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It was Sunday afternoon and the two lay on Kurt's bed, Blaine underneath and Kurt's face resting gently on his chest. He felt every vibration as Blaine softly hummed to himself, felt each and every rise and fall of his chest. It was difficult to believe that this was real. That his mind hadn't just conjured up this perfect place where nothing hurt and everything was Blaine. His door was open under strict instruction from his father but it barely took anything away from the intimate moment. It was almost scary how quickly he had become entirely attached to him and how dependant he had become. Kurt had always prided himself on being a singular. On being the only openly gay kid at school, being the most outlandishly dressed every day, having the highest singing voice out of all the guys in glee…the list goes on. But being with Blaine made him realize that it was okay to be dependent on other people, it didn't mean he was weak, it just made him stronger. The bullies at school didn't seem half as threatening knowing that Blaine was just a phone call away if ever he needed to just talk.

Of course there was still Karofsky. He'd gone beyond the realms of just 'bully' and he felt unsafe whenever he so much as thought the name. He wasn't sure what was going to happen or if things would ever get resolved, but he could make it through each day knowing that Blaine was there for him and Blaine cared despite the constant fear every time he heard a locker slam and the cautious glances he made whenever he turned a corner. Just in case.

Blaine had spoken about Dalton a lot, and Kurt found it difficult to believe that such a place could exist. Their zero tolerance policy was extremely appealing and Kurt wished that McKinley could enforce something like that. But Dalton Academy was a private all boys' school and McKinley High was a public school and that pretty much summed it up. Parents weren't paying hundreds of dollars every semester for their kids to attend McKinley so the teachers didn't do an awful lot to make sure the students were happy.

Kurt knew he couldn't ask his dad to send him to Dalton though, the cost was just too steep. As tempting as it sounded, being in the same place as Blaine every day and not having to fear for his life, it wasn't something he ever brought up because he knew it would never happen. He also considered his friends, he wasn't sure if he could just leave them.

Kurt clutched his fingers around the soft material of Blaine shirt as he absent-mindedly played with his hair. Very few people had permission to touch Kurt's hair yet he felt Blaine should be granted that privilege. He'd re-groom himself later.

"I can't believe the judges decided on a tie," Blaine said offhandedly. Kurt turned his head to face the other and blinked several times before realizing what he was talking about. "I've never heard of a duo-win at Sectionals before, seems like a bit of a cop-out," Kurt giggled softly and Blaine squeezed him tighter, loving the feel of Kurt against his chest.

"To be honest, I'm relieved it turned out that way. If Crawford won then that means we'd lose, and being within 50 feet of Rachel after we lose a show choir competition is practically a death sentence," Kurt explained and Blaine laughed, clearly unaware of how serious Kurt was being. "On the other hand," he continued, sighing, "I'd feel awful if we beat them because of…what I did. At least now we can both have a clean slate at Regionals."

"And if The Warblers win next weekend we'll be competing against you too," he said with a sly grin. "Maybe you should come and spy on us." He added in a considerably lower tone.

"I think you're forgetting the 'sexy' performance you guys did, I already know all of your warbler secrets," Kurt replied teasingly, moving his head from Blaine's chest to rest on his shoulder instead.

"Are we flirting?" Blaine asked, sounding serious though Kurt couldn't help but laugh. He had never flirted with anyone before and he was surprised at how easy it was with Blaine, he did it without even thinking.

"Yes," he answered simply.

"I'm going to kiss you now." Blaine admitted, leaning closer, closing his eyes in anticipation.

Kurt had other ideas however as he brought his hand up to place a finger against Blaine's lips, stopping him in his tracks immediately. Blaine's eyes opened in a panic, a look of rejection and confusion obvious in his eyes.

"Wait," Kurt said, picking himself up off of the bed and exiting his bedroom, leaving Blaine staring after him longingly.


Kurt tiptoed to the staircase and quickly scanned what he could see of the living room from where he was, checking that his dad and Finn were still completely engaged by the television and he knew that Carole was still at work. Silently, he made his way back to the bedroom, closing his door as quietly as possible and made his way back over to the bed.

"Your dad does know I'm here, right?" Blaine asked worriedly, he still hadn't actually met Kurt's father but he desperately didn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

"Of course," Kurt said, arranging himself so he was back to their previous position, gesturing for Blaine to do the same which he did though a little uncertainly. "I just don't want any interruptions or distractions this time. I…I want to think of this as our first real kiss," he admitted a little shyly, though Blaine seemed to completely understand as he leaned in once more. There was nothing standing in the way this time as his lips gently met Kurt's, reclaiming the familiar territory yet exploring as if it was a completely foreign land. There was no tongue, it wasn't lust-filled and their breathing remained somewhat steady despite a few shaky inhales. They'd had far more intimate kisses, more desperate, hotter embraces but this was by far the best in Kurt's mind. He had nothing to hide; he was entirely Blaine's without any ramifications, no secrets and no lies.

This was the first time there were fireworks.