Hi peeps this is my first gw fanfic I choose to do it sbout Relena because I admire her very much Even if you are not an admirer of Relena you might like this.

As I watch my friends and people get dragged to the firing squad I know I am next to go.

I am not scared I have never been scared of death. I will be strong for my people my eyes show no emotion they never have. I will not fail them. My brother don't you understand what you are doing is wrong? I will love you even if you kill me. Because that is the kind of person I am supposed to be. This is the 2 weeks since they captured me. Every day there is more pain more gunshot wounds more hell on earth. But no matter how much they torture me I will go on I will not scream I will not give them the pleasure. As they force me to my feet from another session of "lessons" as they call it my blood slowly dripping from wounds old and new. They take me to their precious leader he asks me once again to surrender to the "ultimate power of the new OZ" again I refuse and spit in his face I will never sacrifice my kingdom to them I would die first. He tells me that this is the last time I will refuse him that he will make an example out of me. I am lead to a firing squad. He tells me that he will broadcast my killing world and colony wide so that no one will oppose him no one. I know better my people are strong they will not give in.

As I face down the barrels of there guns I think about my love I guess he will not be the one to kill me as he promised so long ago. I close my eyes I am ready to die.

*Bang* As I feel the bullet pierce my heart. I hear someone shout about a gundam I smile faintly you will always try and save me wont you love I take my last breathe and close my eyes for the last time. The body of a true queen Relena Dolian-Peacraft falls to the floor. The dove of peace has landed.

I know this is short but I felt I didn't need any thing else I am thinking of writing a sequel to this I am not sure tell me what you think R&R!!!! Thank you!