A/N: I'm writing this because inspiration I guess finally got back to me after so long. I think we've all probably been in these kinds of situations or at least can have some type of understanding of it. Please enjoy.

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A young blond male lied in bed staring down at the pink-haired female in his arms. He put a hand to her face and gently stroked her cheek. She stirred in her sleep with her pink locks falling into her face. He couldn't help but smile.

"You're perfect Sakura-chan." He thought to himself.

He knew that he was absolutely 100 percent in love with this beautiful woman in his arms. A pair of bright green eyes slowly opened. She focused her attention on to the handsome blond. She then smiled.


"Hey," he smiled back. "Did you sleep okay?"

Sakura leaned up to kiss his lips. "I got to sleep in your arms why wouldn't I sleep well?"

Naruto felt his cheeks flush.

"Sakura-chan I'm already crazy about you. You don't need to try to score points with me."

"Baka," she spoke affectionately and pulled him into a real kiss this time. It was much more intense and passionate. After some time Sakura ended the kiss first.

"Oh crap I need to get a move on."

"Aw, but why Sakura-chan it was just getting good."

He tried to pull her back for another kiss but she dodged it.

"Naruto not now okay I'm going to be late for work."

"Oh," he remembered. "I forgot that you had to work today."

"Yeah and I don't want Tsunade-sama to fire me then I'll be out of a job."

"Well look at the bright side of that happening Sakura-chan."

The green-eyed female looked suddenly confused for she could not see any bright side in being out of work.

"Um, excuse me but what bright side?"

He grinned up at his girlfriend.

"You could spend more time with me. I'd take care of you."

Sakura was torn between shouting at him and hitting him for being an idiot. He was a sweet idiot but an idiot nonetheless.

"Well he's my idiot." She thought happily.

Sakura walked over to him and to his surprise threw her arms around his neck.

"Well at least she isn't hitting me. Um, Sakura-chan what is this for?"

"You're an idiot." She told him.

"Huh," he blinked expecting to get hit next.

"You're an idiot." She repeated. "But you're my idiot." She placed a kiss on his forehead.

"Absolutely I'm yours. I've always been yours."

"Yeah," she nodded. "Alright well I really do have to get moving. I'll make it up to you."

"Oh," he raised his eyebrow curiously. "You will huh?"

"Yep." She promised. "I have a day off soon we'll spend it together."

"Okay that sounds good."

Anytime spent with her was always a good thing. They were hardly really seeing each other as it was. They both seemed to be rather busy as of late.

"I know we haven't been spending a lot of time together lately. I just don't want you to think it's because I don't want to. That's not it."

"Yeah I know." He understood. "We've both been pretty busy lately."

"Yeah," she agreed. "I'll make more time for us Naruto I promise."

"It's okay." He pecked her lips. "You have to get going remember?"

"Yes." She gave a nod. "I'll call you okay, bye." She hugged him goodbye and the next thing he knew she was gone.

The blond male sighed happily. He really loved that girl and felt lucky to have her. They had been together for three years. It was by far his longest relationship and Naruto was proud to say that they were still going strong. Yes, the relationship was perfect. He placed his hands behind his hand and tried to get into a more comfortable position. He didn't have to work today so decided that he would just sleep in.

"Oh shit." He noticed that Sakura had left her medical bag. It was no doubt important. Naruto got to his feet then grabbed the bag.

"I better go get this to her." He decided. "Hm," he grinned. "Sakura-chan you're really lucky to have an awesome boyfriend like me." He thought in amusement before leaving to chase after the pink-haired female.