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Blaine turned when he heard the screams for help. They sounded like they were coming from the Warblers common room.


Running to open the door, Blaine almost fell over in shock.

In front of him, hanging by hid feet from the chandelier, was Thad.

"Thad? Wha-?"

"OH THANK GOD! I thought I heard footsteps! Blaine, please get me down from here. I beg of you!"

After about 15 minutes of Blaine standing on a chair sawing at the ropes around Thad's ankles with a pocketknife, he was able to cut the boydown.

Thad landed with a thud on the large couch. He stood up, the color slowly returning to his face.

"Okay, so now that that's over with," Blaine inquired, "how did you get up there?"

An angry glare crossed Thad's face as he turned to look back at his friend. "Wes and David." And with that, he stalked out.


His head shot up from behind Jeff's bed.

"Damn" Wes muttered. "I'm not finished yet."


Quickly emptying the remaining contents of the syrup bottle under the covers of the two beds, Wes disposed of the container and ran down the hall, away from Trent's wrath.

"David!" he yelled, catching up to his best friend. "Who's next?"

"I got Trent, so just Blaine is left. Did you take care of Nick and Jeff?" the boy asked.

Wes grinned mischievously and held up his sticky fingers.


The Warblers stood outside of Blaine's room.

When the two boys opened the door, paint in hand, David's face paled, and Wes pretended to faint.

As the pranksters were hauled away, Blaine took a second glance inside his room.

His face flushed and he slammed the door, running after his friends.

It took almost two days to scrub the mural of Kurt in a cheerios uniform off of Blaine's wall. Though everyone had to admit, Wes was a great artist.

Surprisingly, none of the teachers asked why two of the council members were tied to the flagpole wearing only their underwear and covered in permanent marker threats.

Wes is awesome, as are Nick and Jeff. 3

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