Book One

A Homeworld Fanfiction

Special thanks go out to many people. Norsehound (and everyone else that worked on it) for his map which some of the locations are named after, it also helped me get a good idea of what the Homeworld universe looked like. Theprogramer64, SuperSajuuk and thelizardfolk on YouTube for their awesome let's plays so I didn't have to replay the entire game 50 times to get it right. Thanks to all my readers for being patient in waiting for my updates which have been completely random and without schedule. Thanks to all the people who reviewed the story keeping me interested in continuing to write it, because really, I wrote it for you. Also thanks to Sparki for the encouragement to keep writing. Thanks most of all, to Relic and Sierra Entertainment for bringing us this game, which to this day remains my favorite in terms of story and gameplay. I haven't yet found a game I enjoyed playing more.

- Doberman211