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Hello I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I am 22 years old and I have long dark brown hair with red highlights and dark brown eyes. I'm short, only 5'4 and everyone makes fun of me. I have a brother, Emmett Swan and a sister-in-law, Rosalie Hale-Swan. Emmett is 6 feet tall with short curly hair and is buff. Like really buff. He also has dark brown eyes like mine. Rosalie has long blonde hair and is 5'7. She looks like a supermodel and she's also my best friend.

Our other best friend Alice Cullen is 4'8 and she has short spiky black hair. Yeah I know what you're thinking, a girl having spiky hair. But don't worry, it's stylish and it looks amazing on her. It's unique, like her. Alice has a boyfriend, Jasper Hale –Yes, Rosalie's brother- and he is the same height as Rose. He has shaggy blonde hair but it looks really good on him. He also has blue green eyes like his sister.

Alice has a brother, Edward Cullen. Edward is taller than Rose, about 5'9, and has bronze colored hair, with highlights of red and gold. He has an amazing body and he's built. He has green eyes like Alice and has a girlfriend, Tanya Denali. Tanya is like Rose with her blonde hair but she doesn't look like a supermodel. Yes, she is the same bitch that made my High School years terrible. She tripped me in the hallways, made fun of me in front of everyone, and always embarrassed me. I was so glad when I graduated high school but she followed me all the way to the University of Washington. I got my degree in Nursing and she got hers in God knows what. I honestly don't care about her but with the way she parades around the house like she owns it, it's hard to not notice her.

Oh yeah, we all live in the Cullen house. It has four floors. The first floor is sort of like the basement, and it has stairs off the side of the kitchen. It's kind of like a living room. It has 3 couches and a 60 inch flat screen TV mounted on the wall, facing the couches. The other side of the room is like an arcade; there's a foosball table, pool table, Pac-Man machine, and other types of games. The second floor which is also the main floor has another living room and the kitchen. The living room is the same as the 1st floors', but there is also a bar under the TV mounted on the wall. To the left of the TV and bar, there is the Master's Bedroom and to the right is one of the Guest's Bedrooms. And the third floor has four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The last floor is a gym for the guys.

So everyone has a partner, apart from me. I never really wanted a boyfriend before but I've had my share. I've always focused of my nursing degree and never really paid much attention to guys. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are best friends and they dragged us to live with them in Edward's parent's house. Well more like a mansion.

Everyone's been so secretive around me lately and it was starting to freak me out. I stood at the top of the stairs and watched as Alice and Rose whispered to each other secretly, and wrote things down in a notepad.

I ran down the stairs and didn't watch where I was going until I ran right into someone's back.


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