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Kagome quietly strolled down the street heading for the supermarket. She swung her little straw bag on her arm this way and that way idly. Grocery shopping was one of the few chores she'd been given since she'd returned from the Feudal Era that she honestly enjoyed. Shopping in the grocery store oddly enough reminded her of the market in the past, people trying to barter for deals and the noisy hubbub of gossip in between aisles. If she closed her eyes she could imagine herself surrounded by little wooden huts with women hawking their items from their shops five hundred years ago. Instead she heard the sound of cars whizzing by and grocery buggies bumping along to get into the store.

Sota was accompanying her on their journey. "Kags what do you feel like eating tonight?" Sota asked her as he held open the grocery door. Kagome tapped her chin deep in thought and gave a quick shrug that she didn't have a clue.

Sota rolled his eyes. "I'm going to go browse the junk food while you think of something to cook for us." Kagome cast him a glare for putting the chore on her. He just chuckled. "You're the best cook in the family sis." She stuck out her tongue as her brother darted away.

The priestess walked over to the meat department and her eyes caught of someone she hadn't seen in quite a long time surrounded by a bunch of guys. The girl was holding up two packages in her hands trying to figure out what to get while the boisterous group around her argued over what they wanted her to cook. They were so distracted that they almost didn't notice Kagome approaching them. Kagome walked right through their group, causing a bit of a silence as she placed her chin companionably on Haruhi's shoulder and reached around to point out which meat was better. Haruhi looked up immediately upon noticing that little girly finger. Haruhi remembered that hand checking over her math mistakes when she was younger. "KAGOME!" Haruhi spun around and hugged onto the priestess tightly. Kagome gave her a quick smile that showed how delighted she was to see Haruhi. "What're you doing here?" Kagome lifted up her own shopping basket in a sheepish reply, jingling it in her hands. She raised a brow and pointed at all of the guys, her smug face saying it all. "No! They're just classmates!" Haruhi then began making hasty introductions, "The two playing with the grocery carts are Mori-sempai and Honey."

"I'm Hikaru-"

"And I'm Kaoru," the twins introduced. Kagome shook her head and pointed at one twin and than the other as if to say they were lying.

Haruhi began chuckling. "I don't think you guys can pull something over Kagome. She's the sharpest priestess I know. We've been friends since middle school."

Kagome ducked her head at the compliment before finding her hands taken by a flamboyant young man with bright violet eyes, his hands taking her own much like Kouga had. Kagome almost leaned in to stare at those eyes had he not spoken so loudly. They were such a startling color, reminding her of someone from the Feudal Era. "Oh my dear sweet beauty! Any friend of Haruhi's is a friend of ours! My name is Tamaki, but you can call me king!" She rolled her eyes and pulled her fingers out of his hands making Tamaki's little bubble of happiness burst at how his charms hadn't affected her. Mori pushed the buggy closer to the group so he and Honey could see what was happening.

Kagome turned her head expectantly waiting for the last person to introduce himself. Instead he pushed his sharp looking glasses up on his nose and peered down at her for all he was worth, the question in his eyes soon being voiced. "Are you mute Kagome or do you just prefer not being social?" Kyoya could be rude when he pleased, most of the time he wasn't so with women, but this was probably another commoner and to be honest Kyoya didn't enjoy being in this grocery store when he could've been sitting in the luxury of his home finishing school assignments or better yet sleeping in. The club members had woken him far too early and there was hell to pay. There was a brief silence.

"He does have a point-"

"You haven't spoken at all," Kaoru finished Hikaru's sentence. Kagome glanced around and looked at Haruhi for help.

"Kagome is your throat sore?" Haruhi asked and Kagome shook her head. This was so embarrassing for her. She was angry at that guy who was looking at her faintly amused with the scene. Why had he brought that up? She was very used to people mentioning it, but she'd never been openly gawked at like this. Her right hand trailed up to her neck and tapped at it faintly hoping they'd understand. Kagome's eyes met the golden colored eyes of Honey who was leaning out of his buggy to look at her. If anyone could speak to someone who was silent it was that little guy, though Kagome had no idea that he understood everything perfectly. Kagome's eyes began to rim with unshed tears at not being able to explain herself, she seemed to buckle at the sight of Honey's brightly colored eyes that reminded her of another pair of eyes she'd once been familiar with. Her best friend, Inuyasha, had eyes that same color.

"You can't talk can you Gome-chan?" Honey asked. Kagome shook her head making a silence fall over the group. She reached up to wipe at her eyes only to have Tamaki hand her a frilly lace handkerchief of the softest and most expensive fabrics. She gratefully took it and dabbed at the corners of her sapphire blue eyes.

"When did this happen Kagome?" Haruhi asked, her face full of concern. Kagome needed to go to the bathroom now; she could feel the tears coming. Often times breaking out in tears like this didn't happen, but sometimes people brought up things that affected her. Kagome's voice was her Achilles' heel.

Kagome rose her water filled eyes up to the man who'd caused all of this. Deciding to amend things lest the others of the group got onto him, Kyoya casually said, "I'm sorry to have-" But his words were lost when Kagome lifted up a dainty foot and brought it down on his shiny expensive shoe stomping as hard as she could and crushing his toes under her heel. This little commoner was far stronger than she appeared. Kagome hadn't traveled in the Feudal Era and battled demons for nothing… meaning Kyoya's foot was in a seventh hell of its own.