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Chapter 1: Return of the Evil King

Finally, he could sense it. He had enough power. Ganon then gathered and compressed it. This much power would undoubtedly free him from the nothing around him. As he gathered more and more, he finally could not contain it. It exploded outward.

He felt something engulf him, and the next thing he was aware of, he was standing in the mountain that housed the door to the Realm of the In-Between.

He smiled. He had done it. He had escaped the inescapable prison. But of course, Rytex and that fool of a king had done it before him somehow. He was now out to find Link.

Of course, he knew exactly where to look for him. But he needed to regain his power. He had used it all to escape. He opened a corridor of darkness and walked through, and it led to the place to hide.

Link leaned back in his chair luxuriously. It was relaxing, being a member of the Royal staff. He served as Zelda's advisor. His pay was generous, and his work was simply listening to people and advising Zelda on what to do. On days where it was extremely boring, he was allowed to leave early. She, with the Triforce of Wisdom, had an idea of what to do anyway, but Link's opinion was always welcome.

Near night, he returned to his home. Malon was busy making dinner. Her belly bulged slightly where Link knew his future son was growing.

A year had passed since they had been married, and a year and five months since they had eloped. A year and three since Ganon had been banished, and he had proposed to her. And he still had not returned.

Maybe he was biding his time. Link doubted it. Ganon needed Link and Ryet. And he liked to operate quickly. Waiting was never Ganon's thing.

But what if something had happened to Ryet? Had Ganon gotten to him already?

"Link? You in there?"

A hand waved in front of his face.

Link jolted out of his reverie.

"Oh. Sorry."

"What were you thinking about?" she asked.

"Ganon. It's been a year and three months since Rolynd banished him. His lack of action is starting to worry me."

Malon sat across the small table. Their house was modeled entirely after their one in Cryonia.

"I understand. I know you miss having Rytex around, but he'll come back. Then you can free him."

Link nodded and smiled.

He kissed her on the cheek.

"You always know how to make me feel better, don't you."

"Of course. I would be a terrible wife if I didn't." she said with a small smile.

The next morning, Link got up and dressed in his green tunic. He buckled the Master Sword on over his back, then walked out, lightly kissing Malon as she slept. As he walked out, he started his walk to work.

Normally, he wouldn't travel so armed to work. But for some reason this day seemed... different. He had both the Master Sword and his Keyblade at his disposal now. The Keyblade had actually become a physical blade instead of a glowing, ethereal blade. It consisted of a plain circular guard and rectangular body, but the teeth were in the formation of a Triforce.
As he made his way out to the castle courtyard, he paused and was inspected by the guards. After searching him for any weapons that were not obvious on him, they let him pass. He strode up until he made it to the castle gate.

Once there, he saw he had time to kill. So he went around to the gardens where he had first met Zelda to practice swordplay with some soldiers, who routinely met there to spar. When he arrived in the gardens, they were already at it, simply getting better at their fighting.

As Link watched, he became aware of a sort of mental itch. Then he heard Rytex's voice.

"There is something bad on the air. I wonder what."

"Has he finally returned?" he thought.

There was a pause.

"Maybe. Get ready. He'll be after you first."

Link didn't have time to reach his sword or Keyblade. At the very moment Rytex had said those things in his mind, lightning lanced down from a cloudless sky into the middle of the garden. Everyone near it was blown backward, stunned by the blast. Link, however, was not directly affected by the lightning. Where it had struck, a figure stood in a circle of charred grass.

He was as tall as Link, with amber eyes and long red hair. He wore a sinewy suit Link had seen the owner of that body wear but once. It was Rytex's body, but Ganon was in control of it. And he brought his Keyblade and his Dark Guardian.

"There you are." Link said, drawing both the Master Sword and Keyblade.

Ganon's features were arranged into a snarl.

"You'll not be escaping this one alive, Hero!"

He charged. Link, however, was too quick and too clever.

"Vondr!" he shouted at a nearby bush.

A branch shot from the bush and smacked Ganon on the side of the head before he could react. Ganon fell sideways, near a fountain that had been erected some years prior.

"Adúrna!" Link shouted, pointing at the fountain.

Water flew out of it and toward Link. It arranged itself into a dragon behind him, onto which Link jumped.

Ganon's Dark Guardian held out two balls of dark energy and threw them at Link. Link deflected one with his Keyblade and slashed the other with his Master Sword.

The other soldiers were running to get help at this point.

The water dragon issued forth a spray of boiling liquid, which the Guardian batted away.

Link shot a Draw Slash at it, which did affect the Guardian. Even with indirect energy, the Master Sword could still defeat darkness.

Link charged the Guardian, slashing at it with his Master Sword. The Guardian attempted to flee, but Link's attack caught it. With a screech, the Dark Guardian dissolved into nothing.

Ganon had recovered from being dazed by the stick attack.

He lunged at Link, who nimbly sidestepped the attack and tried to hit him with the Master Sword. Ganon managed to dodge the attack before stabbing at him again. But he overlooked the Water Dragon.

"Adúrna malthinae!" Link shouted.

Before Ganon could react, tendrils of water shot out and bound his arms and legs. He was stuck. Link seized his chance. He lunged forward with the Keyblade and stabbed Ganon in the chest. An orb of light came out and resolved itself into Ganondorf as Link had known him, who uttered a howl of rage.
Link stabbed himself with it, causing the orb that was Rytex to fly out and shoot toward his body. Ganondorf, however, tried to send himself back in.

The two were fighting inside Rytex's body. His eyes changed in quick succession from red to amber and back over and over as one gained control, then lost it again.

Link saw only one solution.

He raised the Master Sword high above his head and stabbed into Rytex's body. The orb that was Ganondorf flew out and vanished.

Rytex lay still, grimacing as Link removed his sword. Link knew it was him. His eyes were red. When Link removed the Master Sword, no wound remained where it had been.

He saw Zelda running up to him, a worried look on her face. Link, however, smiled.

"Zelda, I'd like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine. This is Rytex."

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