Kensi kept fidgeting on their drive, looking out of the window, trying to figure out where he was taking her. Before very long, the scenery started to look familiar.

"This is Sunset Boulevard," she said in confusion. "What are we doing here?"

"You'll see," he said, smiling.

They kept driving along the road, taking the route they had driven a few days earlier, except this time when they approached the Beverly Hills Hotel Deeks swung the car into the driveway instead of driving by it.

"What are we doing here?" Kensi hissed as uniformed attendants appeared as if by magic, opening their doors and removing their small go-bags.

"It's a surprise," was all Deeks had time to say before the main doors to the hotel were flung open by the liveried doormen and a florid, overweight gentleman in an immaculate suit flew out to throw his arms around Deeks.

"It's so pink," Kensi muttered, staring at the vast amount of pink stucco surrounding her.

"Simon!" he said breathlessly. "So glad to see you again!"

"It's been too long, Robert," Deeks said, returning the embrace. "You've been well?"

"Of course, of course," dismissed the older man. "And you? I worry about you, with your dangerous job." He dropped his voice on the last two words and looked around suspiciously, as if searching for eavesdroppers.

"I've been good," Deeks reassured him. "But I'd like you to meet someone special, Robert. This is Special Agent Kensi Blye. Kensi, this is Robert Vaughn, general manager of The Beverly Hills Hotel."

"Any friend of Simon's is a friend of mine," Robert said to Kensi, embracing her as well. "After that nasty business with the stolen jewels, we owe Simon a lot. He quite preserved our reputation, you know."

"Stolen jewels?" Kensi asked Deeks, but he shook his head.

"Sorry Kensi," he said blithely. "But there are some things I just can't tell you. Hush-hush. Highest security clearance. You understand."

Kensi pursued her lips and tried to fight back a grin. She was only partly successful.

"I'm so glad that you finally took me up on my offer of hospitality!" Robert went on, clicking his fingers in the air.

One of the uniformed attendants ran up and took the keys to the Cadillac from Deeks' hand.

"Full valet," the manager called. "I want that car spotless inside and out, Harris."

"Make sure you check the glove compartment for Twinkie wrappers," Deeks said solemnly. "My girl's a fiend for junk food, aren't you?"

"Aren't we all, dear," sighed Robert, patting his ample stomach.

The young man nodded solemnly, then hopped in the car and drove it away.

"Follow me!" Robert said, turning smartly on his heel and moving off into the hotel. "You called at just the right time, Simon. The Presidential Bungalow is available."

The manager held out his hand at the front desk, and the woman behind it immediately handed over two key cards.

"Come, come, come!" Robert demanded, and Kensi and Deeks trailed after him.

"Oh my God, is that Madonna going into the bar?" Kensi whispered, craning her neck to look.

"I hope not, she was a lousy tipper," Deeks said seriously as Robert led them out onto a garden terrace and along a beautifully landscaped path. They passed the famous pink bungalows where the celebrities that stayed at the hotel chose to stay, and continued on past a beautiful rose garden.

"Here we are," Robert said triumphantly. "Our premier bungalow, all yours for the next two days, you lucky young people! Come in!"

He swiped one of the cards through the lock and the door opened into one of the most luxurious places Kensi had ever been in.

"This is the great room," Robert began, whisking them through into an enormous room with a twelve foot ceiling. "As you can see, your private waterfall edged plunge pool is outside. It has underwater speakers, and is right next to your outdoor workout area and dining table for six."

He gestured at the floor to ceiling glass doors. "All this is controlled with this," he said, throwing a slim and expensive looking remote control to Deeks. "It controls your Bang and Olufsen stereo, your 42 inch plasma screen and your fireplaces."

Kensi blinked, trying to take in the sheer opulence of the place.

"Through here is your professional chef's kitchen and your office area, as well as your two other bedrooms," Robert told them, taking them on a small tour. "And over here is the master bedroom with its king sized bed and other amenities, including a private patio and a bathroom with a two person freestanding bathtub."

"Your butler is on call twenty four seven, for anything you might require," Robert went on. "And feel free to take the robes with you when you leave – my little gift."

"Robert this is amazing," Deeks said, staring around him. "This is far more than…"

"Hush," the older man said, waving his hand at Deeks. "What you did that night saved this hotel from ruin, Simon. Trust me when I say that this is the very least I can do."

Assured that they would be comfortable, and after urging them to call if they needed the slightest thing, the hotel manager swept out. The front door clicked closed softly and, no doubt, expensively.

"Wow," said Kensi, letting one hand trail along the designer furniture that cost more than she would make in a year. "God, Deeks, I mean…wow."

"I didn't expect this," he admitted, crossing the room to peer out of the window at the pool. "He said that I was welcome to come and stay whenever I wanted, but this…"

"He really likes you," Kensi said, coming to stand behind him. "Whatever you did got you a friend for life."

"A Saudi princess had over sixteen million dollars worth of jewellery go missing from her bungalow," Deeks told her, turning to look at her. "I went undercover as hotel staff to try and find them. It turned out that one of the room service girls had taken a shine to them. I got them back before the princess sued the hotel, saving them a lot of bad publicity. In the hotel game, reputation is everything. And I cannot believe I'm wasting time talking about this with you when I could be kissing you."

He pounced on her hungrily, forcing her to back up until the backs of her thighs met one of the couches. His momentum propelled her backwards, and they fell in a tangle of limbs onto the seat cushions.

"Smooth moves, Simon," Kensi teased, tugging at the top of his earlobe with her teeth as she worked on the buckle of his belt. She couldn't resist letting one of her hands drift along the front of his jeans, and she squeezed the slight bulge she found there. He groaned and the bulge swelled noticeably.

"They worked, didn't they?" he managed to say as he pulled her t-shirt off over her head. His dextrous fingers found the clasps of her bra and quickly unfastened them, tossing the offending article away.

Kensi moaned low in her throat as he brought his head up level to her right breast and licked her nipple, curling his tongue to flick it slightly before he latched on and sucked firmly. She abandoned his belt in order to place her hands in his hair, keeping him in place.

"Don't…stop…" she panted, feeling the scratch of his stubble rub at the delicate skin of her breast deliciously. The slight pain contrasted with the intense feelings of pleasure, heightening it, intensifying it. "Don't you dare…don't…"

His hand was on the other breast now, cupping its fullness, catching her other nipple between his fingers and rolling it gently, then more firmly when she pulled on his hair with a gasped order to "Keep going, damn it, harder…"

Luckily it seemed that Deeks spoke fluent Kensi, and knew what she was demanding him to do. He was hard enough to cut diamond, but his priority was exploring the topography of Kensi's body with his mouth and hands. She was proving herself to be a bossy, demanding lover, often grabbing him and ordering him to touch, squeeze, bite or lick.

Deeks had absolutely no problem with that at all.

She had kicked off her shoes not long after they had fallen onto the couch, and although she grumbled about how long it took him, he was able to unfasten her jeans and tug them off her. He paused for a moment to admire her underwear – plain black cotton, so simple and yet so unbelievably sexy – before hooking a finger under the waistband and discarding them also.

She moved to undress him further, but he took her by the wrists and pushed them up above her head, shaking his own as he dipped his head to kiss her once, twice, three times.

"Me first," he muttered, before kissing his way down the length of her body, grazing her nipples with his teeth, flicking his tongue out of her bellybutton which, he noticed with pleasure, contained a single baby-blue crystal.

She moved her hands, of course; Kensi wouldn't be told what to do, ever. But she restrained herself to tangling her fingers in his hair. Not pushing, or tugging, but just reminding him of her presence. As if he needed reminding, when all around him was the sight and smell of her, musky and gorgeous and womanly and his.

He parted her folds with the fingers of one hand. She was already slick with her desire for him and he didn't think it was possible but he grew even harder at the thought that he had inspired that in her, that she was naked and spread out and moaning for him.

She moaned loudly and wantonly as he licked a broad stripe up the centre of her, allowing his tongue to flick briefly inside her before focussing his attention carefully on her clit. He kept his tongue flat and soft as he tried to figure out what she liked and what she didn't. She gasped softly as he hummed while sucking at her clit carefully, and she tugged his hair hard and panted quickly when he began to gently let the soft tip of his tongue slip back and forth over her.

"Don't stop don't stop don't stop," she chanted, so Deeks doggedly persevered with his technique. He traced the outline of her opening with one finger and gently slipped it inside up to the first knuckle, testing to see if she liked that or not. It seemed that she did, very much so if the glorious noises she was making were any indication. He let the rest of his finger slide in slowly, then he pulled it out and repeated the motion.

Kensi was writhing around him now, letting out noises that travelled straight to his dick. He kept up his actions, refusing to change what was obviously working for her except to add another finger. She screamed then, her head rolling back with the force of it as he went for broke and sucked harder, pumped his fingers in and out of her quicker.

He felt the force of her orgasm as it broke through her body. He watched with pride as she shivered and writhed, gasping for breath, nipples standing proudly from her flushed chest. Her internal muscles clamped down on his fingers tightly, squeezing them with such force that he half-worried about the state his dick would be in when he got the chance to make her come while he was in her.

He rocked back on his knees, wiping his wet mouth and chin as Kensi lay gasping on the couch in front of him. She beckoned mutely with her arms and he lay back down next to her, touching her gently as she rode out the aftershocks that the soft grazes to her nipples caused.

"Hi," he said softly, when the dazed look had disappeared from her face.

"Hi," she said back, smiling like the cat that had just got the canary. "Just so you know, you can do that again whenever you like."

"I'll remember that," he said, stroking her hair that lay in sweaty tendrils around her face.

Kensi's hands reached down to finish unzipping his jeans, but he caught her hand.

"Careful," he warned. "I'm on a bit of a hair-trigger here."

"Sooner you come, sooner we can get on to round two," Kensi shrugged.

"I don't think that's going to be much of a problem," he said, taking a deep breath as she stripped him of his jeans and boxer shorts.

"Wow," she said, eying him frankly. "I'm impressed. Never thought you had it in you, Deeks."

It was on the tip of his tongue, but the few rational, working braincells that were still functioning screamed at him that it would be a pun too far. Clearly Kensi thought so too, as she rolled her eyes.

"What? I didn't say it!" Deeks protested, as he scrambled back into the deep cushions of the couch, propping himself up in a seated position.

"And just because of that, you're gonna get your reward," Kensi told him, before she leant over him, dipped her head and sucked the very tip of the head of his cock into her mouth.

The curtain of her long, dark hair fell about her face, but her position, perched on the couch, pushed her ass high in the air and for a good few minutes Deeks watched the spectacular sight of her undulating curves as she slowly began to bob her head up and down.

After a short while he raked a hand through her hair, pushing it aside to watch her red, swollen lips slide up and down his shaft. He knew he wouldn't last long; he was too turned on by a whole year of foreplay, let alone the sight of her shaking and breaking into a million orgasmic pieces in front of him just a few minutes earlier. He tried to warn her, but she just winked at him and began to massage that knot of nerves just below the head gently while she flicked her tongue in and out of the slit.

That was all it took. Frankly, he was amazed he lasted as long as he had.

It felt like there were a couple of thousand volts of electricity being channelled straight down his spine and through his dick. He could feel the soft, wet suction of Kensi's mouth as he released into her, and then his nerves must have shut down with sensory overload as he slumped back onto the sofa. Kensi joined him a few moments later and he hugged her tightly to him

"That was…" he began, but couldn't seem to find a way to finish.

"Yeah," Kensi said, intelligently, before yawning.

"Oh no," he said, yawning himself. "You're not falling asleep, Kensi Blye. You don't get to be the man in this relationship."

"You wanna stay awake and talk about our feelings?" she asked, half turning to find a more comfortable position curled up against him.

"It's just…" Deeks began, then sighed melodramatically. The noise was enough to make Kensi prop herself up on one arm and look at him, alarmed.

"Will you still respect me in the morning?" he asked, quivering his bottom lip for the full effect.

Kensi snorted with laughter and punched him in the shoulder.

"What makes you think I respect you now?" she teased, and he barked with laughter. That, right there, was why he loved her so damned much.

He told her so before he realised the words had come out of his mouth; they seemed to flow too naturally to be contained. He worried briefly that he'd fucked up, that she was going to retreat from his honesty. But after an agonising moment, she smiled, almost shyly, at him and kissed him before whispering the same words to him. They were private words, he realised; while he could happily shout his from the rooftops, hers were reserved for quiet moments like these, private and alone.

He could live with that, he realised, as she melted into him for a kiss that he felt right down to his bones.

He tried to tell her that he was fine with that, that they could keep this new turn in their partnership a secret between them, but Kensi had fallen asleep. He tugged her closer and closed his eyes. They could talk about it later.

They woke a few hours afterwards, rested and refreshed, but in dire need of a shower. Kensi was distracted by the sheer size of the bath, though, so a bath it was. He had never realised just how sensual an experience bathing somebody else was until he was allowed to soap up Kensi's beautiful body and explore every beauty spot and tiny scar from a childhood spent rock climbing, mountain biking and learning how to fight.

His own scars were bigger, and less pretty; her fingers lingered on the bullet wounds left on his chest and she kissed them tenderly.

"No more of these," she warned him, soaping his chest up with a generous splash of the designer toiletries that the bathroom was stocked with.

He said nothing, and he could tell she understood why. He could promise to love her for the rest of his life, he could promise to spend every spare minute learning how to make her happy, but he couldn't promise that he wouldn't die on the job. Neither could she.

"I'll try," he said at last, and he could tell she knew what he really meant; I promise to wear a vest whenever I can, I promise to wait for backup, I promise to fight for every second I can stay alive for you.

"I'll try too," she said, and then they stopped talking and started to make love in the water, splashing far too much of it over the side as she straddled him and let herself sink slowly onto him. She moved slowly, partly because she was far too tight to go any faster and partly because she knew just how wild she was driving him. He let his hands drift down to her ass and stay there, exploring and squeezing the firm muscle as she rolled her hips and clenched down on him hard enough to make him see stars.

He was able to fit a hand between their bodies; she guided him to the right spot and showed him how she liked to be touched. Then it was an explosion of fingers and lips and sweet, tight tension until she screwed up her face and wailed, and he thrust upwards blindly three, four, five times and shouted something unintelligible even to his own ears.

They stayed in the water until it cooled down, then they moved from the bathroom to the king sized bed.

"We didn't use anything," Deeks said suddenly as they lay sprawled under the covers.

"I'm on the pill," Kensi assured him. "You don't have to worry."

"I'm clean," Deeks said. "So don't you worry either."

"I've never done that before," Kensi admitted. "I've always used condoms. Always."

"If you don't like it, we can use them," Deeks said mildly. "It's not a problem for me."

Kensi screwed up her nose.

"It's the mess," she admitted. "I've never liked the thought of it."

"Condoms in bed, none in the shower," Deeks shrugged. "Best of both worlds."

"Better stock up," Kensi said mischievously, snaking a hand down his chest.

"There's something else I wanted to talk about," Deeks said, intercepting her hand and bringing it to his lips. He appreciated the thought, but he wasn't eighteen anymore.

"What's that?" Kensi asked, but they were interrupted by the sound of her cell phone ringing.

"I thought you switched that off!" he called, as she wriggled out of bed and dashed naked into the other room to find it.

"Hi Callen," she responded, coming back into the room. "How's the paperwork going?"

She grinned evilly, and hit the speakerphone option. Callen's complaints rang out in the room.

"Hetty hit us with our forty eight hour required leave forms," Kensi told the phone, climbing back into bed. "What were we supposed to do, ignore them? Are you that brave?"

"You could have at least come back to ops," Callen sighed. "Handled your side of it a little."

"Did you call just to complain?" Kensi asked, returning her hand to its former intended target, clasping her other hand over Deeks' mouth. "Or was there a point to this conversation?"

"We're about half an hour from finishing, and Sam's hungry. We wanted to know if you wanted to grab something to eat with us. We tried calling Deeks but all we got was his voicemail."

"He's right here, let me ask him. You wanna go and grab something to eat with Callen and Sam?"

Deeks shook his head under her hand.

"No, you're right, we're not really dressed for it," Kensi said, her tone wicked. "I'm sorry Callen, you got us right when we got out of the tub."

"Oh I'm sorry I…wait…what?" Callen said, his voice reaching a new level of shock that Deeks had never heard before. "What did you say?" he demanded.

"At the moment we're in the Presidential Bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel," Kensi said firmly. "There's an outdoor dining area for six with a private waterfall plunge pool, or an indoor dining room for ten. Apparently we have a butler, so I'm thinking room service won't be a problem. Just give us an hour, okay?"

"You're kidding me," Callen said, his voice full of disbelief.

Kensi removed one hand from Deeks' mouth and squeezed lightly with the other.

"Hi Callen," Deeks groaned.

"Oh my God, why did you make me hear that?" Callen yelled, appalled.

Kensi and Deeks both laughed.

"Tell your butler that Sam is going to order tiny eggs and expensive fungus," Callen warned. "And I'm gonna want a seafood tower the size of…"

"Deeks?" Kensi interrupted and Callen yelled at them again in disgust and hung up.

"We have an hour," Kensi said, switching off her phone and throwing it onto the bed. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Nothing," Deeks said, marvelling at the brave, fierce, totally contradictory woman in front of him. She had to know that he'd want to be open about their relationship; she was sacrificing her privacy for his comfort. "Nothing," he repeated. "In fact," he went on, "I think that I'm not gonna be able to talk for the next hour."

"Why won't you be able to…oh yes…" she breathed, as Deeks put his mouth to a far better purpose than just talking.