Stay the Dawn

Fingers clutched fabric, hair, skin.

Breaths broke in ragged exclamations of love, lust, want and need.





Always more.

Never enough. Not for them.

Hair was pulled, lips bitten and bodies chaffed with near desperate urgency.

They had so few moments like this, when it could just be them and nothing else. No one else.

One was a missing nin—wanted and hunted—and the other forbidden by family rules from engaging in anything more than civility and protocol, bound by duty to a village she betrayed with each touch and whisper.

This wasn't like her. She lived within the confines of those rules. She was bound by the chains of duty, honor, heritage, loyalty...

Except, he broke her rules. Forced her to feel, to see, to need. Him. Only him.

And it was enough in the moment, but never enough to sustain them.

Morning would end the illusion.

Morning would find her alone on the mat and single flower on her pillow.

Morning was their enemy, and together they fought it with the sharp thrust of hips and the lingering traces of tongues to skin. Eyes closed, bodies clenched, they willed back the dawn for as long as they could.