Author's Note: A multi chapter Rizzles vacay fic!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Characters and rights belong to Tess Gerritsen, TNT and Janey Tamaro.

Chapter One.

Jane had finally persuaded Maura to get Bass, their pet tortoise some minder, in the form of her brother Tommy. Maura had met Tommy before, when he'd finally returned home after his three years in prison, for a crime that Angela Rizzoli had been insistent he had not committed. The moment Maura and Tommy had met, there had been sparks flying. And Jane had naturally gotten angry and jealous with her little brother for hitting on her Maura. On the other hand, Jane had gotten pissed at Maura for offering Tommy her couch to stay on when she'd discovered he didn't have a place to stay.

So Jane had devised a plan to get Maura alone (away from the youngest Rizzoli sibling's charm, which was an obvious distraction for Maura) and for her to have the Doctor alone, and to herself for a while.

"Are you sure Tommy can handle taking care of Bass?" Maura questioned Jane softly; the eight time she'd asked her that very same question.

"Maura." Jane gave the Doctor a warning glare across the backseat of the taxi, "Yes, I'm sure Tommy can look after Bass. And for the final time; Yes, he can look after him. He's worked at the Animal Shelter for years, he's definitely and utterly capable of looking after Bass. Trust me."

"I know, I do. I'm just anxious about leaving him with someone who isn't Oliver."

Jane gave Maura a glance and she raised her brows, "You would leave your tortoise with someone named Oliver?"

"What's wrong with the name Oliver? I have a cousin named Oliver." Maura raised her brows sadly and she looked at Jane with a forlorn expression.

"Nothing, there's nothing wrong with the name Oliver." Jane said softly and then quickly shook her head, "I just probably didn't expect you to have a Bass minder named Oliver." she turned to see that Maura was obviously worrying about something, she took the Doctor's hand softly and smiled tenderly, "Maura, he'll be fine." Jane assured Maura.

Maura sighed, letting the breath she had been holding in, out, "I know."

"Lets just concentrate on having a great vacation, hm?" Jane smiled softly to Maura, taking her hand in hers and holding it tightly.

"Sure." Maura nodded and smiled back to Jane.

"Maura, I love you, you know I wouldn't have suggested Tommy if I didn't trust him or he would hurt Bass." Jane smiled, stroking Maura's cheek as they neared the airport, "Do you trust me?" she asked her girlfriend softly.

"Of course I do." Maura replied and she nodded, looking out of the window, "We're almost here." she said to Jane gently, looking to the sign that was hanging over the airport.

"Yeah, we are. We're almost ready to jet off for our week without interruptions, free from work and just being alone, together." Jane smiled to Maura, squeezing her hand a little and she looked into Maura's eyes, seeing that spark there in them.

Maura looked to Jane and gently touched her cheek before leaning in, to kiss her girlfriend chastely on the lips. She gently caressed Jane's cheek and then softly linked her fingers in between the Detective's slender fingers. The Doctor sighed contently before she then smiled back to Jane, "Okay, lets get this week started off, hm?" she blinked several times.

"How do you mean, Maura?"

"Well, you could kiss me." Maura suggested.

Jane smiled and began to lean in before the taxi driver stopped, pulling over outside the terminal entrance he'd been instructed to go to, he smirked to himself, "Here ya go, ladies…" he told them, looking in his rearview at the two in his backseat before he turned slightly to look at them in person when he saw they were going to kiss in the back of his cab.

Maura sprang back, a little too fast for Jane's liking but she smiled as she took out her wallet, "Sure, what's the fare?" Jane asked the driver, looking to the meter before he had the chance to answer her, she handed him the fare with an extra five dollars tip. She was just anxious to get Maura alone and with her for the whole week.

The Doctor smiled to Jane and opened the door to get out, she moved around to the trunk of the cab, ready for the driver to pop the lid so they could get out their bags from there. She waited on Jane joining her back there when she had finished paying up the driver. Maura sighed happily as she looked up at the airport, once again there after a long winter and spring season. She swallowed as the driver leered at her and grabbed her bags from the trunk before placing them beside her on the sidewalk outside the entrance of the terminal.

Jane smiled softly at Maura and grabbed the bags to put onto one of the luggage carts. She gently blinked as the cab driver once again leered at Maura, but she was used to it now, a lot of people leered and stared at Maura, regardless of whether she was there or not. Jane just looked over Maura's figure and she saw why men stared at her girlfriend, "Hey, Maur? You want to get early check-in so we can just relax in the departure lounge?" Jane asked softly.

"I'd really like that." Maura nodded and smiled, taking one of her bags from the cart.

"So lets get going to the check-in desk." Jane smiled to Maura and chuckled a little, walking at a slow pace so Maura would be able to keep up with her in her stiletto heels, one's she'd bought especially for Jane's privileges, "By the way, I love the heels…they make your legs look so much more sexy, and the way you walk in those, with that dress…" Jane rolled her eyes, imitating a mild orgasm and she glanced to Maura briefly.

Maura was looking to Jane and blinking harshly as she watched the Detective's eyes rolling back in her head, "Jane, must you do that in public?" she asked her girlfriend.

"Sorry, but you know you love it…" Jane winked at Maura, "You know you do. Back home you love it when I do that…" she smirked to Maura, nudging her a little, "And don't lie, I know you can't lie."

"Oh, you think I can't lie? After spending time with you, I can." Maura smirked and walked on ahead of Jane.

Jane just stopped pushing the cart and stared at Maura, blinking a little as she watched the sway in the Doctor's hips, caused from the heels she was wearing and the dress that hugged her hips. Jane shook her head a little to clear it before she chuckled and quickly tailed Maura, "Oh, you think you can?" she asked her, with a raised brow.

"You've taught me well…" Maura smirked, glancing briefly to Jane.

"I have, hm?" Jane smirked back to Maura and she walked closely to Maura, slipping her hand down her back to squeeze her ass, "This dress is coming off the moment we're behind closed doors at the hotel." Jane murmured into the Doctor's ear, her breath tickling Maura's ear and moving her hair against her skin.

Maura scrunched her face to her shoulder and looked up at Jane with doe eyes, blinking several times as she looked into Jane's dark eyes, "Yes, so I can change into my swimsuit…" Maura then turned her innocent smile into a smirk.

Jane chuckled, taken aback at Maura's comment in reply, "Oh really?" she asked the Doctor, taking in her figure and smiling appreciatively as she let her eyes drink in Maura's curves. All of them.

Maura noticed this and she tilted her head a little, "You see something you like?" she asked and smiled to Jane as they neared their check-in desk. She took out their passports and she smiled to the desk attendant, "Good morning, we're traveling to Cuba today. We were wondering if we are able to take advantage of the early bird check-in system for this flight?" Maura asked the attendant.

The attendant, whose name was Carly just stared blankly at Maura and then flicked her eyes briefly to Jane before looking back to Maura, "The what?" she questioned Maura's statement, "What's the early bird check-in?" Carly asked.

The Doctor blinked a little and she frowned softly, "Well, we've arrived an hour earlier than advised in the terms and conditions of Canadair, and in their blurb, they advise that upon early arrival to any airport, passengers may take advantage and are advised to use the 'Early Bird' check-in system. The Detective and I were wondering if we could use this operating system to check-in so we have a more hassle free departure." Maura smiled and she blinked expectantly to Carly.

Jane saw how blankly Carly looked between she and Maura, and she decided to help out the idiot the airline had decided to represent them on their check-in desk, "Okay, listen kid. We're got here early, Doctor Isles suggested we leave early to beat the rush hour traffic, even though it's not even 8am yet…" she glanced to Maura with an amused expression before looking back to Carly and regaining her stern expression to continue their conversation, "Canadair apparently have some small print that the good Doctor here took the time to read in her free time. We wanna use one of those computer thingies to say we're here and we'll boarding. So, you think you can point us in the right the right direction?" Jane raised a brow, and somehow bullied the attendant into telling them where one of the computer kiosks were.

"Thank you…" Maura smiled and strained her eyes to see the girl's name tag, "Carly." Maura nodded and began to head over to the kiosk Carly had pointed them to.

Jane chuckled and then glared to Carly, "Thanks…" she snapped a little before following in Maura's direction to the kiosk, "Hey Maur?" she called out and smiled to the Doctor, her girlfriend, "Could you check us in while I go to get some coffee, and would like any?" she asked and parked the cart next to Maura, eyeing over Maura's Prada luggage set.

"I'd love some coffee. Thank you." Maura nodded and got out their printed out itinerary from her purse. She didn't watch Jane as she left to go to the coffee store, she was too busy concentrating on typing in their names correctly and scanning the bar codes that had printed out on their itineraries. Maura was very meticulous like that.

Jane could see Maura from the line at the coffee store she was in, she smiled to herself as she looked over her girlfriends' figure even more appreciatively as before since now, Maura was bending over looking to the kiosk screen with vigor, "She's a hot one, huh?" the oldish guy behind Jane questioned her when he followed her eyeline and noticed she was looking over Maura. He had been checking her out.

"Sorry, what?" Jane questioned and glanced to the guy.