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The Orphan in the Floor

Chapter One

"Max, let's go already!" a young teenage boy called to his friend shining the flashlight in his eyes.

"Ahh!" Max said, shielding his eyes from the blinding light. "Get that outta my face, man!" he scolded.

The boy pointed the flashlight down. "Sorry, dude. But you gotta learn to move your feet!"

"Whatever, man, just go in." Max said, shoving his friend forward.

The boy shoved back, irritably, before walking into the abandoned house. It'd been empty since the boys were young and they'd heard stories of what had gone on in there when the old man lived there. He'd take young girls from the street, bring them here things to them. Horrible things.

None of their friends had ever come near this place but they had offered them each twenty bucks to bring some proof from inside the house that the rumors were true.

Obviously, they had accepted.

The first boy lead the way, shining his flashlight over the front hall of the house, watching as rats and roaches scurried away, looking for any sign of girls' clothing or accessories.

He didn't make it ten feet into the room when he felt the floor give in underneath him. "Aah!" he cried out dropping the flashlight and reaching out to grab something, anything to keep him from falling into the darkness. He ended up grabbing a dusty old rug which was anchored by a heavy hall table. "Max!" the boy called out.

His friend rushing over to help him out of the hole, grasping his arm. "Hold on, Gabe!" he said, struggling to pull his heavyset friend to safety. "I'll get you out!"

Gabe struggled to pull himself out of the hole, grunting and gasping for air.

Finally, they had him out and catching his breath as they felt around for the flashlight. "Where the hell did it go?" Max asked, rhetorically, looking around the floor.

"I think it went into the hole." Gabe sighed, leaning over to see if he could catch the light.

He was right, it seemed, as he spotted the flashlight, still on, down in the hole in what seemed to be the basement. There was a mess of rats down there, all nibbling on something that Gabe couldn't quite make out.

"Hey, Maxie. You got that Geek Scout light you always carry with you?" he asked.

"It's a Cub Scout Lantern!" Max protested, pulling it out of his jean pocket. "It's given to every scout who reaches Eagle status. And yeah, I have it. Why?"

"'Cause there's something down there that I can't quite make out. It might be a pile of clothing. Maybe we can go down there and-" Gabe trailed off and his face visibly paled, even in the dim shadow of the flashlight.

"Gabe? What's wrong?" Max asked, becoming panicked when his friend didn't respond. "Gabe?"

"M-m-max..." Gabe choked out. "I think w-we should c-call the police."

"Wh-why?" Max asked.

"'Cause I think we just found one of his victims."

Booth smiled at the woman sleeping next to him, the sheet shoved down to her ankles, and her night shirt pulled up above her swollen tummy.

Swollen with his child. Booth smiled softly at this thought.

Brennan, his Bones, was going into her third trimester and everything was great between them. They were now living together, for the most part (his lease was up at the end of the month), and most of his things took up space in her apartment. They were even thinking of buying a house together. They'd told everybody about their relationship and the pregnancy when she was about three months pregnant and started showing.

Everybody was enthusiastic, even Cullen, who'd congratulated the happy couple and wished them the best.

Hacker, however...But that wasn't much of an issue since Sweets had backed them up, even going as far as the Director of the FBI, telling him how much greater the dynamic duo had become since their relationship improved and advising against severing the partnership, and thankfully, they took this advice. Booth and Brennan were still partners and their relationship was stronger than ever.

Booth had thanked Sweets enthusiastically, with tickets to some concert that the man-boy had been dying to see.

Booth's grin widened as he watched Brennan's eyes open for the first time that morning. "Good morning, Beautiful."

Brennan quirked her lips. "How long have you been laying there, watching me sleep?"

Booth grinned widely. "I love you, Bones."

"Creep." Brennan sighed, scooting over to lean her cheek against her chest. "You're hot."

"Why, thank you, Ma'am." Booth said, smirking.

Brennan nudged him with her elbow. "Very funny. No, I meant you feel feverish. Are you coming down with something?"

"Nah...I'm just very aroused by the woman in bed with me, who bears my child." He said, rubbing her growing tummy.

Brennan shivered. "How is it that you can sound so much like a smart ass and a caveman at the exact same time?"

"I'm just gifted, I guess." Booth said, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Did you sleep well?"

"Very much. Though, I think I slept better because of that third-"

Booth covered her mouth with his hand. "Shh, Bones. Not in front of Fate."

Brennan removed his hand from her mouth. "First of all, don't do that. Second, I think the moans and groans from last night were much more indicative of what we were doing last night than me saying the word ORGASM." she shouted this word, causing Booth to blush deeply and her to laugh and kiss his lips sweetly. "Third, even if she can hear, I don' think she'll know what that word means or even remember it when she's out here in the world in a few months. Fourthly, why do you keep calling her Fate?"

Booth grinned. "Caught that, did you?" Brennan nodded. "Well, because fate brought us together, Bones."

"No, murder did. You'd be more accurate in your beliefs if you called her Gemma or Cleo, since their cases are what brought us into partnership. Or even Cam."

"Why Cam?"

"Isn't she the one that suggested me in the first place?"

"Well, yeah, but I don't think I'm gonna name my kid after her."

"Our kid, Booth. This child belongs to both of us. Remember?"

Booth grinned. "Oh, I remember, Bones. I remember very well about the night she was made. God, that was magical."

Brennan grinned. "Yes, it was. And, really, it was early morning. And it was made all the more magical by the fact that you killed Jacob Broadsky that same day, and then how we celebrated it that very night."

"What, getting plastered with all our friends?" Booth said, grinning, though he knew that she meant the other celebration. The one that happened in the very bed they were lying in now, when they were finally alone again.

Brennan grinned and leaned further into him, knowing that he was just teasing her, placing a slow, passionate kiss on his lips.

It soon escalated and became deeper and far more passionate than any of their previous early kisses and Booth had just rolled her onto her back as he heard a ringing from his bedside table. He groaned as he lay his head on her chest. "No..." he moaned, as Brennan's cell phone went off as well.

Brennan sighed. "Another case." she mumbled and Booth nodded, leaning over to his table to answer his phone as Brennan reached for hers.



They answered in unison and listened to their bosses give them details about the latest murder victim.

"I'll get Bones and we'll be there." Booth said, hanging up.

"Yeah, Cam. Just give us some time to get changed. We'll be there shortly." Brennan hung up the phone and laid back against the pillows. Booth collapsed next to her.

"We have half an hour. or food?"

Brennan's growling stomach answered that question for them and Booth jumped up, walking briskly to the kitchen as Brennan watched his retreating back end with great appreciation.

"Bones?" Booth asked.

Brennan looked up at him, knowing she had been caught. "Wha-?" she asked, blushing.

Booth grinned. "I said, 'Do you want anything specific for breakfast?'"

"Oh, yes. Um scrambled eggs, with cinnamon and some prune juice." Booth made a face. "Hey, don't blame me. It's your child that wants it."

"Oh, so now she's my child?" Booth cracked.

Brennan stared at him blankly. "Yes, Booth. He's been your child for the last six months. Why would you question it now?"

Booth saw the tears in her eyes and he was quick to assure her that he was just teasing her, that of course he loved his little boy or girl that was growing inside her, and that he had no doubts of the child's paternity.

Brennan glared at him and crossed her arms. "You better not." she growled.

Booth sighed and hung his head as he walked into the kitchen to begin making their breakfast.

Damn hormones.

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