Author's Note: A multi chapter Rizzles vacay fic!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Characters and rights belong to Tess Gerritsen, TNT and Janet Tamaro.

Chapter Three.

"Maura..." Jane began.

"Jane, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to...I ju-"

"Bathroom. Now."

Maura looked to Jane, and blinked a few times before she furrowed her brow and looked deeper at the Detective, "Jane?" she questioned softly and moistened her lips a little bit. She saw Jane's expression change, her eyes darkened and she was staring at Maura hungrily.

"Bathroom. I want you, right now." Jane explained and straightened up and she stood.

"I don't want us to look suspicious, Jane. We are in an airport, remember."

"So, we can't go to the bathroom together, and people will think we're cooking up a bomb or something?" Jane blinked, her eyes focused on Maura's face before she allowed them to travel down the length of Maura's body, raking over her curves and paying for the consequences with every shudder of excitement, thinking to the near future of having the Medical Examiner's skin pressed flush against hers.

So Maura straightened then too and she fixed her skirt, smoothing it out, and brushing away the invisible lint that was clinging to the fabric before she collected her purse and rounded the table to head to the bathroom, across from their table they had been sitting at. She glanced over her shoulder briefly at Jane, who was watching the feminine sway of her hips as she toddled away on her Jimmy Choo stiletto heels.

Just as Jane set off from the table, swiftly trashing the soggy napkins and empty styrofoam cups, she trotted along and the announcer rang out, "All passengers travelling to..." she looked up at the nearest speaker and she glared at it, before she growled. Jane looked over to the bathroom, and she saw that Maura must have heard it too because she'd stopped in the doorway, her shoulders slumped slightly.

"Jane, we should board..." Maura nodded softly.

Jane stopped, looking to Maura and she sighed, "Just like that?"

"Just like what?" Maura raised a brow to the Detective.

"You're just going to board, after that?" Jane quickly questioned, slightly annoyed at Maura.

"Of course."

Jane could not deal with Maura just now, she growled a little and grabbed her bag, before she headed towards the gate they were departing from. She didn't dare look over her shoulder at Maura for fear of jumping her perfectly fashioned body right there in the middle of the airport.

"I am seriously going to make you pay for this when we get to the hotel, Maura." Jane growled into her ear as she passed the Medical Examiner and reached the gate before her, holding out her passport to the attendant.

"You think you can wait that long, Jane?" Maura questioned back, smirking a little.

Jane just looked after the Medical Examiner and shook her head at her, grabbing her passport back from the attendant and following Maura down the ramp to board the plane. She sighed harshly, "I don't know..." she said more to herself, under her breath as she responded to the obviously rhetorical question Maura had asked her. Jane actually didn't know if she would be able to hold out that long while she was sitting next to Maura and the window.

Taking her seat, sliding into the row first and hitting her head on the overhead storage in the process, Jane looked out through the three inch thick window at the wings just in front of her and she sighed, if cabin pressure wouldn't be affected, Jane would have strongly considered breaking the window while up in the air and being sucked out rather than wait the agonisingly long journey next to Maura and Maura's legs with the lustful, almost painful ache between her own.

Soon they were in the air, not yet at an altitude that approved electronics were allowed to be turned on, but in the air nonetheless, and Maura had already began on her mission to seduce Jane. Or so it seemed to the Detective in question. Jane watched as Maura sat crossing and re-crossing her legs, in plain sight of a middle aged gentleman who shared the seat on the other side of Maura, he was also looking to that pale, creamy skin of her thighs and he too, crossed and re-crossed his legs, probably hiding the continually enlarging bulge in his trousers.

Jane was now getting desperate, she didn't know now whether she needed to pee or relieve herself, even though peeing was probably a good idea after the three glasses of coke she'd already drank in the short amount of time they'd been flying, "Maura, I need to go, can you get up? she asked the Medical Examiner beside her.

"To the bathroom?" Maura responded louder than Jane had wanted her to.

"Yes, to the bathroom." Jane hissed through gritted teeth as she felt stares being cast their way, "If you don't move you're going to be sitting in a puddle of my pi-."

"Okay. I got it! I'm sorry..." she turned to the man on her right and excused herself, asking him to stand so she could allow Jane to get up and go to the bathroom. Maura watched as Jane made her way along the aisle to the bathroom and she smiled to herself before looking back to the man, "I should just stand until she gets back..." she nodded softly.

He nodded and chuckled before he looked her over, catching sight of her badge on her Birkin bag, "You're a Medical Examiner?" he asked her.

"Yes." she nodded, noticing that her purse was in his sight, "I work for Boston PD, Homicide..." she smiled.

"Wait, Doctor Isles, isn't it?" he nodded and smiled, coming to some sort of realisation.

"Uh, yes?" she furrowed her brows a little before she smiled hesitantly.

"We were in a class together, at BCU. You went off to study some more in San Francisco." he smiled to her, "Bill Page. Well, William back then." he smiled to her, offering his hand and looking her over.

As soon as he said his name, Maura's mouth dropped open, he had been the boyfriend before Garrett Fairfield. They hadn't lasted long. She felt as thought they'd been talking forever in the short space of time, that in reality had only been a couple of minutes, three at the most. She cleared her throat and nodded before she looked in the direction of the small aricraft bathroom, "Jane's been gone a long time, I should make sure she hasn't flushed the toilet paper instead of placing it in one of those bins." she tried to explain and began moving away from Bill.

As Maura arrived outside the small bathroom cubicle, she rapped on the door, looking towards their aisle to make sure Bill didn't follow her, "Jane!" she hissed, "Jane, are you in there?" she knocked again, the door shaking as she rapped her knuckles against it, the back row passengers glancing to her, "Jane! Open the door!"

With that, the lock slid across and the ENGAGED sign changed briefly to VACANT until JAne closed the door having pulled Maura inside the small space with her, and it returned back to ENGAGED, "There isn't much space in here, make it fast, Maur." she almost growled.