I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't get in, Russ."

"Thanks, Cap," Rusty smiled.

"I'm going to go get us some more drinks," Casey spoke up. "Can you come help me, Russ?"

"Sure," Rusty said and got up to follow Casey into the house.

"I'm really proud of you," Casey said once they were in the kitchen. "You know where you're going, which is so much more than I could say when I started my senior year."

"Thanks, Case," Rusty said. "Honestly, I always knew what I wanted to do, and that's science, but where I wanted to go I was never sure of. Now I am. I want to be with my girlfriend."

"Ash really loves you," Casey said. "When we went on our week-long casino vacation last month, we had a great time, but I could tell she missed you this summer."

"I really love her, too," Rusty said. "I know I've said that in every relationship I've been in, but this time I truly mean it." Just then the door to the kitchen swung open and Ashleigh walked in.

"Just going to the bathroom," Ashleigh said, with much more enthusiasm than a normal person would when having to pee.

"How much of that conversation did you hear?" Rusty asked.

"I heard enough," Ashleigh said with a big smile. She walked up to Rusty and kissed him, and Casey took that moment to stick her head in the fridge to get drinks for everyone. "I love you. Be right back."

"Case, the drinks are right there," Rusty pointed out when Ashleigh left, noticing Casey was still fumbling around in the fridge.

"Oh right, I knew that" Casey chuckled and started getting out cans of soda. "As happy as I am for you guys, there's still some things I don't care to be a witness to."


"You look deep in thought," Cappie said as he walked into the guest room they were staying in that night and saw her sitting on the bed. "What's on your mind?"

"I'm just thinking about that job," Casey said. "I'm not sure if I should take it or not."

"Why would you not?" Cappie asked. "This is the type of job you were looking for in the first place."

"If I take it I could move to D.C. for real," Casey said. "But what would my parents think? Obviously something bad happened between my aunt and my dad. I've just been getting my parents to understand me better these last few years; how am I going to get my dad to understand why I would want to take a job with his estranged sister?"

"Case, if I know your parents," Cappie began. "And I think I've been getting to know them better every time we see them, then I think they're going to want you to take the job. They're success-driven and have always been onto you about having a plan. They wouldn't let something like family drama get in the way of your success."

"You think so?" Casey asked.

"I know so," Cappie said. "You need to take this job for yourself. See, you really were meant to be in D.C. It just took some time."

"So where does that leave you and me?" Casey asked. "If I'll be moving back to D.C., you'll still be working for Kappa Tau. Which is what you should keep doing, because it's great for you. But with me being in one place for the most part now…"

"Case," Cappie cut her off. "If you move back to D.C., I'm moving back with you. Yeah, I'll still be working for Nationals and I'll have to be gone sometimes, but not all the time. I've been working there almost six months; after six months they'll let me have more of a choice of my assignments, and I can get ones closer to D.C. I even found out there's a regional office close to D.C., so I might be able to work out of there more and not go to California so much."

"Well, then I guess we're moving back to D.C.," Casey said with a smile. "But we're not staying at the Shady Grove Inn."

"I'm pretty sure we won't have to stay there this time around," Cappie said with a laugh. "Because guess what, I found us an apartment."

"What, you got us an apartment?" Casey asked surprised. "I just found about this six hours ago; how do we have an apartment already?"

"Remember that one place we toured when we were in D.C. the first time that we both really liked?" Cappie asked.

"Yeah, the one we couldn't afford," Casey said.

"That's the one," Cappie said. "When you were helping your mom with dinner earlier, I called them and it turns out they have an opening. And we can afford it now."

"Wow, I almost think this is too good to be true," Casey said. "A job and an apartment all in one afternoon's time."

"Believe it, cause it's happening," Cappie said. "I wish I had something else to add to the day's events, but unfortunately I think that's it."

"I think it's enough excitement for one day," Casey smiled. "Thank you so much for calling about the apartment. Honestly, I didn't even remember what the place was called. I love you."

"I knew we'd be back in D.C. someday, so I made sure to keep the business card from them," Cappie said. "And I love you too; now get over here. We may not be able to do anything with your parents being right across the hall, but that doesn't mean you have to sit all the way over there." Casey laughed and scooted over to Cappie's side of the bed and into his arms.


"Casey, I'm so glad you're going to be working with me," Carol said to Casey as she, Rusty, and Ashleigh were getting ready to leave for CRU the day after the wedding.

"I am too," Casey said. "Since we have an apartment now, I guess now's as good a time as any to get more of my stuff out of the Kappa Tau house. I'll meet you down there in about a week."

"Sounds great," Carol said, and went to say goodbye to Rusty and Ashleigh.

"You can just leave most of my stuff there if you want," Cappie said. "It'll give us an excuse to pay a visit back to CRU."

"I'll get what we need," Casey said. "And I know you miss CRU and the guys; I miss the girls, too. I promise we'll go up there every chance we get."

"I'm sure we will," Cappie said. "You know I'd go with you to help this time, but now it's off to my next assignment for work. Rush week has gone haywire at one of the chapters. But I'll be meeting you in D.C. as soon as I can."

"Good luck, and I'm looking forward to it," Casey smiled and kissed him. Rusty and Ashleigh came back over then.

"Ready to head to CRU?" Ashleigh asked.

"Ready as ever," Casey said. "I'll meet you guys there; I've just got to drop Cap off at the airport first."

"Good luck with Rush, Spitter," Cappie said. "What's the game plan?"

"Well we're trying again this year; if we want a good pledge class we have to," Rusty said. "But there's going to be no more deaths or parties being shut down. Spidey called last night and the party's going to be at Gentleman's Choice this year. That'll be our biggest event, and other than that we'll just have to go through the other Rush events and pick out potential KTs."

"Well, I'm sure it'll all pay off for you guys," Cappie said. "See ya soon. See ya, Ash."

"Bye, Cap," Ashleigh said.

"Let's go!" Rusty said excitedly. "Kappa Tau awaits!" Rusty and Ashleigh got into Ashleigh's car and drove off back to CRU, with Casey and Cappie following in Casey's car.

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