While one night after feeling troubled by visions of the past and visions of former colleagues, Gene realizes his time has come right before the new millenium. Later on in the fanfic, After Gene successfully accomplishing his last ever job and gaining the respect of fellow detective DI Luke Armstrong before they both leave the Purgatory world. The exhausted and unruffled DCI finally steps through the double doors of his beloved favourite pub, The Railway Arms. Much to his genuine surprise he soon discovers everything has changed and that everyone's lives have been transformed differently.

Respect, Loyalty and Love

Chapter 1

While the last minute countdown to the new millennium throughout the globe was vastly looming within a matter of three days. Times over the last 13 years had gotten hard-hitting and inhumane throughout the streets of Fenchurch East. No matter what, all the more so, for every single loyal detective, every crime committed had always been exceptionally difficult to thwart.

Undercover operations into bringing down multiple criminal drug dealing gone badly wrong leading blameless bystanders being cold-heartedly battered and bruised.

However frustratingly hard Detective Chief Inspector Gene Hunt attempted to avoid the frequent reminders of his fateful death of his younger self , nothing he could possibly do was enough to prevent these scorned memories from resurfacing. For what seemed more like for 2 years or so. While he slept alone in his bedroom, every night he had been feeling painfully haunted by a drunken shadowy figure of an unidentified skinny looking man, this man's right hand each time gripping firmly around the handle of a shotgun.

Gene soon started to wish he hadn't remembered every single chequered detail of his past, even some long proud, unharmed memories that eventually clashed with the other upsetting memories. "You shot me you cowardly bastard and you left me for dead! You know one thing about this, I wish I'd forgotten again now and continued on without being pegged back all of the horrible memories " He looked absolutely angered while he furiously shouted out loud. Right at that moment while laid bare chested under the duvet, all he really wanted to do was punch anything near by him in frustration.


Wednesday 29th December 1999

Around 7.30am that next morning, Fenchurch East had been called out to investigate what appeared to be a purposeful and well calculated armed bank robbery. Gene and DI Luke Armstrong, who Gene considerately thought of as being a younger looking DI Ray Carling, were both at the scene of the crime..

"So what do you reckon twinkle toes? Fill me on what your gut feeling is, on how the armed bastards made their grand entrance? by roof window, taking the bank workers by surprise or perhaps had they barged in like several rhinos" Gene asked the younger detective while he was studying the crime scene and carefully avoiding crushing any more shattered window glass that was still scattered throughout the bank lobby.

"I'd say, three maybe four armed masked men stormed the bank with force from the back of the building or one of them might have already been placed within the building, so he could keep a watchful eye on the security man transporting the money for the bank" Luke shared what he was thinking, going anything significant in his mind.

"That doesn't surprise me at all. Seems as though they've learnt everything from the old school rulebook, never exposing their identities or leaving any traced clue" Gene said, giving some thought about this as well.

"That's more than likely Guv" Luke pretty much agreed with Gene's unproven thought.

"And yet still nobody bravely tried to stop them from legging it with 20 bloody grand" Gene suggested, wishing some brave soul had been the hero instead of the police.

"Guv how could anyone have done, they were frightened, if somebody had tried to they would have been shot" Luke glanced across the lobby at his disgruntled DCI and honestly began to feel rather disappointed by Gene's lack of driven impulse.

Luke almost forgot about the investigation while he confronted him over a few more unexplained questions."Maybe Jim and Ros were both right about you all along. Maybe I ought to have believed them when they said you were always acting like a shadow of your former self and that you are a complete mystery still waiting to be unraveled. Ros told me the grounds I walked on will be soon be devastated forever, something you haven't told me and the team back at Fenchurch" Luke had secretly wanted answers from the always enigmatic DCI.

"I want the truth Gene and you're going to tell me soon enough whether you like it or not" Luke demanded to know everything he hadn't been told, the younger and attractive DI's heated outburst left Gene feeling concerned about he might react once he discovered the truth for himself. Would he violently lash out once he discovered that this place wasn't exactly how he believed it to be.

"I told you not to trust Keats or Ros, but no you had to go and have a one night stand with Ros bloody Pullman after you set your sights on her" Gene jabbed his finger hard against his shoulder as he commented on how reasonably annoyed he'd expressively felt when this happened three years ago. "And you know what, unsurprisingly she's still trying to corrupt you Lukey boy, I know this because it's always when my back's turned, she's always there trying desperately to turn you against me like Keats has always tried to do."

"What do you mean Keats has always tried to?" Luke confronted him again, his enraged feelings were already threatening to damage his working friendship with Gene which had constantly been remarkably steady for at least five years before Keats re-emerged on the scene with his beautifully attractive blonde hair D&C colleague Ros Pullman. Without any questionable doubt he knew that it would take the DI only a matter of days to find out. "This has always been about you hasn't it Gene. Nobody dares to question you whenever a detective vanishes into thin air. Also you accused me of being a clever poncy liar once when I said I knew I would never belong here after I'd apparently transferred here. Tell me the truth!"

Gene gingerly glared at him, he was still half tempted to admit what he knew but couldn't find the right persuasive words to come out with, instead he quickly masqueraded his guilt and chose to leave the DI with some thoughts to consider "I suggest you shut your poxy rat arsed gob and pay more attention to this criminal investigation Lukey boy before you make yourself into a laughingstock in front of my team. "

"I thought me and you Gene, we were the unbreakable duo once we settled our differences and after you formally welcomed me into your loyal, dedicated team. Now I hardly don't know anymore, maybe all of my respect isn't there at all" Luke added before resuming the investigation, leaving Gene slightly stunned by his response.

End of chapter

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