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Warnings: Slash, mentions of MPREG, forced marriage.

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When One Door Closes

Agent Andrew Woods did not like his job, it was high paying and the benefits were great, but the job description was little to be desired.

"Mr. Woods" Cindy the NCIS Director's secretary said, "the Director will see you now"

Andrew sighed but nodded, before picking up his black brief case and going through the door.

"Welcome Agent Woods" Leon said, "please, have a seat"

Andrew sat down in the seat in front of the Director's desk, and once Leon sat down Andrew opened his briefcase and pulled out a yellow folder.

"These are the employees that our Agency found"

Leon took the folder and went through them, there was six in total, and he inwardly groaned when he saw two in particular.

"The Agency has given you a week to tell your employees, then I will return with candidates profiles for them to choose from"

"Just a week?" Leon questioned.

"I know, but the Agency have found that NCIS Washington DC has the highest percentage of unmarried employees than any other state"

Leon decided it was just best to nod, after all six was truly a high number.

Note the sarcasm.

He was also sure that one of his Agents was one of the causes for the sudden rush.

"Also I hate to have to tell you this, but if none of the chosen are willing to cooperate, they will be fired or worse"

"I am aware" Leon said.

Andrew gave a small almost sad smile before letting himself out, once the man left Leon leaned back against his chair with a weary gaze, this was something he tried to avoid even though he knew it was inevitable.

THIS was inevitable.

Still he felt that he had some hope or at least some time left.

"So much for that" he thought.

"Good morning Jethro"

"Hey Duck"

Leroy Jethro Gibbs leaned against the wall next to his friend Donald Millard a.k.a Ducky or Duck, he then scanned the waiting area, there were four more NCIS employees sitting on leaning against the wall or sitting, waiting as well.

Two he recognized as Field Agents from another Team, the other he knew was from the Legal Department, the other he wasn't so sure of, but was probably one of their Geeks.

"Any ideas as to way the Director has called us?" Ducky asked.

Gibbs shrugged, when had gotten the call that the Director wanted to see him, he had taken his time, mostly because he knew it would piss Leon off, but because he hadn't had he morning coffee. Once he had that, he slapped Tony upside the head for a comment before heading up, and was surprised to see the large group waiting and that was probably one of the reasons why he didn't just burst into the office as usual.

"The Director will see you all now" Cindy said, coming out of the man's office and holding the door open for them.

Exchanging curious glances before one by one they filed in.

"Please have a seat" Leon said indicating to the large table inside the room, it was used for such purposes as this.

"What's this about Leon" Gibbs asked when the man started to pace the room.

Leon glanced at him, before sighing and sitting down in one of the vacant chairs.

"I got a visit from the Agency"

Everybody suddenly sat straight up and tensed.

The Agency was well known….and well disliked.

"You six are the only ones in NCIS that are singled or currently past the none dating timeline"

Leon held his hand up silencing the protests, which he knew was coming.

"You all know I've tried to stall as long as I could, but considering that how many requests have been denied" here he gave a look at Gibbs, who met it with a raised brow. "I'm not surprised, I've been given a week to inform and convince you all to agree, and a week later the Agent will return with candidates' profiles, you are to pick one. If you refuse to cooperate, you will fired or jailed for treason"

"All because we refuse to be breeded like dogs!" the Agent Mikey exclaimed.

"And what would you like me to do Agent Williams? Storm the White House and hold the president hostage until he changed the law?"

"Sounds like a plan to me" Gibbs said.

Leon glared at him, before shaking his head, "You all have one week to get you thoughts together" he then said before dismissing them.

"So that's it?" the other Agent Lily asked.

Leon said nothing else.

"Well this sucks" Lupin, the one of Legal sighed as he stood, the Geek, Mike said nothing.

"I must say, this very unnerving news for me, mother will quite happy though" Ducky said, earning an amused glance from Gibbs, and a twitch of the lip from Leon.

Leon then watched them go, letting out a breath of relief when the door closed.

"That had went way better than I expected" he thought.

After all the US…no the World Government was unpopular with the people at the moment.

It was years ago, no one was sure, though there have been many theories the most popular one was nuclear testing gone bad. A virus had swept through the Globe, at first many thought it to be the flu, but when people started dying not only in America but all parts of the World from the same flu-like symptoms the World Leaders knew they had a problem, a problem that couldn't be fixed for five years.

Five years later, a group of the World's most advances scientists came together and were able to locate and kill the Virus but at a cost.

Humanities population had suffered greatly.

The World Leaders then came together and sought a way to save their species, the solution, controlled Birthing, every single woman was given an examination and those with best results were paired with a man, who also went through examination, and were expected to have a child by the first year, by the following year a second child would be born. It was during that time that something else was discovered.

A selected amount of men had a mutant gene in them that allowed them to conceive a child, the World Leaders pounced on the opportunity, and soon a world law was formed that stated that every man and woman must have a least one child in every house.

Of crouse it was promised that it was only temporary.

That was years ago, the law was still active, with some adjustments, but still unpopular with the people.

"DiNozzo said it best the only time the World Leaders agree on anything is when they're fucking up their own people" Leon said.

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