Chapter 10- Leftovers

Harry and I stayed in the infirmary for almost two whole weeks. Apparently our magical cores were almost depleted and we really needed the rest. Healer Abbott came to see us yesterday, but she assured us the mental connection was normal. We could eventually block it out, but I don't think Harry and I will. It's such a gift to hear his voice even when he isn't there.

Ginny came to visit the other day as well. She was sorry and all the other things I'd expected. I found that I really didn't care. Ginny hadn't been there for me when I needed her so I didn't feel the need to befriend her again.

The school year was over now and I was sad that I missed so much because of the Oath. Harry and I would be returning again to finish our schooling, but Ron had graduated, miraculously.

"Hermione?" Harry called, sitting beside me on my bed. I smiled at him happily. He held my hand tightly.

"I'm glad everything's worked out, but I want to try one more thing."

A dark gleam entered his eyes and I felt a shiver run over my body. I found myself nodding absently, waiting for what he would do.

His hand pulled the sleeve of my shirt down exposing what was there of my mark. My heart raced even though I was sure the mark wouldn't feel like it had before.

He pressed his hand against the mark and all I felt was the warmth of his hand. Harry smiled weakly, "It was worth a try."

I laughed, "We don't need it Harry, I want you without it."

Harry's eyes widened comically, "You do? Why?" He joked, but I could tell he was still a bit surprised.

I pulled him in for a kiss.

Ten years later

"Harry!" I screamed. His heavy footsteps came running down the stairs of our house. He was sweaty and had blood dripping from his lip.

"Yes?" He demanded. I laughed at him, "Just wanted to see you." Harry rolled his eyes and wiped the blood off his chin.

"It was Roger." He said with a hint of anger in his eyes. My smile fell from my lips and I crossed my arms.

"You need to fire him."

Harry nodded, "I know. It's just he's my best worker! The Auror department is more efficient with him working there. Everyone gets on with him…except for me."

"Well that's what matters! If you can't fire him, then switch him to another department. You can't let him just hit you when you're fighting!"

Harry looked very confused for a moment. He flushed an amazing red, "He didn't hit me, Mione."

For a second I couldn't really understand what he was implying. Only for a second though.

"Harry." I said warningly.

"Yes, I know! I would never cheat on you! But he… He's obsessed with me! I've never had this happen to me and with a guy!" Harry was so embarrassed that I couldn't be angry with him.

"I'll be having words with him." I said firmly and walked to the floo.


I walked through the ministry looking for Roger's office. He was sitting at his desk, doing paperwork. I grounded my teeth. He was very good looking. Extremely so and If I wasn't in love with my husband I would say he was better looking than Harry!

"Roger." I said angrily but also sadly. Harry was too nice to be mean when he needed to be. Ever since Ron and his friendship had fallen through he was afraid of doing anything to lose a friend. This was going too far though.

"Miss Granger." He greeted and motioned for me to sit.

"Actually it's Mrs. Potter." I said sharply watching his reaction. His quill froze and his hand clenched so hard it broke.

"Excuse me? Mr. Potter doesn't have a wife." He said wife as if it were the dirtiest word he'd ever heard.

I walked forwards and stuck out my left hand. "You're mistaken. I've been married to Harry for almost five years."

"He would have said something." Roger argued and I could tell he was grasping at straws.

"Harry is a very kind man. He's put up with you all this time, but I've had enough. He's my husband. No one has any right to touch him except for me."

Roger seemed to deflate, "He never said. Not once. I thought it was all rumors!"

"Didn't you see his ring?" I asked incredulously. Roger shook his head, "No I never saw a ring and I looked for one when I first met him last year. If I'd known he was married-

"I find this all hard to believe."

"Hermione? That's your name? Harry has never worn a ring to work. Never. I'm sorry, but all I'm guilty of is a mistake. Why don't you ask him why he never said, 'Roger I'm married, you can't make out with me.'"

I glared at him, "He came home with a bloody lip."

Roger smiled sweetly and I realized how genuine his feelings were. Bloody hell. "He kissed me back." He flicked his wand and a glamour fell from his face. A swelling black eye was visible and severely bruised lips.

"This is ridiculous. My husband will fire you if you don't stop this foolishness. He's married and he loves me!" I sounded furious I knew.

"I'm sorry, I really am. I didn't know and I'll lie off. Harry will never come home to complain about me."

I swept from the room and flooed to Harry's room in a fury. Harry jumped off the bed looking at me nervously.

"You kissed him back?" I asked curiously, hiding my anger for a moment. Harry nodded solemnly.

"Explain!" I demanded feeling my heart clench painfully. He wasn't leaving me was he!

"I was running out of ideas! He came out of nowhere today! He kisses a whole lot like you do you know! I was confused and if you saw I punched him in the face!" Harry had a fearful look in his eyes.

"Why don't you wear your ring to work?"

"We aren't allowed to wear them on missions. So I just leave it at home or wear glamours on it. Why?"

"Roger didn't know you were married!" I yelled frustrated beyond belief. All this could have been avoided!

"Oh." Harry smiled at me sheepishly. I wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him to me. Harry laid us down on the bed, letting my head rest on his chest. My anger was gone and now I felt tired.


"Yes?" He murmured sleepily.

"I'm glad you aren't gay and planning to leave me." I said and watched as his face turned to one of horror and shame.

"Of course not! I could never-

I silenced him with a kiss. This was what I got for marrying Harry Potter.

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