okay this is a silly idea that popped into my head and I wrote it. And yes TL22 I said I'd never post it and I know it needs beta'd but here it is - well the first part of it anyway

She tapped on the window, it had taken all her courage to do it, but she knew she had to try before she could be happy with Jess. It wasn't as if she had meant to hurt him, she couldn't help the fact that she liked Jess, it wasn't like she hadn't tried to make it work, even if in the end it had hurt him more, make him try harder, become more possessive and jealous because he was right - she liked Jess more than she said she did.

She tapped again, hoping that he was just in the bathroom, that he'd come back to his room and see her there, let her apologize or at least try to, though when the door opened it was Clara that entered the room, all puffy eyed and wearing one of Dean's sweatshirts, her face hardening the second she saw Rory's face in the window.

"Clara?" Rory asked as the ten year old faced her down. It took a second before the young girl moved to close the blind.

"Clara, I need to talk to Dean."

"Tough, go back to Jess. Hope you and him choke," Clara replied as the blind went down.

Rory swallowed. "Clara, I came to say I'm sorry."

Clara pulled up the cord letting her look Rory in the eye, "You came to say sorry? Well tough shit!"

"Excuse me?" Rory said taken aback by the younger girl's statement.

"I said tough shit or didn't you hear me?" Clara asked causing Rory to sit there in silence.

"He's gone; he left before Uncle John came for him. So take your apology and go shove it up your ass Rory. All he wanted was out, to be like everybody else; to retire like my Dad did," Clara spat out. "But, they heard what happened and now they've told him he's got to go back, told him he'd had his couple of years of normal, he's had the time to get it out of his system. But, he had you. They were putting all this pressure on him to go back, but he had you and they knew it. They would have let him stay out of it, or they would have let him stay for a few more months at least. But not now, because you wanted Jess. He was going to use the time to ease Uncle John into letting him go to college. He was going to try for Harvard because of you, he's smart enough for that, but not now, no way in hell will Uncle John let him now, because he doesn't have you as an excuse. They would have understood him wanting to go to college to make sure you were safe, but now he's screwed. They'll make him chose, them or his life and if Uncle John don't like what what he picks, he'll cut him loose. He'll be on his own."

"You aren't making any sense."

"Don't you get it he's gone!" Clara said. "You aren't going to get to apologize. He isn't going to pat you on the head and make you feel better because he's gone. He hauled ass about an hour ago and I don't blame him. 'Dean Forester' to you is dead!"

"Dead, what do you mean dead?" Rory asked.

The small girl old drew herself up to her full height as she tried not to cry, "Go home Rory, go away."

Rory took a deep confused breath. "Dean's gone?"

"Yeah, he's gone he left about an hour ago. There isn't anything left for him here he said. But I swear Rory, my Dad might not have trained me but if anything happens to him because of this, I swear, I will make you regret it." Clara said before drawing the blinds again.

"I don't get it," Jess said as Rory looked out of the window.

"She said he left an hour ago. The last bus to New York was at ten and the next one to Hartford isn't till 11.30 and he isn't at the bus stops and he didn't take the pickup so he'll have to be hitching," Rory said as she looked at the map.

"If he wants to go, you can't stop him," Jess said. "Let him go Rory. It isn't your problem. If he's decided to leave then it's his family's problem and he won't thank you for getting involved."

"He left because of me, because of what happened. I need to make sure he's okay," Rory explained.

"Why? Because a kid threatened you?" Jess asked.

"She wasn't making any sense."

"Do you want him back? Do you want to get back with Bag boy?"

"No," Rory said. "I… just want to make sure he's okay."

"Fine," Jess grumbled as they caught the figure in the distance walking along the road. A figure, who was talking to someone in a car that was moving slowly along the road beside him. They watched someone get out of the car before it sped up and spun round before screeching to a halt. The action caused the figure to dump the duffel it was carrying before taking off in the other direction though it only got a few yards before being brought down by the other man who then proceeded to haul his cargo into the back seat before going for the duffel bag.

"Holy shit!" Jess exclaimed as they watched the scene.

"Oh my god!" Rory cried as she fumbled for the phone. "Please…please, don't let. Oh god! 911 what's their number."

"They'll be long gone before the cops will get here," Jess said as they watched the car drive off.

"What?" Rory said as she rang she tried to work the phone, her brain not working properly at that moment.

"Hold on," Jess said as he sped up trying to keep up with the black car.

They drove about three hours down the road, watching the car stop at a gas station and both men getting out of the car. Jess told her to stay in the car and to call the cops as he crept up the side of the sleek black muscle car keeping out of sight of the men at the counter to look inside the car.

His head was lolling a little and his face a little tear stained as he held the bottle of tequila in one hand and brown bag in the other. Jess tried the door handle.

"Bag Boy!" Jess whispered trying to get the obviously intoxicated inhabitant to notice him. "It's locked, open the goddamn door."

"Fuck can't a guy get drunk in peace, why don't you go and mess up someone else's life" came a slur.

"Yeah right, I really want to be here right now," Jess said pulling on the handle. "Pull the latch, open the door and let's get the hell out of here, Dean."

He started to laugh, and pointed into the store, "No Dean here, Dean in there."

"What? Cut the bullshit, open the door before they come back," Jess said before he jumped.

"Sorry," Rory said. "I called the cops and my mom and…is he drunk?"

"Yeah, looks like they liquored him up," Jess said as he started to look around for something to force the door, though in the end he picked up a rock to smash the window.

"Try that kid and you'll lose your arm," came the voice behind them as Jess slowly turned round to see the large man standing behind him.

"They ain't damaged her have they?" the other younger man asked coming round to check the side of the car before he heard the wrenching coming inside the vehicle, "Shit, the upholstery."

"He's got the bag son." The older man said with a laugh before turning his attention to the other two teenagers.

"Go home, this ain't your concern," the older man said. "The boy's fine. We're dealing with him."

"Dean's coming with us," Rory piped up from her place behind Jess causing both men to straighten.

"Is he now?" the older man said. "'Dean' is going with you?"

"Yeah, she's right, so let him out and we'll take him home," Jess replied.

"Right," the younger man said, before bursting into laughter "Dean's going with you? That's a good one!"

The older man just shook his head and walked round to the driver's seat as the younger man got in to tend to the puking figure in the back. Leave Rory and Jess standing in the dust as the car was put into drive and sped off.

"We've got to follow them," Rory reasoned. "We can't leave him with them."

They found the black car in the parking lot of the first motel they passed on the interstate, it hadn't been there for long, the engine was still warm. Jess had just finished talking to Luke when they saw a man in a trucker cap banging on one of the doors to the rooms, only for it to be opened by the younger man from the car. They caught sight of a figure lying on the bed with the older man sitting beside them. Jess grabbed hold of Rory's arm.

"We can't just leave him there with them!" Rory exclaimed.

"We're not were going to call the cops,"

"But my Mom is saying the Forester's are saying he isn't missing, that he's gone on a road trip with his family. The cops aren't looking for him."

"We'll call the cops and say that some guys have a drunk kid in their room," Jess said. "They will come for that."

"You sure?" Rory asked.

Jess nodded, "Yeah I'm sure."

About twenty minutes later after the cops had entered the room, they left one of the officers shaking the older man from the gas station hand as a young woman pushed passed the policemen and entered the room.

"They're leaving?" Rory asked as she watched the patrol car pulled out of the lot.

"Yeah!" Jess said. "Always can trust the cops to do the right thing."

Pulling out his phone and calling to see how far out his Uncle was from them at that point.

"Seriously? The kid gets his heart broken and you decided to pour half a bottle of tequila down his throat?" Bobby asked John.

"He'll feel like shit and it'll be out of his system," John barked back. "He'll get over it."

"Right, so says the guy who dragged that kid round half the country because of what happened to his woman," Bobby spat back causing the atmosphere in the room to cool.

"Thin ice Bobby," John said coldly as both Dean and the girl Leila watched the exchange.

"Stop the horse shit right now John, this is me. Neither one of us are exactly lily white on this subject," Bobby retorted as Sam started to throw up again.

"It's okay kid, just bring it up," Leila said as she rubbed Sam's back, while giving Dean the evil eye.

"Don't look at me, I said take a drink, not down the bottle," Dean replied.

"Some brother you are," Leila said. "Grabbing him off the street. What the hell were you thinking?"

"He had taken off, he knew we were coming to pick him up, but no he decided to take off," Dean replied.

"Oh hell Dean, I wonder why? He's just broken up with his girlfriend, he's been playing idiot at some backwater school and to top it off his father orders him back on the road."

"Girlfriend is gone and we still don't know if he's done what he was supposed to have done."

"What?" Lelia replied. "You can't be serious Dean? You can't be serious that was the reason why your Dad pulled your brother out of there?"

"You know why we all signed off on the whole idea was because my brother wouldn't say if he had or hadn't yet."

"All signed off? Are you insane?"

He sighed. "Leila."

"And why the hell was everyone complaining that he wasn't like you?" Leila said. "That he wasn't willing to be loose it in some closet at the age of 14."

"As I remember you weren't exactly being coy," Dean replied.

"And that is why I thank you for helping me realize I'm a lesbian, Dean," Leila retorted.

"I still think that you should give me another shot to change your mind on that," Dean replied.

"I told you, the only Winchester I might be willing to see if he can rethink my attitude was Sammy and that was before I got into a proper relationship not to mention he wasn't legal at the time I said it. So hate to break it to you I'm sworn to women; and no, I am not supplying you with the 'real deal' when it comes to lesbo porn."

"You are no fun," Dean replied. "Anyway, if you aren't willing to help with Sammy with this, I'll guess we'll have to find some other way."

"That is why, when he wakes up if he isn't 100 percent happy he is coming with me," Lelia said firmly. "I don't care if Randy and May say he's welcome anytime, he isn't going to end up scared out his wits when you find some hooker to deal with it – again!"

"He wasn't scared he just didn't expect it that is all and it was a dancer not a hooker. He needed cheering up and that was the only entertainment that town had," came the reply.

"You get a kid with strep throat a bowl of chicken soup and maybe a balloon, you don't buy him a 'at home lap dance'!" she quietly said as John and Bobby bickered in the corner to which Dean sighed.

"It was Sammy," Dean said running a hand over his face. "He'd been stuck at home for a week and he was...well he was miserable."

"Yes, but you do know that just because you'd like strippers to visit you at home doesn't mean he does - he isn't you," Lelia replied.

Dean pouted. "He knew what he was supposed to do when he went to stay in that town; but you didn't help filling his head with all that love and it can be forever crap."

"Jesus Dean, you've lived your life because of 'it is forever crap' even if your Dad hasn't been completely 'faithful' to your mother's memory. Though I suppose becoming an all encompassing bastard to kill the thing that got her counts."

"Lelia, there is a line."

"Yeah, I know it and John crossed it when he sent a teenager to a New England on his own with orders to find a girl to lose his cherry."

"And he was there for how long?" Dean replied.

"So he found a nice girl he actually liked, why is that a crime?"

"You know that in Sammy's head he was there so he could try and do the whole 'normal' shtick."

"And if I remember right there was a time you were thinking about doing that, Mr Judy Blume," Lelia replied.

"Come on that lasted all of ten minutes."

"Yeah, the time it took for Alison Sullivan to blow both of us out and for you to drag me into that closet. But don't tell me that before that you weren't planning how you could get to stay in that town after the dance, just to hang around her."

Dean took a breath, "And your parents hadn't hoped that we'd hook up and take care of things when they suggested that they and my dad took that hunt together."

She took a breath. "Okay, we've both got fucked up parents."

"How are Randy and May anyway?" Dean asked.

Lelia shrugged, "Okay I suppose. Truth is you probably know more than I do."

"Right, still not happy about…"

"They're okay about their eldest daughter's life choices regarding who she hooks up with Dean. It is just we butt heads that is all. Thought it would get easier when Dad quit the life you know."

"Fucked back or not, you know Randy's head is still in the game."

She nodded, "Yeah, which is another reason that your dad and my parents deserve a kick up the ass. 'Hey Sammy, be normal. That is until we want you to crawl about the backwoods of Connecticut on a Friday night to deal with little minor shit we found'"

"Don't be like that – it was a good trade off. Kept him sharp."

"No wonder that girl found someone else. You screwed Sam's head up so much he didn't if he was coming or going – working two jobs, doing school work under two names, then hunting and training on the side. I'm surprised she didn't kick him to the curb sooner because that and the fact that he had to act like an idiot at times because of it and couldn't tell her why, would have made me ditch him."

"I'm betting Clara's happy about the situation," Dean said with a smirk.

"Shut up Dean," Leila retorted as Sam started to stir.

"Oh come on it's cute, 'Yes Sammy, No Sammy, Oh sorry, I have to call you Dean when people are about don't I?'"

"Leave my sister alone Dean, she's got a crush."

"Yeah, I said it's cute."

"Well, I'm glad she thinks the sun shines out your brother's ass because she had the sense to call me."

Dean sighed. "Like I can't look after my own brother."

She looked at the prone figure lying on the bed, "What possibly might give me that idea."