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Pairings: Nightwing/Poison Ivy, Nightwing/Harley

A/N: Yeah. It's what it sounds like. An excuse to write a lot of smut. I actually had this idea a long time ago, back in when I was first writing fan fiction. I'm sure my smut writing is 10 billion times better than it was back then. (Virgins don't write good smut. lol!) With the re-watching of the Batman: The Animated Series that my siblings and I were obsessed with, this idea re-immerged. I decided to just get it out so I could get back to my other chaptered stories. So reviews are definitely welcome, but if I don't get many or any I'll chalk it up to pure stress relief.

Please keep in mind that this version of Nightwing is based on the New Batman Adventures and Batman: The Animated Series. Nightwing is more bitter and harder in these series. I have added in some influence of character from the comics and Under the Red Hood such as his tactile, chatty nature. So don't get all uptight, because he behaves differently. Also under the circumstances about to be depicted it is natural to behave differently. Please take note that this series was also supposed to be depicting a 1940s feel, so some of the music mentioned comes from the late 40s and 50s in order to blend with the series. Poison Ivy and Harley are also depicted as the way they look in Batman: The Animated Series. Both appear more beautiful in that version.

Warnings: Lots of sex, bondage, humiliation, violence (there's no sex in violence, my ass), toys, choking, and I'm sure I'm missing some stuff. Just consider yourself warned. It's honestly not as bad as you think…

Sex and Shackles

By: MyDirtyLittleSecret

My brother, you love her
But don't give up your instincts
Hang onto you know what
They'll be gone fast as you blink
They're trained to seduce you
Suck you dry quick as they can
They bite down, reduce you
Now you're barely a man

Oh my God
How could you deny the flood
That's flowing through you

Hey you
You're saying that she's all that you desire
Hey you
You think you can throw water on this fire

It's not wrong to let go
And let the woman ride you
For fuck sake, don't lose touch
With the dog that's inside you
She wanted what you had
You bet she smelt the spore
Don't wimp up, fuck her up
One more time, slam that door

Oh my God
How can you deny the flood
That's flowing through you

Hey you
You're saying that she's all that you desire
Hey you
You think you can throw water on this fire

-Liar, By: Korn


The house was a derelict, pathetic structure. It was well hidden in the depths of the ghetto. There was no one to really take note of the three people inhabiting the condemned home. Even if anyone did notice, no one would say anything. Most of the people in this part of town could be accused of squatting as well; if not something far worse. Nightwing had given up hope that someone would report something suspicious. They were well hidden right in the middle of Gotham. He just had to hope that these two women would eventually get tired of him.

He was lying, naked except for a black leather dog collar and shackles (which were chained to the floor), on an old futon cushion in the corner of the living room. His eyes tracked the movements of Harley Quinn as she cart wheeled around the open space of the room in nothing but a white button down shirt. She was getting bored of being cooped up in the house. He knew it was only a matter of time before she came to take out her frustration and boredom on him. He shifted his gaze over to Poison Ivy, who was watering her plants with the loving attention of an over protective mother.

At first, he thought they were using him for ransom or to prove a point to Batman. It had been 2 days now. They'd made no effort to contact or lure Batman to their location. They were laying low, keeping him thoroughly drugged and enjoying his body to the fullest. They didn't take any chances with him and gave him no opportunity for escape. Ivy kept him on a schedule with her drugs. If she even thought they were starting to wear off she'd dose him again. He was never let out of the shackles (un-chained to be moved, yes). Thankfully, the shackles were padded which added some comfort. They were still to tight to wriggle out of no matter how hard he had tried.

The drugs made it so hard to think. He'd been there so long he was beginning to forget what it was he was supposed to be fighting; the drugs or the women? His world had narrowed down to only these two villainesses and whatever he was asked to do in order to please them. His thoughts were stuck in a fog beyond that. He had to obey their every whim as the drugs bent him to their will. That included answering whatever questions they asked when they wanted him to talk. He retained enough of his awareness to not disclose the most intimate secrets he knew. Whenever they asked him things like who is Batman, where the bat cave is, or even who he was, he'd do whatever it took not to answer. That meant biting his tongue, gouging his fingernails into his thighs, or whatever else caused pain to keep him lucid enough not to respond. After a while, they stopped interrogating him because he was causing to much damage to himself. He couldn't please them if he was hurt or to weak from blood loss.

He tensed when he realized Harley had snuck up on him when he almost dozed off while getting lost in his thoughts. He realized with a start that she was reaching for his mask. It was a mistake she'd never make again. As soon as Harley's hand rested on the domino mask, he attacked like a wild dog. He snarled, teeth baring and eyes blazing, as he grabbed her wrist. He threw her down (nearly breaking her arm) as his other hand came up to lock around her throat. She shrieked, kicking and writhing against the death grip on her neck. He probably would have killed her if not for Ivy grabbing his collar and dragging him off. The red head had cuffed him hard over the head. He staggered back. Sobriety was suddenly within grasp. He glanced at Harley in horror and then down at his own hands. What the hell had just happened? He'd never snapped quite like that before. He was given no more time to contemplate his transgression. Ivy grabbed his chin, pulled his face up to hers and kissed him. He moaned in half hatred of the drugs slipping through his system and the pleasure from her mouth. Then the haze was fogging up his mind again.

"Daddy-Bats must have really beaten that into your head," Harley grumbled as she sat up and rubbed at her throat. "And I thought Mistah J had issues. Sheesh!"

"Some things are ingrained in to deep for the drugs to control," Ivy admonished in a lecturing tone. "From now on stay away from his mask."

"He's turning out to be more trouble than he's worth," the clowness scowled, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh I wouldn't say that. He has some wonderful skills we've put to use. You're a good boy, aren't you?" Ivy cooed, petting him lovingly like he was an oversized dog. A big dangerous dog…Nightwing found himself leaning into her hand as his eyes fluttered shut. The touch made him happy, and that disgusted him. "See, he can be tamed."

"Yeah, like a circus tiger." Harley pouted.

Nightwing's head snapped around so he could glare at her.

"I think what you said made him angry, Harl." Ivy smirked.

"Why? Were you a circus freak?" Harley taunted the vigilante.

"Yes," Nightwing found himself answering to his dismay.

The two women stared at him in surprise.

"Well, that explains a lot." Harley giggled.

Nightwing ground his teeth together, muscles tensing and wishing he could hurt her.

"Settle, big boy." Ivy soothed, trailing a hand down his back. She stood up, snapped a leash to his collar, and tugged him over to the couch. She sat down, arranging herself before patting the cushion next to her. Nightwing laid down until he was sprawled out the length of the couch. He rested his head in her lap with a soft sigh. He loathed being forced to behave like this. He could not make himself disobey though. It physically pained him not to please them and do what they told him. He answered to Ivy more so than Harley, though. He growled spitefully in the back his throat as Ivy took up petting him once more. He both loved how her fingers scraped across his scalp, sending shiver up his spin, and hated that she could arouse him even without the sex pollen. She ignored him and focused her attention back on Harley.

"Why were you trying to take his mask off anyways?" Ivy asked. "If he won't say his name, why do you think he'd allow that?"

"That damn mask covers up his pretty expressions. I just wanted to see what color his eyes were?" She scowled.

"Why didn't you just ask?"

Harley brightened up. "I didn't think of that!"

Nightwing grit his teeth as she clapped her hands together with excitement. She knelt in front of him with a big grin on her face. "What color are your eyes, pet?"

He shuddered all over as he fought not to answer. They were getting to close to the truth. It's to much; his subconscious warred with his drugged mind. It's just a color, his mind teased. No, no…! "Blue," he hissed, through clenched teeth.

"What color blue?" She cajoled further.

"Twilight." He growled.

"Oh how pretty!" Harley clapped her hands again. "I wanna see!" Her hands started moving towards his face.

He tensed up, growling in the back of his throat.

"Harley," Ivy warned, pushing Nightwing's head back down onto her lap. "Relax," she appeased him. "We won't take it." He went nearly limp, obeying her order, but feeling relieved all the same. "Don't antagonize him, Harl. He's sensitive."

Harley harrumphed and crossed her arms over her chest again. "He likes you more than me," she pouted.

"Naturally," Ivy smiled. "My drugs make him more drawn to me."

"That's not fair at all. I was the one that lured out to be captured." The clowness scowled.

Nightwing rolled his eyes at her childish behavior. He was seriously going to kick his own ass somehow for this later when he got free. He couldn't believe he fell for such a simple, stupid trap. He should have sensed something was wrong. He should have seen it coming.

He had been chasing after Harley through a darkened warehouse. He'd had no warning before Ivy's vines caught him up in a steel like grip. He'd had no idea that the two women had teamed up. He hadn't even thought they were friends anymore after the last incident. He should have known better than to under estimate these kinds of women. He thought he'd learned his lesson after the supposed 'partnership' with Catwoman. Every time he thought he was finally starting to prove that he could do things on his own something like this happened. He was beginning to wonder if it was some higher power telling him he was meant to be with a partner.

These two women hadn't made any grand gestures or speeches when they caught him. They had been quick and efficient. He didn't even have enough time to try to break through the vines with his edged gauntlets, before Ivy had him by the chin and was kissing him. The drug had subdued him swiftly. No matter what he did to fight it his body wouldn't listen. It answered only to Ivy and Harley. He felt like a passenger along for the ride. He had never felt so out of control in his entire life and it terrified him. It also infuriated him. That hadn't even been the worst of it.

They'd hurried him to a car and driven to their hideout. Soon as the women had him into their hideout, Ivy ordered him to strip down. He'd felt nauseated as piece by piece his identity was taken off and tossed in a pile. His mask had stayed. At the time, they hadn't pushed for him to take it off. When he stood bare in front of them, they'd appraised him like he was some show quality animal. Ivy had deemed him worthy of keeping then promptly blew sex pollen in his face.

"Why me?" he'd gasped desperately.

"Oh you know how girls are. We see a pretty new thing and we want it." Ivy smiled wickedly. "But you weren't just pretty. You were beautiful. Didn't anyone tell you that it's dangerous to run around in an outfit like that? It might attract unwanted attention. Not even a cape to cover that fine looking backside of yours." He sucked in a thick, heavy breath as her fingers ran over his bare backside. The sex pollen was beginning to burn through his system like a firestorm.

"And you were easy prey," Harley grinned broadly, leaning forward into his face. He'd wished he could lean away. "Batman would never have gotten caught. And that new Robin is just too young."

"Maybe we felt it was justice to use you. After all these years of throwing us behind bars, it's only fair." Ivy continued. Her hand traced from his backside around his hip and pausing only centimeters from his quickly rising cock. "You and Batman were always destroying our pets and plants, so we thought maybe we should get something Batman won't destroy. A pet he'd be upset to have hurt…"

"Oh! And since you're our pet now we got you a collar!" Harley chirped, reaching over to the dining room table and picking up a plain black leather collar. "We even personalized it for you!"

Nightwing's eyes dropped down to the silver tag hanging from the collar. His vigilante name was scrawled into the sterling silver metal. He felt panic course through him along with another wave of nausea. This was so much worse than anything he'd thought they had planned for him. Torture he could endure. Days without food or water. Beatings. Whatever. But this…humiliation, it was to much. For a moment, the sheer force of his panic was enough to over ride the drug and propel him backwards. He scrambled away from them until he hit a wall. None of the things that had happened to him could have ever prepared him for such a complete loss of control.

"Stay still!" Harley snapped and his body obeyed, freezing in place. She sauntered over and tipped his head back to gain access to his throat. He closed his eyes as she slipped the leather around his jugular and fastened it tight. Not enough to obstruct his breathing, but enough so the he felt it with every pull of air he dragged in. "There. You look even prettier like that, bird boy."

Ivy stepped in front of him as well. "You're going to be a good pet, aren't you? Do everything we ask?" She reached out to run her fingers through his fine black hair.

He swallowed hard as he felt the compelling nature of the drugs forcing him to obey. "Yes." He bit out, the sick feeling inside him growing.

"Good. From now on only speak when we want you to answer. You are a pet so you express yourself like one. Don't try to escape. If you try, you will be punished. Understood?" Ivy inquired sternly. He found himself nodding. "Now come. Harley and I want to see how talented a pet you can be." She smirked as she turned away and walked towards the bedroom. Nightwing slowly stepped away from the wall and followed after her. Harley walked behind him, staring at his ass the whole way. The rest all became hazy after that bedroom door slammed shut…

Ivy lifted her hand from Nightwing's head, bringing him back from the thick fog of his thoughts. "Go please, Harley. She's feeling left out."

Nightwing found himself slinking off the couch to crawl across the floor to Harley. She smiled like a kid receiving candy. His cock was already growing heavy with need between his legs. He crouched in front of Harley, waiting for any commands. Harley smirked, reaching out to grab his hair and pull his head back. He swallowed thickly as his neck was exposed. The awkward angle forced him back onto his heels. He kept his arms limp at his sides. He knew better now than to make a move without permission.

"You're such a pretty pet," Harley cooed with a leer.

He leaned forward just a little bit, offering himself, and trying not to believe he actually wanted this. He really couldn't be coming close to begging for it. That had to be the drugs. He hated himself all the more for the denial. Harley's leer turned even more taunting. Of course, she could see what all this was doing to him. She'd once been a brilliant psychologist. He was sure underneath all the insanity, she was still smart enough to read him.

"It's alright to want," she whispered into his ear.

He shook his head a little, trying to deny the sex pollen and his own lust making his dick throb in anticipation.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, bird boy," She chuckled. She lifted up her shirt and slid onto his lap. He settled himself so he was a little more comfortable with her weight on his thighs. She rubbed herself against him like a cat stretching after a long, languid nap. He groaned, eyes fluttering shut. She was wet already. Every touch of her silken skin against his cock was heaven and hell all rolled into one. She rubbed her clit against the swollen head of his dick, enjoying the sounds escaping his throat as she worked them both into a higher state of desire. His hands twitched at his sides. He itched to reach up and feel her.

"Go ahead," she breathed in his ear. "Touch me."

He slid his hands under her shirt with a sigh of relief. Large, warm palms dragged up her sides before taking a breast in each hand. He squeezed roughly and rubbed the pad of his thumbs over her nipples. She arched her back, rolling her hips against him harder, as he pinched her nipples. She had him so distracted that he barely noticed her shifting her hips to line up with his cock. He made a sound like the air had been punched out his lungs when she slammed herself down onto his erection. Her hands clamped onto his biceps, using him for leverage as she began to work herself on his cock. Her hips rolled, lifted, flexing herself up and down the length of him. His head dropped back as she rode him faster. He couldn't stop his fingers from digging into the soft flesh of her breasts out of sheer reflex. She keened, bucking hard. She felt so good around him; tight, warm, and moist. She was driving him crazy! Thankfully, it didn't last long. She was coming moments later with a half choked off cry.

She rose up off him completely as soon as she calmed down. He whined in agony, so hard he would cry if he was able, and surged his hips up trying to meet hers. She laughed meanly as she hovered over his erection. She dipped down letting him sink in only to the head before lifting back up and doing it again. He began to pant, desperate want and aching erection making him almost verbally beg for her to just finish him.

"Harley…" Ivy warned. She didn't like it when the clowness teased him. He could kiss her for that right now.

Harley pouted, not happy about having her fun taken away from her. "Fine," she grumped before sinking back down on him. He moaned in appreciation, hands rubbing her sides in something like thanks before she smacked them away. She finished him off with quick, deep smacks of her hips. He was spiraling over the edge in moments. He came with a broken shout; hands convulsing on her thighs as his body shuddered through his orgasm. When he could breathe again and semi-think, he realized his face was pressed into her neck. He was surprised she let him stay like that for even a few seconds. She didn't like him acting to familiar with her (unlike Ivy). She got off and stood up. He leaned forward obediently to lick her clean of his cum. He shivered as she pet his head like he was a dog being rewarded for behaving well. He sat back on his heels when he was done and watched her straighten out her shirt.

"Go back to Ivy," she ordered.

He slunk back over to the red head, crawling back onto the couch, and settling with his head in her lap once more.

"Good boy," Ivy praised, scratching his back the way he liked. He tried not to purr in appreciation.

"He still likes you more than me," Harley remarked, before disappearing into the bedroom.

"Is that true?" Ivy asked with a coy smirk.

He glanced up at her emerald eyes. "Yes," he answered honestly.

"Good." Ivy smiled, and it was a truly content looking smile.


It didn't take Nightwing very long to figure out that Ivy didn't like to share him. She didn't like Harley to be in the room when she decided she wanted to use him for sex. He shouldn't have been surprised to find out that she liked to take things slower and really indulge in the moment. Harley was all about fast and furious, which in several ways was a good thing. If her sessions with him carried on any longer than they did, he'd probably be dead by now. At least, with Ivy he never had to worry about not getting off or being tormented in the process. In fact, if they weren't in this situation he'd believe it was more than just sex to Ivy. He always enjoyed himself when he was with the red head and that freaked him out.

"Stop drifting away," Ivy reprimanded, bring him back to the present. This constant drifting of murky thoughts was just another side effect of the drug, but he was getting sick of it.

He nodded, arching his hips up to hers as she sank down onto him. He let out a soft moan as her nails scraped down his sides. She had quickly learned all the places on his body that made him ache with arousal. His biggest weakness, he'd found was the feeling of her nails on any part of him. He didn't know why. Something about the light scratching set his nerves to tingling. He reached up to wrap his arms around her back and pull her down. She didn't resist. She slid her arms around his neck and burying her face in his throat. The damp wash of her breath made him tremble. She tucked her hips down, grinding their pelvises together. He rolled his hips up to meet hers. They found a slow, deep rhythm that built up the pleasure and pressure. He couldn't stop himself from rubbing his palms over every inch of skin he could reach; back, sides, ass, thighs, and anywhere else in between. She shivered hard against him and started to go still. She was close to coming. He gripped her ass in both hands and thrust into her a little harder. A few snaps of his hips had her coming in soft cry, muffled against his throat. She started to move again after a moment. She pushed up, gaining more leverage, so she could move easier. He looked up, watching her bright red hair flutter about her and the soft bounce of her breasts with each rock of her body. Her emerald green eyes were half closed as she exulted in the dance between them. She was so damn beautiful. He wanted really badly to kiss her all of the sudden. Not just that, he wanted to roll her underneath him and show her how he really worshipped a woman. His teeth caught his bottom lip as a sharp wave of lust had his body jittering close to orgasm. Another sharp roll of her hips and he was gone. He gasped aloud, hands gripping hard onto her hips, as he came. It felt so damn good, so fucking perfect. And that was so fucking wrong…

When he opened his eyes and looked up at her, she was staring at him with an expression of confused wonder and desire. He wondered if maybe he looked the same way. There was thick feeling of possibility there for something more. He could feel it like a drug in the air. She leaned forward until her lips were only a scant inch away from his. Own. She hesitated. They stared at each other. Both were caught in the tension and attraction that teased at them. His hand reached up, hovering millimeters from her cheek. They stayed that way for one long, frozen moment.

She sat up abruptly, pushing his hand away and climbing off him. She glared at him over her shoulder, like it was his fault for making her feel that way. "You're just a pet!" She said, fiercely. Whether to remind him or her, it didn't matter. The words snapped them both back to the reality of the situation. Whatever it was, they'd felt was just ridiculous. She chained him back to the bed and swiped her shirt off the ground. She tugging it on, and then stalked out the door; slamming it shut in her wake.


Nightwing felt filthy. He'd been here for several days since his capture and he had yet to shower. He felt grimy with sweat and other various bodily fluids. It was starting to get to him. Normally he'd be able to deal with it if he had clothes on. However, sitting around completely naked, filthy and stinking of sex was a to much to put up with. He eyed the bathroom longingly for what felt like the hundredth time in the last hour.

"Do you have to use the bathroom?" Ivy ask suddenly, apparently picking up on his agitation.

He glanced over at her. "No."

"Then what do you want?"

"A shower," he answered curtly.

Harley popped up over the edge of the couch to smirk at him. "Pets don't shower."

"She's right, but you are beginning to smell. A pet does need proper grooming," Ivy remarked. She had taken to treating him like even more of a dog lately after the near kiss in the bedroom. "A bath it is then."

He sat up straighter despite himself, eager at the prospect of being clean. Shit, now they were both looking pleased at his reaction.

Harley jumped up with a smile and danced over to him. "What a cute pet," Harley cooed, reaching out to tousle his hair. "Are you happy to get a bath, birdy?" She asked in that annoying tone people used on small dogs and children. She quickly unchained him from the floor.

"Yes," he answered, because he had to.

"Well, c'mon, big boy," Ivy stood up and walked to the bathroom.

He jumped up and followed after her, practically on her heels.

"If he had a tail he'd be wagging it," Harley taunted.

Nightwing ignored her. He watched as Ivy ran the water, dumping in some flowery smelling bubble bath, and letting the tub fill. Soon as Ivy turned off the water, he nearly dove in into the tub. Water splashed over the sides in his enthusiasm. He heard Ivy shriek, jumping back, and Harley giggling wildly. He didn't care. The water was absolutely heavenly. He slid all the way under the water, reveling in the heat. He came out when he couldn't hold his breath any longer. He gasped, swiping the bubbles off his face. He sank back against the back of the tub and stretched out the as much as he could.

Ah, so much better, he thought contentedly as his eyes drifted shut.

He listened to Ivy gathering up the shampoo and soap, pulling a towel out of the closet, and then settling down beside him on the edge of the tub.

"Sit forward," she said.

He did as she asked. She poured some shampoo on to his head and began to scrub it into his hair. He found himself sighing happily.

"Can I get in too?" Harley asked, tip toeing forward.

He cracked on eye open and growled at her.

Ivy smirked. "I think that's a no, Harl."

The blond crossed her arms and pouted. "Well, that's no fun."

Ivy continued to work her fingers through Nightwing's hair. Oh, he could get used to this kind of pampering. He rumbled low in his throat as she scratched his scalp as she scrubbed.

"Maybe we should have just bathed you first," Ivy remarked in his ear. "Then you wouldn't have been so against staying with us."

He shrugged. He wasn't going to tell her that since he'd been here his tactile side had been more than appeased. He'd never had this much continual contact with anyone in a very long time. It was soothing, wonderful, and stripping his will to fight. His desire for touch had always been one of his greatest weaknesses. It had gotten him into some pretty crappy relationships and some shitty situations when he'd been out on his own. Now, it was coaxing him to forget escape, ignore the danger, and give in to the demands these two women made of his body without a fight.

She picked up a cup, turned on the faucet, and rinsed out his hair carefully. She picked up the conditioner and began to work that into his hair. He didn't think he'd ever gotten this kind of luxurious treatment even when he'd paid for it at a barber shop. Another thorough rinsing had his hair shiny, clean, and smelling faintly girly. He honestly didn't care how it smelled. She picked up a bright pink loofa, poured an exuberant amount of rose smelling body wash on it, and began to work it into a thick, bubbly lather. She leaned over and began to scrub his back, starting at the tops of his shoulders and working downwards. She washed every inch of his arms, sides, and back, massaging over his skin with her hands as she went. He was practically melting into the water underneath her ministrations.

"Let me wash his front!" Harley's voice startled him out of the daze he'd slipped into. She had a pleading look in her eyes. She was obviously jealous…again.

Ivy handed over the loofa without a fuss. Perhaps she was getting tired of Harley's complaining as well.

"Stand up," Harley sing songed at him.

Nightwing got reluctantly to his feet. He would rather stay under Ivy's talented hands. He just knew Harley was going to mess with him. He wasn't wrong.

She washed him from the throat down. She teased the loofa over his nipples then scrapped across them with her nails as she worked her way down his chest. The touches started a low burn of arousal in him that he could have rather done without for a while. However, the sex pollen made his body hyper aware and react whether he wanted to or not. Her hands played around the jut of his hips, trailing down the V shape muscle to his semi- hard dick. She washed his member thoroughly. She rolled loofa around the head, swirled it around the length, and reached back to wash his balls carefully. Her hands skipped away from his erection as soon as he was fully hard. She smirked as she moved the loofa to wash his thighs, deliberately staying away from his erection. He made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat as her fingers teased the insides of his thighs. She drew the pads of her fingers nearly up to his balls before sliding away again. He glared as she performed the same trick several times. He was achingly hard by then and wished she'd just stop teasing.

"Harley, quite being mean. If you are going to get him off then do it," Ivy sighed in irritation.

Nightwing cut his eyes over to her in silent thanks. She pretended to ignore the glance.

"You always ruin the fun, Ivy," Harley scowled.

Ivy snatched loofa back. "I never liked teasing animals. It's cruel. Go do something else while I finish cleaning him."

Harley huffed angrily and stomped out, slamming the door behind her.

"Sit back down and enjoy the water while it's still warm," Ivy ordered.

Nightwing was pleased to do as he was told for once. He sank back down into the water with a sigh. He was still painfully aroused though. He shifted his hands against his thighs. He wanted to take care of it, but he'd already been told not to touch himself unless told to. He grit his teeth, as he sank lower into the water. Another erection he'd have to will away or wait until they decided to take care of for him.

"Poor bird," Ivy cooed gently, petting his hair. "I'll make you feel better."

He looked over at her in surprise. Since when did she care if his sexual frustration put him in pain? He didn't really care though as she slipped her hand under the water to wrap around his cock. His eyes slipped shut as soft, grateful groan escaped him. She stroked him in long, twisting pulls that had him panting in seconds. His hips jittered slightly as her thumb found his favorite spot and rubbed it with every stroke. Damn, she was good. Her pace quickened, drawing him closer to release. A moment later, his whole body went rigid as his climax surged through him. He gasped then whined as the pleasure over took all his senses for a few blissful seconds. It was over almost to fast. If he'd had more presence of mind he might have been embarrassed about how fast she'd gotten him off. He was a little disgusted with himself at the whine he'd let out. He rarely whined. He didn't care at this point. He felt good, loose and worn out. It was all that really mattered in the haze of his drugged mind.

Maybe if he had been able think clearly he would never have done what he did next…

He reached up to cup her face and draw her closer. She was so startled by his sudden move that she didn't think to pull away. His lips found hers easily. He kissed her slow and deep, not daring to use tongue. He pulled away after a few seconds. His hand dropped back into the water as he shifted away. She didn't move away from him like he thought she would. She didn't even punish him as he'd been certain she would. Instead, she just stared at him with a puzzled, semi-dazed look.

"Why'd you do that?" She asked softly with a hitch in her voice.

"I wanted to," he answered simply. "You never said no kissing."

"We've never kissed you," she pointed out.

He shrugged. "Doesn't mean I can't kiss you."

This was the most he'd talked since he'd been with them. She found she liked the sound of his voice very much. She had liked his kiss even more. Keeping him was turning out to be dangerous for her, more so than she would have thought. She had calculated the risks of being caught by Batman. That was a known danger. These feelings that Nightwing was causing in her were not something she had been prepared for at all. It went beyond plain lust and attraction. She'd always felt that for him even when she'd first met him as Robin. He had always had this fierce, passionate way about him that just caught her attention. No, these were feelings of caring, and that was bad. But until she decided to let him go, he was hers. And she would take what she could get from him. Danger be damned.

"Kiss me again," she whispered. Her lips twitched into a smile at the shocked look on his face. He was quick to oblige her though.


Nightwing had spent more than a year traveling the world. He'd learned a lot about fighting, losing, surviving, and himself. He had thought he could handle anything that came his way. He thought there was nothing else to learn about himself. He had been arrogant to assume that. Everyone was always learning more, especially about themselves. He shouldn't have been so surprised to find he liked some of the things Harley did to him. He was by no means new to the whole sex thing. Hell, he was the type to get it where he could (male or female). So he'd done some pretty kinky things in the past with people he trusted. However, he had never tried or even thought to try some of the things Harley had done to him.

He never would have thought he was a gasper. Being choked while getting off had never sounded like his idea of a good time. He didn't exactly have a choice in this though. She could ask him if he wanted to, but she knew he'd say yes. He had to. The drugs made him. In his mind though, he was chanting 'no no no no' like a mantra that might make it all stop. It didn't.

That was why he was lying here now, with Harley's hands around his throat, as she rode him hard. His heart was pounding a mile a minute from the anxiety, excitement, and twisted pleasure coursing through his system. He could breathe only in short, small gasps. Not nearly enough, as his vision started to get spotty. His hands were clamped around Harley's wrists (She had removed the linking chain between the shackles so that he could at least touch her easily. His wrists were still chained to the posts of the bed), unable to make himself let go even when she told him too. His survival instincts were warring fiercely inside him with the drugs. He writhed beneath her, nearly unseating her a few time. Her hips flexed and rolled with every move he made like he was some horse she was taming to saddle. The pleasure was burning brighter in him. It felt like liquid fire coursing through every vein. She sneered down at him as she twisted her hips a certain way and slammed down on him. The move made him jerk as ecstasy spiked through him. The moan he wanted to release was caught in his throat. The only sound that snuck out was an embarrassing, whimpering gasp. She laughed at that, making her tighten around him. His eyes half rolled back in his head as her slick walls clamped around him.

Fuck, he thought. She is gonna kill me. I am gonna die like this…

His back arched as she ground her hips down hard into his and flexed her walls around him, using the new found stimulus against him. She continued to just grind down on to him, shifting her hips around in small circles. It was good, so fucking good, but he needed more friction. He wished she'd just lift up and start riding him hard again. He really wished she'd let him breathe more than anything. A second later, he got one wish as she rose up to sink back down on him. She slammed herself down on to him, once then twice; and suddenly she was coming. She tossed her head back, sending her blond hair flying about her, and cried out loudly. He tried to groan as her walls convulsed around him. It was to much sensation and not enough all at the same time. He was so damned close. Move, he begged silently, please! He was so close he could taste it. His whole body was trembling in need. His conscious was narrowed down to the orgasm building almost painfully in him. She barely shifted her hips and then he was there. His whole world exploded. He heard someone scream, belated realizing it was him. His vision actually went almost completely dark as pleasure roared through every nerve in his body. He felt like he left his body for a moment; floating away on sensation. Then suddenly there was a shock of light and the pleasure intensified. Harley had let go of her death grip on his throat. The shock of oxygen to his brain had sent his body into another soaring orgasm. Stars burst across his vision. He couldn't think, see, or hear as rapture tore through every part of him. He was nothing in those moments, but a creature of pleasure.

When he came back to himself, Harley was smirking like a Cheshire cat. He was still breathing like a runaway freight train. His heart was pounding so loud in his ears he was surprised she couldn't hear it.

"Fuck," he whispered, voice weak from shouting and his throat being constricted. He cringed, waiting for her to hit him for speaking when it wasn't allowed.

"Man, did you scream!" Harley laughed, jiggling on top of him as she clapped her hands.

He moaned deeply as she clamped down around him and the wriggling made his hips stutter under her. It felt like another mini orgasm shoot through him at the motion. It felt so good it hurt. He was still too sensitized after that ecstatic orgasm from before. He didn't think he'd ever come that hard in his life. He reached up to grab her hips and held her in place, so he could recover. He prayed she wouldn't use her apparently very useful inner muscles to torment him further.

"Look, you even made Ivy come running in here to make sure I didn't kill you," Harley continued to giggle.

Nightwing lifted his head up and looked over at the doorway, where the red head was watching them silently. He thought he could see the concern in her eyes, but mostly she just looked annoyed. Why would she care about what happened to him?

"You're kinkier than I ever would have thought." Harley remarked as she pushed his hands off and climbed off him. "Who would have guessed Batman's big bird is a gasper?"

He swallowed hard, trying to rid his mouth of the cottony feeling. "I'm not." The questioning quality of the statement had been the only thing allowing him to speak up.

"Oh, you are, bird boy. You liked it…a lot." She smiled broadly at him.

And he had. Fuck, it'd been so intense it'd felt like an out of body experience. He didn't bother to argue with her any further. He dropped his head back down onto the mattress and just laid there trying to get his breathing back under control. Harley shoved his hands off her hips before lifting up and sliding off him. He let out a relieved sigh. Harley laughed at his reaction.

"I've still got lots more planned for you, bird boy. Just you wait." She grinned playfully.

Fuck, she really was trying to kill him with sex. He didn't resist as she chained the shackles back together and then tightened the chain so it pulled his arms back over his head. He had no desire to move any time soon after that session. He'd never felt so drained after an orgasm in his life.


He'd been with them for more than a week now. He had gotten somewhat used to the weird things they (well mostly Harley) thought up to do to him. Looking over at the blond as she argued with Ivy made him remember what she'd done to him last…

"You ever take it in the ass, bird boy?"


"Oooh, naughty. That'll make this way more enjoyable then." Harley smirked, holding up a dildo shaped vibrater. He swallowed slowly at the sight of it.

His heart raced as the dildo was rubbed against his anus. He bit his lip, half closing his eyes, as she began to press it inside him. She hadn't bothered to prepare him or maybe didn't know she was supposed to. He concentrated on staying loose and allowing himself to open as easily as possible to the intrusion. It'd been so long since he'd felt anything inside him that he'd almost forgotten how strange and good it felt to be opened this way. He forced himself to relax as she kept pushing more inside him. Thankfully, she'd been very generous with the lube. It helped the dildo slip inside him smoothly.

The first vibration tore a startled yelp out him. Holy shit, no wonder women used these things! He thought.

Soon he was writhing, unable to stop himself from doing so, as the pleasure raced through him. It was like every nerve was being electrocuted. Continuous moans spilled from his lips as Harley worked the dildo in and out, touching his prostate on almost every thrust in. It was driving him wild. He was gonna lose it fast. She clamped her hand down around his dick, staving off his orgasm, and making him groan in near agony. The pleasure was to good—too much. He wanted to come. He bucked his hips as the dildo vibrated over his prostate. He couldn't even stop the tears that were leaking out from under his mask from sensory overload. Harley pulled the dildo out once more before shoving it back in and pressing it expertly to his prostate. She held it there, making him nearly scream as he was stimulated. His cock was a drooling mess. Then suddenly her hand flew open, releasing the pressure. He jerked and came with choked cry. Cum splattered over his stomach and chest in an arch as his body bowed up under the sheer force of his orgasm. The vibrations continued to buzz down his nerves making him nearly sob with ecstasy as aftershocks bolted through him. It felt so good it bordered on agony. He was relieved when she finally pulled out and left him to recuperate.

"C'mon, Red!" Harley's voice, jerked him back to the present. He remembered they were still arguing.

He scratched absentmindedly at the collar as he listened to their discussion with growing irritation. He'd gotten comfortable enough with his collar that he barely notice it anymore. He was responding to the pet names much to his distaste. He hardly spoke. His communicating consisted of more dog like sounds. He laid in their laps, let them pet his hair and body, and responded happily when they talked to him in that cooing voice that irritated the crap out of him. So in essence he was becoming the pet they wanted to make him into. This, however, was a new humiliation…

Thank God, for the drugs pumping through his system, because he might have actually really hurt them for this one.

"It needs to be cut," Harley was saying.

"But I think it's pretty," Ivy argued.

"He looks like a girl with all that hair. Besides didn't it used to be short?" The blond asked shrewdly.

They both looked over at him.

"Yes," he spat. It'd taken a long time to grow his hair out to this length. If they cut it off he was going t be seriously pissed…even if Harley had a point.

"It looked better short!" Harley said loudly.

"He's not a boy anymore," ivy remarked. "That style is out dated for him."

"So do something else."

Ivy crossed her arms, still resistant to the idea. She regarded Nightwing thoughtfully. "Do you want a hair cut?"

"No." He replied fiercely.

"See, Harl."

"He's a pet! He doesn't get a say! Besides, his hair keeps getting in the way! It gets caught in the chains, his collar, and whatever else! We have to brush out the tangles! I've got enough of my own hair to brush!" Harley continued to fight.

Even Ivy had to admit she had made a valid argument at this point.

"Besides all that hair gives the bad guys something to grab onto in a fight!" Harley laid down her final figurative card in the debate.

Ok, Nightwing had to agree with her there. That had already happened a few times. The long hair was getting to be a pain in the ass. It'd been more about lack of money, time, or it being a priority when he was traveling that kept him from cutting it. Longer hair had helped him blend in some countries. He supposed now it'd out lived its usefulness. But dammit, he wanted to be the one to make the decision of where and when his hair got hacked off.

"Ivy used to be a hair stylist, you know," Harley remarked. "So she'll do a good job. So I say cut it off!"

Nightwing blinked and looked at Ivy for confirmation. Ivy reached over to run her fingers through his long, fine hair. She sighed in defeat.


So that was how the vigilante found himself sitting on a chair in the middle of the kitchen with ivy holding a pair of scissors. He eyed the sharp blades in her hand with worry. At least, they'd thrown a sheet over him so he wouldn't get hair in weird places. Ivy also had a pair of real hair cutting scissors, not just something you'd use around the house. That made him feel slightly better, but not by much. Two crazy chics and a pair of scissors was enough to make anyone nervous, but when one was supposed to be cutting his hair…

"Sit still," Ivy reminded him when he shifted tensely.

He sat ramrod straight in the chair. There was no way they could order him not to scowl through the whole affair though. Harley sat on the counter watching, with a lollipop in her mouth, giving her opinions. Ivy ignored her as she began to lop off big chunks of black hair. Nightwing watched in dismay as his hair was hacked off and dropped to the floor. He couldn't do anything about it. All that time spent, he thought sadly.

When his hair got shorter, Ivy began to cut more precisely. He actually did feel like he was at a professional barber shop with the quick, efficient way she was cutting. His neck felt naked as she trimmed his hair in close to the back of his head. That was an odd sensation he hadn't felt in a long while. She left about an inch and a half in the back before continuing to style the hair on the top of his head. When she was down she picked up the electric razor (one that was normally used for shaving other places, to his dismay) and trimmed up the fine hairs on his neck, in front of his ears, and edges. She scrubbed her fingers through his hair to shake out the loose clippings before the sheet off of him. She grabbed a bottle of hair gel and began to style his hair up. It was over much faster than he'd anticipated.

"Not bad," Harley whistled. "Oh you look so much better! What a pretty pet!"

"He does look handsome," Ivy agreed. "More mature." She grabbed a small mirror and held it up for Nightwing to see her handiwork.

He was actually pleasantly surprised. Ivy had done a fantastic job. She'd kept his hair about 3 inches long on the top so it could still be styled. The rest tapered down into the close cropped hair on the back of his head. It looked neat, spiked up just enough to give it some texture. It looked sort of like George Clooney's hair cut, now that he thought about it. It did make him look older and more mature. He actually looked really damn good.

"Do you like it?" Ivy asked curiously.

"Yes, I do," he answered sincerely.

"Good," she pet his cheek and gave him a kiss. Harley wrinkled up her nose at that, but said nothing.

Nightwing could tell that she was actually very pleased that he liked the haircut. Huh, he thought, she is beginning to act like she cares


Nightwing was supremely grateful for the radio that broke what could have otherwise been unbearable silences. There was no TV in the old abandoned house. Even if there was, Nightwing had a feeling Ivy would have kept it turned off as much as possible. So entertainment usually came from sex, but when neither woman wanted sex there was nothing to do. The silences at those times could be deafening and so could the cat fights they got into on a nearly daily basis. The day Harley brought home a worn looking radio had been a huge relief. In the mornings, she turned on talk shows which helped him stay informed of the outside world. It was somewhat disappointing to know that Gotham was surviving just fine without him. It angered him to know that Bludhaven was spiraling again without him. The rest of the day, Harley rotated between several stations playing R&B, rock and roll, blues, and pop. Usually he hated the radio, because they'd play only one good song than five bad ones. Now he didn't care what was played. The music was a welcome distraction. It helped him pretend he was somewhere else for a while.

This particular afternoon, he was sprawled out on his back on the futon. Ivy was once again tending to her roses. It was Harley's turn to cook dinner so she was in the kitchen banging pots around. The radio was turned up as loud as the blond dared put it without receiving scathing remarks from Ivy. The radio was tuned into a pop station this time. A song came on that he was one of his favorites; Simple Melody by: Bing Crosby and Gary Crosby. It had come out his senior year of college. He remembered being forced into singing it with Brian one night. He and his small gang of friends had been hanging out at a pub. Sam, Vicky, and Barbara had thought they were going to embarrass him. Man, had he surprised them. He didn't usually sing a lot in public, despite his chorus stint in high school. He did like to belt it out in his loft when he was alone, but that was about it. He'd been told by a lot of people that he had a good voice. Maybe in another life he might have tried to do something with that voice. It didn't matter. He'd nailed that song that night. He sang Gary Crosby's part to perfection. Just remembering the looks on his friends' faces made him grin in triumph again.

He heard someone singing and belated realized it was him. He hadn't even been aware that he was until the absence of the other sounds in the house became noticeable. The sound of Ivy's sheers and the banging of pots had stopped. He also found that he was out singing the volume on the radio. He stopped abruptly. Shit, he thought. Damn drugs had sent him off into his own little world again. He very slowly tipped his head back to see both women staring at him like he'd grown a third eye. He was pretty sure his expression would have been described as sheepish in that moment.

"You sing?" Harley asked from the kitchen doorway. She looked utterly awestruck.

"Uh…yeah." He said.

"You like Bing Crosby?" Ivy inquired, shocked.

He nodded. "Very much."

Their eyebrows were practically to their hairlines by now.

"You have a beautiful singing voice," Ivy said in stunned disbelief.

"Thanks," he muttered. He could feel himself blushing now. The look of amazed appreciation for the new talent they'd learned about made him embarrassed.

"From now on, bird boy, you can sing to every song you know," Harley grinned.

He blinked in surprise. He'd been sort of expecting to get punished. Singing was after all, sustained talking. He'd been ordered not to talk. But now, he could sing. It was actually a relief. At least, he could use his voice for something other than degrading animalistic noises. He smiled for the first time in what felt like a long time.

Ivy strolled over and knelt down beside him. "If I had known you could sing I would have made you serenade me in bed."

He quirked his mouth into a sideways smirk. "I still can," he whispered.

She smiled, unchained him, and dragged him towards the bedroom.

"Hey, I was listening to him!" Harley protested.

"And you can listen to him again when you finish dinner," Ivy replied sarcastically. "Right now, this bird's going to be singing just for me."

The door slammed shut behind them.


He hadn't slept longer than 2 to 3 hours in almost two weeks. He had dozed off here and there in between but nothing for very long. It was not enough rest to sustain him. He hadn't wanted to sleep around these two women. He didn't trust them, no matter how complacent the drugs, the attention, and the sex were making him. He was taught better than that. He had no way of knowing what they would do to him if he passed out. The only time he slept was when they did, but in short spurts so that they could not sneak up on him. He also stayed awake when they slept hoping he could find some way to escape. He kept waiting for them to slip up. That notion had been futile thus far. When they were gone or busy they kept him chained in the corner on his futon. He was to far from anything that could come in handy in order to break free. They had long since disposed of his utility belt so there was no hope in reaching that for help. Either they had guessed his belt had a built in GPS tracker on it or they just didn't want to take chances in leaving it around. They never let down their guard with him as he hoped they would. They didn't under estimate him in the slightest either.

So after days of little to no sleep in captivity and lots of sexual activity, Nightwing was waning. Food and drink could keep a body going, but exhaustion was just as deadly. And he was beyond exhaustion at this point. He knew logically his body would force itself to sleep eventually. He'd fought it off for as long as possible. He was very close to giving up though.

"Come on, big boy," Ivy said to him, unchaining him and clipping on his leash.

He tilted his head slowly up in her direction. Her command and the drugs were not enough motivation to make him want to move.

"Get up!" She snapped irritably.

He forced himself to his feet after a long struggling moment and swayed. She grabbed his chin and maneuvered his face down so she could look into his face. This was bad, he knew. He'd let himself become vulnerable. He struggled to push the fatigue away and stand straighter. Ivy grabbed his biceps to steady him as he stumbled forward on his feet. She turned back to call Harley when suddenly she had an armful of very heavy male. Nightwing collapsed on top of her, total system shut down in half a second, and pitched them straight for the floor.

"Harl!" Ivy shrieked as the vigilante's dead weight dragged her to the floor with a thud.

Harley ran out of the bathroom, half dressed, and stared open mouthed at the sight in front of her. She burst into a fit of giggles. "He's like an oversized teddy bear!"

"He's heavy!" Ivy gasped. "Help get him off of me!"

Harley ran around and grabbed him under the arm pits, hauling up enough so that Ivy could shimmy out from underneath him. Together, they dragged him back onto his futon. Harley giggled madly as he flopped down bonelessly.

"He looks dead," she laughed, kicking his foot.

"He's just unconscious," Ivy scowled at her. "I've been waiting for him to finally pass out. I didn't think it would take so long. Stubborn male!"

"Look how young and sweet he looks all asleep!" Harley clasped her hands over her chest and fluttered her eye lashes. Ivy rolled her eyes. Harley sighed, dropping the act. "So what are we supposed to do with him?"

"Move him to the new safe house," Ivy replied. "It'll be easier with him asleep. We won't have to blind fold him."

"Move! Again!"

"Batman's sure to be closing in on this location. We don't want big bad daddy bats crashing our party," Ivy sneered. "I still have lots more ideas I want to try with this one. He's to beautiful a specimen to let go just yet."

Harley's hand snuck towards the vigilante's mask as the red head spoke.

"Harley!" Ivy barked.

"Darn it!" She pouted, pulling back.

"Taking it now won't make a difference. You won't be able to see his eyes."

Harley shrugged. "Souvenir?"

"No. Make sure he's chained. We need to go get the other safe house ready and move him as quickly as possible. I doubt he'll be waking up any time soon." Ivy remarked, turning away to start packing up their meager belongings.


"How long is he gonna stay out?" Harley whined. "It's boring around here when he's asleep."

Ivy was beginning to wonder that herself. It had been nearly two days now. "He hadn't slept in more than week before this, Harl. He'll be out for a while. Why don't you go out and do something if you're so bored."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Go terrorize the local arcade or something. We could use the money. Just don't get caught or leave a trail back here." Ivy warned.

Harley perked up. "Games! I love games! What a great idea." She smiled brightly, bounding up. "I'll be back in a few hours, Red!"

Ivy waved her out and smirked when the door slammed shut. "No you won't." She smiled wickedly and picked up the telephone. "Hello, dispatcher? Yes, there's a blond haired woman terrorizing Gotham Knight Arcade. She looks like that girl that runs around with the Joker! Please get here quickly!" She hung up the phone with a flourish. "No more sharing."


Nightwing woke up with a startled jerk. He felt like someone had hit the re-set button on his body and everything was fully functional again. He blinked his eyes a few times. His head felt clearer than it had in weeks. Apparently, he'd been asleep long enough for the drugs to start wearing off. Not entirely though. He still felt somewhat muzzy. He pushed himself into a sitting position. Chains clinked softly, not letting him get much further. He sighed softly. Still a pet then.

"Awake finally?"

He looked over to see Ivy lying next to him, giving him an amused smile. He was surprised to find her there. They didn't usually stay close to him without ulterior motive. He reached up to check that his mask was still on, even though he could feel it. It cemented the fact in his mind and took away some of his worry. Harley's attempted mask stealing was a constant worry. Ivy's motives were unclear though, which was what bothered him. He'd been asleep so why would Ivy be here with him? He glanced around briefly. Just where was here anyways? It definitely wasn't the same house. This place, just from the appearance of the bedroom, was in much better repair.

"Change of scenery, darling. I figured it was best for our safety," Ivy noticed his confused expression.

His heart sank a little. The chance of being found had now slipped back to zero. He was sure Batman had been close to finding them if she felt it was necessary to abandon the previous safe house. Nightwing felt his hope starting to fade. How long would he have to endure this before he was lost completely; and not just to the outside world, but to himself?

"I can see you're thinking to much," The red head frowned, drawing his attention back to her.

He scowled at that. Anger surged through him. He was no one's pet! He lunged at her, but was brought up short by the shackles. She smirked at his growl of frustration.

"Temper. Temper," she admonished playfully. "And here I was being a good owner to you by letting you sleep for two whole days. I even sent Harley away so you'd be left undisturbed."

He frowned. "Sent her away?"

"Let's just say someone made an anonymous tip to the police on where she could be found," Ivy smiled smugly.


"Because I don't like sharing." Ivy sat up to look him in the eye. "And I didn't like the way she was treating you."

He stared at her in shock. Was that why she was in here with him? Did she really enjoy his company that much? Had she really started to care for him as more than a pet? He was completely baffled by her behavior. He chewed his lip in thought as he glanced down. He hid the satisfied look on his face when he saw that her foot was within his reach. His hand darted out to grab her ankle and yank her to him. She gasped in surprise and fear as she was pulled underneath him. He grabbed her wrists with his hands and pinned her to the bed.

"Let me go," he snapped.

"No," she hissed. A sly smile curled at her lips. "Haven't I been good to you? Fed you, bathed, you, and fulfilled all your basic animal needs?"

"I'm not an animal!" He spat fiercely. "You can't just put a collar on a person and own them!"

She stared up at him. A flicker of emotion in her eyes almost made him draw back. There was more intensity in that gaze then he felt comfortable with trying to figure out. She rotated her wrists in his hands, but she couldn't get loose. "Perhaps, you're right. But I'm not ready to let you go." She flexed her body, rubbing her pelvis against him. The hardness between his legs assured her that at least her lust drug was still having some effect. Or maybe he just got off on dominating her. It didn't really matter. The move had brought on the desired effect.

"I'll set you free when I'm done with you." She said. She didn't think she ever would be though. He was addicting—perfect. She wanted to keep him and make him truly hers. She wanted to be able to taste and touch his body every day.

"No you won't," he could read the truth in her eyes. Her words were only a ploy.

"Would it really be so bad to stay as my pet?" She asked, the naked longing in her eyes made him pause. She realized she'd given to much of herself away. She rolled her hips against him once more, making him bite back a moan. "I could keep you satisfied…" She smirked, trying to divert his attention away from the damning statement she'd made.

Lust was starting to blaze along every nerve. He tried to fight past it. Part of his reaction was from the drugs, he knew that. Another part though was from realizing that she truly wanted him. This wasn't some game to her anymore—maybe it never had been. Part of him liked the idea of staying with her. He'd certainly never admit it. These past few weeks had been the simplest he'd had in years. He might have even enjoyed the time if not for the kinky sex with Harley, the humiliations of them pretending he was a pet, and the demeaning ways he was forced to behave. Most of the time, the sex had been thoroughly pleasurable; even some of the kinky shit Harley pulled on him to his dismay. He had a life though, as fucked up as it may seem to others. He had a family, who he knew was out hunting for him and probably worried into a frenzy. He missed being outside. He missed the freedom of gliding and jumping off buildings, and the triumph of beating up bad guys. He missed his freedom more than anything.

"I can't," he said simply.

Ivy didn't look surprised. He did see a little disappointment. "I suppose I'll have to make you stay then."

He tried to jerk his head way as she arched her head up to capture his mouth. She was already to close for him to avoid though. Her mouth caught his and a moment later the drugs were coursing through him. He didn't forget this conversation between them, but it was instantly shoved aside at sudden rush of lust, need, and desperation exploding through him.

Ivy smiled as she was watched his expression change. "Dominate me." She whispered in his ear, making him shudder and growl wickedly at the amount of control she was handing to him. "No hurting me and you stop when I tell you."

He nodded, waiting for permission to start.

"Go ahead," she conceded.

A predatory smile crossed his lips, and he did…


Things had been different since Harley had disappeared. Ivy had toned down on treating him like an oversized dog. She had begun treating him more like a person. She asked him questions now. She wanted him to talk to her. He got to pick the music that played on the radio. They were doing things together that reminded him things newlyweds would do. Things like spending more than hour in the bathtub together, just lying there enjoying the soak and then fucking like rabbits. He cooked for her every once in a while now. He slept on the bed next to her, which would have never been allowed while Harley was around. It was like Ivy had been restraining herself while the blond was there. There was no question as to the fact that she cared for Nightwing now. It was pretty damn obvious.

The days had begun to blur together in a haze of wonderful touching, sex, and companionship. He might have even felt like he wasn't a prisoner except that he was still so heavily drugged he couldn't fully enjoy the intimacy he was receiving. He wished his mind was more his own. Maybe then he wouldn't feel resentful about how she was keeping him trapped there. Which was a weird thought, because that would mean he'd want to stay on his own. Huh? He wasn't really sure what that meant for him. All he knew was that he was really beginning to like being this close to someone. It was a luxury he'd never had the chance to take part in until now. Things like having a regular boyfriend or girlfriend had never really been with in his ability to maintain. His life was just to freaking complicated for it. He and Barbara had been attempting to make a go at dating. He had thought he was in love with Barbara. They still hadn't been able to spend this kind of time together.

So yes, he was genuinely beginning to like being with Ivy.

What started making him suspicious was when Ivy started using less drugs on him. The first time it happened he thought that perhaps she'd simply forgotten to dose him. He didn't think that was really possible though. She kept him on such a tight schedule with those drugs and she had never once forgotten. Yet, she skipped a dose. His head felt a little clearer within hours. As the days passed, she weaned him off the drugs little by little. There was still enough in his system to make him obey, but if he really fought he probably could have gotten around them. For some reason, though, he didn't really think to fight it. He just appreciated being able to think almost clearly. She'd almost completely stopped giving him the sex pollen. Truth be told, he didn't need it in order to get it up with her. Ivy was fucking beautiful, just watching the sway of her hips made him hard. It was Harley that he needed the pollen with, because some of the stuff she'd done to him would have made him limp in seconds.

It had been several days now since she'd been keeping him less drugged, but no less shackled. They were lying in bed together as the dark of night settled around the city outside. It was calm and quiet outside the windows. Crickets chirped and the grass rustled in the breeze, but the world was still. Beside him, Ivy was so still and relaxed; he thought for sure she had fallen asleep.

"Have you ever been in love?" her voice startled him in the darkness.

Nightwing blinked in surprise. He was a little taken aback by the choice of topic. "Yes," he answered. He may have become chattier since the drugs had been lessened, but truthful answers were still kept short.

"Did you make love to her?"


Ivy reached over and unchained him. She grabbed his hand and guided him to lie on top of her. He stared down at her in astonishment. He could count on one hand the number of times she'd allowed him to lay on top of her since he'd been here. "Make love to me." She whispered. It was supposed to be an order, but it sounded like a plea.

"What?" He was completely thrown off by the weird request.

"I want to know what it feels like to be made love to," She whispered just a touch sadly.

"I don't th-."

She kissed him softly. "Pretend I'm her if you have to."

"Ok," he conceded, because he had too. The drugs still made him want to please her. He didn't think he could do this though. It was such a weird request. It was also very out of character for Ivy, who prided herself on being independent. Why did she suddenly want something like this?

"Nightwing," She prompted a touch irritably.

He nodded and closed his eyes. He needed to get his head in the right place to fulfill a request like this one. He thought of Barbara and the one time he'd made love to her so far. She'd been so soft. He envisioned her red hair fanned out on the pillow. He remembered the sweet sounds of her gasps and sighs, nothing like the sound he ever heard from Ivy. The memory of having Barbara swept over him. When he opened his eyes he could almost see Barbara beneath him, not Ivy. But then those eyes blinked, becoming emerald green and not the brilliant blue he'd imagined. To his mild surprise, he realized he didn't need the thoughts of Barbara. He already felt connected to Ivy. He even thought she was more beautiful than Barbara. He knew every inch of Ivy's skin like it was his own. He couldn't say the same about the other red head he knew. He decided he would make love to Ivy as much sincerity and honesty as he could. There'd be no imagining in this moment.

He leaned down and kissed Ivy with all the passion that he usually restrained or never put into their sessions together. He smiled against her lips when he felt her shiver underneath him, then reach up to wind her arms around his neck. He kissed her like he'd been wanting to for a while now. The notion had there in the back of his mind, but now that he could it was like relief and release. He kissed her slow and deep. For the first time, he dared to sweep his tongue into her mouth to taste her. A moan hummed from his throat as her flavor burst across his taste buds. It was like an exotic drink; something flowery, earthy, and rich. He wanted more.

She whimpered as his kisses took on a fierce edge of desire and hunger. She buried her fingers in his silky hair to him close. It was her chance to finally pretend that he loved her. This moment was what she'd been longing for since she captured him. And she knew beyond any doubt or denial that she was completely in love with him. When he broke away to gasp for air, she caught a glimpse of the look on his face. It wasn't that of someone with their eyes shut and pretending. No, he was looking at her. It wasn't the drugs making him act that way either. She hadn't given him any of the sex pollen today. The mind controlling drugs couldn't make him display those kinds of emotions either. She stared in shock, but had no more time to dwell on it.

His mouth found her neck to leave a trail of kisses and nips down to her clavicle. His hands slid down her chest to cup her breasts. His thumbs rubbed slow circles over her nipples, making her gasp. Another whimper escaped her as his mouth moved lower to her breasts. Each kiss and touch was like gasoline being thrown on a swiftly growing fire. She arched up into his mouth as her hands slipped from his hair to his shoulders blades to hold on tight.

His passion was contagious. She was losing her senses in him. His mouth closed over one rose pink nipple to suckle gently. Her whole body shuddered as his tongue flickered over the top of her hardened peak. He switched to the other nipple, paying it equal attention. His free hand snuck lower. He tickled over his navel before parting her folds. She bucked automatically with the first rub of his finger over her clit. He worked his fingers, slow and soft over her sensitive flesh. He was careful in a way no one had ever been to her. The blazing pleasure coursing thick in her veins was pooling low in her belly. It felt like every fiber of her being was focused on her lower half.

His mouth moved away from her breasts. He left a trail of kisses down her ribs and over her smooth stomach. He paused for a moment to rest his cheek on her belly. Her skin was so soft and warm there. He breathed in the floral scent of her skin; earthy and sweet. It was uniquely her, just like her taste. He nuzzled his cheek against her skin and smiled at the slight laugh it caused. His fingers slid lower, pressing gently against her opening as he continued to rub her clit with his thumb. She moaned breathlessly as he slipped two fingers inside her. He groaned quietly, as her walls clamped down on his fingers. His cock twitched hard with arousal and drooled pre-cum onto the sheets. He wanted to be inside her so badly. He forced himself to talk a deep breath and concentrate. He knew she was getting close. He could wait. He slid lower so his mouth could take over the job that his thumb was doing. He closed his eyes and willed himself not to come all over the sheets. The smell of her sex was so strong, musky and still slightly flowery. She tasted as good as she smelled. He could lose himself in this woman. He was dangerously close to it.

Her gasps and whimpers grew louder as he worked her ever closer to her peak. He smiled as she stilled, waiting for her to come. A second later, she cried out sharply as her climax swept over her. He leaned up to watch her face as ecstasy and something akin to awe passed over her face. He was pleased to be the one to make her react like that. He gave her a few moments to recover as he re-positioned himself. He nudged her thighs apart so he could rest comfortably between her legs and drop his chest on top of hers lightly. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Damn, he thought. She was so beautiful. And he was so screwed. She'd gotten to him. More than he had dared to let anyone ever get to him. She hadn't even been trying. He had no idea what he was supposed to do about it. It didn't really matter at the moment. He wanted her. Wanted to be inside of her.

He kissed her with nearly bruising force as desire over took him. She gasped, feeling like she was drowning in his intensity. He guided her legs up to wrap around his waist as he pressed down into her. Their bodies merged like pieces of a puzzle sliding into place. Every inch of them was as close as they could be, skin to skin. She'd never felt closer to anyone in her life. He was inside her, over her, and around her all at once. She felt possessed and thoroughly wanted. She buried her face in his throat as he began to rock into her. He set a steady rhythm with sharp snaps of his hips. He wrapped his arms underneath her shoulders and breathed hot into her ear. She couldn't hold back to shivery whimpers he was dragging out of her with each roll of his hips. Every thrust was perfectly aimed for maximum pleasure. It was overwhelming her. Every stroke was another notch up in almost unbearable ecstasy.

Nightwing moaned heavy in the back of his throat as she flexed underneath him like a cat with every thrust. Her body was so perfect. He wanted to hold her like this always; to feel this intimacy so intensely with her. No one had ever given this much of themselves to him. He tried not to think what that meant for either of them.

Both of them were getting close. He could feel it in the tightening of her body and hear it in her voice. She could feel it in the shudder of his thighs and hips. They found completion at almost the same second. She came with sharp gasp a heartbeat before him. Her whole body tensed and arched up into him. Her fingers dug into his sides almost painfully. All of it sent him spiraling over the edge. The pleasure seemed to go on forever, but be over far to quickly.

They came down slowly, holding each other tightly. He shifted enough to pull out of her gently. She sighed sadly at the loss. He smiled at that, rolling onto his side but keeping her in his arms. They lay curled around each other. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted to sleep. He watched her face relax into contentment. It was the first time she had not chained him back up after they were done. He settled his head onto the pillow, letting himself fall asleep beside her. In his heart, he knew something fundamental had changed between them.


Nightwing was stretched out across an old beach towel. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day in Gotham. Spring was finally starting to fully blossom in the gloomy city. It had definitely been to nice to stay indoors. Nightwing had been so grateful when Ivy picked up his leash and walked him out onto the porch. She didn't let him outside very often even with the privacy fence around the old house. She'd given him the towel and motioned to the porch before settling down in the camping chair she'd unfolded. He laid sprawled out on his back, one hand dangling over the edge of the porch, and the other hand resting on his belly. The sun felt wonderful on his pale skin. It felt like it'd been a very long time since he'd last felt it. A few feet away from, Ivy turned the page of the newspaper she was reading. The handle of the leash was looped around her wrist, still connecting him to her. He was never far away from her. A light breeze rustled the grass and played through his short hair. He sighed contentedly. He could stay here forever with her like this…

He blinked. Something about that thought felt wrong. He ignored the niggling doubt and went back to thoughtlessness as he watched the grass wave in the wind.

"Have you ever thought about just getting away from it all?" The sudden question from Ivy had him turning his head to look at her.

He didn't answer for a long moment. That was a weird question to be asking him. "Many times."

"Why didn't you?" She asked curiously, folding the paper down to meet his gaze.

"The Mission." He replied. "That's what Batman calls it."

She arched an eyebrow. "You heroes and your righteous sense of justice. Why bother?"

He couldn't help but smile about that. "It feels good to help people." He admitted.

"I only ever wanted to save the world," Ivy remarked. "Humanity is destroying everything and so few do anything to stop it."

Honestly, he had to agree about that one. She had a good point. It had been the methods she'd gone about it that had been evil and twisted. He wondered if she was starting to regret what she'd done.

"I want to go back to growing things. Just to grow them, not to harm," She continued talking as though to herself. "I miss the soil in my fingers, watching flowers bloom, and the smell of the earth all around me."

He didn't know why he reached out, but he felt like he needed to. His hand brushed her ankle and curled around the slender limb. He stroked her skin soothingly. She looked down in surprise at his display of affection. A soft smile graced her lips.

"Maybe I will get away." She whispered, hands curling around the newspaper. "Somewhere warm and perfect for starting over."

He squeezed her ankle gently before withdrawing his hand and placing it back on his belly. She lifted the newspaper and went back to reading. He relaxed once again. Moments later he dozed off. He didn't see the sad smile she gave him or the expression of regret that passed over her face.

"I think it's almost time to let you go," She murmured forlornly.


Their sex had gone from just physical release to something else entirely since he had made love to her. Everything felt so much more intimate. They let themselves get swept away in it. Nightwing knew he was letting these feelings lull him into a dangerously vulnerable position. He was taking what he could get for as long as possible. He knew she was planning something. Their time would be coming to an end soon. He could sense that. He was making the most of the time they had left.

He kissed her as he pressed her down onto the bed. Her fingers accidentally brushed across the domino mask as she reached up to bury them in his hair. They both flinched back at the touch, a little alarmed and nervous. Nightwing let the tension drain out of him. He was tired of all of this. Tired of wearing the damn mask, tired of being nothing but a prisoner, and tired of pretending that whatever this was between them was imaginary. He caught her hand in his and brought it back to his face. He pressed her fingers to the corner of his mask. He knew he wasn't thinking clearly. He really didn't care. He wanted the damn thing off. He wanted to look at her without a white screen between them. He wanted to look into her eyes and know she was looking back.

"Take it off," he whispered, almost in a plea.

"But…" She didn't really want to know. She'd had her moments of curiosity, but after everything between them, she found she really didn't want to know. If she did…

He curled her fingers around the edge. "Please."

"I don't want to know your name." She murmured. That would make this to real.

"No name." He agreed softly.

Her nails caught on the edge and pulled. Whatever it was that kept the thing adhered to his face took a little more effort than she was expecting. She yanked sharply, making him wince, but the mask came free. It fluttered away onto the floor, forgotten by both of them. Ivy stared up at the man hovering over her. Her throat felt tight as she looked into his eyes the first time. They were so deep blue, like the darkness drifting over a lake or the edge of twilight. How could a mask hide so much about a person? Her fingers fluttered over the soft arches of his eyebrows. He had such long, black lashes too. There was so much emotion in those eyes that had been hidden under that mask. Now she could see them all and it stole her breath away.


Even his voice sounded different now that the mask was off. It was warmer, richer and sent tingles down her body. She pulled him down to her and kissed him. She wished she'd left the mask on. She wasn't supposed to feel this much for him. Without the mask, he was no longer a pet. He was a man. And the desire for him only increased 100 times over.

"Make love to me," she whispered against his ear. She felt the smile curve onto his lips. He was more than happy to do as he was told.


Hours later, she got off of the bed quietly. She didn't want to disturb him. She couldn't stay here with him any longer. Things had changed to much between them. She felt to much for him now. It was time for him to go back home and for her to leave. She'd been planning it for months. She had everything prepared. A new life and identity awaited her. All she had to do was slip into it and never look back. She glanced over to watch him sleeping. With the mask gone, he looked so very young. She wondered for the first time how old he truly was; mid-twenties maybe? She had to be at least ten years his senior.

She sighed. "You're to good for me, handsome boy."

He stirred slightly and she slipped out of the room before she accidentally woke him. She had to get things ready for her departure. That meant leaving clues for the Batman to find his bird. That would be easy enough. She needed to be long gone by the time he arrived though.

An hour later, found her returning to the house. Everything was taken care of just as she'd planned. There was no baggage to pack, only the few precious plants she wanted to take with her. Those were loaded quickly and carefully into the trunk of her car—secured with bungee cords and cardboard boxes. At last, she was ready to go.

She stood in front of the house, hesitating on whether to say good bye. She didn't have much time before Batman arrived. She couldn't just leave though. They'd spent two wonderful months together. He deserved a good bye. She strode purposefully back into the house and to the back bedroom. He was still sleeping peacefully where she'd left him. She bent over to pick up the mask lying discarded on the floor. It felt so flimsy in her hand. How could such a little thing hide such beautiful eyes?

Nightwing stirred lightly on the bed. "Ivy?"

"Yes," she answered, walking over to stand next to him. She had to see his eyes one more time. Those deep blue depths were clouded from sleep. "Don't move," she whispered. He started when she pushed the needle into his arm and depressed the plunger.

"Ivy?" His voice was thick as the tranquilizer swiftly stole his consciousness away.

"Goodbye, Nightwing." She whispered, pressing a kiss to his lips before his eyes drifted shut completely. She placed the mask back over his eyes. She straightened up and looked down at him for another long moment. She turned away before she could begin to regret anything. She pulled an envelope from the night stand and placed it on the table top. She left the room without glancing back.

Her hands didn't start to shake until she was 20 miles outside of Gotham City. She refused to look back.


Batman looked up in surprise as Nightwing's GPS began to blink brightly on his computer screen. It was to good to be true. Hope spiked in his chest before he could quell it. He ran some frantic checks on the signal to determine if it was real. The GPS signal was definitely not a fake. Why had it started now though? He wouldn't know until he went to find it. It could be a trap or another false lead. He had to know for sure. He got to his feet quickly and stalked quickly towards the Batmobile.

"Robin!" He barked, startling the boy and nearly making him fall from the monkey bars where he'd been practicing. "We have a lead on Nightwing."

Robin sighed in relief and ran after him towards the car. "About time!"

Moments later the car was racing out of the cave.


Batman knelt in the empty parking lot to pick up the little black GPS that had been left here along with a note. All that was scribbled onto the bit of paper was an address. One that he knew would lead into the suburbs on the north side of town. Not exactly the best part of town, but certainly better than many other places in Gotham. Robin stepped out of his way as he hurried back to the Batmobile and trailed behind him. He didn't bother to mention the weird feeling this whole ordeal was giving him. He knew Batman was just as worried and cautiously hopeful.

The big black vehicle zoomed through the streets, disregarding traffic laws and making the trip uptown in record time. The address brought them to a house with a for sale sign sitting out front. The house wasn't in bad repair, but it looked like it could use some TLC. It was the perfect place for a hide out; non-descript and blending in seamlessly to neighborhood. There were no lights on and no movement inside. It was suspiciously quiet.

The two vigilantes moved up the walk to the house slowly. There were no signs of booby traps. Batman kicked in the door and moved inside swiftly. A moving target was harder to hit. He took in the interior with quick, scanning glances. Beside him, Robin did the same with a baterang in hand. Nothing moved. There was still no sound. Not a clue to prove that anyone was there. It looked as though someone had left very recently. Batman felt despair threatening to rise up in him. This couldn't be another dead end.

He moved through the house and checked each room thoroughly and found nothing but emptiness. Robin moved with him, watching his back. One more door to check. It was locked. Batman frowned at the oddity. It was the only clue that something was out of place. He broke down the door and ran into the room. Shock, relief, and anger flood through him at once at the sight of the figure on the bed.

Batman took in the entire scene in less than a second. Nightwing was sprawled across the bed on his back, naked and completely unconscious. His wrists were shackled and chained to the posts on the bed. He wore a black leather dog collar around his neck with a silver tag on it. His hair had been cut down close to his head. To Batman's relief, Nightwing's mask was still in place. What was disturbing was how well Nightwing looked; like he'd been pampered and well cared for. After a month and a half in captivity, Batman had been more than a little apprehensive about what he might find. His worst fear had been only finding a body. He had expected to find Nightwing at least bloodied and probably tortured. This was not at all what he expected. Batman narrowed his eyes at the collar. It looked like the young man had been treated just like Harley had claimed.

Batman stepped further into the room with Robin practically on his heels. The boy paused in the doorway staring at the young man on the bed. For Robin, it was scary and a little traumatizing to see Nightwing like this. Dick was like his older brother. To see him shackled and left like this was unnerving. An envelope on the nightstand caught Batman's eye. He walked over and picked it up gingerly. No powder fell from it like he half expected. He tore it open and shook out the page gently. Again, there was no powder. He frowned a little at that. He unfolded the paper and read it quickly.

"Dear Batman,

Thank you for so generously lending us (Harley and I) your precious bird. He was a wonderful pet. He behaved so well we hardly had to punish him at all. So don't worry to much, Batman. He was well taken care of and we thoroughly enjoyed him…every inch of him. Despite my utter reluctance to do so I'm giving him back to you. I'm leaving Gotham and not returning. I didn't think it fair to take him with me. The remaining drugs in his system will have no harmful side effects except perhaps a few days of over arousal from the sex pollen. The mind altering drug may take longer to wear off from how much has been in his system for so long. Water and sleep should fix that easily. When he wakes up, tell him he was a good boy for me and I will miss him dearly. Oh, and please don't come looking for me. I have no desire to be involved with you or Gotham any further. Thanks for all the good times Batman. I hope I never see you again.


Poison Ivy"

Batman frowned as he finished the letter and handed it to Robin for safe keeping. He moved closer to the bed before cautiously reaching out to grip Nightwing's shoulder. The young man jerked awake and bolted up right, grabbing his hand. Batman ignored the way the bones in his hand ground together as Nightwing looked around wildly.

"Ivy!" He cried in alarm. She was nowhere in sight. He turned his head, to see Batman staring down at him. "Batman." He breathed. Panic suddenly hit him. If Batman was here, he'd gotten Ivy. Ivy! "Where is she!" Nightwing half shouted in fear.

Batman scowled. "She's not here. She left and gave us clues to find you."

Nightwing forced himself to calm down and try to get past the fog in his head. The drugs in his system were desperately trying to force him to get up and go find her. He was hers. And she'd left him. How could she leave him? His hands started to shake. Batman was here now. She'd left him and led Batman here. How could she just leave him? But that wasn't him thinking that, or so he tried to convince himself. He was free. It was alright now…

"She never mentioned anything about leaving Gotham?" Batman asked quietly.

"No," he shook his head, lying instinctively as his thoughts still whirling. He was getting a migraine. He hadn't thought this hard or this much in a long time. "She'd been acting weird for the last week. Lowering the drug dosage, treating me more like a person, talking to me, and being more intimate in the way she acted towards me. She never indicated that she was leaving though." He wasn't going to give Batman any clues to find her. She was his to find.

"She really just left you here?" Robin was totally not buying this. "There has to be some catch. I mean, she uses you for…whatever, for more than a month and just decides to skip town. It doesn't add up."

Nightwing was beginning to tremble slightly much to his chagrin and anger. He'd been longing to be released since he was captured. Now the drugs in his system were making him betray himself by being upset and sickened that she'd left him. Or was it really the drugs making him feel this way? Who was supposed to take care of him now? Feed him, bath him, touch him…He curled up, shoving his face into his knees and burying his hands in his hair. He forced himself to take long, deep breaths and fight past the drugs and his own fear.

"Dick," Batman said softly, almost gently. "We need to know what happened, but for now it can wait. Let's get you home."

Nightwing uncurled a little and looked up. "Home," he smiled. His home was with Bruce, Tim, and Alfred back at the manor. He knew that. He was ready to go back. That was his true home. She wasn't his home…

Robin yanked off his cape and held it out for Nightwing. "Dude, just put this on at least. Your nakedness is freaking me out."

Nightwing finally smiled at that. Ah, Tim. He sat still as Batman uncuffed him from the shackles. He automatically rubbed his wrists as the heavy metal fell away. It felt weird to feel his skin there again. He jerked back when Batman reached for the collar. "Leave it on!" He snapped angrily.

The two vigilantes stared at him in surprise.

"Fine," Batman backed off. "Let's get out of here."

They led him out of the house towards the Batmobile. Nightwing paused and turned back to look at the house. It all felt like some kind of weird dream now. He felt like he'd imagined the Ivy who had stayed there with them. Images of their time spent together flashed through his mind. He took a long, shuddering breath. Something like mourning was swelling in his chest and making it hard to breathe. She'd left him. It was all over. No more nights spent curled together. No more soft touches, smiles, and kisses. No more singing to her as they soaked in the tub. Had any of it been real?

Two months were gone so suddenly.

"Nightwing?" Robin stood at his elbow.

The older vigilante flinched. "It's really over."

"Yeah." The boy said. "I'm glad we found you. We were really worried."

Nightwing looked down at Robin's earnest face and smiled wanly. "I'm back now."

"Good. Let's go home." Robin reached up grasp his arm.


It was all over.

She was gone.

He refused to cry.


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