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Eric zipped over to lock the door and was back between my legs before my body could even register that he had left. Once he had pulled my shirt over my head, he didn't bother taking off my bra. He just yanked it down and captured my breasts with his hands and his mouth. I fell backwards rather ungracefully and knocked a stapler onto the floor. Oops.

He reached down between us and cupped me, grinning against my gasping mouth. "Someone's very ready," he said.

"Mmmhmm," I replied as I fumbled with his jeans.

I pushed them off him and raised my hips so he could rid me of my shorts and panties. He slid two of his long fingers inside me, and he watched my face as he stroked.

"Come for me," he demanded. "Right now."

His thumb found my nub, and I didn't need to be told twice.

While I tried to recover my breath, he was working hard to take it away again. His mouth was on me now, his tongue swiping and teasing and stroking. I put my foot on his shoulder and tried to leverage myself even closer to him, but he was having none of that. He held my thighs with his hands and growled. The rumble of it felt impossibly good.

The orgasm jar was getting good and full tonight.

Eric stood up again and claimed my mouth roughly before pulling me forward off the desk and turning me around.

"No," I said, struggling against him. I closed my eyes at the feel of him pressing against my entrance.

He stopped moving. "No?" he repeated in a strained voice. His fingers tightened on my hips.

I turned myself in his arms and wrapped my fingers around him, guiding him in. "This way," I said. "I want to see your face."

Baring his fangs, he thrust into me, and my happy cry was muffled with his fingers. "Your cries are for me only," he grunted, "not for the vermin outside this office."

I pulled his face down closer to mine. "And this… this is for me only," I replied, kissing him. "Not some vampire queen. Me."

He picked me up, and I locked my ankles around his waist. He carried us to the sofa and sat so that my knees were on either side of him. Our pace at the desk had been a little frenzied, but I slowed us down as I moved over him and kissed him deeply.

I pulled my hair over one shoulder and turned my neck to him. "Bite," I said.

As he drank from me, I felt my orgasm building and building. His eyes were dark and feral when he pulled back from me, and his lips and teeth were red with my blood. Most people would have found that frightening or disturbing, but that's because they couldn't see what I saw: that love and pleasure had turned his eyes fierce, and that my blood on his lips was evidence of our bond.

We came together, me burying my mouth into his shoulder to stifle what would have been a very loud and very satisfied cry. I turned my face to his neck and kissed it.

I felt a savage possessiveness in our bond, and it wasn't his. It was all me.

"You're mine," I whispered.

There was a sharp rap on the office door.

"What?" Eric growled, and it rumbled against my chest.

"I hate to interrupt your meeting," came Pam's voice, sounding not at all sorry, "but Niall Brigant is here."

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