Fine's POV


"Camelot gets mad too easily," I said to Rein who was nodding her head. "Oh well. Shall we run?"

"Should we stay?"

"What will you do," we both said at the same time as the door slammed open.


"Besides it's too late to run," Rein said to me. "Camelot got here faster than normal. I wonder, was she already close by?"

"She runs pretty fast even through she's quite old," I said ignoring the fact that she was right in front of us. "It's slightly amazing. How do you run so fast Camelot?"

"THAT IS NOT THE POINT! EXPLAIN WHY YOU HAVE REFUSED TO FINISH YOUR MEAL, THERE ARE GOING TO BE HUMANS AT THE PRINCESS PARTY TODAY," Camelot loudly scolded. Then she held out two bottles with a crimson liquid inside. Blood. We both looked at the floor. Her voice lowered as she said, "Please just finish, or you might feed on a human."

"We feed on humans technically when we drink that. Someone else could've needed that blood," Rein said. "We're just monsters that look like humans."

"Now, now you two know that it's alright-"

"Camelot," we said at the same time. "You know it's true."

A sigh was heard from her."Very well, then please hurry and get ready. The party will start when the sun sets which is quite soon. Really, if you two didn't act princess like sometimes, not only would you be the but also the most un-princess like princesses."

When the door closed Rein and I looked at each other and smiled. "Let's get ready, Fine. It's going to be a lot of fun!"

"With cake!"

"And dancing!"

"And dressing up," we said at each other at the same time. Then hurried to each get our dress. Blood red for me and midnight blue for Rein. Same design, a layered skirt while the top looks like some kind of fancy long and wide sleeved blouse with lace and ribbons to decorate it. Then as Rein put her hair up in a ponytail and curled it I put it in pigtails and curled it. When we were finished we looked at each other, smiled, and said," Perfect."

"Maybe like this we won't look so scary to the other princesses," Rein said as we each put a crown on top of our heads.

"I hope we don't. Maybe we'll become friends."

"Our first human friends!"

We've never been outside to other countries. The farthest we've ever been was in town and that was only a couple of times. Our only friends were each other and a girl that came to visit us from time to time. She hasn't came in since a long time through. If she's coming to the party then we'll probably win today's Best Princess, meaning there's no way she'll come.

"Fine, it's time and remember Father and Mother said that we're going to be opening by dancing first," Rein said, interrupting my train of thoughts.

"I didn't forget, don't worry, our partners are our dance instructors right? So we might not make fools of ourselves today."

"Then let's go."

And we both started walking to the banquet hall.

"I would just like to announce that the 1st Princess Party is starting and first up will be our own twin princesses from the Sunny Kingdom, Princess Fine and Princess Rein," Father said gesturing towards us.

Everyone politely clapped as the spotlight shone on us. Our partners took our hands and we started to dance to the music. Everything was going fine until a scent of blood was wafted into my nose. Who's blood is this? Definitely a human's but...

"Fine-sama is everything alright," my partner asked as he twirled me around.

"I thought that there was a small scent of human blood, but it was probably my imagination," I said as the song ended. Quickly and gracefully I crustised and said, "Thank you for the dance."

I turned to Rein who also realized the scent. We nodded at each other then quickly got off the dance floor and went to go follow the scent. When we found the source we saw a boy and a girl who was holding her neck with blood dripping form her hand.

"You're... the princess of the Jewelry Kingdom aren't you," Rein asked, looking at the girl's crown. "Are you alright?"

"How did you you know that we were here- Wait you two are the vampire princesses," the girl said with fear in eyes. "Get away from us!"

A typical reaction. Not really anything shocking. "Altezza! That's rude, I apologize for my sister's rudeness."

A human who isn't afraid. Not many of those. Then we both said at the same time, both bowing," We're truly sorry that this had happened. If it was a vampire who did this, please describe what they looked like and we will handle it."

After 'Altezza' finished talking, I said," Understood. I will go deal with him. Rein, please make sure Altezza-san doesn't spill anymore blood. I think that our special guests has already known and is wishing to take a nice, big, bite."

"You're right, Altezza-san please come with me. And if you're so scared that I'll drink your blood, your partner can come with us," Rein said taking Altezza's hand only to have her slap it away. Rein didn't react to it. "Please come this way." And started walking them.

Time to go deal with the impatient one.

Rein's POV

What a strange person. He acted as through he didn't think that we were monsters. But that's quite impossible. I opened one of the cabinets and grabbed some cotton swabs and a bandage. She flinched away when I got close. Then I handed the things to the boy and said," I can't do anything for her if she doesn't stay still."

The boy just kept looking at me. "W-what is it?"

He held his hand out and one of his fingers touched my fang. He then realized what he was doing and put his hand down. "I'm sorry, it's just that... I didn't think that the rumors were true."

"Rumors? What rumors," I asked as he put the bandage on Altezza. "Is that why all the other princesses were scaried when Fine and I were dancing?"

Altezza said,"There are rumors about the two of you and how you and how anyone who enters your castle, you eat them."

"Those rumors, are nothing more than what they are. Hateful lies. I despise drinking blood even through it's what keeps me alive and energtic. Now, let's hurry back before someone thinks that Fine and I had a little snack."

Then all of a sudden, the boy said, "You're quite different than what I expected."

"Is that suppose to be a good thing?"


Fine's POV

"If you get hungry again tonight, don't feed off a human," I said as I slapped him. "It's hard enough that our special guests are afraid to even approach any of us don't make it worse by having them think that we'll drink their blood every time we met them."

"U-understood, my apologies Fine-sama."

Quickly, he hurried out of the room. Now that's taken care of. Time to get back or someone's going to think that I had a snack. I licked my fangs. I am started to get hungry though... Wait, I have a candy bag. I took the bag from my large waist ribbon and put a few in my mouth as I started to walk back. So sweet~! I suddenly felt a chill across my back. Quickly turning around only to see no one.

It's probably just my imagination. Just my imagination. When I got back to the party, Rein was watching the other two dance. Something in her eyes looked as if she was longing to do something. It's probably nothing. I looked to see if the huge cake was still there. I could feel myself almost drooling when I first saw it. It's still there! I quickly went to go get the biggest piece that I saw, but another hand grabbed the same plate. I looked up and saw a girl with somewhat long pink hair with clear blue eyes.

"May I please have this cake," I asked.

Then the girl said,"There are other pieces. I'm not letting go of this piece."

"You... really like cakes don't you," I asked, smiling. First time I met someone who was like me, human or not. I let go of the plate. "Have it. After all there really isn't any other good food for humans is there?"

She hesitantly took a bite of the cake then said," You're one of the twin vampire princesses. Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Is that a crime," I asked as I picked up another plate and started eating it. "Princess Milky, I seem to have been judged by you like everyone else. How sad. You know, you shouldn't believe those things unless you actually know."

Before she could say anything I quickly finished my cake and started walking away. I quietly said, "It seems that by human eyes I am a monster and nothing more." I walked towards Rein as I felt that her eyes were following me. I noticed that Rein didn't even acknowledge my presence, instead she kept looking at the people who were dancing. I looked at all the dancers and saw that boy and girl from earlier. So that's it. "Rein. It's impossible. You already know that through, but even so why?"

"He's... different from all the other humans. He still treated me an an equal and not a monster," she said with her face slightly red. "So... I guess that's why. He's... just so nice!''

I closed my eyes then leaned against the wall. "I'll try to help you the best I can, then. I won't go against it. So good luck."

"Thank you. By the way, you've noticed haven't you? The Princess of Flame Kingdom..."

"Yes, she's been missing for quite a while. Will you? I? Both? Or perhaps just stay?"

Rein sighed and thought for a minute. "Both, you know I'm not good at running and you're not that good at persuading people. There will be an incident if she doesn't appear before tonight is over and everything's already difficult enough. Most likely she's probably in that place... right?"

I nodded and we both started walking out. Before we were out the door, "Stop right there!" Rein and I didn't let go of the door, but turned our heads around. I'm pretty sure that's a guard for one of the princesses. I don't know which through... "What are the two of you planning on doing?"

"Going out for some air," we both said at the same time, bluntly. "Is there a problem?"

"Are you planning on drinking from Princess Lione-sama? Is so then," He said about to get his sword.

"I'm sorry, but we have no knowledge of where the Princess of the Flame Kingdom is," Rein said, practically glaring at the man.

"Like we said, we're only going out to get some air that's all. We will keep an eye out in case we see her," I said trying not to sound angry. "Now if you'll excuse us."

We opened the big wooden doors and walked out to the garden. We made too much of a ruckus. Camelot will definitely scold us later and we'll need to apologize to Mother and Father as well. The elevator stopped and we walked out to the moonlit garden. It's always so pretty, no matter what time in day it is.

"That girl... really is here," Rein muttered. "You can sense it really easily."

"Then, now that we know where she is, shall we go?"

"Of course."

We walked closer to where we thought the princess was. Near the arch of moon flowers, a girl in an orange and white dress. "What are you doing out here, alone?"

The girl looked up. "You two are... Please don't eat me!"

I didn't say anything and was calm while Rein spoke. "Princess... Lione of the Flame Kingdom, right? It's nice to meet you. Why are you out here?"

"I...I'm afraid that I'll make a mistake and embarrass myself. I'm not very good at dancing and I think that people will laugh at me, so I'm scared. When I saw the two of you dance, I thought that it was beautiful and then I thought that my partner will hate me if I make a mistake."

"That's why? You know, everyone makes mistakes, if you make a mistake then we won't laugh at you," I said extending my hand.

"We won't hate you either. I'm sure that your partner won't either. Now," Rein said also extending her hand.

She smiled and took both of our hands. "Thank you. I'll do my best."

"Now, let's hurry back or Rein and I will be blamed again," I said grabbing onto Rein's other hand and I started running both of them practically being dragged behind. Why is it that Rein can't keep up with me sometimes and I have to drag her like this?

When we got back, as Lione and Rein caught their breath, father immediately said," Now, Princess Lione of the Flame Kingdom will give us the honor of showing us her dance."

The blond haired boy from earlier came and extended his hand to Lione, "Will you dance with me?"

She nodded, took his hand, and said," Of course, I will."

Rein and I watched as they glided onto the middle the dance floor. It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, Lione's dance. Almost as if she was shining. If Rein and I lose, then it's alright because our opponent was too good. When Lione's dance was finished Father said," I will now announce that the Best Princess of the First Princess Party is Princess Lione of the Flame Kingdom. Please come up."


"Of course your dance was really pretty Lione," Rein said.

"You were perfect. Now hurry up there."

"Okay," she said as she headed to where Mother and Father were.

As Mother put the red sun medal around Lione's neck she said," You dance as beautifully as your smile, you are a very wonderful Smiling Princess."

"Thank you very much."

Rein and I smiled at each other. "Camelot might be mad that we didn't win but...," Rein started.

"If it's like this then it's alright too," I finished.

The boy from earlier walked up to us and said,"It was very kind of you two to help Princess Lione. She looked so nervous earlier. I also wanted to thank you two for helping my sister out. You two are really kind people, Princess Fine, Princess Rein."

"I-I-I-I-It was nothing," Rein stuttered out. I know that she likes him and all but isn't that a little too much? She may feel embarassed talking to him but still... that's a lot of stuttering. "This might be a little rude asking but, is it possible that we know what your name is?"

"Ah, it's Bright, I'm sorry for not telling you earlier."

As the love atmosphere grew, I slowly moved away. I probably shouldn't disturb them. I wonder if there's any more cake... When I went to the table, there wasn't anymore cake. Aw... I wanted to eat more. Cake...

"Um... Fine."

I turned around to see Milky holding a piece of cake. "Is something wrong?" What did she want?

She held out the piece of cake to me. "This is my apology for earlier. I shouldn't have been that rude so I'm sorry. Have it."

I merely stared at the cake. "It's alright. You can have it, I shouldn't have acted that way either. My sister and I just wanted to get some new friends but it seems that it's impossible because no one will even bother to get to know us first."

She ate the cake in one bite then said," Then let's be friends. Since we both love eating cake. I won't listen to the rumors anymore and I want to be your sister's friend too."

I smiled at her. A new friend... "Thank you Milky!"