A/n: I'm going to try to make this Temari/Tenten as humorous and cute as possible. I like the idea of this and hope to make a good fic out of it. Enjoy.

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A long sigh escaped a petite, brown-haired female as she watched some children running after one another at a park. Lately all of her thoughts seemed to wander on to kids. Tenten didn't think she ever wanted to be a mom, but as more time began to pass her mind kept entertaining the possibility.

"Maybe…" she thought.

"Hey Ten what's up? You've been zoning out for a while over there." Her co-worker Tayuya spoke. The sound of her voice brought her back to reality.

Huh, oh was I?"

"Yeah you've been watching those damn brats playing across the street at that park again. Hm," she chuckled. "You may want to be careful Ten someone may take you as some type of pedophile."

The brunette hiccupped and coughed loudly.

"W-What?" she stammered out. "T…That's bullshit Tayuya."

The red-head just grinned.

"Jeez relax I was kidding with you. Are you alright though? You seem distracted about something."

She did have quite a lot of thoughts swirling around in her head.

"I do have some stuff I'm thinking about."

"Are you having problems with Blondie?" Tayuya questioned.

A small frown graced the brunette's lips.

"She has a name Tayuya."

Tayuya simply rolled her eyes as if she cared.

"Fine, fine Temari." She barely got the whole name out with a straight face. "Are things okay with you two?"

"Yes we're fine."

"Aw," the red-head pouted. "I guess there goes my chance." She sat next to the brunette then placed her hand on to her shoulder. "When are you going to ditch Blondie and have a good time with me?"

Tenten could never be sure with Tayuya on whether or not the red-head was simply kidding or being serious. For years Tayuya had openly flirted with her in front of Temari at times. However she didn't know how much of the woman's antics were for real.

"Tayuya stop kidding." Tenten turned red slightly pushing her hand away.

"Hm," Tayuya smirked. "Who's kidding," she thought to herself while eyeing the brown-eyed female. She always thought she was making herself very clear of her intentions.

"Okay I give if everything's okay with you and…" she paused. "Temari then what's going on?"

Tenten hadn't discussed these feelings she was having with anyone. She did feel comfortable talking to Tayuya but this was an issue she didn't think she should tell her about. She couldn't without at least telling Temari first, especially since Temari happened to be her girlfriend as well as the other party involved in whatever choice she might make.

"It's uh…complicated." Tenten finished.

Tayuya just shrugged her shoulders. She knew when to stay out of a person's business.

"Alright then you can tell me when you're ready." She decided. "I'm going to get back to work. You know some of us do actually work around here instead of daydreaming all day."

"Hey." The brown-eyed female shouted out. "I do not daydream all day."

"Yeah, whatever Ten, later." The red-head waved back to her leaving the young woman alone with her thoughts once again.

She and Temari were good. They were solid. So there shouldn't really be a problem with her bringing up the topic of children. Tenten looked at the photo on her desk.

"I should be able to tell you anything right Temari?" she thought while looking at the sandy-blonde in the picture. There she was with a serious expression on her face that was enough to make even the bravest of people nervous.

"Who am I kidding? Temari is….challenging sometimes." She chose a word to describe her girlfriend.

The brown-eyed female decided to just get back to work in an attempt to distract her from the children playing across the street. She needed to put those thoughts aside for the time being. Yet she doubted if those thoughts would stay buried for too long. They would eventually resurface because lately her mind wouldn't allow her to think of anything else. The possibility of being a mother was becoming more and more real to her.

"It's funny because I never really thought too much about it before but…" she paused. "It feels like a possibility."

She went back to work occasionally staling glances at the clock. She wanted to get home as soon as possible. Today was one of those days where she wanted to curl up with a good book, maybe grab a bowl of ice cream and relax.

"Yeah that sounds like a plan."

Eventually before she knew it lunch had rolled around. The only way she had known for sure was when Tayuya came back over to her.

"Hey Ten are you awake in there? Do you want to go get some food?"

She didn't answer right away which caused the red-head to frown. She waved a hand in front of her.

"Ten, hey earth to Tenten?"

"Hm," she snapped out of it. "Oh, hey what's up?"

"It's time for lunch do you want to go and get something?"

"Oh, um…"

"You've got to eat you know besides maybe taking a walk will help clear your head for a while. It seems a bit clouded lately."

"Sure I guess we can go grab lunch. Did you have somewhere in mind?"

"Hm," Tayuya shrugged. "No, not really cheap but tasty works for me besides as long as I can get you alone." She smiled seductively causing the brown-eyed female to turn quite red.

"Uh…Tayuya quit okay."

She sighed. "You're reluctance is cute. Alright I'll play along. It's getting late so are we going to lunch or what?"

"Yeah, yeah." Tenten agreed. "We'll go just let me finish up here."

"Hurry up okay. I'm starving here."

"You don't have to wait for me if you're really hungry don't let me keep you. Go on."

It took everything the red-head to stop from wanting to pound her head against the wall in frustration. Tenten appeared to be missing the whole point of her obvious advances.

"She has to get that I want to be alone with her. When did seduction get to be a pain in the ass like this?"

Many times Tayuya thought that she should probably give up on pursuing the brunette. She did have a girlfriend in Temari and they did seem rather serious. Then sometimes it only took one look in those chocolate-brown orbs and Tayuya found herself falling all over again. She didn't care if Tenten was seeing someone. She didn't mind a little healthy competition and she knew she had quite the competition in the sandy-blonde. Temari had been very similar to herself in terms of aggression and take charge persona.

"No Blondie definitely won't back down that's for sure."

Tenten noticed Tayuya with curious eyes. The red-head was spacing out just as she had been doing earlier.

"Now look at whose spacing out. Are you okay Tayuya?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine. Listen, I…"

"Tenten-chan," a very cheery voice was suddenly heard.

The brown-haired female looked up to see a young woman with platinum-blonde hair and aqua-colored eyes.

"Ino," she smiled then ran over to her friend. "What are you doing here?" "Oh," Tenten whispered in a thoughtful tone. "You brought Ryu-kun,"

Ryu was Ino's 8 month old son. The blond-haired child looked around the room. His bright pools were so full and blazing with life.

"Yeah you barely get to see him as it is. He missed his Aunt Tenten."

"Aw," Tenten cooed.

Tayuya looked like she might be sick for a second but regained herself.

"Can I hold him?"

"Of course." Ino smiled then handed the child over to the brunette who couldn't help but smile at her godson.

"He's too cute."

"Hey Ten I'm going to go okay. I'll see you."

"Huh, oh okay Tayuya I'll take a rain check on lunch alright.

"Sure." The red-head nodded then walked away. Ino looked after her.

"Ten you should be more careful."

"Hm, Ino?"

"You have to realize she wants more than friendship right?"

Tenten became quiet turning her attention fully on to Ryu avoiding the blonde's gaze.

"Ino…it's…I'm with Temari."

Ino nodded. "Yeah and I know she has to know that, but it hasn't exactly stopped her has it."

"Ryu-kun you're mommy is crazy isn't she?" she whispered to the boy with the blonde woman looking offended.

"Hey don't tell my son that I'm crazy. You know that I'm right."

"Well it's not as bad as you're trying to make it sound Ino. I have it under control."

She didn't sound too confident and Ino didn't believe her anyway so the blue-eyed female said nothing. Ryu suddenly gripped on to Tenten's finger which caused the brunette to pause. There was a sudden warm feeling rushing through her.

"Aw, Ryu-kun…" she smiled. "Do you like me after all?"

Ino laughed. "He loves you Ten, you know that."

She gently kissed the blond boy's head before handing him back over to his mother.

"So how is Mr. Yamanaka?" she teased and Ino smiled.

She was known to be a little bossy when it came to her husband.

"if you mean my father he's fine, but if you're taking about Naruto he's fine. He's working."

"Hah," Tenten laughed. "Well you know you wear the pants in your family Ino."

She turned red slightly. "That's not funny Ten, and my husband Mr. Uzumaki." She stressed his last name on purpose. "He would agree with me."

"Okay, okay point well received. I'm sorry."

"No problem Ten we still love you don't we Ryu-kun." She smiled at her son.

Tenten adored her godson and cherished any time she had to see him. Only of course with her work schedule it had been difficult.

"Ten seriously though I love you, you know that I do but you really need to be careful about Tayuya. You and Temari are really good together. I don't want you guys breaking up especially not over her."

"Ino I knew that I'm with Temari. It's okay I haven't forgotten."

"Good I should hope not. Hey since I'm here how about I treat you to lunch. I know that you haven't eaten yet."

Tenten sighed. "You know me too well and I' am starving now."

"Great I'll wait for you outside."

"Okay I'll be right there."

Ino left with her son and Tenten was alone once more. She had time to think about her best friends words.

"No," she shook her head. "Tayuya is only joking with me. Ino is just being too cautious right? Yet she couldn't shake the uneasy feeling in the bottom of her stomach.