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This is probably the closest I'll ever get to writing something with a happy ending. (Sorry.)

Ends a little abruptly, I might add another chapter from Gus's POV.

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The hug had felt nice.

It was surprising, it was really really tight, and it was a little awkward, but it had been... good.

Honestly, Shawn hadn't expected Gus to get so emotional all of a sudden. He had expected him to be a wreck when Shawn came into the bank, but once he saw all calm he was, he had just expected it to continue through until the end.

(Though it was probably for the best. Shawn himself was a wreck, wracked with worry and high on adrenaline, and he probably wouldn't have been able to comfort Gus right at that time. He might even have yelled at him.)

But that was Gus, now. He was changing into someone that Shawn was used to getting only glimpses of: Fearless Guster.

And when Shawn had walked into that bank and saw how collected Gus was, his heart had swelled. That man, he thought. That man is simply amazing.

Shawn had realized he loved Gus when, coming back to Santa Barbara after years of traveling, the very first thing he had wanted to do was see Gus. Even before getting something to eat. And waiting to do so had killed him. Killed him.

He had realized it then, but he was probably in love with Gus long before that. Maybe even since high school.

And all the little things that Gus did, all the things Shawn claimed annoyed him, just confirmed it.

Like the way he always slapped his hand when Shawn tried to steal his food (actually, Shawn found himself trying to steal food more and more often, enjoying the light, playful contact). Or the way Gus would keep his desk neat and tidy and would try to clean Shawn's secretly, without Shawn noticing. And especially the way Gus looked when he knew more than Shawn, when he got the answer first.

Shawn smiled, remembering how confident Gus looked, declaring that he loved Shawn, how sure of himself. Oh yes, Fearless Guster was definitely becoming more and more apparent. Shawn's heart had actually swelled even more when Gus was doing that (which was almost definitely unhealthy, he was sure). And when Gus put his hand on Shawn's head and ran his fingers through his hair...! Well, it was a good thing the hug hadn't lasted much longer after that.

Maybe, besides getting more fearless, Gus was also getting more observant. Maybe he had noticed Shawn's feelings, the way Shawn caught himself looking at him.

Maybe he was telling him it was OK.

Hell, maybe he was telling him it was more than OK. After all, Gus didn't declare love to just anyone and then follow it up with a bone-crushing hug.

But maybe it was just nerves. After all, they were involved in a bank robbery. They were in a hostage situation. If ever there was a time to act out of character, that would be it. And Shawn was leaving, leaving the man he loved in the clutches of a bank robber (even if he wasn't a real one).

Gus could have been scared for his life, scared that he would never see Shawn again. And so he had overreacted and thrown out his emotions.

Shawn shook his head. If Gus was scared, if Gus had wanted to get something off his chest, that just made the proclamation more real. After all, Gus had two hours to think, and he had decided to embrace life. He had told Shawn that he should act on his feelings.

Maybe Gus was following his own advice.

Maybe his declaration was the first step.

Maybe it was up to Shawn now, to follow his friend's advice, to tell Gus what he felt.

(And hope to God he had read the situation correctly.)