Jane and the Dragon

Gunther Breech

Getting prepared for battle

Sir Ivon and Sir Theodore

Settling into their saddles


King Caradoc is cowering in fright

Behind his stately throne

Hiding from the dragon

That's sure to crush his bones


Snatching up the young prince

The dragon takes his leave

Leaving the royal family

To weep for their loss and grieve


Who will follow the beast

Into his dark and chilly cave

Only Jane will do it

The bravest of the brave


She dons her shining armor

Covering her fiery locks

And gallops away on her stead

She has to beat the clock


She pulls out her deadly sword

Ready for her mission

Alas! The dragon says he'll give the prince back

But only on one condition


The prince is safe

Everyone rejoices

You can hear them cry out

In their loud and joyful voices


What happened to Jane

The dear reader might wonder

Well do not be afraid

There is no longer a reason to ponder


For you see Jane is safe and sound

And no longer needs to get around with horse and wagon

Because Jane's new best friend

Is a fire breathing dragon!

Alrighty, just so y'all know I have never read the books before so if I have completely gone against something in the book then please don't flame me. In all honesty I just wrote it because I was trying to get out of doing my math homework. =P