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Chapter 6: Uh oh!

I felt frozen as her blue icy eyes dug deep holes into mine. Her eyes opened up the feeling of fear inside of me, making me bare scars that may never disappear. How could I have been so naïve and stupid? I should have planned everything out before going for it, but as always, I am the one to rush things, jumping straight into a problem that I can't get out of. I can't help though at the fact that I get excited to quickly and lose hope and give up just as quick. Right now, I'm on the edge of hopelessness.

She waits for me to respond to her demand, but I can't. I was frozen in thoughts that lead to the ending of the happiness I ever had in my life and how my bright future is currently slipping away from my fingertips.

Then, she did something I never expected she would ever dare to do to me. She got up, came charging over to me like an untamed monster, grabbed me by my shoulders and forced me down on the couch twisting my injured ankle on the way. I watched the maniac that overcame her.

"You stupid girl! You really are a dumb girl! Can't even follow the simplest directions! Always messing things up and making things more complicated than they are!" she practically screamed while shaking me by the shoulder, probably trying to shake every living breath I had in me out. "I have waited 5 whole years for this, 5 whole years! It cannot be all ruined now that I have only 10 more months left. Only 10 more months!" Her disappointed animal face suddenly changes into an evil face, as if she had just thought if a devious idea that would lead her to the top.

"He he he, only 10 more months, then I can be done with you. I can do whatever I want and no one could stop me! Hehehe!"

The iron grip of her hands on my shoulders begins to hurt making me stare straight into her eyes. I couldn't decide whether to be in fear, shock, or excited. I think all at the same time. Something was happening that I didn't know about, something evil and wrong and I was for some reason I seemed to be the dead center of it. How did I drag myself so deep into this one?

"Honey?" I heard the front door close and there stood dad, right by it. It was as if the moment he stepped into he can feel the pressure between me and the witch. He knew what was going on. I could tell because his eyes widened in shock and went over to us. He took my stepmother by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen.

"What the?" my dad said starting out their conversation. I peeked into the kitchen and saw my dad shaking his head with his hand on his forehead looking disappointed. Then he took a long deep breath trying to be as calm as possible.

"Honey," he said, "you should calm down." He took her right hand into his hands and looked into her eyes like he really cared for her. I just couldn't understand his love for her. Why did her choose her? He could have stayed lonely, with just me, but I guess he doesn't care about my opinion anymore.

"10 more months, no need to get out of control," he said then changed into a whisper in which I could only catch glimpses of their conversation, "Just 10 more months…the plan…be patient…"

I watched them embrace each other for a while. I didn't want to see the things they would do next, so I slowly inched my way off the couch and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs unfortunately stood Brenda with her hands crossed obviously proud of herself. She must have crept up the stairs when her mom was blowing rage at me. It looked like she was about to go down stairs, until she noticed me. She smiled creepily and began walking down the stairs, and I began walking up the stairs. She paused in the middle of the stair case and I paused to.

"Innocent people don't always live an innocent life, so get ready," she whispered to me than snickered and went on with her ways. I think I already got that figured out the moment I placed my traveling bag in the trunk of the car.

I walked into my room like I was a zombie, lifeless and slumped down on my bed. I was waiting for something. What was I waiting for? Faith to lead me away from this nightmare? A fairy to pop out of nowhere and grant me my wish?

Maybe it was the tears, but none came out. The reason was probably the fact that even if I cry, my life will not get better. Or maybe it was because of the fact that I was hurt too much inside to even feel like crying. Things will get worse and unfair from now on and tears will only waste my time.

At least I will learn and achieve something from this nightmare. To be stronger and fearless. And this is probably the little things that I will still have a slight hope for. I will be stronger and fearless.

I heard screams, but they were not coming from me. I watched as the twins run by my room chasing each other, going down the stairs. That is one of the problems I will have to face. Then Brandon walked down the stairs, slowly and less enthusiastic. Then the same with Brianna. And it hit me! Dinner! I looked at the clock on the drawer. 7:00. I ran downstairs. Well, this was a nice start of my new life in hell.


It was bright in the room when I woke up, so bright and blinding that I barely opened my eyes. That was a little weird because my room doesn't have windows, and the room is never that bright even with the lights on in the morning. My eyes started to adjust to the bright light and I began to recognize my surroundings. I have been sleeping on a chair in the dining room with my resting on the table. I stretched and yawned lightly, breathing in, hopefully fresh air. The light was nearly magical and beautiful. I felt like I was in a fairytale, that was until I saw the entire dumpster I was in. There was spaghetti piled on the table, some strands on the floor. Broken plates on the floor and dirty sauce covered ones on the table. I felt bad for the eating utensils because they were bent and looked like it had a disorder. The chairs were also all out of place. I remembered successfully cooking spaghetti and meatballs last night, and it looked delicious, but these people made it look like the most tasteless disgusting food in the world. These people are complete pigs. I should start cleaning though because even if I don't want to, I will somehow be forced to do it anyways.

I rubbed my eyes and gave out another yawn. I swung my legs to one side of the chair and got up only to here squishy and crunching noises under my feet. I looked at what I had stepped on. There was a lump on the carpet. I went and lifted the carpet up to find out the lump was a disordered pile of broken plate and spaghetti and meatballs. I started picking up the broken plate pieces and throwing them in the trash. I grabbed the gloves used for doing the dishes and put them on using them to pick the blob of spaghetti and meatball up and into the trash. I picked up the rest of the dishes, the broken ones going into the trash and the unharmed in the sink. I scraped off any leftovers in the trash. All the eating utensils went into the sink.

In the end, I was left with unarranged chairs and the table cloth completely stained red and brown, torn and ruin. The tablecloth looked as if it had to life to it. I believe the table cloth use be a clean white. There was no saving this tablecloth. Poor tablecloth. I folded it up and threw it in the trash. The carpet was stained, but not as much as the tablecloth, it was repairable. I rearranged the chairs in the correct position.

I started to look for a rag, towel, scrubbing brush or whatever that I can use to attempt to erase the stains on the carpet. I went through the kitchen cabinets and drawers but did not find any cleaning utensils accept for the one bottle of soap and sponge near the sink. Even though I knew that if I looked around a second time, I would not find any cleaning utensils I still looked a second time. During my second time of looking around I was interrupted

""Umm… could you make us breakfast? We are really hungry."

I turned around and there stood the twins with giant pleading innocent eyes as if they never did anything horrible. It was probably the way I stared at them back that made them both whimper and took a step back. They knew I wasn't buying their little innocent act. Why should I make them breakfast anyways? Oh yeah…because I have to.


The scrambled eggs looked delicious, until the twins decided food fighting was a good way to settle the argument they had with each other. Their orange juice spilled everywhere on the table. I didn't even have time to place down a new tablecloth.

"No my eggs are yellower!" says one twin.

"But my eggs are WHITER!" says the other twin.

I tried to dodge a couple of their horrible throws, but eventually I got hit in the stomach. It did not feel nice.

My stepmother stepped into the room. She seemed to ignore the mess the twins were making. "Oh my darlings!" she said with an annoying tone. My thoughts all focused on one thing: I disliked her very much.

The twins came running towards her squealing with happiness. Their awful messy hands wrapped around their mom, staining her turquoise dress. She must be really irritated and annoyed by the twins but she still crouched and patted both of the twins' heads as if it was okay. I coughed trying to cover up my little giggle. She looked up at me with her icy blue eyes in a serious manner. I stopped pretend coughing and looked around the kitchen as if I never noticed her.

"Okay now," stepmother said to the twins and then sharply looked at me.

"I want this house spotless, before I get home. The way a person's house looks is proportionate to the person's personality if you don't know," she said to me calmly. "There is also plenty of laundry to be done. My children need clean clothing you know." Then she turned her attention to the twins.

"You two should go get cleaned up for preschool, it's the first day, and make sure you two grab your bags before coming down," she told them sweetly.

"Okay mom," they both said and smiled in sync and ran up the stairs giggling for who knows what reason.

In a split second after the twins left the room, she was in front of me with a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't try to pull any of your stupid tricks because I don't think he won't last very long. I don't think you would enjoy what might happen to him. So don't make me mad." Her abnormal grip was intolerable. The twin made it back and she finally let's go of my shoulder and I started breathing again. I wasn't breathing the whole time she was holding my shoulder.

"Mommy, mommy, it's time to go," said one twin. As if in sudden realization, the other twin said, "Oh yeah, mommy it's time to go."

"Okay sweeties," she said.

"Money is on the living room table if you need it to buy any supplies," she said.

She urges the twins out the door and as she is about to close the door she pokes her head in.

"Have fun darling," she says and snickers like it's the best joke she ever made in her entire life, "and don't mess up because he might not last very long with you messing up." And she closes the door.

As the car is started I suddenly realized something. She said he might not last very long. Who is he? I rush to the door and open it, rushing outside. But it was a little too late. The car was already at the end of the block making a turn.

I walk slowly back inside and close the door. She said he. Could it be? But it can't. I shake my head. I don't understand. If she meant what she said, then that means she isn't a regular mean stepmother. She is more than that. I may be living with a murderous lady. And now someone has their life on the line and I'm the one that decides their fate.

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