Not a Cinderella Story

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Chapter 1: Happily Never After

"She's staying with me this weekend," my mom yells.

"Who agreed to that, I thought she was being with and going with me to John's party!" my dad yells back. My dad takes a drink from the wine bottle in his left hand.

"Who cares about John! Besides, I precisely recall us agreeing for her to be with me to pick out my best artwork for the upcoming Annual Westville Art Contest," my mom yells while throwing the plate she was drying in her hands to the floor.

"Now, see what you did?" my dad says with a frown on his face.

"I did? This is your fault, too!" she practically screams.

Man! I can never get some peace and quiet around here anymore, but apparently, I'm use to this. I've been through this almost my whole life, with all the yelling and noise around my house, and the drinks my dad has, so I just do what I usually do. I angrily grab the remote to the TV and switched through different channels. I stop switching the channels when it came across the relaxing network. If only these methods really work, I thought, because apparently, this is just all for show. I continue switching through the channels.

I practically blanked out my parents' argument when I came across the show SpongeBob Squarepants. I love this show a lot even though I'm about to turn 13.

When I finally came back to reality, I noticed everything is silent. Finally! I thought. I started to watch the next episode of SpongeBob, until I realized everything was too quiet for my house. The only thing I heard was the TV on.

I turned around, finding both of my parents are looking at me from the kitchen. My dad's eye is twitching oddly and both of them don't even blink. Weird. I wasn't sure why they were staring at me, but I'm guessing I'm missing out a question they asked me.

"So, what's your answer?" my mom asked.

"Ohh! That answer…that answer…the answer is…umm….what was the question again?" I stammered. My dad stomps the floor and slaps his free hand on his forehead.

"Goddamit! Why don't you ever pay attention to anything important like this?" my dad yells to the top of his lungs and in the blink of an eye, the wall next to him has a dent in it. My mom gives me worried looks. I try to stay at least calmer then my dad.

"Dad! Stay calm!" I yell at him, "All you and mom ever do is argue with each other. What you can at least do is think about me for once. I have to deal with this crap every day, and you expect me to think that is the most important thing ever. Well, think again dad! I don't care about your freaking argument with mom!" Wow look at me. I'm 12-year old dealing with this. Maybe he does deserve me yelling at him. Then maybe again, yelling might not be a good solution.

"You dare to yell at me like that? I'm not your ordinary guy friend, or a random guy on the streets! I'M YOUR DAD YOU DUMB LITTLE GIRL!" My dad grabs a knife I was using for dinner on the kitchen table and approached me

Many thoughts rang through my head. What is he doing? Is he trying to hurt me? Can he do that? Is he drunk? What should I do? Please don't hurt me!

I quickly grab the pillow on the couch and stand up while using it as a shield. My dad continues to approach me. Is he mad? I thought. The knife in his hands, his mad looks, he's furious! Has he finally bursted and this is all the anger he's letting out? No, he's still the kind loving father I always known of, at least I think so. Maybe he had too many drinks this time.

My mom has a half worried half scared look on her face. She looks to frighten to move, but she keeps calling to my dad. "Honey, please don't! Honey?". My dad is right in front of me with his mad look. The hand with the knife is raised above his head about to come down on me. I whimper like a dog and hide behind my pillow. I'm too afraid of my dad, so I run for the door. In a quick motion, my dad grabs my ponytail. I can feel him tugging on it, but I turn around and kick him in the stomach as hard as I can.

My dad stumbles back and drops his wine bottle. Flames seems like they bursted in his hazel eyes. In self defense, I raise my arms up in a fighting stance. Hopefully these Taekwon-do lessons pay off. My dad regains his balance and approaches me with the knife still in his hands. I am brave. To be brave, I must be scared but still do what I'm scared to do. So I'm scared, but I'm still brave. Be brave! I told myself.

After this thought, everything happened so quickly, I wasn't sure what happened. My mom is on my dad hitting his back with the side of her fist. The knife come towards my face but skims it, leaving rose red blood on my cheek. My mom shrieking then is on the floor silent with a knife through her stomach. A puddle of blood leaks on the cream color carpet. My dad running out of the door at the sight. Police sirens are heard, and the ambulance is outside my house. I'm by my mom on the ground screaming at no one in general.

I'm soon at the hospital, my cheek is patched up, and the news leaks in. She's dead. My mom's dead. My dad killed my mom. Dad's in jail. Murder. Blood. Death. Jail.

My aunt, she's the nicest person ever. She took me in when my dad went to jail. They made her sign a contract to take care of me until my dad is out of jail. That means 5 years of happiness. She always treated me like her own child because her own child is away in college. Her husband past away that year. She was like my second mother. 5 years of getting good food. I made a bunch of friends, and they were all from this nice neighborhood, not from the ghetto where I use 2 live at.

My cousin soon graduated college, and I got to see her graduation. Back at my aunt's house, she would tell me stories about her life. Her stories were always interesting, but I couldn't tell her stories of my life that was that interesting. I loved her like a sister. But everything had to end.

Soon the 5 years became over, and a new life lay ahead of me.

The car honks outside, my dad is waiting for me. My legs shake, because leaving him meant a good life for me. Now that he's out from jail, I don't know if my life will be as good as it was the past years. Fear is in me.

The car just keeps honking, and I just keep ignoring. I ran to my aunt and gave her a big hug, and maybe the last hug. I hug my cousin too. Then after a couple minutes of saying bye, I picked up both of my suit cases. I was about to walk out the door when I realized I forgot something.

Quickly I ran up the carpeted stair case and into my former room and grabbed the mask. The masked covers the top half of the face and is a dark shade of blue. Gold lines the eyeholes and the right and left side. Feathers along the shades of green, purple, and blue sticks out beautifully at the two corners of the mask and jewels are placed orderly around the mask. It's beautiful, and it's the only thing I had left of my mother's. It was what my mother made in her art classes a few years back.

My dad is yelling now and honking at the same time. I ran down the stairs quickly and grabbed the two suitcases with the mask still in one of my hands.

The car isn't the same car my dad had when mother was still alive. It was a minivan. It looked new and it was black.

I carefully placed the mask in one of my suitcases before stuffing the cases in the trunk. I got into the minivan and closed the door.

My dad immediately yells at me, "Goddamit little girl, you're slow as sh-"

"Now, now honey. You said we were going to start over," said the strange lady in the front passenger seat.

I put my focus on my aunt's house with a tear down my cheeks before the minivan drove away with me, my dad, the strange lady, and the girl who sat next to me.

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