Warnings: A bit of non-con, mostly because of Tim's lack of knowledge.

When One Door Closes

Jimmy had never met a Goth before, but he had the impression they weren't as happy as Abby.

"And this is Bert!" Abby said happily indicating the animal in her arms.

"Hello." Jimmy said to the stuffed animal that was all but shoved in his face, blinking in surprise when it was handed to him.

"Squeeze him," he was instructed, "he likes it!"

So Jimmy did just that and jumped at the loud farting sound.

"Uh—". He honestly didn't know what to say or where to look or what to do, in fact.

Giggling, Abby grabbed his arm and pulled him over to her computer to show him how the fingerprint matching system worked just as Kate came in.

"Oh, hey Kate!"

"Hey Abby," responded Kate. "Gibbs sent me down here to see if you've got anything." Her eyes never left Jimmy, who squirmed.

"Um...H-hello?" Jimmy said.

"Hello. You're Jimmy, right? Ducky's husband?"

Jimmy nodded.

"I'm Kate."

"It's nice to meet you," Jimmy said. "Doctor Mallard told me a lot about you."

Kate titled her head at the formal title but said nothing about it, and merely smiled before turning her attention back to Abby. "Got anything?"

Abby, pigtails bouncing, grinned before turning to her computer. Jimmy hovered in the background and listened to them talk. He found he understood about half of what the Forensic Scientist was saying (and that was thanks to the medical books snuck to him by a guard) but the other half sounded like gibberish. He probably needed to brush up on his medical knowledge. I wonder if I'll be allowed to do that. Dr. Mallard seems pretty easy going but it's early days with this marriage.

"Ah Jimmy, here you are."

All three whirled around and saw a smiling Ducky entering the lab. "Good afternoon Ladies. I was wondering if I might have my husband back. We have a lunch date."

Jimmy blushed when the girls cooed. Chuckling, Ducky took hold of the younger man's arm, "Come along, Jimmy."

"Yes, Doctor Mallard," Jimmy said smiling and turning to the girls. "It was nice meeting you both."

"You too!"

Jimmy followed Ducky to the elevator, only to have to turn back around and give Bert back to Abby, then hurrying back to the waiting elevator.

"Abby is a very interesting person," Jimmy said.

"That she is," Ducky chuckled.

They were sitting on a bench in the park that was a NCIS favorite, mostly because it was close to the office. They were eating hotdogs, something Ducky didn't usually indulge in but decided to give his husband a special treat after learning of the younger man's former strict diet in the Ark.

"Ah! I almost forgot, I have a gift for you," Ducky said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small wrapped item.

Jimmy took the item and unwrapped it.

"I apologize for being so late in giving it to you," Ducky said as Jimmy stared at his shiny new cellphone, "and I do hope it's to your liking. The young man who helped me pick it out assured me you would."

Jimmy smiled before leaning over and kissing the man on the cheek. "Thank you."

After lunch the two headed back to NCIS. Stepping onto the elevator they joined Tony who had two delicious smelling large brown bags in his arms.

"Your turn to do the lunch run Anthony?" Ducky inquired.

"Yep. Is this Jimmy?" Tony asked peeking from behind the bags.

"Yes, Anthony, this is my husband Jimmy. Jimmy, this is Anthony DiNozzo."

"Nice to meet you," Jimmy said with a small smile.

"Same here. I would shake your hand but, well, you know."

"Do you need any help?" Jimmy asked.

"There's no need for that, Jimmy. Anthony here is a strong young man and is quite capable of handling two bags."

Tony stared at Ducky just as the door to the elevators dinged open.

"And this is our stop," Ducky said.

"Nice meeting you Anthony," Jimmy said following the older man through the doors.

"Yeah, you too."

Jimmy giggled when Tony jiggled to the keep the bags from falling before he lost his grip.

The case they had was one of those rare ones were they suspect was easily caught and the paperwork was done in minutes, the team happy to be going home early decided to celebrate with a drink (Ducky had declined due to having to take care of his mother though he had told Jimmy he could go). Abby was able to convince Gibbs to join and had even suggested he bring Tim. A quick and a bit confusing call home later resulted in a confused Gibbs. How the hell does the kid not know about alcohol? Gibbs was riding solo.

He had only planned on staying an hour and have one drink, but lately he's been feeling…light, almost happy and soon one drink turned into a couple, and one hour became two.

Around one in the morning, his husband stumbling into the bedroom woke Tim up.


Gibbs blinked rapidly when the lights suddenly came on. He looked around frowning when he realized this wasn't his bedroom.


Gibbs blinked at Tim who was sitting up bed before giving him a drunken smile.


Tim stared as his husband stumbled his way towards him, his body bouncing when Gibbs belly flopped onto his bed. Wide-eyed, Tim watched as Gibbs rolled around on his bed before settling into a curled up position snuggling into Tim.

"Hi!" Gibbs said smiling and looking up at Tim.

"Uh, hi?"

Tim noticed a smell. It was a burning type smell. It wasn't strong but it wasn't easy to ignore either. Suddenly Gibbs sat up and hugged him and Tim sat there in the man's arms surprised at the sudden wave of affection from the other man. Gibbs then pulled away to look at Tim. Large green eyes, full natural pink pouty lips, milky white skin, soft looking hair and curves in all the right places. He's so pretty, why hadn't I noticed before?

And he was all Gibbs.

Humming happily, Gibbs pressed his body closer.

"Gibbs?" Tim asked uncertainly.

Humming again Gibbs nuzzled the younger's man ear, before nibbling on it, grinning when he got a soft surprised gasp. Encouraged he sucked on the lobe giving it an occasional lick with his tongue.

"G-Gibbs wha—?"

"My pretty Tim," Gibbs murmured.

Tim blushed.

The younger man gave a sudden surprised yelp when the mouth moved from his ear to his neck, gasping when a sensitive spot was sucked on, large and warm hands snuck their way under his night shirt and up his chest.

"Oh!" Tim moaned when a nipple was rubbed and squeaked when his shirt was suddenly pulled off.

With what could only described as a growl Gibbs pushed the younger man down and rolled on top of him. Tim blinked by the sudden change in position and froze when lips pressed against his. The younger man gasped when one of his nipples was rubbed again, and Gibbs used that moment to push his tongue in the Tim's mouth, moaning at the taste (while Tim noted that Gibbs tasted like that strong and burning smell).

When the Agent pulled away (leaving Tim flushed and panting) he moved down to Tim's neck, sucking licking and biting marks on the skin, making Tim give breathless moans. Leaving the neck Gibbs moved down to the smooth chest and took a nipple into his mouth.

Tim mewled and arched, hand going up to grip the surprisingly soft hair, a warm mouth suckled the hard bud until it was swollen and red.

Tim felt like he couldn't get enough air, yet he had too much, everywhere Gibbs's hands and mouth touched made his body feel all hot and tingly.

"Oh!" Tim moaned when a tongue teased at his bellybutton.

Suddenly everything stopped; just stopped, bewildered and curious Tim looked down to see his husband fast asleep, the young man stared at the man.

"That's it?" He thought. Seriously?

It was three in the morning and while others were tucked in their beds fast asleep Ron and Tobias were stuck at FBI Headquarters doing paper work and were close to setting all the paper on the desk on fire. Ron was glad his cellphone rang.

"Sacks," Ron answered softly, glancing at his Boss dozing in his chair.

"Uh...hi Ron."

"Tim? What are you doing calling so late? Is something wrong?"

"Um, I'm not sure."

There was a pause and the sound of a breath being taken in.

"I think I just had sex with Gibbs."


Tobias fell out of his chair.

Gibbs woke up feeling like someone was stomping on his head with spiked shoes, while his mouth felt like something had crawled in and died. Burying his face in the pillow, Gibbs cursed himself and last night's outing. A slight movement beside him had him peeking from his pillow.

He froze.

There lay Tim asleep.

Face peaceful, which was a big difference to his body. His neck was covered in marks and hickeys and his naked chest was no better.

Gibbs remained frozen in the bed, eyes wide, when all of a sudden as though someone had hit his 'on' switch, Gibbs scrabbled out of bed.

Oh God, what did I do last night!?

He desperately tried to remember what happened but couldn't remember anything past his last drink. He couldn't even remember how he'd gotten home.


Panicked blue eyes looked over at the bed where a sleepy-eyed Tim was staring at him.


The ringing of his cell phone from his pocket had him jumping; instinctively he took out the phone and answered it.


"Hung over too?" came Tony's voice from the other end.

Gibbs didn't answer, eyes staying on Tim, who stared back with a tilted head. "Gibbs, are you alright?" Tim asked.

"Boss?" inquired Tony from the other end.

"Y-Yeah," Gibbs finally said pulling himself together. "What is it Tony?"

"Dead Navy officer," Tony answered and rattled off the address.

"Alright," Gibbs said before hanging up.

Tim watched as his husband stared down at the phone, before looking up at him, eyes lingering on his chest, and Tim blushed under the attention, jumping when Gibbs suddenly headed for the door. Watching his husband leave in a flustered state made the Bearer wonder what was going on.

"Is it me or does Gibbs seem extra…Gibbs?"

All three Agents stared at their Boss who was reducing their suspect into tears before they turned to look at their Director.

"Still hung-over, I think," Tony guessed.

"Can Gibbs get hung over?" Kate said.

"Perhaps it's something at home?" said Ziva.

"Nah, Gibbs would never let anything at home affect his work," Tony said.

All four looked back at the interrogation going on, the suspect looked five second away from dropping dead with fear. Everyone was sure he'd already wet himself.

"Are you sure about that?" Ziva asked.

Their suspect turned out to be another lead and Gibbs sent his three Agents to check it out, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

His thoughts were not happy ones.

In fact he felt like he was going to be sick, what he did to Tim…he….

Several heads looked up at the sound of a fist slamming into the desk, but quickly going back to work when intense blue eyes glared at them. Taking a deep breath Gibbs leaned back into his seat, his mind going back to this morning and Tim.

Tim. Tim who hadn't even fought back the previous evening.

"Probably couldn't," he thought bitterly. "Probably was taught not to."

The Agent wouldn't put it pass those idiots at the Ark, the kid was SO damn submissive around him, the younger man probably just laid there while he…God, he needed air.

Getting up Gibbs headed for the elevator.

When the three Agents came back, Gibbs hadn't still returned.


Jimmy sat beside Tim, his friend squirming under Ron's intense gaze, fiddling with his straw.

"Erm...well...," Tim stuttered, glancing around the diner they were in a panic.

When he'd called Ron last night, telling his friend that he just had sex with Gibbs, Ron had nearly left the office, Tim had convinced him to stay at work. Ron only agreed to it if Tim agreed to meet him at their now usual diner so the other could explain.

Now they were here for lunch.

"Tim," Ron said softly, hand reaching out to stop the fiddling, "It's okay, just tell me what happened."

Taking a deep breath, Tim did, when he was done, Ron wasn't sure if he should feel relieved, laugh or go put a bullet through Gibbs's head. All three sounded good.

"Okay listen," Ron said after a moment. "You did not have sex with Gibbs."

Jimmy stared at Tim, mouth agape.

"Really?" Tim asked. "But we—"

Ron gave a small smile. "Trust me, you didn't have sex. What happened last night is what's considered a heavy make out session"?

"Make out?" Jimmy inquired.

It took Ron a moment to remember that when it came to sexual intercourse the Ark was very tight-lipped about it. They never said anything about it (Guards were instructed to never, ever saying anything about it around the Bearers) only that it was used to reproduce. There weren't any classes about it now that he thought about it. Ron had no clue as to why they didn't; then again he never liked to think about the Ark beyond Tim and Jimmy. And obviously Jimmy and Ducky weren't having sex.

"Remind me to give you the books and DVDs," Ron said to Jimmy's question.

"So…I didn't have sex with Gibbs?" Tim finally said.

"No," Ron answered.

Tim frowned, a bit confused as to why he felt upset about that.

"However, though, it does answer one question," Ron said.

Tim blinked at him. "About what?"

"Gibbs is very possessive," the FBI Agent said, pointing to the hickeys the shirt was unable to hide.

Tim smacked away Jimmy's hand when the other poked curiously at his neck and Ron snickered.

It was around eight at night and they had come to a dead-end on the case. Kate, Ziva and Tony were in the bullpen bouncing ideas off each other, while Gibbs was in the Director's office no doubt getting questioned by his odd behavior.

"Really Tony? Strippers?" Kate sighed.

"It could happen!" Tony huffed.

"Somehow I doubt that," Ziva chuckled.

"What would you know?" Tony grumbled.

"So this is what NCIS teams do? Talk about Strippers?"

All eyes swirled around to the right, to see Ron standing there with an amused smirk on his face. Behind him was a younger man, with short blonde hair and large nervous green eyes. He was holding a red lunch bag and looked a bit familiar.

"What are you doing here Slacks?" Tony asked rudely. "And where is Fornell?"

"Does the FBI come bearing a lead for our case?" Kate asked.

"Nope," Ron answered Kate, ignoring Tony. "I'm just playing escort today. Where's Gibbs?"

"With the Director." Ziva answered, eyes on the increasingly nervous man next to the Agent.

"Mind if we wait here?" Ron asked, looking like he didn't want to, but the NCIS women knew it was mostly because of Tony.

"Yes," Tony said snarkily.

"No," said both Kate and Ziva

Tony pouted but didn't say anything when Ron escorted the young man to the empty desk and into the chair next to Kate's. The moment Ron leaned against the desk his phone rang.

"Sacks," he answered.

Ron listened then gave a little smile and after quietly telling the young man he'd be right back, Ron left the bullpen. The moment the man left, Tony pounced.

"So. Are you Slacks' new Probie?" Tony asked.

"I'm...sorry?" the young man said.

"What? They have another name for Probie at the FBI?"

"I don't understand," the young man said.

The young man jumped when a hand came up to smack Tony on the back of the head. "Tony, leave him alone. It's obvious he's not an Agent," Ziva said, having gotten out of her seat to save the young man from her nosy partner.

"Don't mind him. His mother never taught him how to mind his own buzzwax," Ziva said to the young man who was staring at her.

"Beeswax," Tony corrected, rubbing his head.

"Bees have wax?"

Tony gave Kate an "it's your turn" look, to which the she just smiled and went back to her notes.

Leaving it alone Ziva turned back to their guest. "Ziva David" she introduced herself.

"You're very pretty," the young man blurted out, blushing when he realized he said it out loud.

Tony snorted, while Kate gave a soft "aww". Ziva smiled. The man was kind of cute. "Thank you," she said, "Mr…"

"Oh! Timothy Gibbs…is something wrong?" Tim asked when Ziva's eyes widened.

Kate's head popped up and Tony, who started nibbling on a car bar nearly choked.

"Did you say Gibbs?" Kate asked standing up from her desk and going over.

"Yes," Tim replied. "Is something wrong?" He asked again.

"Er, no," Kate said "It's just that our Boss's last name is Gibbs."

"I know," Tim said, remembering what Gibbs had said when Tim had shyly asked about his job. "He's my husband."

Despite their suspicions being confirmed, three jaws still dropped. This cute (even Tony had to admit that the man was rather cute) obviously shy young man was their Boss's new spouse!

"YOU'RE our new mom?!" Tony exclaimed.

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