Summary: The Hitachiin twins never realized that there were things going on in their own house that they were unaware of. Will their discovery lead to a few fun weeks or seperation of the household?

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Seeing Double

By: Sam Wolfe

Kaoru's POV

It was the third morning since we had officially been released from Ouran High, and I was rudely awakened by the sound of Hikaru's phone ringing. Obviously, he wasn't planning to get up and answer it himself. "Hikaru…your phone," I said, hoping to wake him up enough to answer the call. When he didn't respond, I nudged his shoulder. "Hikaru…"

Finally, he opened his eyes a bit and looked at me with half-lidded look that would've made anyone else let him ignore the call. "Hmmm…what? Answer it for me will you?" He then tried to go back to sleep, burrowing under the sheet we had pulled over our heads.

I sighed, my own voice sounding slightly raspy from disuse. "No way. Don't you recognize that ringtone?"

It was his turn to sigh as he reached out to pick up the annoying device. "You've got to be kidding me. We're only three days into summer vacation; why can't he let us sleep in?" His fingers closed around the small blue metal prism.

We both wearily sat up, removing the sheet from our bodies.

"He's probably been up since dawn." I stated, earning a yawn in reply from my brother. With another tired sigh, he opened his phone, pressing a button to answer as I wrapped my arms around him from behind, nuzzling up against his still warm back.

"Yeah, what?" he asked into the phone, and I waited to hear what reason Tamaki would give for disturbing our peaceful morning.

"SHE'S GONE!" Tamaki's reply had to have hurt my brother's eardrums, because mine were still ringing as he proceeded with the rest of his speech. I could see the plants shaking with the reverberations of sound and I almost laughed until his words sunk into my brain. "MY BELOVED DAUGHTER HAS VANISHED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!" At this point, Hikaru held the phone by its cord, away from his ear as the boss seemed disinclined to say anything even a decibel lower. "SHE MUST'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY A BAND OF GYPSIES I JUST KNOW IT!"

I knew without having to look at a mirror that my own face probably had a look of resigned annoyance on it, and my twin's expression would still contain the wince I'd felt earlier, being pressed to his back as I still was. "CONTACT THE POLICE; WE HAVE TO REQUEST AN EMERGENCY DEPLOYMENT OF THE STF!"

It seemed that the boss had finally paused to catch his breath, and Hikaru took the opportunity to gingerly put the phone back to his ear and say, "Wait, slow down; you're not making any sense." He paused briefly. "Now what?"

Whatever Tamaki said was low enough that I couldn't hear, but that didn't matter because Hikaru immediately repeated, "What do you mean Haruhi's gone?" The anxiety in his voice caused me to glance at him from the corner of my eye. He was probably unaware of just how worried he sounded.

Hikaru immediately put the phone on speaker so that I could hear the rest of the conversation.

"Huh? So Haru-chan is really missing?" Hunny's sweet, child-like voice sounded worried as he voiced his concern.

"And her family is bankrupt?" Mori-sempai's voice sounded a little disbelieving, but no doubt he was concerned as well.

"That's the only explanation!" Tamaki's shout was loud, but at least this time it was not loud enough to make either of us wince. "I've been trying to get through to her home phone and her father's work for the past several days and no one will answer!" His voice trailed off to a whine, followed by a series of grunts that told me he'd probably somehow managed to entangle himself in the phone cord and fall over.

"They've been evicted and forced into indentured servitude!" I could hear him crying on the other end of the line, obviously thinking that his ideas were even plausible. We have to rescue them!" Tamaki's voice raised a little too high, and I could see my brother about to turn the speaker off.

"Oh, Haru-chan!" Hunny's sad voice trailed through the room, and it was obvious that he believed Tamaki's story as well.

"Boss, please, not so loud!" My brother spoke into the mic at the bottom of the phone. "Have you tried calling her cell phone yet?" I had been wondering the same thing, and was curious about the answer.

I could tell that the boss was shocked when he repeated, "Cell phone?" I covered my ears, knowing what was coming next. "WHY WOULD SHE HAVE A CELL PHONE?" A brief pause followed the silence as my brother and I rolled our eyes, bemusedly waiting to hear what he would come up with as a reason for Haruhi possessing a cell phone.

I could almost hear the light flicker on above his head as he snapped and said, "Of course. She was issued one by a secret underground network of commoners known as the Plebian Exchange!"

Kyōya's voice interrupted the boss's rant, and I had the feeling that he'd already known where Haruhi was. "Not to interrupt your delusion, but," he started, his cool voice sending shivers up my back. "Haruhi is currently in Karuizawa."

There was silence from Tamaki's line, as we all patiently waited to hear what he'd have to say to that.

"Haruhi…was turned out of her home…kidnapped by gypsies…and forced into servitude…" Here his voice rose to a panicked tone yet again "…in Karuizawa?"

I mentally rolled my eyes at him and laughed as I heard Kyōya say, "Moron."

The rest of the conversation was mostly uninteresting. Tamaki continued to rant and a few more words were exchanged before a plan was made that would have us all in Karuizawa by noon.

When Hikaru hung up, we sat there for a few moments. He let me snuggle into him, waiting to hear what he would say. It did not particularly surprise me when he said, "So…she's gone off and left us, huh?"

"Looks like it." I replied, feeling as dejected as my twin.

"Good morning, masters." We both looked up at the words and saw our least/most favorite twin servants. Completely identical, the girls both had long brown hair that ended half way down their backs. They stood side by side, staring at us unimpressed as we watched them silently. Every day, we tried to do something to get a rise out of the two, but every day, we got the same reaction (meaning none at all). That was probably the root of our love/hate relationship.

"Good morning." We replied, just as harmonious as they had.

Without warning, Hikaru threw the sheet off of his lap, exposing his pant less state. A small (but large enough to cover everything important) porcelain statue of an elephant sat in Hikaru's lap. The statue's trunk rose from between his legs and curved to about the same height as his actual erection would be. Immediately, the trunk exploded, shooting confetti into the air in the direction of the twin maids. At the same time, a loud elephant's trumpet sounded.

The girls, looking resigned to dealing with our foolishness, showed no reaction to our prank. "Your breakfast is waiting for you downstairs."

With their lack of any shown emotion, I saw Hikaru's head slump and I sat up as if to comfort him. "Alright, we'll be down in a minute."

"Very good, sirs." They bowed together and, again moving as one, scurried away.

"Hmmm…" Hikaru put his hand to his chin and thought for a moment. "What are we going to do now?"

I stared at him for a moment. Haruhi leaving without telling us must've really hurt him deeper than I'd expected. I stared in the direction the twins had gone, curious about the answer to his question.

What were we going to do now?

Rai Kujimoro leaned against the inside of the kitchen door and finally let a small smile cross her lips. She and her sister Lena had been working at the Hitachiin manor for almost two full years now. The brothers, Hikaru and Kaoru, had been trying for almost that long to get some kind of reaction out of them. She and her sister treated it like a game; the 'who can last the longest as a twin robot' game. The rules were simple; the first to break down and laugh and/or smile at either of the Hitachiin brothers would lose, making the other triumphant and master for a full day.

She couldn't remember when exactly they'd started the game, and she didn't remember whose idea it had been to make the whole thing into a competition. She did remember exactly why it had been necessary, however.

On their first morning, they were being given a tour around the house by the head maid. She had been demonstrating their duties and giving them orders, testing to see how quickly and efficiently they could accomplish each task. Lena had been the first to spot one of the brothers. Looking back, Rai supposed that it had been Kaoru, as he had deigned to speak to the cook as he took two plates of eggs and bacon up the stairs to the room he shared with his brother.

On first sight, Rai had experienced her first ever crush on the boy. After a quick and subtle interrogation of the head maid, she and her sister had learned that the brothers were, in fact, twins. The head maid had no problem gossiping about the two young masters, and she told them of how they'd never allowed anyone to become close to them, and how their parents were always receiving calls from other parents to discuss their behavior toward the girls in their class. She also mentioned that no one in the house, not even their parents, could tell the difference between them.

It had taken another week for the girls to fully become acquainted with their duties, and by then they'd experienced their first morning with the brothers together. They had been haughty to the point of rudeness, and had spoken in the way that twins sometimes do, speaking simultaneously and finishing the other's sentences. The girls, being twins, were familiar with that type of subtle intimidation, and had used it themselves, doing and saying the same things together, at the same time.

They were never seen by the boys without the other beside her, and eventually the rest of the staff had become aware of what they were doing. No one complained about them, however, and no one tried to stop them.

Throughout the weeks, the downstairs kitchen staff had started taking bets on their little competition, trying to guess which Kujimoro would be the first to crack and which Hitachiin would be the first to notice.

It had been two years, however, and neither of the girls had cracked, and neither of the boys had guessed that they really could be told apart. And, though Rai had no trouble differentiating Kaoru from his brother, she seriously doubted he even knew her name, let alone the difference between herself and her sister. Of course, they hadn't exactly made it easy. But then again, neither had the boys.

Glancing around, she finally realized that cook was not in the kitchen with her. Her stomach rumbled ominously and she remembered why she'd come down here in the first place. Cook would kill her if she dared to touch any of his precious cooking utensils, even though she was an excellent chef and had proven herself many times, so she decided to avoid his wrath and bent into the fridge to fish out an apple.

"Do you know where Cook is?"

She froze at the sound of his voice, feeling a delicious shiver snake its way up her spine. His words had been innocent, but she couldn't help picturing him leaning over her, whispering small, innocuous words as his lips grazed her neck, leaving goose bumps trailing up the flesh…

"Uhm, did you hear me? Do you know where the cook went?"

Standing up slowly, her eyes wide and her cheeks flushed from the embarrassing thoughts circling through her mind about the boy standing right in front of her, she attempted a smile. "No, Master Hitachiin. I don't know where Cook is." Figuring the game was over, anyway, she added, "Is there something I can get for you?"

He smirked a little, realizing why she looked so different. "I'd like a bowl of whole grain cereal; the kind with those little pieces of dried fruit in it."

She blushed again, nodding quickly. "Would you or your brother like anything else, Master Hitachiin?"

"No that should be all. Cook already prepared the rest of our breakfast."

She nodded, assuming that he would leave her to her work and return to his brother in the dining room. It took her a bit of stretching to reach the china bowls in the cabinet used for every day meals, and when she turned back around, she was startled to see that he was still there. "Was there something else, sir?" she asked, feeling a little overwhelmed by his rather intense stare.

"No, just the cereal." Again, she waited for him to say more or make some move to leave the kitchen, but he did neither and so she placed the bowl on the counter, turning instead to reach for the pantry. Reaching inside, she brought out a white, folded step stool and brought it over to the fridge where she proceeded to unfold it, climb up to the top, retrieve the cereal, and climb back down.

Kaoru stared, a little amused, as the single twin went through several steps to retrieve the cereal he'd asked for, as he sat and watched her. He'd never seen one without the other, and truthfully he didn't know either of their names. He felt a twinge of guilt at that, realizing that he'd known her for- how long had she worked here? He winced, realizing that he couldn't even remember that much about her or her sister. But he countered that feeling with the assurance that she didn't know who he was either.

The experience was a little surreal, watching her complete her task efficiently without the help of her sister. It was obvious to him that she wanted him gone, but he didn't want to leave her, enjoying the blush that turned her cheeks a bright pink. He leaned on the counter top and contemplated what she could possibly be thinking to make her cheeks that color.

She poured his cereal, returning the milk, box, and stool to their respective places and digging out a shiny silver spoon from a drawer. She then stood, looking unsure as he took the spoon and scooped up a bite of the flakes, bringing it to his mouth before chewing, his eyes never leaving her. Kaoru figured that she probably didn't want to leave him alone in the kitchen, at least not until he said that she could. He decided to take a page out of Hikaru's book and have a little fun with her.

Enjoying her discomfort more than was probably healthy, he tilted his head curiously and asked, "So, where's your sister?"

Rai clasped her hands in front of her, looking down at the floor while she replied. "I think she's in the backyard looking for the gardener."

"Come sit down here." Rai looked up at him, her eyes wide before she slowly walked forward and perched herself on the stool. Her back was ramrod straight and she looked as if she might bolt any second. "Have you ever tried this?" He gestured at his cereal as he asked the question.

She quickly shook her head, her light brown eyes not bothering to leave his face.

"Why do you look so nervous?"

Her eyes widened even more, if that was possible, and she looked down at her clasped hands. "I…I have chores I need to attend to, Master Hitachiin. Ms. Reya will be upset if I do not get them done soon." Kaoru recognized the head maid's name, and knew that she was famous for her temper and ability to instill discipline in a household. He also knew that she had a big mouth.

She jumped to her feet, as if about to leave him and he abandoned his cereal for the moment, standing and moving forward, watching as she backed away with each step he took. It didn't take long before she backed into one of the other counters, and Kaoru reached up to cage her in with his arms. "Are you sure that's the only reason why you're nervous. It's not me, is it? I'm not making you nervous, am I?"

His words mocked her, and they both knew that he was exactly the reason she was so tense. He leaned into her, and she felt the warmth of his breath on her neck a second before he pressed his lips into the hollow of her throat, licking the pulse hammering there. She let out a soft sigh and felt him smile against her skin.

His hands moved off the wall and down to her shoulders, kneading them as he worked his way down her sides and back. Her own arms wound themselves around his neck and her fingers ran through the short hairs on the back of his head. His lips continued to tease her neck, licking and biting the flesh. He captured the lobe of her right ear between his teeth, drawing it into his mouth and sucking lightly. She felt heat begin to pool low in her tummy, and her skin tingled as he squeezed his arms around her, pressing her into him.

A low moan escaped her lips as he nibbled on her jaw. She wanted so badly for him to kiss her; she'd been waiting for two years! Finally, after the agonizing torture he'd put her through, their lips were merely a hairsbreadth apart. Her nerves sparked, letting him know he was there as he tilted her chin up and kissed her.

Her already drooping eyelids closed and she lent herself to the pressure of his lips against hers. Rai's fingers grasped his hair, pressing him closer, and his hands at her waist grasped her dress. Finally, they parted, Rai panting slightly. Kaoru felt her nipples press against him with every breath, and he moved his arms to press her closer to him. He rested his forehead against hers, bending slightly to accommodate her height. Again, he paused with their lips almost touching, enjoying the way she whimpered and pushed onto the tips of her toes to try and connect their mouths again.

He placed one light, chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth, before moving to the other side and placing another light kiss there. His hand came up to cup her face and he used his thumb to caress her slightly swollen bottom lip. "Oh…Kaoru…"

He froze, hearing his name leave her lips. She turned her face into his hand, pressing a small kiss into his palm. He released her, backing away slowly and she stared, confusion written plainly on her face.

"What did you just call me?"

"I-I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't mean to be so informal. I-I just-"

"Never mind that. What name did you just call me?"


Her bewildered frown made her look even cuter, and he almost kissed her again. "That's my brother's name." he said, as he waited for her to accept the lie. Some sick part of him wanted her to believe his words, while the other half desperately hoped that she'd deny it.

He never got the chance to know what she would've said, as he heard his brother's voice yelling for him to hurry up before they were late. Kaoru slowly backed out of the kitchen, his eyes on the twin standing in front of him. She smiled weakly and said only, "Have a good day, sir."

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