AN: Thanks to clair beaubien for giving me a plot idea to run with!

"P..P…Please let me go." Sam begged licking his dry lips. His eyes rolled towards the man who had kidnapped him days ago. "I'm not a threat to you." He whispered hoarsely.

"That's what I've been told for years. 'Them Winchester boys ain't no threat to nobody….they're just fighting the good fight right alongside of us.' And I believed the talk. Always saw what you boys did, saw how many people you saved. Then you came after my family."

"What?" Sam asked, tongue thick and heavy in his mouth. "Me and my brother don't hurt innocent people."

"Oh, I ain't talking about your brother boy. I'm talking about you." The angry hunter leaned so far into Sam's face that they were almost touching noses. His breath was foul and his eyes were glittering with anger, and Sam knew now why no one messed with Eugene Higgins, even Bobby knew enough to steer clear of the man. He was a fantastic hunter, but he was dangerous, unstable, no one in the hunting community knew exactly why he was this way, and no one had ever been brave enough to ask. "You killed my daughter. Don't you remember?" He grabbed Sam by the shoulders and shook him hard. "Don't' you?" Sam looked up into Eugene's eyes and the memory of his time while soulless came back and he saw the girl, the girl with the pretty hair and hopeful eyes, and he saw his arm come around and slit her throat and watch as the blood gushed and her life followed right behind. The soulless version of himself wanted to find Eugene, Eugene had something he wanted, and killing his daughter had seemed like the easiest way to bring the crazy hunter front and center.

"What? You've killed so many innocent people in cold blood that you can't remember them all?" Eugene hit Sam. Hit him so hard that Sam saw stars. Sam's eyes felt as if they were rolling all around in their sockets.

"I was…"

"You were what? Possessed?"

"No." Sam managed. "I'm sorry." He croaked out, tears leaking what felt like the last bit of moisture out of his body.

"You're sorry!" Eugene hit him again. "That doesn't cut it boy. Sorry doesn't make it all better." He socked the tied up hunter in the stomach forcing all of the desperately needed air out of Sam's lungs.

Eugene pulled a knife out of its sheath from his waist band, and was toying with it when he heard something pounding on the door to the fallout shelter that he used for his unsavory duties as a hunter. Sam was still gagging when Dean and Bobby busted their way into the room. Dean didn't even blink, he just charged, knocked the hunter off of his feet, and Dean felt the knife slide into his stomach, but a little pain and blood wasn't' about to stop him from doing his job, his duty…protecting his little brother.

"My brother needs his meds. Didn't you hear me?" Dean asked as he punched the older hunter in the gut.

Dean reached and pulled the knife out of his own stomach with a medieval scream and brought it up to the man's neck; Dean's blood glistening on the knife and streamed down Eugene's neck in thick rivulets and pooled on the floor underneath the hunter's neck. Dean pressed the knife in and he felt the skin beneath the well sharpened blade break, and Euguen's blood joined Dean's in the stream down his neck and onto the floor. "Do it." Eugene spat. "Be a killer. Be like your brother."

"Dean." Sam said from across the room, arm slung around Bobby's shoulders trying desperately to keep himself up on wobbly legs. "Dean. Don't."

"Sammy, he took you, hurt you, and you want me to let him live?"

"Yes." Sam said firmly his voice sounding odd even to his own ears and then he lost control, the seizure over took him and Dean got off of the crazy hunter, the knife clattering to the ground beside Eugene, and he rushed to his brother, dug into his pocket, and with hands slicked with his own blood, fished out the medication that Dean now always kept on hand, and he helped Bobby keep Sam from hurting himself and as soon as the seizure was over, he opened the bottle, and Bobby took it from him and administered a dose to Sam.

"What's wrong with him?" Eugene asked a little frightened by the display.

"More than you will ever know." Dean said without looking over at the man on the floor.

Sam tried to sit up, tried to regain composure, and all he could do was move disjointed limbs and it took Bobby and Dean to get him back in an upright position. Bobby noted the blood leaking from Dean's gut and looked at Eugene. "You gonna let me take my boys and get them tended to? Or are you still hell bent on killing Sam? Because if you are, you can bet that Dean here won't let you leave the building."

Eugene looked at the boys and at Bobby and he shook his head. "I won't come after Sam."

"Damn straight you won't." Dean said. "You come after my brother again, you dare kidnap him again, and I won't just nic your neck with your big ass knife. I will slice you from your groin to your throat, and that's not a threat, that's a promise."

"D'n." Sam said trying to regain control over his muscles. "Dean." he said again with a little more clarity.

"No, Sammy, people don't get to do this stuff to you."

"I hurt him first." He managed. "Soulless me."

"I don't care if it was a skinwalker that looked like you. No one is hurting my brother." Dean's green eyes were fierce and Eugene realized that he should have listened to the other part of the gossip about the Winchester brothers—you hurt Sam, you better be prepared to kill Dean, because otherwise he would kill you without so much as a second glance.

"Dean, we need to get you to the hospital." Bobby pointed to the wound in Dean's belly. They managed to get Sam back on his feet and they were just about to the door when Sam stopped them and looked towards Eugene, tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry about your daughter. I'll find a way to make it up to you." Dean opened his mouth to say something and Sam shook his head. "No." Sam said stopping any further protest from his brother, and the three of them haltingly walked out of there, damaged but alive.