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It had been years. 7 years since they crept back into the real world. 10 years since the greatest downfall in history. 10 years since he had given his life so they could live. 10 years too long.


Something big was happening, she could feel it. Deep in her subconscious a voice was screaming danger, but she brushed it away. It was always there lately, most likely everyone else could hear it too. What was safe anymore in a world run by villains? Her fists were itching to punch someone, to do some good. But that was no longer an option. They were too strong. Much too strong. And she was just too weak.

"Whaddya mean no powers?" Buttercup asked, wondering why she felt so…fragile.

"It was the only way I could bring you back, girls. Perhaps with time they'll come back, but I'm not certain," he said, groaning.

She shook the memory from her head, and continued on her walk to work; making sure her coat was tied tightly to protect her from the wind, perverts and muggers. They were everywhere lately. She was just about to step into Chez when she saw her.

Does she see me too? Does she recognize me? She thought, remembering how her hair was now long and wavy. But Blossom there was no mistaking…her hair was cropped just past her shoulders, a soft auburn and curled only at the end. Blossom continued walking, not even a second glance.

With a sigh at her sister not noticing her, she walked inside.


"Oh, you ignorant girl! Look at what you did to my whites!" Mrs. Furn screeched, throwing pink clothes at her.

She kept quiet, accepting her punishment, not even flinching as zippers and buttons scratched her face. She didn't even mention that last week Mrs. Furn had wanted to do her own laundry, no, she couldn't say that. She needed the money and she wasn't about to get fired.

"I should fire you!" She screamed, breathing heavily once she ran out of things to throw, "They're all ruined! You can imagine this is coming out of your pay check! Clean this up!" When Mrs. Furn stormed out, slamming the door to the room, Belle let out a small giggle. That was how she dealt with everything—there was always something to smile at. Sure, she just lost $3,000 but when Mrs. Furn was angry her face went very red and her hair seemed to explode. Not to mention her eccentric hand movements. Belle sighed and began to put the clothes away, before finishing putting her uniform on. It was your typical maid outfit, a black dress with a white apron, her blond hair wrapped up in a bun with a black tie. It was comfortable, but often times Mr. Furn looked at her with lust in his eyes and she felt extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, Mr. Furn was hardly ever home due to his business at the RRB Corporation. Unfortunately, today was not one of those days. Belle did her best to cover up, and with a sigh she left her small bright room and went into the dark hallway.


It was her. I'm sure of it. She noticed me too…maybe 7 years of separation is enough, maybe we should speak again…No, that won't work, I don't even know where Bubbles is, and besides, that might not have been Buttercup—Blossom's thoughts were cut short as her phone began to vibrate. She whipped out her phone and pressed talk.

"Beatrice?" a voice asked, calling out the name she had grown used to over the course of five years.

"Yes Abby?" She responded. Beatrice had begun to prefer her 'fake' name over her real one. It helped her assimilate into the crowds, and go unnoticed. It helped her forget about her sisters, it helped her forget about her 'dad' and it helped her forget that she had given up the fight.

"I can't go in tonight, can you switch shifts with me?" Beatrice groaned inwardly. She hated working Friday nights—that's when all the sickos came in. But she knew tonight was Ben's 3rd birthday, and if Beatrice had a son, she'd probably ask the same of her coworkers.

"Sure Abby. Tell him I say happy birthday,"

"Thank you so much Beatrice!" With a click she was gone, and Beatrice made her way to XXX, mentally prepping herself for the long night to come.

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