Salve Omnes, This is another mew story and my first attempt at a Crossover piece. It will involve my staple universe of Harry Potter and the little used universe of David Eddings' Belgariad / Mallorean as this is another of my favorites and it is much underused so my story will be very fresh and exciting. I do recommend that you read the series before reading this but you don't have to, just be warned that there may be a few jokes and references that you do not understand, plus it is just a great story.

P.S. This is set in an AU first year with a newly escaped Sirius, teacher Remus, and traitorous Pettigrew so Harry is very innocent.

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A Silver Mark

Ch. 1 – Bolt from the Blue

Secret Location, England, United Kingdom

"Remus, we need to tell him before it is too late for him to go back." Sirius said anxiously. "Remus, think of Lily and James, they are waiting on the other world to meet him, he's their son. We can't keep him from them…"

"Sirius I know but…" the werewolf answered, "what about his friends, he finally has people who care about him there to protect him and heal him, we can't make him leave yet."

"It's now or never Remus."

"Very well." He sighed "I only hope that he will not hate us for tearing him away from them."

"Remus come on, he's going to get to see his parents, I don't think he'll hate us… much."

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland, United Kingdom

Harry James Potter was staring into the mirror on the wall of the boy's bathroom. What had happened? How was his hair turning wheat like gold? And his hand was itching. He scratched nervously then looked down at it. Gasp. 'What the… a silver mark? Where did this come from?' He ran from the bathroom and dressed hurriedly. As he ran to Dumbledore's Office his thoughts were swirling in a knotted mass of confusion and fear. 'Please make it nothing important. Please… I don't think I can handle any more surprises.'

He was running so fast and was so caught up in his own thought that he didn't see the two figures approaching slowly from the Entrance Hall until he barreled into one of them.

"I'm so sorry," Harry apologized dizzily "I wasn't paying attention Mr… Sirius? Sirius!" He leapt forward and wrapped his arm around his godfather holding him tightly; he had just found out about his loving "uncles" this year and had held onto them tightly so they wouldn't disappear like everyone else he had loved.

"Harry! We were just looking for you. Oh… you r hair… it already began changing! See Remus I told you we had to do it soon! If we don't hurry Harry will cease to be."

Harry looked up in fear at the dark haired man, "What are you talking about? What do you mean cease to be?" He began to hyperventilate and the two adults had to calm him down before he suffocated himself and collapsed.

"Harry we have a secret to tell you. We um… Well… your parents are alive." Remus spoke up.

Harry stared at them wide-eyed still gasping for breath. Harry fainted.

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The Granger Household, England, United Kingdom

Harry awoke in a strange bed. He looked around the room to find it decorated in a varying assortment of greens, grays, and blues. They gave it the atmosphere of a misty island alone in the ocean. He felt oddly at home in this setting and he could almost hear the waves crashing against rocky shores. He sighed in contentment.

The door opened and in walked Sirius and Remus followed by a man and woman that looked familiar to Harry though he couldn't quite place what it was. Sirius was very solemn and Remus looked sad, while the two unknown faces were sharing a glance that spoke of years of practice.

"Harry, you're awake!" his godfather exclaimed happily. "How are you feeling? I guess we didn't handle that situation properly." Sirius grinned sheepishly, while Remus had the grace to blush slightly. The woman raised one eyebrow and cleared her throat sarcastically.

"Well would you listen to this dear," she said to the man next to her "it looks Silk has a twin in another world, just what we need."

The way she spoke was so familiar to Harry. Then it hit him. "Hermione?" Both of the strangers looked up in surprise then smiled.

"No dear, we're her parents, but I'm glad to see that you are good enough friends with 'Mione to recognize us based on that. I'm Dr. Emma Granger and this is my husband Dr. Daniel Granger." Harry watched them closely but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to remember what they looked like when he wasn't looking right at them.

"Why don't I see your faces? You're all fuzzy." He asked innocently. Both of their eyes widened and Emma stepped forward and placed a hand on his forehead.

She turned to look at Daniel, "He's not feverish which means that he is even more powerful then Garion was, he's trying to see through the illusions." She smiled proudly and then murmured something in a language that Harry could understand but knew was definitely not English.

His mind became cloudy and he found himself conversing with a dry and witty voice. *Well, Hello there and how have you been lately?*


*Ahh… another slow one, oh well I guess it can't be helped*

The voice then began to speak through Harry, "*Polgara, Durnik you need to speed it up. He's fading fast and I can't keep him together much longer. If you don't get him back to Belgarion and Ce'Nedra quickly he may die. And you two, please try not to throw this all on him at one sitting unless he asks for it because otherwise you are shortening his time.*"

Then the voice left abruptly and Harry's head cleared. He looked around again at the pale faces of his "uncles" and the serious expressions on the faces of the 'Grangers'. He was worried now because he thought he had done something wrong while the voice was talking to him.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to do it. What did I do?" he asked earnestly.

"Hahahaha… Oh lad you needn't worry you did nothing wrong. Now Harry how about I show you around my workshop while theses three talk about boring adult stuff? Come on lad." Harry nodded and followed the dentist out of the room.

'Emma' watched them go smiling nostalgically and sighed. "Well I believe it is time I explained the full situation…"

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Granger Smithy, Granger Household backyard, England, United Kingdom

Harry watched in awe as 'Dr. Granger' worked the metal in his personal blacksmithing forge into the familiar shape of a round shield. He couldn't quite place it but this somehow felt more real to him than any of the modern technology he saw inside of the house, as if this was the true 'Dr. Granger', a blacksmith. Harry was so intent on the man before him he didn't notice it when the gate of the fence opened and his best friend, Hermione Granger, stepped through, back from her weekly trip to the library.

"Harry? What are you doing here Harry? Daddy why is Harry here? Did something happen to your family? Are you feeling okay? Does Dumbledore know you're here? Is this where you were when we couldn't find you on the train? Who brought you here? Are you hungry? Did Mum make you something to eat? She is the best cook in the world and you should try her roast, it's to die for." She finally stopped talking, if only to catch a breath, she was about to start again when 'Daniel' chuckling stopped her.

"Mione darling breathe, please the boy just got a few hours ago and you haven't even let him greet you properly. Calm down little one."

Hermione blushed and Harry smiled sheepishly at her, "Hello Hermione. I don't know why I'm here. No nothing happened to the Dursleys, as far as I know. I feel fine. I guess this is where I was I don't really know. I'm guessing it was Sirius and Remus who brought me as they're the last people I remember seeing. I guess I'm a little hungry, and no your mother is busy with my "uncles". Is she really? I hope I'll get to try it sometime." He answered all of her questions in order and she smiled happily.

'Daniel watched on happily. His dearest daughter finally had a friend she could care for. What would they think when they found out they were in essence cousins? If Harry was anything like his father he would probably create a whole new species of flower that could cure a previously incurable poison.

An hour and a half passed before 'Emma', Sirius, and Remus came outside to announce that the three guests would be staying for dinner and that she would be making roast and potatoes as well as fresh baked bread and homemade honey cakes. Harry's eyes lit up at the prospect of getting to see a master in the kitchen.

He waited a short period of time until the men were all discussing the art of smithing and Hermione had gone to put her books away and change into some clean clothes. Harry snuck into the house and crept to the doorway of the kitchen. He peeked inside to see 'Dr. Granger' bustling around from counter to counter. She was making all of the dishes at once!

He watched in awe as she added ingredients and seasonings without measuring; only looking at them until she thought there was enough. The smell of the bread from the oven was heavenly and Harry's mouth watered in anticipation. Suddenly, she miscalculated her movement and knocked the bowl for the cake batter on to the floor where it shattered. Harry was about to go out to the smithy to fetch Remus to fix it with magic, but he stopped in shock at what happened next. 'Emma' looked down at the bowl with disdain and said, "Now really…" the she just pointed at the bowl and stated quite simply, "Repair."

All of the shards of ceramic flew back together automatically and appeared as good as new. Harry gasped loudly, giving away his position. She looked up in surprise then sighed in defeat. "Well I guess now we have to do this even faster than planned."

"Dr. Granger did you just use magic?" Harry asked afraid he was going to be punished.

"No Harry. That was completely different from both true magic and this world's magic."

"What was it?"

"The Will and the Word."

"How can you use it? I mean aren't you a Muggle?"

"That is such a rude word but anyway, I can use it because my husband and I aren't from this world, just as your parents aren't."

"You mean that my parents weren't wizards?"

"No Harry they aren't, actually your mother isn't even fully human"

"Wait… you keep using present tense. Are you saying they're not dead?"

"I knew you were faster than Garion, bless him raising him on a farm wasn't so good for his education." She said smiling. "Anyway yes they are still alive, though before you ask why they left you, they were forced. Both of them were attacked by the "Killing Curse" which does not kill those who come from other worlds, it only sends them back. However, you were only partially of that world and partially of this one. So when the spell was cast on you the part of you that was from this world died, but the part from our home has been trying to return there, so it is slowly killing you. Thankfully, if we get you home soon you will be fine."

Harry stood shocked as he absorbed all of this then he asked another question: "Is Hermione the same way?"

"Yes though she doesn't know any of it. I will have to take her with us as well as both of your "uncles". Do you have any more questions?"

"When do we leave?" Harry asked smiling brightly.

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