Disclaimer: This is a Tenchi Muyo! fan fiction taking place in the Vampire Hunter D universe; however it is not a true crossover because it's just Tenchi Muyo with a Vampire Hunter D setting. In either case, I own neither Tenchi Muyo! or Vampire Hunter D.


"This story takes place in the distant future. Where mutants and demons slither through a world of darkness.

Vampires rule the night, but their numbers are dwindling.

With huge bounties on their heads, a class of hunters has emerged; Bounty hunters.

One hunter is unlike all the others.

She is a Dunpeal-a half human, half vampire.

At war with herself, feared by all, tortured and alone, she is…

The vampire hunter… Nagi."

The year is 12,098 A.D., and vampires are on the decline. The landscape is known as the Frontier and divided into sectors. The Earth is radically different due to a nuclear war that took place more than 10,000 years in the past. The vampires are strong but the Nobility (pure bloods) are stronger, and their magic and technology is impressive. But humans have a deep seated hunger for freedom from their cruel and sadistic oppression. Though vampires are still the undisputed rulers of the night, by day; they are weak and sometimes easy prey for hunters. Only the strongest and oldest of vampires have maintained power. Within vampire society, the strong rule and the weak die. Humans are little more then livestock to most of the vampires.

Vampires rarely make alliances with others, and the few alliances that were made quickly fall to betrayal and war. But two vampire nobles made an alliance and even became lovers. Countess Seto Kamiki, ruler of Frontier Sector 47, better known as the Devil Princess of Earth, and Countess Washu Hakubi of Frontier Sector 48. Though many of the Nobility attempted for centuries to usurp the Ladies Seto and Washu of their lands and power, none succeeded and instead, all attempts were crushed and those responsible had their lands annexed. With an iron fist, Seto and Washu ruled over their shared lands. Their armies worshiped them with fanatical zeal. Any vampires who refused to submit to their rule were killed without hesitation. They were often the lucky ones however. For humans who lived under their rule, Seto and Washu's brutality and sadism were legendary. Many rumors spread of Lady Seto's savage sadism, bloodlust and vanity in particular. One thing however they both equally had in common was that nobody told them no. What they wanted, they got; no questions asked.

Humans live in constant fear of the Nobility, even in sectors relatively free of vampire activity. So when they can afford it, they place huge bounties on the heads of nobles, in hopes of further thinning the vampire populace. Sometimes the hunters are successful, but most of the time, the hunters fail and the humans who placed the bounty are met with fearsome, bloody reprisals.

For all his life, Tenchi Masaki lived a quiet life on the Frontier. His mother had died in child birth giving life to his younger sister Sasami. His father, Nobuyuki, had been killed by a werewolf before his 15h birthday, leaving Tenchi to care for his little sister Sasami, and himself under the care of his older sister Tennyo. However Tennyo was never around, instead she just sent money to Tenchi. Tenchi for his part spent his days taking care of Sasami, farming carrots and herding sheep.

Though Tenchi hated to travel, he would nonetheless ride his cybernetic horse into town when he needed to. The town known as Jurai was policed by one Sheriff Kiyone Makabi, and the town was run by Mayor Azusa Masaki who was a distant relative of Tenchi. Azusa was a firm ruler, and contemptuous of Tenchi. He was this way towards him because his daughter Ayeka Masaki was in love with Tenchi. Ayeka herself had long been pampered and spoiled, and as such was accustomed to getting what she wanted. However Tenchi who was the object of her desire was always oblivious to her feelings for him, and this fueled her anger, but more so her lust for him.

For someone such as Tenchi Masaki, life was quiet and simple. Little did he know that life was about to become far more complicated and dangerous then he could have ever imagined.