Chapter 1-Matters of the Heart.

Helga Hufflepuff knelt down on her knees in front of her childhood friend. The new stone floor sparkled and felt hard against her knees. Godric Gryffindor stood in front of her, head held high. He was truly magnificent. If Helga was honest she would admit her love for him, but Helga wasn't honest with herself and the truth of her feelings wasn't known by a soul. Godric placed his sword on her shoulder firmly. She knew he wouldn't hurt her.

"Do you swear by your entire house and it's descendants that you will serve and protect my house and its descendants?" He said in that voice of his that magnified effortlessly.

"I do solemnly swear." Helga intoned without hesitation. A blue arch of light swept from the tip of his sword and seemed to melt into Helga's body.

"Do you swear by your entire house and it's descendants to remain loyal till the end to my house and its descendants?" Godric placed his sword on her other shoulder and waited.

"I do solemnly swear." The blue arch melted into her body once again.

"Do you swear by your entire house and it's descendants to never desert any of my house and its descendants?" Godric pointed his sword at her chest, the tip barely brushing her chest.

Helga looked up as she answered, "I do solemnly swear."

A blue arch of light slammed into her chest and she stumbled back by its force. Neither of them understood the sudden strength of what was promised. Godric was oblivious to her feelings and Helga was not well versed enough in wizard oaths to recognize the whole truth of what she promised.

Helga Hufflepuff had just unknowingly sold the hearts of her entire house and its descendants.

I headed down the hall at a faster pace than usual. I was going to be late! I was never late for Transfiguration. Never! My hair was a smooth and sleek, thanks to lavenders last birthday present, but it was still wild with big curls that cascaded down my shoulders. It was flattering to my heart shaped face and pert nose. That was almost word for word what Lavender and Pavarti had squealed this morning while I was getting ready.

I walked faster, anxious to not be latter than I already was. Someone had hexed the stalls in the girl's loo again. The stalls locked for fifteen minutes after you tried to open the door. I hoped McGonagall would understand. I opened the door slowly, seeing everyone already seated. I sat in my seat dejectedly.

"Miss Granger? I hope you had a very good reason for being late!" She said in a surprised tone.

"Someone hexed the loo's again to lock themselves. I didn't know the counter curse." I muttered. None of the girls laughed, but most of the guys did. I should hex their stalls and see how much they like it.

"Oh very well then. Books out everyone!" I sank into my seat with relief; she hadn't taken points or given me a detention.

Harry and Ron leaned over to pat me on the shoulder, comforting me, I guess. I smiled at them, shaking my head. I wouldn't be talking all class. I didn't want to take any chances today.

A Hufflepuff girl was sitting in front of me and shifting her seat strangely. Susan Bones. Her shoulders were tense and she kept twitching.

"Susan?" I whispered while McGonagall lectured on the transfiguration of furniture. She turned to look at me with wide blue eyes. Her eyes weren't blue, they were made of ice and I could tell she was in some kind of pain.

"Professor, I think Susan needs to go to the hospital wing." I said, once she had paused in her lecture. Everyone stared at me for a long time before looking at Susan who was staring at me with, looking perfectly normal.

I felt a shiver run down my spine and broke out in some kind of heat.

"I think you may be feeling under the weather, Miss Granger."

My quill fell from my fingers and clattered to the ground. A moan ripped from my mouth and I stood up abruptly. Professor McGonagall came to stand next to me, concern marring her usually stern face.

"Hermione? Tell me what's wrong? Do you require Ma-

"Godric!" The name fell from my lips in a moan of desperation. I felt a sort of fluttering in my heart at the sound of it. My legs started to shake and I leaned on the desk for support. I didn't understand!

I looked over at Ron who was staring at me with something close to desire. I shuddered in disbelief. What was happening?

"Miss Granger have you ingested anything recently? I think you've been-

"No! I haven't…oh merlin. I need to find him. Where is he?" I muttered wringing my hands together with frustration. I moved away from everyone, feeling strange in my own skin. I tingled everywhere. I couldn't really feel their stares any longer; my eyes seemed locked on one person.

"Harry. Harry?" I questioned my voice breaking. Harry was by my side in seconds. Harry and I had never been closer than I was with Ron, but it was obvious Harry was held in a brighter light. He was just bright all on his own and he was standing right in front of my. I distantly heard McGonagall forcing the other students to leave.

I knelt down on my knee, bowing my head to him. Harry placed a hand on my shoulder, something close to electricity seeping into my body at his touch. He moved to the other shoulder and then right to my heart. His palm dug into the cover flesh and I felt pain blurred with a feeling of absolute peace.

My eyes closed and I fell over, hitting my head on the ancient stone. I heard Harry calling my name, but I couldn't answer. I was gone from the world.

A/N: If anyone realizes that Hermione is not a Hufflepuff so she couldn't be a descendant, I will explain that soon. I hope you all like it! Reviews give inspiration but I'll be updating within two days anyhow!