Disclaimer: I don't own them however much I stamp my feet and pout.

This is one of three collections through which I will be streamlining of my collection of old EO Drabbles, formerly known as 'One Hundred Words of Winchester'.

I was never really happy with One Hundred Words because as it grew, there was no logical order to it so I have decided to repost my collection, but sorted into three seperate documents to make it easier for you lovely readers to 'pick your poison'.

Therefore, In order to reinforce the fact that I am twisted beyond redemption, when I am not hurting our lovely boy, I like to indulge in a little ritual humiliation; (of course, Dean being Dean more often than not doesn't need my help), so I am delighted to present a small collection of humiliated and embarrassed Dean tales.

Unfortunately, by doing this, I will satisfy my inner control-freak, but I will lose all the lovely comments that people have made on One Hundred Words. Please be assured I appreciated each and every one of those comments and - *shameless* - feel free to comment again if you wish!

I do hope you enjoy x


Dean's lost everything in a poker game, no really …


Sam angrily slammed the Impala's door, after Dean had begged him to come urgently.

The ass had lost everything on a poker game; no wonder he sounded sheepish when he phoned . To add insult to injury, his call had gotten Sam out of bed and Sam was ready to chew his conjoles off for it.

"So, I haul my ass out at stupid o'clock in the friggin' cold because you're too drunk to walk, too skint for the bus, too …"

Dean appeared from behind a bench.

"… Too naked? …" Sam stared at the shivering, huddled form, "… seriously Dean, STRIP poker?"