Chapter 11

Once they stepped into the Hall Cassie knew there was something wrong. Up on stage was Faye along with a man who was Mr. Burnswick no doubt. Faye's low sultry laugh could be heard all the way from the back doors of the hall and sound made Cassie shiver.

"I guess we know what she's been doing." She whispered to Nick and Dianna as they took seats.

"I think you mean who." Deborah cut in from behind them.

"Really? She wouldn't sink that low surely?" Dianna looked taken aback.

"This is Faye we're talking about remember, she . . ." But Deb was cut off as an amplified voice came from the front of the hall.

"Hello, I am Mr. Burnswick, Im terribly sorry for what happened to your last Principle but let me assure you now, I think I will be here for a long time." He smiled in a way that seemed to suggestive.

"In my experience the best way for me to integrate my ideas into this school would be to strip away the old and firmly place the new. It has come to my attention that certain activities or individuals have been afforded privileges, this will stop as of now. When I am done I believe you will all see the benefits of such an upheaval of your old routine. There's a new captain of this ship, and I run things my way."

His speech was captivating and Cassie could see many people were hanging on his every word. It seemed that only the members of the coven could see that there was a strange shadow surrounding Mr. Burnswick. He carried on talking about 'lack of discipline' and 'unfair advantages'.

"I think now is a good time for the handouts." He smiled in a way that made Cassie shiver. As Faye climbed off the stage to help give out sheets of paper Cassie tried to catch her attention but Faye ignored her and re-took her place on the stage.

(You know what the rules are, no pda's – nothing fun – nun-type clothes – etc and you know what happens with Sean, of you don't go read the books!)

Cassie shrank back into her seat away from Suzan and Sean. She had stopped listening entirely and was so fixed on staring at her hands that she jumped a mile when a hand was placed on her shoulder.

"Let's go." It was Nick, he helped her up and didn't let go of her hand as they walked out of the Main Hall and into the hall leading away and towards classes. They had stopped to wait for everyone else.

"This is pathetic!" Adam was saying as he walked up to them. "You do realise all of these rules are aimed at us!"

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked.

"Well, no inappropriate clothing that's Suzan, no Smoking that's Nick, no animals means me and Raj. There's at least one rule for each of us, or 10 in the twin's case." By now the whole group was there and had heard his rant.

"We should talk about this later, before those new Hall monitors get out and give us detention."Dianna was looking back at the doors with a worried expression.

"Your right, we don't need to provoke them. Meet at mine after school?" Cassie looked around as there were various nods and murmurs of 'yes' "Good, let's go to class."

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