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Fadia´s smile might be brighter than the sun, Eira thought as she watched how the other girl fought to suppress her grin. She could see how Fadia longed to hug her, laugh and proclaim how much she had missed her. Eira herself had to fight down the desire to smile at the thought. This kind of behaviour would be awfully improper during a formal greeting. Both Fadia and Eira had to stay behind their fathers until the official part was over and the two of them were dismissed. Just looking at Fadia and her barely hidden happiness made the waiting period for Eira very pleasant, though.

When they were finally allowed to leave the main hall and when their escort left them in the gardens, Fadia wasted not even one second; she pulled Eira in a bear hug. "I missed you so much!" Eira laughed lowly and returned the hug much more restrained.

She wanted to do some other things to show Fadia how much she missed her. Very different and much more intimate things.

"I missed you too, Fadia," she said.

"I was so angry when Father said that we won't have our annual hunt this year. I already had so much I need to tell you and didn't want to wait a whole year." She loosened her grip on Eira to look her in the eye. "I nagged him so long about it until he took me with him for the council." Eira laughed.

"That does sound like you." A frown tugged at Fadia´s eyebrows; her smile broadened, though.

"Are you calling me a brat?"

"Well, I would never." Fadia rolled her eyes and laughed.

"You only think it." Eira smiled amused. Fadia released her from her hug. She immediately hooked arms with Eira so that she couldn't get away, though. They sauntered through the gardens then, and Eira let Fadia chatter about all the many things she needed to tell.

Fadia didn't need to keep her close; Eira didn't want to stray from her side ever anyway.


The sun was shining brightly on the two princesses; they had chosen a bench hidden in the shadows when they had come into the garden earlier but the sun had wandered and was beating down on them now. Fadia had leaned back and let the sunlight kiss her skin. The handkerchief she had been embroidering was lying next to her, completely forgot. Eira on the other hand still stitched happily complicated patterns into her white cloth.

Eira hadn't expected much from the lesson in embroidery; Fadia had no love for it and only did it because she was expected to do it. Eira, though, loved stitching and she loved the fact that Fadia joined her readily because Eira was there to teach her. That didn't mean that Eira wasn't strict with her. She couldn't count how often she had made Fadia pull the colourful yarn out again because she did it wrong and how often Fadia had sighed and rolled her eyes today. Her mouth twitched into a smile.

Fadia sighed next to her. Eira carefully poked the needle through the cloth. "What do you say about a little ride? It's boring to stay inside the castle all day." Eira smiled more openly and carefully turned the cloth so that she could more easily reach the next target of her needle.

"Do you have any particular location in mind?" Fadia straightened and stretched her arms high over her head. Involuntarily, Eira´s gaze flickered over and lingered on Fadia´s chest and collarbone longer than she thought proper.

"No. You decide." She tilted her head over to Eira and smiled.

Her beautiful, broad smile. It made Eira´s heart race every time she saw it.

Eira´s smile turned into a smirk. "Well..." Fadia´s expression turned into a mixture of cluelessness and curiosity. Then her smile crept onto her face again. Without another word, Eira stood up, gathered Fadia´s unfinished handkerchief and the yarn, and turned to walk inside. Fadia jumped to her feet and followed her.

"You'll need riding clothes." was all Eira said to her before she disappeared in her room.

She met Fadia ten minutes later in the courtyard. The other woman already seemed impatient; her curiosity obviously made her restless. Another thing that made Eira smiled.

"There you are." Fadia crossed her arms. "I've been waiting forever." Eira rolled her eyes. Giggling, Fadia hooked arms with Eira. "Well, then show me what you've planned." Together, they strolled over to the stables; they were to the east of the castle, away from the sea and its harsh winds. Along the outer rampart and the castle walls were built different kinds of stables – along the rampart stood the boxes for the knights´ horses in a long line. They were plain and small, but practical. Opposite of them were the slightly bigger stables of the pegasi. They needed more space and more protection from the wind. Towards the end of the walls, there were the big boxes for the horses and pegasi of the officers, generals, Royal Guard and the nobles.

To these stables Eira and Fadia were walking. On their way, they met several Renaitian knights, who tended to their horses; all of them greeted their princess warmly as she passed and she happily waved back.

Eira was secretly glad that Fadia turned her attention back to her as soon as they reached the royal stables. "So, where are our mounts?" Fadia asked curiously and a tad confused since no horses were prepared. Eira smirked.

"Come." She pulled her friend to the left, towards a large box with a curious pegasus poking its head out. When they reached the box, Eira extended her free hand and let the pegasus sniff on it. Eira already knew the expression Fadia was wearing. "That's Aelia. I think she wants a little outing." Eira turned to her friend. She was not disappointed; there was a huge grin on Fadia´s face and her eyes shone with excitement. Eira´s heart made great jumps. "Let's saddle her."

"Yes," Fadia almost yelled and pulled Eira into the stable. She could barely keep herself breaking out into laughter.

No stable boy was there, for which Eira was thankful. Because now she was the one, who helped Fadia getting to know Aelia and help her saddle her (Fadia was a bit too rough with her sensitive pegasus). She enjoyed the times where she had to grab Fadia´s hand and direct her very much.

When Aelia was finally ready and Eira led her out of her box, Fadia rushed forward and grabbed the reins. "Can I ride her first?" Eira pursed her lips.

"Fadia, you don't know her and you've never flown alone." Fadia donned a mulish look.

"Believe me, I can." She squared her shoulders. "I can tame even the wildest horses." A crooked smile entered Eira´s face and she shook her head, taking Aelia´s bridle from Fadia´s hand; the teal-haired princess obviously didn't like it.

"Wild horses are no pegasi." Elegantly, Eira mounted her pegasus. After she straightened, she offered Fadia her hand. "Come on." Fadia huffed, but mounted behind Eira without protest. Eira´s heart made a short sprint when Fadia took a hold on her waist.

Eira stirred Aelia around so that she was facing the castle gate in the distance. She felt Fadia looking around. "There are no chaperones to watch us?" Eira smirked.

"No." The chuckle that escaped Fadia was, Eira couldn't describe it in another fashion, dirty. Laughing inwardly, Eira nudged Aelia; she cantered, then sped up and in a matter of seconds she was up in the air, her hooves barely missing the guards on the rampart. The princesses heard a few surprised calls, but neither of them cared. Before anyone could reach the king, they would already be miles away.

They rose and rose up until their heads scraped the clouds. Below them the colours of the land seemed to merge and became a greenish mess. Eira heard Fadia shriek with delight. Fadia´s grip on her tightened as she pressed herself against Eira. "This is so incredible," she yelled; the wind yowled so loudly that it felt as if they were suddenly deaf. Pure happiness coursed through Eira´s veins and she didn't notice how a stupid grin appeared on her face.

Suddenly Fadia´s grip loosened considerably and one hand even disappeared. A jolt of fear flashed through Eira and anxiously she let go the reins to grab Fadia´s other hand. "Fadia!" she screamed as she looked over her shoulder, completely expecting to see her friend falling or swaying dangerously or already half on the way down.

Anger flushed her face when she saw that Fadia only had let go to touch the clouds, raking her fingers through the elusive white. "Fadia!" The other princess looked at her with an innocent and happy expression, her cheeks flushed and her hair wildly whipping around her. She grew quizzical at Eira´s look though nothing seemed to be able to drive the glee from her face.

Eira growled, tugged at Fadia´s hand on her waist and finally Fadia clutched at her again. Still flustered and incredulous, Eira tried to catch the reins, which were jerking up and down, left and right. Thankfully, she was trained enough to keep herself on her mount with the strength of her legs alone or they would've been in trouble right now.

They descended again and turned westward towards the sea. Eira´s back was still rigid with anger and the aftermath of her fear for Fadia, and not even the warmth of Fadia against her as she leaned forward and rested her chin on Eira´s shoulder could placate her. Only slowly she relaxed and let the closeness affect her.

"May I take the reins?" Fadia asked after they left the last forest behind them and flat land stretched out underneath them. They could already see the yellow of the beach ahead of them and smell the salt and algae. Eira tilted her head to Fadia.

"After what you did just a few minutes ago?" Fadia huffed or sighed, Eira wasn't sure.

"I was safe the whole time. You were with me. You would've caught me." Eira sighed and shook her head.

"And you don't think that I might not have been strong enough to hold onto you?" Fadia squeezed her closer and Eira felt her cheek on her neck – her heart leaped against her throat.

"No. I believe you're strong enough." Eira felt Fadia´s cheek move, her mouth curving into a smile. Her insides only turned a little bit into mush. "You would've saved me."

"I wish I had your ability to trust," Eira returned, her voice laced with obvious exasperation. Fadia laughed.

"Well, can I have the reins or not?" Sighing and shaking her head, Eira gave up and handed her friend the reins.

Slightly worried, she watched how Fadia stirred towards the open sea, descending until the high waives skimmed Aelia´s hooves and the spray moistened their trousers.


At this time of the day the library was always strangely loud, Eira thought as for the third time in the last hour a book fell on the ground and someone whispered an apology. Eira sighed annoyed, pushed her short hair behind her ears and searched for her line. She found it after a moment, shifted into a comfortable position and continued to read.

"Oops!" Eira could barely keep from growling. It was no book this time but a small table or chair. Eira shot upwards, threw her book on a vacant bench, and stomped towards the culprit, who was hidden behind a tall shelf.

"Be quiet," she hissed as she stepped around the shelf. She swallowed a surprised gasp when she saw that Fadia was the culprit. The Renaitian princess smiled up at her sheepishly, one foot caught in the backrest of a chair and with a thick book in one hand. "Fadia?" She quickly tried to disentangle herself from the furniture, but it took Eira´s helping hand to get rid of it. With a reprimanding look on her face, Eira waited for an explanation.

Fadia waved the book around, still a bit sheepish. "I lost my balance."

"You could've called someone to help you." Fadia creased her eyebrows angrily.

"I can get my books on my own." The urge to argue rose in Eira´s chest, but ultimately she decided that this argument was not worth to waste time on. So she just pursed her lips and returned to her chair. Fadia followed her wordlessly.

Eira was sitting at the end of the long library, in an area where the sun did not directly shine onto the reading people, but just gently lit up the room. Under a heavily decorated window were two chairs, a wooden bench and behind the last shelf a desk with a stool. Eira sat on the chair who was the closest to the window and Fadia immediately flopped down on the other. As Eira picked up her book, she watched in the corners of her eyes how Fadia kicked off her boots and tugged her legs underneath her. A remark about Fadia´s lacking manners tickled the tip of her tongue.

Fadia would say she did that only because she felt like home here. Eira wished that this was truly Fadia´s home so that she wouldn't go away again.

To Eira´s satisfaction, Fadia remained silent during their reading; it was always a hit-and-miss with Fadia and books. Sometimes she could get completely lost in them and at other times she could barely keep her eyes on them. A secret smile played on Eira´s lips. Fadia´s silence was a good sign; it meant that she truly liked the book. And Eira had chosen that book – she had immediately recognized the cover earlier. Eira´s cheeks heated up. She had let the librarian buy this book just because of Fadia and the cheerful smile she would wear as soon as she devoured it and tell Eira how much she loved it. Eira could barely wait for that moment.

These thoughts distracted Eira so much that she had been staring at one page for several minutes. Fadia seemed to have noticed the lack of the sound of turning pages and leaned over. "Is it that boring?" Eira startled lightly and donned an innocent look.

"Of course not. I was just contemplating the theory." Fadia raised both eyebrows, looked Eira deep in the eye (so pretty green eyes, like the sea during summer) and finally smiled knowingly. Eira successfully kept herself from blushing and frowned reprimandingly.

"If you say so." Fadia sat straight again; her smile turned into a smirk. Eira had to admit that she was slightly irked, but ignoring the implication was probably the best way to deal with her.

For a little while Eira concentrated on her book and nothing else. With half an ear, though, she heard that Fadia´s focus seemed to slip and after playing with the pages for a bit, she closed the book. "Eira?"


"Have you ever met Prince Vigarde?" Something jolted through Eira and stole her breath for a second.

"What?" she asked surprised and turned to Fadia, pushing this silly feeling far from her mind. Fadia was leaning back and skimming the titles of the books on the highest shelf space.

"I've met him last winter." Fadia´s mouth curved up into a gentle smile – a bitter surge of jealousy raised in Eira´s throat.

That someone could elicit such a beautiful smile from her, that could not be true. That could not be.

"I see."

Fadia nodded. "He was nice. I like him." She placed her hands on the book in her lap and turned to Eira. "Do you know him?"

"No. I've never met him," Eira answered, struggling to keep her feelings down.

"I think you would like him," Fadia continued and turned away again, looking straight ahead. "He's smart, you know. I think you could argue with him about politics all day and not get bored. When you'll be queen and he emperor, you'll be able to resolve this feud between Frelia and Grado. He loves peace." She threw a glance at Eira, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Though he is not bad with the sword. He was a challenge for me. At the beginning." Fadia laughed out loud. "I've won 27 out of 48 fights." She balled her fist and shook it at an imaginary enemy. "I'm better and that will never change."

She turned to Eira then, to seek praise or validation or maybe just a smile. Eira was slightly overwhelmed at first, but quickly regained her wits. "Well, it does sound like I missed something," she finally said to sound as diplomatic as possible. Fadia grinned.

"Yes, you should've seen how I completely floored him in our first fight! His expression was priceless." Fadia immediately proceeded to narrate the battle in the minutest detail, from the colour of his armour to the tiniest movement they had made. Eira slowly closed her book and leaned back to listen.

She loved to see Fadia so happy and energetic, even though the object of the conversation made her uncomfortable.

She was too happy and glowing, wasn't she? This was more than just simple liking, wasn't it? Was this friendship or more like what Eira felt for Fadia?



Eira looked up from the letter she was reading; Fadia had stuck her head into Eira´s room without knocking. She wanted to reprimand her friend for her lacking manners, but in the end she didn't feel like wasting her energy on a futile venture.

"What is it?" Fadia pushed the door further open – slightly surprised Eira noticed that Fadia was wearing her riding outfit. Tight trousers, a tunic clinging to her upper body, a loose cloak to hide what her shirt was emphasizing, hair in a high ponytail. Eira had to keep herself from avoiding Fadia´s gaze guiltily – so many feelings were beating against her ribcage.

"We've barely seen each other the last two days. I want to take a little ride." Fadia smiled gently. "Do you want to accompany me?" Eira swallowed lightly; yes, she had been avoiding Fadia a bit. It had taken some time to sort her confused feelings out and while she was calm again (and jealousy was no longer burning in her chest when she thought of Grado and its prince), she still didn't know what to do with her feelings for Fadia.

"Yes." Eira put down the letter and stood up, straightening her dress. Fadia´s smile grew bigger.

"Great. Your father forbade us to go near the pegasi, but horses will do just as well." A small giggle sneaked past Eira´s lips. They had received quite a lecture after that jaunt. Her father had even threatened (jokingly, Eira hoped) that he wouldn't let Fadia visit Frelia again if she continued to cause disobedience every time she came. Fadia´s father had laughed it off and, in retrospect, they were left off with barely any punishment.

"Alright. I'll be down at the stables in a few minutes."

Eira changed slower than usually. She couldn't help but hesitate and mull over her decision to join Fadia. The jealous (and to her shame also slightly possessive) thoughts had reared up again when Fadia disturbed her. Eira didn't want to feel like this. She wanted to feel the same ease and happiness in Fadia´s presence as before. But she couldn't because she feared that she might lose Fadia. It was foolish, of course; Fadia wouldn't stop being her friend just because she liked the prince of Grado. Their friendship wouldn't break over something like this.

But maybe because of my jealousy, Eira thought bitterly as she stepped into her trousers. After fastening her belt, she raked her hands through her hair and sighed annoyed. "Get a grip on yourself," she mumbled lowly. Without wasting one more thought on this matter, she walked into the neighbouring room (her own little weapon´s room) in long strides and picked up one of her bows.

Fadia was chatting with her squire when Eira finally entered the courtyard. Fadia immediately turned to grin at her. "I already thought you wanted to stand me up." It was obvious that Fadia was only teasing her, but Eira did feel a pang. She forced a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry for being late." Fadia´s grin seemed to falter and Eira knew that it was her fault; Fadia was sometimes just too good at reading her. Only sometimes, though, Eira thought, at other times she's incredibly oblivious. That thought managed to drive a genuine smile on her face and it even stayed until they had left the city walls and entered the light forest southeast of the capital.

They had been here quite often; the forest was full of game and many of the paths were quite picturesque. On holidays, many town workers and their families had picnics here and went swimming in the shallow creek in the southern part. Eira let Fadia lead the way; the Renaitian princess seemed to know where she wanted to go. Two soldiers were riding behind them out of earshot. Eira was surprised that their number was so small; she had expected to be surrounded with guards, judging by her father´s reaction to their last jaunt.

"Where was the creek again?" Fadia asked over her shoulder and ripped Eira out of her wondering.

"We have to turn right at the next fork." In truth, Eira had completely lost her orientation; had she paid more attention, she would know. Fadia didn't seem to notice her cluelessness and just smiled broadly.

"I like Golden Oaks," Fadia said and looked around. "It has such a nice atmosphere. I always feel relaxed here." She threw a short glance over her shoulder again. "Even during hunts. Maybe it's the trees. They have such nice colours." A tiny frown tugged at Eira´s eyebrows; Fadia could ramble aimlessly on and on about trivia at times, but about trees?

Fadia continued to confuse Eira until they had reached the small creek – for a few minutes Fadia had even talked about silk and gloves! As soon as they heard the rippling of water, Fadia urged her horse forward with glee written all over her face. Eira smiled gently when Fadia slid from her horse and walked over to the creek to sink her hands into the cold water.

Eira dismounted as well, handed her horse´s reins to one of their guards and then joined Fadia at the creek. The other guard had already snatched Fadia´s horse and led it away to tie it to a tree. Eira came to a stop next to Fadia and clasped her hands behind her back. Fadia meanwhile sprinkled water on her face.

Inconspicuously, Eira watched one drop of water slide down Fadia´s nose to her upper lip and then down to her lower lip. Eira´s breath caught in her throat for a split second when Fadia´s tongue shot out to catch the drop. Embarrassed by her reaction, Eira turned away and scanned the trees on the other side of the creek; the creek wasn't deep (the water would barely reach Eira´s thighs), but broad. At least six or seven metres were between the two shores.

Eira hadn't noticed that silence had fallen between them – her attention was focused on everything else than Fadia. Only when Fadia sighed, she turned her gaze back to her friend. Fadia was still crouching next to her. Eira blinked surprised at Fadia´s sudden serious expression.

"Eira, I need to talk with you." The look Fadia threw up at her made Eira´s heart clench. She could guess what the topic was; unfortunately she still had no good explanation. Fadia stood up, stretched her legs and then turned her head to the guards. "Would you leave us alone for a moment?" The guards exchanged one glance, then the older one nodded.

"Yes, Your Highness. We'll stay in shouting range." They bowed and retreated into the forest. Fadia turned back to Eira; the Frelian princess swallowed and tried to look innocent and surprised. Fadia´s raised eyebrow indicated that she didn't buy her innocent spiel.

"What is wrong, Eira? You've been avoiding me. Have I done anything to offend you?" For a second Fadia looked incredibly worried and hurt. Eira had to force herself not to look away. Or look too guilty. "Eira, please tell. If I did anything stupid, I want to make it up. Please." Fadia even clasped Eira´s hand and squeezed it. Eira licked her lips and swallowed hard. Fadia´s skin was slightly wet and cool due to the water and yet still pleasantly warm. Her heart fluttered.

"Fadia, it's not your fault." Eira hesitated and hastily tried to find words that didn't betray her feelings too much. "My mood was just... strange the last days. It's not because of you." She wasn't sure if Fadia would believe her lie. If Fadia could do something well, then it was seeing through lies. And Eira was proved right; Fadia frowned at her doubtfully.

"Eira, is it so bad that you can't tell me? You have to give me the chance to make things right again, please." Fadia´s grip on her hand tightened. "Please, I want to keep this friendship. I don't want to let anything destroy it." Eira hated that she felt herself growing weak at Fadia´s desperate look.

"I don't want to lose you as well." Her voice was thick and heavy. Unfortunately, Fadia seemed to have noticed that Eira held something back. She took a step closer.

"Please tell me," she urged and pressed Eira´s hand against her chest. Eira´s eyes widened; did Fadia notice what she was doing? She could only guess how strange they would look to other people. Had Fadia already read so many bodice rippers that she had adopted some of their protagonists´ habits?

"Fadia..." Eira was embarrassed and it showed on her cheeks. She lowered her eyes.

"Eira, please." Eira squeezed her eyes shut; she couldn't look at Fadia. She wished that the ground would just swallow her.

"No, Fadia," she finally pressed through her lips. She sounded more defensive than she wanted, but she couldn't change that.

"Why?" She felt Fadia step even closer; Eira took a step back. Standing close to Fadia was no good idea.

"No. If I- If I told you, I would do our friendship much more harm if I keep it to myself." She bit her tongue far too late.

"What?" Fadia asked confused. Eira cursed herself silently. "Eira, what are you talking about?"

"Fadia, please let us forget I said anything." Eira tried to turn and walk to the horses. "We should head back now."

"No!" Fadia yanked her back; taken by surprise, Eira almost fell against her. Fadia outright glared at her now. "I won't let you go until you tell me." Eira wanted to be angry that Fadia didn't respect her choice, but she couldn't. Fadia´s expression of desperation clenched her heart tightly. "Please, Eira." She pulled Eira closer, this time much more gentle.

"But Fadia..." Eira shook her head. "It could-"

"It could, but it won't," Fadia interrupted her. Eira looked at her doubtfully. "I promise that whatever you'll tell me, it won't destroy our friendship. I promise," Fadia stressed. Eira bit her lower lip once; Fadia seemed so honest and worried. Eira already felt her resolve melting away. She released a shaky breath.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Fadia repeated firmly. Eira stared at her doubtfully for a few more seconds – Fadia looked back full of expectation.

"I love you," fell from Eira´s lips before she could think about it. Fadia´s eyes widened; she blinked confused. If the situation hadn't been so serious, Eira might have laughed at the look of utter surprise on Fadia´s face. Her stomach clenched painfully. Fadia blinked, opened her mouth, snapped it close again and blinked. Then she shook her head, seemingly to clear her thoughts.

"You... love me?" she repeated. She wasn't doubtful or disgusted or anything, just innocently surprised, and yet Eira felt fear creeping up her spine.

"Yes. I love you." Fadia took a deep breath and nodded.

"I... see." Eira lowered her gaze; she couldn't take it anymore. Fadia was still holding her hand; what had been wonderful and pleasant earlier was now like scorching hot iron on her skin. Eira hastily tried to find a way out of this situation; maybe she could make it seem like she was joking because Fadia had been so serious. Or she could laugh it off and tell her not to take her words serious.

Eira whipped her head up, opening her mouth to sputter the first excuse that came to mind, but Fadia was quicker. "I never thought about falling in love with you." The air was slapped out of Eira´s lungs and she could only stare at her friend with big eyes. Fadia looked contemplative. "I mean, you have been my friend for a long time and I love you as a friend. I love spending time with you..." she trailed off and cocked her head. Eira flushed; she truly hadn't expected that reaction.

Fadia squinted at her. "Eira...?" The Frelian princess swallowed hard.


"May I try something out?" Since Eira didn't know what to answer she nodded slowly. Fadia raised her other hand and clasped Eira´s free one. She squeezed them gently. Eira waited confused as Fadia looked at their clasped hands. Suddenly she stepped closer and let go. She sneaked her arms around Eira´s waist and pulled her close. For a second Eira wanted to protest, but when Fadia rested her head on her shoulder, the words stuck in her throat. Hesitantly, Eira placed her hands on Fadia´s back. She was certain that her cheeks were pink with embarrassment and happiness. After a short moment, Fadia pulled back and looked her in the eye. She still seemed very thoughtful.

"Eira..." Fadia´s forehead crinkled lightly. Eira´s heart suddenly sped up and her breathing grew heavy with tenseness and excitement; her fingers buried themselves in Fadia´s cloak. Suddenly Fadia´s mouth curved upwards in a smirk. Before the confusion could completely settle on Eira´s face, Fadia leaned forward and pressed her lips against hers. Eira´s heart violently jumped against her throat. She thought she was dreaming.

Fadia squeezed her closer, gently stroking up and down Eira´s back. Eira was so overwhelmed by the situation and her feelings that she just let go of all her doubts and fears and returned the kiss. She felt Fadia smile against her lips.

Eira´s whole body tingled when they pulled apart. Fadia was still grinning. Eira blinked slowly, released her grip on Fadia´s cloak and stepped back. Fadia didn't let her go too far. "I've never thought about falling in love with you," Fadia said again. "It's a shame, really, that I haven't." Something bubbled up in Eira´s chest and without her consent a broad grin sneaked onto her face.

"Fadia," she whispered, almost bursting with excitement and happiness. Fadia leaned forward and brushed her nose against Eira´s.

"I want to try this. I want to fall in love with you." Before Eira could answer, Fadia sealed her lips with another kiss.