Super Sakura

Chapter Four

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In the midst of the soon-to-be fight, I braced myself for the worst. Itachi could burst into flames. Deidara could blow some shit up. Hell, I don't even know what could happen. I could die. This is some serious shit.

"You know what," Itachi scowled, pulling me closer, "She likes me best!"

"She witnessed you murder several people. Why would she like you best?" Pein sighed, narrowing his eyes.

"She likes Tobi the best!" Tobi shouted, "Tobi's a good boy!" That was a pretty convincing argument, I have to admit.

"Wait—" I squeaked, attempting to squirm out of Itachi's grip, "Don't I get a say in this? I don't even like any of you!"

Everything froze.

"What?" Tobi whimpered, shoulders slumping like a kicked puppy. Oops. They were all looking pretty dejected.

Nothing's worse than an upset super villain.

At least, that's what I thought until the room was suddenly full of smoke. I immediately pulled my collar up to cover my nose. My eyes were watery, and I could feel my lungs constricting. I managed to choke out, "Wh-what—What the—h-hell?"

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, and one of the hands moved to cover my mouth. I attempted to scream, but I only managed to make a muffled coughing noise as I was dragged away.

For a moment, things were blurry, and I didn't quite know what was going on. Then, a familiar voice came from my mysterious captor.

"Sakura, you're alive. Thank God," I sighed in relief, at both the sudden appearance of oxygen and the fact that my savior was none other than Sasuke.

For a few moments there, I'd been worried he had died or something. You never know. Ino could've captured him and locked him in the closet.

Hey, I wouldn't put it past her.

"Sasuke?" I spoke slowly, unsure if this was really real. I mean, after all the crud I've seen, this could be an illusion. "Is that really you?"

"It's me," Sasuke nodded, his mouth in a firm line, "Don't worry, we came to save you."

"Your hood's up," I pointed out with a smirk, "It looks good, Static Shock." We really needed to work on that name. His face wasn't showing, and I was surprised; He looked very super hero-ish. His hair hung down in a way that the shadows hung over his eyes, with his pale skin as a stark contrast.

"Let's go," A deep voice called out. Sasuke nodded, picking me up bridal style. I attempted to protest, but I decided against it. After all, I had no idea where I was going anyway. I turned to see a boy with long brown hair illuminated in the moonlight. His eyes were so strikingly similar to the large full moon that I was shocked; It was as if the creator had melted down a piece of the moon to form his eyes.

"Hi," I mumbled, in awe of his beauty. He had a white coat. The first button was buttoned, but none of the others were, and his arms weren't even in the jacket sleeve. Under that was a white wife beater, and white khakis along with white jordans. Apparently, the color white was his thing.

"Hello," He still wore an expressionless face, "I am the White Knight." I wonder where that came from. Cliché much? Besides, I thought the knight was supposed to wear shiny armor. Get it? Knight in Shining Armor? You don't have to laugh. Don't even fake it. Please.

"Neji, stop being such a showoff!" A loud, boisterous voice shouted, "I'm Naruto—Uh, I mean… I'm the Clone Kid!" I turned to face a boy with blonde hair and bright cerulean eyes. Suddenly, there were two. Then five of Clone Kid. Or, um, Clone Kids? Clone Children? Hmm.

Grammar aside, Clone Kid wasn't a particularly creative name, but I was still impressed. They all gave bright, somewhat moronic smiles and I couldn't help but wonder if as he multiplied—Well, did he get stupider? Let's face it. The dope-ish grin didn't exactly make him seem particularly smart.

"Where're the others?" Sasuke asked. He set me down and then grabbed a little headset attached to his ear and spoke into it, "Everyone, retreat." He hooked my arm with his, and pressed a button attached onto a wristwatch.

There was a bright green light, and we were gone.




Half an hour later, I was sitting calmly in a living room with the super heroes in their supposed 'Vigilante League'.

There was Sasuke Uchiha, also known as Static Shock—Trust me, I'm still working on that name. Body guard by day (And sometimes night), hooded electric superhero by—If he works day and night, when does he find time to do this?

Neji Hyuuga, or The White Knight, was a real gentleman. By day, he was a politician that sat in the city's courthouse, ruling the justice system by day, and the street's justice system by night. Apparently, he could sense energy fields, and distinguish them. It's somewhat like X-ray vision, I guess. Apparently, that's how they found me. He tracked my energy. Can you say creepy?

Naruto Uzumaki was actually an elementary school's soccer coach. Or, assistant coach. His dad was the official one. I wonder… Do you think he plays soccer with himself? Multiplies and makes teams, and has an actual game? That would be really confusing. Plus, the orange jumpsuit was a tad ridiculous.

There were a few others who I hadn't seen at the mansion, who had introduced themselves once we got back to Sasuke's mansion. Seriously, what's up with the mansions? I could understand how villains would be superficial, but shouldn't the heroes give the money to charity and live in a cave lair like every other cartoon superhero? Okay, they didn't all live in caves, and Batman was rich too, but it's the principal of the thing.

Anyway, one of the other superheroes was Gaara No Sabaku, the Sandman. I'm fairly certain that that's a copyrighted villain, song, story to make children wonder what lived in their closets, and perhaps movie. But hey, who was I to judge? Just an innocent jogger who witnessed murder, got kidnapped, rescued, and has been in two mansions tonight.

Ino would be so jealous.

But back to Gaara. He was pale, with wild red hair and sea foam green eyes. His eyes were rimmed in black, and he didn't have a particularly friendly aura about him. He seemed more like a villain that a superhero, to be honest. He was dressed in all black, and he kind of looked like a violent gangbanger. Mhm. Not just a regular gangbanger. A violent one. During the day, he's actually a chef. Damn was I surprised. I still have a feeling that's a lie to cover up some sort of weed habit or something. Gaara just didn't seem the chef type. He could control sand, so I wasn't exactly sure what he'd be good at. A lifeguard? An evil lifeguard?

Shikamaru Nara, also referred to as Mind Freak—Yes, like Chris Angel—, was a friggin' genius. In the short time I've known him, he's quoted everything from Plato to Shakespeare. I was impressed. His dark hair was tied in a ponytail, and his matching eyes were piercing and calculating. Don't get me wrong; he was a lazy prick. His only 'costume' was a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Apparently, he could read mind and mess with shadows or something like that. He fell asleep at random intervals in the conversation, and declared me 'Too troublesome' to bother with. I appreciate that, Shikamaru. Why yes, my fist was indeed shaking with joy. I do believe that I'm so happy that I shall fist bump your face.

Kiba Inuzuka, the Wolf Man, was freaking adorable. He always had this goofy grin on his face, and his little Sidekick puppy was so cute. The puppy was Akamaru, and he was this white little ball of adorable-ness. Kiba had brown hair, and his dark eyes always looked kind of mischievous. He had little red triangles painted on his cheeks, and his skin was tan. Do you think he has little triangular white spots from where he tanned while the triangles were on?

These were the only ones present, but I've also heard about Haku (The Abominable Iceman), Kimimaro (Marrow Man), Lee (The Green Beast), Shino (Beetle Boy), Sai (Ink man), and-

Someone I need to seriously kill tomorrow.

She didn't tell me she was a damn superhero.

That's some shit you should really put out there if you're going to be rooming with innocent civilians.

After they'd found out that I knew her, Gaara smashed a lamp. He seriously picked up a lamp that must've been worth more than my apartment, tossing it angrily against the wall and watching it shatter into a million pieces.

Whoa. Okay, Tobi's a villain, but this guy is a superhero? WTF?

That's when they brought up the lovely little subject of the villainous organization called the Akatsuki, with their mysterious leader Madara. That sounded—

I cursed loudly, and all eyes were on me.

"What's wrong?" Neji asked, his voice all smooth and velvety and Neji-like.

"Madara who?" I asked, focusing intently on the now interesting wall.

"Uchiha, why?"

Fuck. Fucking Fuck Fuck. "Oh. He's my neighbor."

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