Fine's POV

"Come on Fine, stop struggling," Moon said as she pulled the corset even tighter than before. HURTING! "This will be less painful if you just listen." And then she pulled even tighter. HURTING EVEN MORE! HOW MUCH TIGHTER IS SHE PLANNING ON PULLING?


"Fine, no one's organs came out when they wore a corset."


"Wait..." she quickly tied it together. "There it's all done!"

I was breathing deeply. I slowly stood up with pain and said to her,"I... think that... I can't breathe."

"You'll get use to it. It's only for tonight and at the last Princess Party, I told you that you owe me one for dressing like a boy... again. You didn't object and you still lost the bet with Rein which allowed her to give you a make over that I'm helping with and do you really want me to get my hammer?"

"No. Which dress am I wearing anyways?" None of the dresses that I own need me to wear a painful corset.

"It's a dress that I made. I made one for Rein too. My gift to you for your birthday. There's also a necklace to go with it."

"Wait, none of the dresses you make needs a corset."

"Again, you owe me one. You can take it off if you want."

"Meaning for the last 15 minutes, you forced me to put on a corset that I didn't even need to wear," I asked trying not to get angry at her. Trying, at least.


"Moon...," I said getting angrier by the second. Why does she do things like this?

"Here," she said as she unloosened the corset. I felt like I could breathe again. Such a pleasant feeling. "Now, there about an hour left before the party starts, Rein's off getting the things that I need which means that she'll be back any minute, and you still need make up. I'll finish up your hair first."

She undid my ribbons and brushed them. "What kind of hair style are you planning on giving me?"

"Just curls, tied up into pigtails. Rein's hairstyle will be harder though." She picked up the curling iron. "When Rein comes back I need to tell you two something important."

Something sounds wrong, what's she going to say to us? "Moon?"

"It's done. You should get into your dress now." Then Rein came in with a bag. "Good timing Rein, let's get started on your hair."


"And look in the mirror, you two." Rein and I slowly turned. The dresses looked beautiful and our hair was elegantly done. We really looked like princesses. (If you want to see the dresses and hair it's the same as the ones for the transformation outfits for gyu.) She tied something onto the both of our necks. A pink butterfly for me and a blue butterfly for Rein. "Happy birthday."

We turned to her and smiled. "Thank you Moon."

"Tonight, I'm going to have to leave." Eh? "I've been here too long and left my job without telling. They found me and told me that I had to go back."

"Can't you do it tomorrow? The party's tonight," Rein said. "And it has been years since you been able to visit for a long time."

"I'll be able to stay for a bit. Don't worry it's not like it's good by forever." She looked at me and Rein. "Smile, tonight's the last night that you're vampires. You'll be able to do normal things with everyone."

We both hesitantly smiled. Rein said after moments of silence," It's time for us to appear. Let's go Moon, Fine."

We nodded. Smile, I have to smile. It's like Moon said, it's not goodbye forever. Just a few more hours until everything's okay. We can do it. The door was opened to reveal a bright ballroom full of lights and people. Vampires and humans. All smiling together in one room. There were congratulations all over the room.

"Everyone, thank you for coming to our birthday party tonight. We hope that you enjoy it." The music played and chatter had started up once again. Everything was lively, like nothing could go wrong.

Normal POV

Shade and Bright came up to the twins. "Happy birthday, Fine,Rein."

They smiled and said, "Thank you." Noticing that a new song was beginning. Rein said,"Bright-sama, will you please dance with me?"

"Of course, I was just about to ask you," he said as he gently took her hand. Fine and Shade watched as they glided past all the other pairs and entered the center. All eyes were on them as they happily danced together. No one questioned about them and were amazed by their skills.

"By the way Shade, have you seen Milky? There's a really big cake and I want to know who can eat more of it."

"She's probably eating already. Fine, will you met me at around 12 on the balcony? I have something that I want to give to you."

"Okay. I'll see you later." Fine went to the table where there was a huge birthday cake and saw Milky. The moment the two saw each other, they started to eat the cake like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately for the chef, he had to start baking another huge cake in order for there to be enough to fulfill their stomach.

At this time Rein was currently resting against a wall as Bright was getting drinks for them. Altezza came by saying," Ah, Rein. Have you seen Oni-sama or Fine?"

"Bright-sama is getting us some drinks and Fine is eating with Milky. Is there a reason why you ask?"

"I heard rumors that they liked each other or something. I wanted to see if they were true, but Rein you like Oni-sama, don't you?"

"Yeah I do..."

"Oh, well, don't be down about that! I'm sure that they're only rumors. And it looks like that Oni-sama really likes you and...," Altezza then noticed Rein's expression. She was shocked. "I'm sorry..."

"It's alright. If you hear rumors, you can't help but wonder if they're true or not." Not wanting to continue the conversation, she said,"Altezza, it seems that Auler is looking for you. Why don't you go dance with him?" Altezza nodded and left. Rein on the other hand, was clutching her chest because of the tightening feeling that was happening in her heart. Knowing that she couldn't stay without being seen she hid behind one of the many curtains that the room was covered in.

'Why? Why would someone say something like that? Even through I tried so hard, I still lose to my sister? There isn't that much difference between us. Why would Bright-sama want to chose her, when I've been trying so hard?' Suddenly Rein's eyes glew red, her shortened breaths caused her large fangs to throb even more, and there was a large thirst in her throat. She finally stopped and then went back to normal, only this time it wasn't her.

"Rein?" She reacted to the voice and pulled Bright in. "Rein? What's wrong? You're shivering."

She grabbed Bright and brought his neck close to her fangs, but then she pushed him back. "Stop it Rein!" What she said shocked Bright. "If I bite him, then he's yours for eternity! Why are you doing this?" One of her eyes were becoming green again. "I... I want him to chose me by his own will. I don't want your power."

Rein fell to the ground. "Rein!" Her eyes slowed opened to reveal her sea green eyes. "Are you alright?"

"I.. think so. Sorry that you had to see me like this. It's just that I really, really like you! Ever since we met, I've really always liked you."

Looking at the shocked Bright, Rein suddenly got weird thoughts in her mind. 'Aah I said it! Does he think that I'm weird? He's not saying anything, what do I do? What if he really rejects me? What if-'

"I really like you too Rein."

Rein was too shocked to process the information in her head to notice that Bright put a bracelet on her wrist. A bracelet of dangling flower charms, that were all Rein's favorite flowers, a small jewel in the middle of each one. "Bright-sama, this is..."

"A birthday gift. To tell you the truth, I used to like Fine, but then I realized that I liked you even more. So will you please be my girlfriend?"


Fortunately no one had heard what happened and now it's time for Fine's part of the story.

"What... did you say just now Milky?"

"Well, I said that I think that Oni-sama and Rein might like each other. I remember one time where he brought a pair of shoes for her and I found out that he really wanted to dance with her once, and haven't you noticed that he treats Rein nicely? More than how he treats other girls?"

"Well, yeah... he does do those things," she said remembering when she dressed up as Rein. As she began to feel betrayed and hurt as well as her fangs growing, she said,"Milky, it's a bit stuffy in here so I'm going to go outside. I'll be back in a bit."

"Okay, come back soon, the cake is almost ready."

Fine forced a smile and nodded. Quickly, she went outside and jumped down from the balcony.

Shade's POV

"Shade, have you seen Fine, " Moon asked.

"No." I looked at the clock. It's almost 11, she couldn't be waiting this early? "I don't really know where she is."

"You really don't know?"

Will she get mad at me if I say that I don't know? "I... haven't really seen her." Please don't kill me, please don't kill me!

She looked at me and said, "You really don't know?" I shook my head quickly. She sighed and said,"Fine then, we'll have to go look for her. Let's go." She grabbed my hand and started dragging me outside. What just happened? "We're going to look for Fine. She might be in trouble. Jump."

"What?" My mind is not processing any of what she's saying. Next thing I know, I'm falling. I landed perfectly on my feet though. "What do you mean by Fine might be in trouble? I thought that everything was suppose to go to normal tonight."

"Fine wouldn't have done something like this, on such an important night before an important meeting. Something has to be wrong," she said looking around.

"And when you say wrong you mean...," I trailed off, knowing what she was going to say.

"Yep. The connection is weaker than normal tonight, but it wouldn't hurt to be careful. If only one twin is out of the curse what do you think happens to the other?"

"Don't know." Seriously, why does she keep asking me questions that I don't know the answer to?

"I don't know either." Then why'd she ask me? "But I'm guessing that the next generation of people who are vampires now have a 50/50 chance of being born a vampire again. We have to find her. If the connection lasts after midnight she has a chance of permanently becoming a vampire."

"Why didn't you tell us that before?"

"I thought this wouldn't happen-" She suddenly stopped as she looked in a direction. I turned in the same direction to see... Fine. Her eyes were A deeper red than normal, just like before and it looked like she was fighting something inside of her.

I tried to step closer to her- "Stop! Shade, don't come near me!" I took a step towards to her. "Stop-! Fine, stop being an idiot and let me bite him! Then-" It was like two different people in the same body. Contrasting personalities will only argue with each other. "Is it wrong to want him to be with you? If you two are the same kind then-! But we will be, so get out of me!" What can I do in this situation?

"Twilight." Fine looked at her. "Isn't that your name? Come out so I can properly talk to you."

Fine closed her eyes and fell down as I hurried to pick her body back up, something similar to a ghost came out. Her hair was long and messy, her clothes were very old fashioned and her eyes looked very tired, as if she hadn't had any sleep in years. "How long it's been since someone called my name."

"That's because you never told anyone your name, my great, great, great, great aunt. " She's related to her? I knew she was different but this is just... yeah, I don't know what to say in this situation. So wait, that means that she's a decedent of the evil vampire? Would that mean that she's evil? No, or else she wouldn't have helped Bright and I. I noticed that the ghost was glaring at me.

"So, why is it that you have called me out? I doubt it's because you just wanted to talk to your great aunt. Was it because you wanted me out of that girl's body?"

"Partially. I wanted to know, why did you do things like this for over hundreds of years?"

"I was betrayed by that man. He said that he loved me and then tried to kill me. A vampire's love with a hunter is something that can easily be shattered, it's only filled with lies. When the person that I was inside felt like that, I couldn't control myself. Anger is something that can influence someone in any way. Your parents were an exception to this though, but in the end they were killed by the hunters."

"That's wrong," I heard myself say. It has to be wrong because, I only told a few lies, I wasn't trying to hurt anyone. Twilight didn't say anything. Wait, her father was a hunter who fell in love with a vampire? Seriously who is she?

"I see. Have you learned your lesson through?"

"Somewhat. I almost forgot, that there may not always be a happy ending, but there's never always an unhappy end as well and there's also people that you can actually trust even though it's a hunter."

"Aren't you happy through," she asked as the clock rang for midnight. "You can finally sleep or you can find the happiness that you've been longing for. Either way, you can be happy."

"Yes, I can." She had started fading. "Be proud of yourself, my niece, you have nothing to be ashamed of. A child represents love and the fact that you're still living means that your parents' love had been able to last, there is no shame in being a half vampire."

"I know."

Then she looked at me, smiled, and said,"Take good care. I'm certain that your love won't become bloody or filled with lies, like mine did. Good bye." She completely disappeared. Wow, that was a dramatic moment.

"Well, now that's all over, I'm going. Or someone will keep yelling at me later. Make sure that you confess. I'll see you later Shade."

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my job. Don't worry, it's not like this is good bye forever. Just look forward to when you start school. Later." She disappeared before I could say anything. What kind of job could she have?

"Shade? What's going on," she asked as she got up from my arms.

"Umm... I was going you my gift to you. Here," I said as I handed her a wrapped box.

"Thank you." She quickly tore off the paper and said,"How cute, candy shaped hair clips. Thank you, Shade."

"Can I tell you something?"


I have to do this there's no turning back now. "But you have to not freak out about it." I had to tell her the truth, I don't want to have a love with that only has lies. I want to honestly tell her my feelings, all of them.

"I'm not really a vampire anymore right? So I can't freak out about it if you really do like Rein."

"What are you talking about?" Did someone spread a rumor again? "I don't like Rein, or I did, but not anymore. I like you Fine. A lot."

Fine's POV

"I like you Fine. A lot. " He said that? He really said that? It's not a dream at all? He did say that he didn't like Rein anymore but that means that he did like Rein at one point? And what if he actually likes Rein? Then what do I- "Fine, are you okay?"

"Perfectly alright." I'm starting to think like Rein now. "I really like you too." Had those words really come out of my mouth?

"Then do you want to start... dating then?"

"Really? Of course." Wait a minute doesn't that mean that... WE'RE A COUPLE NOW?

"Then let me be able to dance with you right now, as your boyfriend," he said with his hand out. I smiled and took it. Now I get why Rein loves romance so much. It's a very pleasant feeling that makes your heart beat and you really can't help but smile. It's a really wonderful feeling. Right now I'm really happy, Rein and I aren't vampires anymore and we can finally be normal and with the ones that we like.

~A few months later~

"Rein hurry up we're already late for the opening ceremony!"

"It's because we woke up late and didn't catch the first train!"

We get to go to school with everyone else, Rein and I are planning on making a lot more friends, but... WE CAN'T DO THAT IF WE DON'T MAKE IT TO THE OPENING CEREMONY! I grabbed Rein's hand and started running at full speed, bursting through the doors. Then we both said,"We're very sorry that we're late!"

"Fine, Rein!" We looked up to see Moon up in front of all the other students. "It's been a while. I've always wanted to see the day where you were in sunlight, without a parasol. Now that you're here I'll start talking. Oh and don't worry, you'll still able to enter the school."

"Moon? Why are you here?"


"Headmistress, please pay attention. Right now you are working!" the guy next to her said. Now that I think about it that person looks very familiar. Exactly what's going on?

"Okay, then I'll start. As you just heard I'm the Headmistress of this school. Returning students, I'm sorry for the sudden trip last year, I needed to do some things."

"Playing around is not a good reason to skip your job!"

"But I wasn't playing around. I was teaching some lessons, stop interrupting me or I'll tell all the students here something very interesting about you." He looked scared.

"Anyways, to the new students joining us, welcome to this school. Yes I'm probably somewhere around your age. I know a lot of things about everyone, so please listen and believe what I say. At this academy, you can be yourselves. Not anything that someone made you become. Like I say every year, right now is a new beginning, so don't focus on the past, or who you once were." Then she looked directly at us. "And Fine, Rein, welcome to your new beginning."

I looked at Rein who looked at me. She's right. Right now, we aren't the vampire princesses that everyone feared. We're the princesses of the Sunny Kingdom that has Shade and Bright by our sides we definitely will have a better beginning and a happy ending. After all we can be our true selves again and this is our new beginning. A new start.

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