Inspired by Hades and Persephone of Greek Mythology. Rin gets her own version of Persephone when Sess puts his eyes on her. Modern AU

Author's Notes:

I've been thinking of how Rin and Sesshoumaru fit Persephone and Hades' characters very well. The episode "Forever with Lord Sesshoumaru" backs up the idea when the monk assumed the demon bewitched the child whereas to Rin, she knows she has followed Sesshoumaru on her own will, already feeling content to stay by his side and even wondering what her role will be once he ruled over his empire. The ideas were already piling up and were triggered when I saw this beautiful art of Hades and Persephone by the deviant, sandara. I just knew I had to type this out. I did a quick search and found out that the concept has been used except it's for SessxKag (Kagome) pairing. No offense to them, but I think the concept fits SessxRin better. ^^ Actually, to be honest, I can't even see where SessxKAG came from. Kagura, maybe, but I'd still pick Rin anytime. :P Anyway, I know people have their own preferences, so I will try my hardest not to mention this again. Just consider this as my own take on the famous mythology couple, Inuyasha-style!


The idea for the story is inspired by Greek Mythology. The characters are from the anime, Inuyasha, which is owned by Rumiko Takahashi.

Life, Death, Love
Chapter 1: Life on Earth

"According to Greek Mythology, Hades is the oldest male child of Cronus and Rhea. Hades, together with his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, rule the underworld, air, and sea respectively…"

The teacher cited the lesson in an obligated tone and overused manner. It was early in the morning, English being the first subject, the sun was high up in the sky, and yet the students listening were already wearing their bored expressions. The sun beams coming from the glass windows were not helping with the temptation to close one's eyes. It wasn't that the topic was not interesting; it was the way the teacher was delivering it, like the narrating of the story was something that has been practiced many times and was only being told out of duty. It also didn't help that they were already given the assignment of reading it the other day, making the scene now seem very uneventful and repetitive.

"He had a consort named Persephone. A beautiful maiden whom he has abducted and tricked to eating the sweet pomegranate seeds that would bind her to the underworld…"

In fact, one student didn't find the myth boring at all. This particular student only wished that the teacher would add some depth into the story, maybe try to understand what really happened and not just read out loud that Hades kidnapped Persephone and made her his queen. She is a teacher, after all. It couldn't be that bad to make the topic a little bit more interesting.

"Yes, that's definitely it." mumbled that particular student. "I know Hades care deeply for Persephone and vice-versa. I just know! If only I could experience love like that in real life."

"Hey Rin, are you daydreaming? Teacher's boring us again, isn't she?" said one seatmate as she poked the student named Rin.

"Uhh-huuuh. So much for being a teenager." Rin answered with a discreet yawn.

In the end, no matter how much the myth fascinates her, she droned the teacher's voice, along with the other students' whine of sleepiness, and continued staring at the bright, white skies from her window, absent-mindedly twirling her ballpoint pen in her delicate-looking fingers.

I still can't believe that I spent the rest of my school hours wondering why I can't have a romantic story like Persephone. It must be nice to be taken by a powerful god to rule my own kingdom, nevermind that it's a dark one. This has to be the result of reviewing myths in between reading romance novels! For one, I'd had to have someone attracted to me first before I even daydream of being swept off my feet (to be brought where, if I might add, I can rule over the dead. What sane person puts that in the same sentence?). Second, and that's sad to say for me, my small frame and Asian looks is far from being mistaken for a Greek beauty. Oh, and let's not forget the third, I'm a 16-year-old only-child in high school who may just have to finish her studies first before running off with a guy, unless I desire to face my mother's wrath. Greeeeattt. That just proves my daydream pointless. But who says it has to make sense? That's the point, right? Ugh! So who daydreams about mythology nowadays? …Me.

Not that I'm a far cry from Persephone. In truth, I have a valid reason why I'm allowed to daydream like this. It also explains why I'm so attached to this myth whereas most people would forget as soon as they've heard about it.

I have a gift. It's this strange ability to make life grow when my breath touches it. I first found out about it when I kissed a dead flower during my childhood and made it bloom back to life. I have longed since dropped the delusion of thinking that I'm a mutant seeing that my mother always laughs her ass off whenever I mention it. I also never found out people with strange gifts, like me, so I just grew up ignoring it. After all, nobody wants to be labelled 'freak'. I'm definitely not ashamed of it, but we don't live in a fantasy world and that's just the way things are. It wasn't like it's hard to hide my 'gift' either. It never poses as a threat to anything and it never evolved into something more powerful to affect anything major. It's just me and my 'fresh breath'! I do understand, though, why my mom, Kagome, insists that I keep it a secret at all costs.

And yes, it's only my mom and I living together. The only memento I have of my dad is an old, faded picture of the three of us, me still a baby, of course, and dad wearing an unfashionably large hat. Mom never talks about him and I kind of allowed her to keep it that way. The only thing she's confided in me about him is that he still lives someplace else; he's just too "tied up" to check on his family. There's a serious amount of monthly allowance, though. I guess he's some big shot with a reputation, huh?

Oddly enough, my mom seems pretty content about it. It's not in my character to question people's decisions, but sometimes I can't help but suggest she see someone else even if she insists otherwise. She is pretty, you know. We have the same dark hair and noticeably pale skin tone. The only major difference between us is that she has big round eyes whereas I have chinky ones that are more slanted towards the end. I am definitely sure she can start again if she wishes to, and like any daughter who loves her mother dearly, I would never oppose to the possibility. Come to think of it, she is too pretty and young-looking for a 36-year-old woman. My friends' mothers do not look like that.

So deep was I in my thoughts that I did not notice the alarmingly tall guy I bumped into. Uh, wow, I should wander aimlessly on my way home everyday if I'm going to bump myself into some bishonen in the flesh!

Like I said, he is alarmingly tall; he must've thought I'm stupid for not noticing him approaching . He quickly turns around to face me fully and while I noted his feminine features, I find myself staring and shamelessly drowning in his golden orbs. Does it mean he was staring at me, as well?

He turned again, disappeared in the sea of people, and our little scene was over as soon as it happened.

"Rin, you better collect yourself!" I chanted over and over inside my head.

I will go on a trip tomorrow to visit Grandma Kaede in the province. I should go home now and pack my stuffs. Being one with nature will offer me better things than my lamely-constructed fantasies.

It was one of those usual empty days where his far-superior kingdom does not fascinate him. He is powerful, yes, and he has absolute control over something that only he can handle, and that is the dreadful yet well-monitored Underworld that very much suits his distant personality. But sometimes, he's just… bored. So bored he is that torturing dirty souls and bringing them back to life only to torture them again until they die simply won't do the entertainment. It feels like in his hundred years of existence, there's this feeling that presses from time to time that something is still missing and that he is making a big failure out of himself by not seeking for it.

It was when this disturbing feeling irritates him the most that he choose to disguise himself as an ordinary human being and selfishly wander the earth, for the lack of a better, or should he say more torturous, thing to do. Moments like these are rare, but when they do happen, he allows himself to blend with these weak, pitiful creatures and distract himself with their earthly possessions and crazy inventions. Who gives a shit if his brother sees him? No one, not even him, would dare question him on what he does on his spare time. Hell, even he can do a better job at ruling! It might do him good to learn from the best, although he knew he would never listen.

And so this afternoon, he went to scanning a few bookstores to buy potential addition to his gigantic collection of books at home. After escaping a swarm of ogling women, children and bigger children alike, he dashed for the exit and almost leaped towards the sidewalk. He was so deep in concentration that he didn't notice the young girl he bumped into. Well, not that he care about anyone who'd dare bump into him, but the girl emitted a strange aura that pulls him. Her innocent look and glowing face did not help, either, he couldn't believe he stared! He blames it on the silly side-ponytail. The Ruler of the Underworld does not grace nameless people with his attention! But if he didn't know any better, or maybe he's thinking this in defense of himself, he'd say he felt a welcoming life force brush him when she jumped and took a quick intake of breath as they collided with each other. Now before the human took any notice of this, he silently walked away and their moment of staring into each other's eyes was over before the girl even came to realize what was happening.

"Roaming the city is not a good idea after all." He concluded. "Too crowded and full of living filth that I cannot kill. Perhaps tomorrow I shall go to the deepest part of the woods and try some clean air."