Disclaimer: I don't own them, just borrow occasionally and then put them back a bit more traumatised.

This is one of three collections through which I will be streamlining of my collection of old EO Drabbles, formerly known as 'One Hundred Words of Winchester'.

I was never really happy with One Hundred Words because as it grew, there was no logical order to it so I have decided to repost my collection, but sorted into three seperate documents to make it easier for you lovely readers to 'pick your poison'.

Therefore, for your delectation, this collection of drabbles features our favourite boy being gobby, obnoxious, smartass, arrogant, awkward, and slightly dippy ... basically, being Dean!

Unfortunately, by doing this, I will satisfy my inner control-freak, but I will lose all the lovely comments that people have made on One Hundred Words. Please be assured I appreciated each and every one of those comments and - *shameless* - feel free to comment again if you wish!

I do hope you enjoy x


Some people need it more than others…


Sam turned on hearing a faint sound and paled at the vision before him.

A pathetic, dishevelled creature shuffled mindlessly towards him, hunched form silhouetted against the dawn light, feral bloodshot eyes staring up at him, pleading, imploring ... a low growl rumbled in it's chest as it whispered voicelessly and long, stiff fingers reached out blindly towards him.

A distracted scratch of an unkempt head was followed by a wet snort and a ragged cough.

Sam stared at the abject figure and shook his head in pity.

Dean was definitely going to need that second coffee this morning.